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Medals to HMS Euphrates 1 year 8 months ago #86856

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Some 261 SAGS medals were issues to the ship.

Adams, Boatswain J. SAGS (0)
Adams, Domestic 2nd Class T. SAGS (0)
Alexander, Able Seaman W. SAGS (0)
Alten, Domestic 2nd Class W. SAGS (0)
Attrill, Ordinary Seaman A. SAGS (0)
Bailey, Lieutenant A R F. SAGS (0)
Baker, Able Seaman G. SAGS (0)
Baker, Boatswain J R. SAGS (0)
Barrett, Domestic 1st Class S A. SAGS (0)
Bartlett, Domestic 3rd Class G. SAGS (0)
Bartlett, Stoker W J. SAGS (0)
Bassam, Acting Engineroom Artificer J F. SAGS (0)
Baston, Private J. SAGS (0)
Bath, Leading Stoker J. SAGS (0)
Beard, Leading Seaman G. SAGS (0)
Beck, Stoker R. SAGS (0)
Beckett, Petty Officer Class 2 W T. SAGS (0)
Beckley, Master at Arms W. SAGS (0)
Bennett, Petty Officer Class 1 R. SAGS (0)
Bernard, Lamp Lighter W. SAGS (0)
Bishop, Petty Officer Class 1 J J. SAGS (0)
Black, Domestic 3rd Class C. SAGS (0)
Blackford, Ordinary Seaman T. SAGS (0)
Boland, Able Seaman W. SAGS (0)
Boles, Able Seaman L. SAGS (0)
Bone, Caulker G. SAGS (0)
Brassey, Baker A. SAGS (0)
Bratt, Signalman 2nd Class W H. SAGS (0)
Bricknell, Stoker J A. SAGS (0)
Bridger, Able Seaman A. SAGS (0)
Brownrigg, Captain C J. SAGS (0)
Budd, Able Seaman R. SAGS (0)
Burnscome, Ordinary Seaman E. SAGS (0)
Burton, Stoker 2nd Class S. SAGS (0)
Bushell, Leading Stoker H. SAGS (0)
Cameron, Private G. SAGS (0)
Carnon, Domestic 1st Class D S. SAGS (0)
Carter, Acting Engineroom Artificer J H. SAGS (0)
Carven, Able Seaman J. SAGS (0)
Casey, Boatswain J. SAGS (0)
Castellano, Able Seaman A. SAGS (0)
Chambers, Yeoman of Stores C J. SAGS (0)
Chandler, Private I. SAGS (0)
Chapman, Domestic 2nd Class E. SAGS (0)
Clanford, Stoker S. SAGS (0)
Cobby, Boatswain J V. SAGS (0)
Coke, Domestic 3rd Class C. SAGS (0)
Cole, Stoker J. SAGS (0)
Collins, Able Seaman C. SAGS (0)
Collins, Ship's Cook H. SAGS (0)
Collis, Able Seaman C. SAGS (0)
Collot, Surgeon J A. SAGS (0)
Connell, Able Seaman D. SAGS (0)
Connolly, Fleet Surgeon W. SAGS (0)
Cook, Stoker 2nd Class H. SAGS (0)
Cook, Stoker J. SAGS (0)
Cooter, Petty Officer Class 1 W F. SAGS (0)
Costick, Able Seaman E J. SAGS (0)
Cotton, Lieutenant N. SAGS (0)
Cox, Petty Officer Class 1 T. SAGS (0)
Creswell, Private S. SAGS (0)
Doidge, Boatswain J. SAGS (0)
Donsberry, Ship's Corporal 1st Class F H. SAGS (0)
Duddleston, Domestic 3rd Class W. SAGS (0)
Eades, Able Seaman W. SAGS (0)
Esmonde, Able Seaman H. SAGS (0)
Evered, Ship's Steward Assistant J. SAGS (0)
Faulkner, Writer 2nd Class G. SAGS (0)
Findon, Acting Engineroom Artificer H. SAGS (0)
Finn, Stoker J J P. SAGS (0)
Florence, Acting Chief Petty Officer G H. SAGS (0)
Flower, Cook's Mate 1st Class W. SAGS (0)
Frampton, Engine Room Artificer G J. SAGS (0)
French, Stoker E. SAGS (0)
Fry, Domestic 3rd Class W. SAGS (0)
Furman, Carpenter's Crew W H B. SAGS (0)
Gardner, Plumber F E. SAGS (0)
Garrett, Petty Officer Class 2 F. SAGS (0)
Gibbs, Stoker T G. SAGS (0)
Gillham, Engine Room Artificer G. SAGS (0)
Glamlyn, Able Seaman W F H. SAGS (0)
Good, Butcher's Assistant W. SAGS (0)
Goodrich, Able Seaman G. SAGS (0)
Grevatt, Petty Officer Class 1 W. SAGS (0)
Grey, Sick Berth Attendant C J. SAGS (0)
Grinwood, Able Seaman H L. SAGS (0)
Gunter, Chaplain W. SAGS (0)
Hagarty, Able Seaman M. SAGS (0)
Hales, Domestic 2nd Class S. SAGS (0)
Hall, Ordinary Seaman J R. SAGS (0)
Hall, Carpenter's Crew R. SAGS (0)
Halsey, Stoker W. SAGS (0)
Hampton, Ordinary Seaman C. SAGS (0)
Harris, Plumber's Mate C. SAGS (0)
Harris, Lieutenant H P. SAGS (0)
Hatfield, Leading Stoker G. SAGS (0)
Hawkins, Ordinary Seaman J. SAGS (0)
Hendy, Cook's Mate 1st Class E. SAGS (0)
Henwood, Stoker W. SAGS (0)
Herbert, Paymaster E D. SAGS (0)
Hibberd, Stoker 2nd Class C. SAGS (0)
Hill, Chief Engineer J. SAGS (0)
Hinde, Stoker 2nd Class G. SAGS (0)
Hoare, Able Seaman C. SAGS (0)
Hobbs, Engineer J. SAGS (0)
Hobbs, Carpenter's Mate S G. SAGS (0)
Holt, Painter R J. SAGS (0)
Honeybun, Private J. SAGS (0)
Hooper, Stoker J T. SAGS (0)
Horsham, Able Seaman W. SAGS (0)
Hosgood, Stoker R G. SAGS (0)
Houncell, Domestic 2nd Class W. SAGS (0)
Howe, Lamp Lighter B. SAGS (0)
Inch, Assistant Paymaster W W. SAGS (0)
Jackson, Private A. SAGS (0)
Jacobs, Able Seaman P. SAGS (0)
Jacobson, Stoker 2nd Class I. SAGS (0)
Jeffery, Stoker J. SAGS (0)
Jesson, Stoker J. SAGS (0)
Johnson, Domestic 3rd Class R C. SAGS (0)
Jones, Private R. SAGS (0)
Jones, Petty Officer Class 1 T G. SAGS (0)
Kay, Able Seaman J. SAGS (0)
Keene, Stoker P. SAGS (0)
Kingswell, Stoker H. SAGS (0)
Korton, Captain of the Hold T P. SAGS (0)
Law, Ordinary Seaman J. SAGS (0)
Lawes, Ordinary Seaman H R. SAGS (0)
Lawrence, Carpenter's Mate F. SAGS (0)
Lawrence, Domestic 2nd Class H. SAGS (0)
Lee, Petty Officer Class 1 A. SAGS (0)
Leggett, Ship's Steward 1st Class J H. SAGS (0)
Little, Stoker W. SAGS (0)
Luff, Ship's Corporal 1st Class J H. SAGS (0)
Luff, Stoker J W. SAGS (0)
Lynch, Carpenter's Crew F. SAGS (0)
Lyon, Assistant Paymaster J. SAGS (0)
Martin, Stoker W. SAGS (0)
Massey, Leading Stoker A. SAGS (0)
Matson, Stoker J. SAGS (0)
Matthews, Able Seaman C. SAGS (0)
Maudling, Engineer W J. SAGS (0)
McDermott, Stoker 2nd Class T. SAGS (0)
McDuff, Carpenter's Crew F J. SAGS (0)
McGregor, Private J. SAGS (0)
McNally, Stoker 2nd Class J. SAGS (0)
Metcalf, Engine Room Artificer T. SAGS (0)
Miller, Domestic 2nd Class E W. SAGS (0)
Moody, Private I. SAGS (0)
Moore, Able Seaman E. SAGS (0)
Moore, Baker E. SAGS (0)
Moore, Navigating Lieutenant G K. SAGS (0)
Moore, Able Seaman J. SAGS (0)
Moore, Leading Seaman W T. SAGS (0)
Naish, Petty Officer Class 1 J. SAGS (0)
New, Carpenter's Crew C W. SAGS (0)
Newland, Lamp Lighter J. SAGS (0)
Newman, Private J. SAGS (0)
Nicholls, Petty Officer Class 2 T. SAGS (0)
Nicklin, Engineer W. SAGS (0)
Nugent, Stoker 2nd Class J. SAGS (0)
O'Brien, Plumber D. SAGS (0)
O’Keefe, Stoker J. SAGS (0)
Page, Able Seaman C. SAGS (0)
Parker, Ordinary Seaman J W. SAGS (0)
Patterson, Ordinary Seaman A. SAGS (0)
Payne, Leading Stoker C. SAGS (0)
Perry, Petty Officer Class 1 H. SAGS (0)
Phillips, Able Seaman T. SAGS (0)
Pierce, Able Seaman W. SAGS (0)
Pink, Carpenter W J. SAGS (0)
Poniton, Stoker R. SAGS (0)
Pool, Petty Officer Class 1 H. SAGS (0)
Pope, Stoker W. SAGS (0)
Potter, Leading Stoker G. SAGS (0)
Pratt, Leading Stoker J. SAGS (0)
Prince, Leading Stoker H R. SAGS (0)
Prince, Domestic 3rd Class J. SAGS (0)
Pudge, Able Seaman J. SAGS (0)
Purfield, Petty Officer Class 1 R. SAGS (0)
Radford, Acting Corporal B. SAGS (0)
Redding, Leading Seaman R. SAGS (0)
Reynolds, Petty Officer Class 2 T. SAGS (0)
Richards, Butcher J. SAGS (0)
Roach, Cooper W. SAGS (0)
Robb, Private J B. SAGS (0)
Robinson, Petty Officer Class 1 J. SAGS (0)
Robinson, Stoker J. SAGS (0)
Rolfe, Sub Lieutenant H N. SAGS (0)
Rooke, Leading Seaman D. SAGS (0)
Russell, Able Seaman A. SAGS (0)
Rust, Colour Sergeant J. SAGS (0)
Sainsbury, Stoker W. SAGS (0)
Sammuels, Stoker J. SAGS (0)
Saunders, Captain Coxswain D G. SAGS (0)
Sawyer, Engine Room Artificer W. SAGS (0)
Schischkar, Acting Engineroom Artificer W. SAGS (0)
Scott, Domestic 1st Class H. SAGS (0)
Scrivens, Captain of the Hold J W. SAGS (0)
Seel, Stoker 2nd Class Z. SAGS (0)
Self, Able Seaman G. SAGS (0)
Selway, Petty Officer Class 1 W. SAGS (0)
Setford, Ship's Corporal 1st Class J S. SAGS (0)
Sherwin, Domestic 2nd Class M. SAGS (0)
Shirkey, Stoker 2nd Class J. SAGS (0)
Sillence, Private J. SAGS (0)
Smith, Domestic 2nd Class C. SAGS (0)
Smith, Able Seaman H. SAGS (0)
Smith, Domestic 2nd Class H J. SAGS (0)
Smith, Ordinary Seaman J. SAGS (0)
Smith, Domestic 1st Class J. SAGS (0)
Smith, Able Seaman T W. SAGS (0)
Somers, Ordinary Seaman J E. SAGS (0)
Sparey, Private H W. SAGS (0)
Sparkes, Petty Officer Class 1 W. SAGS (0)
Spencer, Domestic 2nd Class F A. SAGS (0)
Spencer, Able Seaman H. SAGS (0)
Spencer, Stoker 2nd Class W. SAGS (0)
Squibb, Domestic 2nd Class W. SAGS (0)
Stansmore, Engineer H F C. SAGS (0)
Startling, Domestic 2nd Class J R. SAGS (0)
Stein, Chief Petty Officer C. SAGS (0)
Stevens, Domestic 2nd Class J J. SAGS (0)
Sullivan, Able Seaman J. SAGS (0)
Swan, Musician S. SAGS (0)
Swayne, Leading Seaman H. SAGS (0)
Sweetlove, Engine Room Artificer J. SAGS (0)
Symons, Cook 1st Class S. SAGS (0)
Taylor, Able Seaman E. SAGS (0)
Thomas, Leading Seaman G. SAGS (0)
Thomas, Sailmaker's Mate H J R. SAGS (0)
Tiller, Private T. SAGS (0)
Travener, Stoker F. SAGS (0)
Tredgold, Leading Stoker G. SAGS (0)
Trigwell, Leading Seaman W. SAGS (0)
Usher, Private E. SAGS (0)
Veryard, Ship's Cook General Mess T E. SAGS (0)
Vidler, Ordinary Seaman H J. SAGS (0)
Waddups, Ordinary Seaman G E. SAGS (0)
Walker, Private F. SAGS (0)
Walker, Lamp Lighter G F. SAGS (0)
Wallace, Domestic 3rd Class A W J. SAGS (0)
Walters, Able Seaman W. SAGS (0)
Way, Lamp Lighter G. SAGS (0)
Wearn, Ordinary Seaman E. SAGS (0)
Welch, Stoker W. SAGS (0)
Wells, Ordinary Seaman G F. SAGS (0)
Wells, Boatswain J. SAGS (0)
West, Blacksmith S. SAGS (0)
West, Domestic 3rd Class W G. SAGS (0)
Wheeler, Able Seaman J. SAGS (0)
Whittle, Domestic 2nd Class T. SAGS (0)
Wild, Able Seaman J. SAGS (0)
Wilkins, Ship's Steward General Mess C P. SAGS (0)
Williams, Private F. SAGS (0)
Williams, Domestic 2nd Class J. SAGS (0)
Wingate, Stoker C. SAGS (0)
Wookey, Ordinary Seaman J. SAGS (0)
Wyatt, Able Seaman E G. SAGS (0)
Wyatt, Domestic 2nd Class R E. SAGS (0)
Young, Lieutenant J B. SAGS (0)

Picture courtesy of Noonan's

SAGS (0) (J. A. Collot, Surgn. R.N, H.M.S. “Euphrates”)

Together with its named card box of issue.

James Alexander Collot was born on 13 February 1850, and joined the Royal Navy at Netley Hospital as a Surgeon on 31 March 1874. He served in H.M.S. Duke of Wellington and H.M.S. Repulse from 2 August 1874 before joining Euphrates on 23 July 1877. Whilst serving in Euphrates he was passed for Staff Surgeon on 31 March 1874, and earned the South African medal whilst engaged in operations in connection with the Zulu war in July and August 1879. He next served aboard H.M.S. Foam from June 1880 to July 1884, followed by a brief 2 months in Duke of Wellington before returning to Eastney in August 1884, where he served as Staff Surgeon from 31 March 1885. He afterwards served aboard Royalist from April 1886 to February 1890, followed by short periods in Ajax and Superb before joining Collingwood on 19 March 1892, from which ship he was ‘discharged dead’ following his admission to Malta hospital on 21 January 1894 and his death there on 11 February 1894.
Dr David Biggins

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