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Medals to HMS Tenedos 1 year 4 months ago #64676

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The roll for HMS Tenedos:

Adeane, Captain E S. SAGS (0)
Andrews, Private J. SAGS (1) 1879
Armstrong, Corporal J. SAGS (1) 1879
Baker, Stoker A. SAGS (0)
Baker, Domestic 1st Class H. SAGS (0)
Ball, Engineer H S. SAGS (0)
Bamsey, Leading Stoker F J. SAGS (0)
Barbour, Carpenter's Crew J. SAGS (1) 1879
Barnett, Able Seaman W. SAGS (0)
Bartlett, Petty Officer Class 1 J A. SAGS (0)
Barton, Ordinary Seaman J. SAGS (0)
Bendle, Leading Stoker T J. SAGS (0)
Bennett, Petty Officer Class 1 S J. SAGS (0)
Bird, Lieutenant H G. SAGS (0)
Black, Drummer J. SAGS (1) 1879
Blacker, Able Seaman E H. SAGS (0)
Blake, Able Seaman G H. SAGS (1) 1879
Bonallo, Petty Officer Class 2 D. SAGS (0)
Bond, Able Seaman G. SAGS (0)
Boone, Ship's Corporal 1st Class C H. SAGS (0)
Booth, Acting Engine Room Artificer J C. SAGS (0)
Brand, Engineer J. SAGS (0)
Brander, Petty Officer Class 1 W. SAGS (0)
Bray, Stoker F. SAGS (0)
Bricknell, Shipwright W. SAGS (0)
Brooks, Private C. SAGS (1) 1879
Bush, Able Seaman H. SAGS (1) 1879
Butler, Ordinary Seaman J. SAGS (0)
Chandler, Leading Stoker W. SAGS (0)
Chard, Ordinary Seaman A. SAGS (0)
Chard, Private T. SAGS (1) 1879
Chesterman, Ordinary Seaman G H. SAGS (0)
Choake, Musician J. SAGS (0)
Clapp, Private J. SAGS (1) 1879
Cole, Sick Berth Attendant G H. SAGS (1) 1879
Coleman, Petty Officer Class 1 J. SAGS (0)
Coombe, Ordinary Seaman T H. SAGS (0)
Cox, Ordinary Seaman J T. SAGS (0)
Cracknell, Boy 1st Class A J. SAGS (0)
Cronin, Leading Seaman E. SAGS (1) 1879
Croyden, Stoker J C. SAGS (0)
Davey, Stoker J E. SAGS (0)
Davis, Private J. SAGS (1) 1879
Denbow, Carpenter W. SAGS (0)
Donovan, Ordinary Seaman J. SAGS (0)
Down, Able Seaman W H. SAGS (1) 1879
Drake, Navigating Lieutenant C E. SAGS (0)
Driscoll, Plumber J. SAGS (0)
Evans, Able Seaman A A. SAGS (1) 1879
Farmer, Ordinary Seaman E. SAGS (0)
Ferns, Stoker J. SAGS (0)
Finnis, Sailmaker’s Crew R. SAGS (0)
Fitzgerald, Ordinary Seaman E. SAGS (1) 1879
Fitzgerald, Leading Seaman T. SAGS (1) 1879
Foote, Stoker J. SAGS (0)
Foram, Ordinary Seaman M. SAGS (0)
Forlong, Lieutenant C A. SAGS (0)
Furness, Private A A. SAGS (0)
Gallerfing, Ordinary Seaman G. SAGS (0)
Gilbert, Stoker R J. SAGS (0)
Gill, Boy 1st Class G. SAGS (0)
Godbold, Ordinary Seaman W. SAGS (0)
Goodman, Ordinary Seaman 2nd Class G H. SAGS (0)
Grandy, Paymaster M B. SAGS (0)
Grant, Ordinary Seaman A. SAGS (0)
Grant, Ordinary Seaman E R. SAGS (1) 1879
Green, Ordinary Seaman W T. SAGS (0)
Hames, Ordinary Seaman 2nd Class W. SAGS (0)
Harding, Petty Officer Class 2 T. SAGS (0)
Hearne, Acting Engine Room Artificer J. SAGS (0)
Hicks, Petty Officer Class 1 J B. SAGS (0)
Hingston, Sailmaker’s Crew J. SAGS (0)
Hodge, Stoker R. SAGS (1) 1879
Hoff, Ordinary Seaman A. SAGS (1) 1879
Honley, Stoker J. SAGS (0)
Howie, Signaller 3rd Class A. SAGS (0)
Howse, Petty Officer Class 1 J W. SAGS (1) 1879
Hubbard, Boy 1st Class W H. SAGS (0)
Huskin, Domestic 2nd Class T. SAGS (0)
Jackson, Ordinary Seaman 2nd Class J. SAGS (0)
Jackson, Boy 1st Class J. SAGS (0)
James, Surgeon C. SAGS (0)
James, Ship's Steward 2nd Class R. SAGS (0)
Jones, Able Seaman J. SAGS (1) 1879
Jones, Gunner J. SAGS (1) 1879
Jones, Ordinary Seaman 2nd Class T. SAGS (0)
Keefe, Petty Officer Class 1 D. SAGS (1) 1879
Kennally, Gunner M. SAGS (0)
Kerswell, Boy 1st Class R. SAGS (0)
King, Stoker J. SAGS (1) 1879
Kingscote, Lieutenant A. SAGS (0)
Kingston, Petty Officer Class 1 T. SAGS (1) 1879
Knowles, Armourers Crew J. SAGS (1) 1879
Knowles, Private W F. SAGS (0)
Lakerman, Engine Room Artificer G. SAGS (0)
Lawrence, Able Seaman J. SAGS (0)
Leary, Ordinary Seaman J. SAGS (0)
Leonard, Acting Clerk W V T. SAGS (0)
Lloyd, Ordinary Seaman R. SAGS (1) 1879
Long, Domestic 2nd Class W. SAGS (1) 1879
Longfield, Staff Surgeon W D. SAGS (1) 1879
Lotey, Private J. SAGS (0)
Lovegreen, Private J. SAGS (0)
Luckridge, Ordinary Seaman W. SAGS (0)
Lumar, Private W J. SAGS (1) 1879
Mahoney, Ordinary Seaman J. SAGS (1) 1879
Maloney, Ordinary Seaman P. SAGS (0)
Mann, Able Seaman R W. SAGS (1) 1879
Mann, Petty Officer Class 1 W B. SAGS (1) 1879
March, Stoker R. SAGS (0)
Martin, Petty Officer Class 1 S T. SAGS (0)
May, Able Seaman F H. SAGS (1) 1879
McCallum, Ordinary Seaman 2nd Class M. SAGS (0)
McConnaehie, Ordinary Seaman W. SAGS (1) 1879
McInally, Ordinary Seaman J. SAGS (0)
McLean, Stoker J C. SAGS (0)
McNamara, Petty Officer Class 2 J. SAGS (1) 1879
Mearns, Ordinary Seaman S. SAGS (0)
Medland, Leading Stoker W. SAGS (0)
Mitchell, Signalman J J. SAGS (1) 1879
Monk, Private G. SAGS (1) 1879
Mooney, Private P. SAGS (1) 1879
Mould, Ordinary Seaman 2nd Class F J. SAGS (0)
Mtichell, Leading Seaman E. SAGS (1) 1879
Mullaney, Stoker E. SAGS (0)
Murphy, Ordinary Seaman M. SAGS (0)
Newton, Ordinary Seaman W. SAGS (0)
Nichols, Carpenter's Mate T. SAGS (0)
Palmer, Gunner G. SAGS (0)
Palmer, Signaller 2nd Class W H. SAGS (0)
Paltridge, Able Seaman T. SAGS (0)
Pamfleet, Able Seaman E. SAGS (0)
Pardon, Colour Sergeant J. SAGS (1) 1879
Parkins, Ordinary Seaman J T. SAGS (0)
Payne, Gunner R. SAGS (1) 1879
Pearson, Ordinary Seaman 2nd Class A W. SAGS (0)
Percy, Able Seaman T N. SAGS (1) 1879
Perry, Petty Officer Class 2 J W. SAGS (0)
Phillips, Gunner E. SAGS (0)
Polley, Ship's Corporal J. SAGS (0)
Porter, Ordinary Seaman 2nd Class G H. SAGS (0)
Potham, Domestic 2nd Class W. SAGS (0)
Powe, Petty Officer Class 1 J H. SAGS (0)
Quintal, Domestic 2nd Class J G. SAGS (0)
Ramsay, Ordinary Seaman J. SAGS (1) 1879
Rendle, Petty Officer Class 1 C M C. SAGS (1) 1879
Reynolds, Petty Officer Class 1 D. SAGS (1) 1879
Rice, Ordinary Seaman R. SAGS (0)
Richardson, Ship's Cook 1st Class M. SAGS (0)
Richardson, Ordinary Seaman 2nd Class S. SAGS (0)
Roberts, Ordinary Seaman 2nd Class J. SAGS (0)
Rudlands, Yeoman of Stores W H. SAGS (1) 1879
Ryan, Able Seaman J. SAGS (1) 1879
Ryan, Sub Lieutenant J J F. SAGS (0)
Sandercock, Private R. SAGS (1) 1879
Satterley, Ordinary Seaman R. SAGS (0)
Saunders, Domestic 3rd Class C A. SAGS (0)
Sawyer, Private H. SAGS (0)
Seldon, Domestic 3rd Class W H. SAGS (0)
Sharpe, Paymaster E V. SAGS (0)
Silver, Lamp Trimmer E J. SAGS (0)
Sivter, Gunner J. SAGS (0)
Smith, Boy 1st Class F. SAGS (0)
Smith, Petty Officer Class 1 G. SAGS (0)
Smith, Ordinary Seaman G. SAGS (1) 1879
Solomon, Domestic 2nd Class C. SAGS (0)
Solomon, Able Seaman R. SAGS (1) 1879
Spencer, Leading Seaman G. SAGS (0)
Springall, Acting Boatswain G. SAGS (0)
Staddon, Ordinary Seaman W. SAGS (0)
Stanley, Domestic 2nd Class J. SAGS (0)
Startin, Sub Lieutenant J. SAGS (1) 1879
Steel, Ordinary Seaman C W. SAGS (0)
Steinhausen, Domestic 2nd Class F F. SAGS (0)
Suett, Boy 1st Class F M. SAGS (0)
Sweeney, Cooper J. SAGS (0)
Sweeting, Private H. SAGS (0)
Synes, Able Seaman C. SAGS (1) 1879
Thom, Able Seaman W B. SAGS (1) 1879
Titchmarsh, Ordinary Seaman J H. SAGS (1) 1879
Tremblett, Stoker J S. SAGS (0)
Trist, Able Seaman S J. SAGS (1) 1879
Tucker, Painter 1st Class F. SAGS (0)
Viant, Domestic 2nd Class W J. SAGS (0)
Ware, Boy 1st Class J. SAGS (0)
Warner, Stoker W. SAGS (0)
Watts, Blacksmith W. SAGS (0)
Webb, Boy 1st Class A E. SAGS (0)
Webber, Ordinary Seaman W W. SAGS (0)
Wheeler, Stoker W. SAGS (0)
White, Private F. SAGS (1) 1879
White, Shipwright R C. SAGS (0)
Whitting, Chief Engineer G. SAGS (0)
Wilkinson, Ordinary Seaman 2nd Class V. SAGS (0)
Wilson, Able Seaman C. SAGS (0)
Yeo, Boy 1st Class F. SAGS (0)
Young, Ordinary Seaman H. SAGS (0)
Dr David Biggins

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Medals to HMS Tenedos 1 year 4 months ago #64677

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Picture courtesy of Spink

SAGS 1879 (W. Long. Dom: 2nd Cl: H.M.S. "Tenedos")

57 of the 196 Medals issued to Tenedos were with clasp; this is the only one awarded with clasp to a Domestic.

William Long was born on 13 June 1858 at Stoke Climsland, Cornwall and was a saddler by trade upon his joining the Royal Navy in November 1876. Initially serving in Royal Adelaide, he was entered on the books of Tenedos on 3 April 1878. It was, however, after having been transferred to Boadicea on 2 March 1879 that he was landed as a Bluejacket. He was subsequently present at the battle of Ginginhlovo on 2 April 1879, when the officers and ratings of the Naval Brigade manned, two deep, the waist-high rampart behind the shelter trench in Lord Chelmsford's laager, with rocket and Gatling gun detachments posted in the corners. Low's The Great Battles of the British Navy takes up the story:

'In this engagement, which consisted of a gallant attempt by the Zulus to capture the laager in which our troops entrenched themselves on the previous night, a detachment of seaman and marines took a prominent part. The British force consisted of 2,500 Natives and 3,400 Europeans, including the 57th, 3rd Battalion 60th, 91st and some companies of the Buffs and 99th Regiment, and a Naval Brigade drawn from H.M.S. Shah, Tenedos and Boadicea - with 2 guns, 2 Gatlings and 2 rocket-tubes, the seamen being led by Commander Brackenbury, and the Marines by Captain Phillips, both of the Shah. The Naval Brigade, with the guns, defended the four angles of the laager, and though the Zulu army, about 12,000 strong, under Dabulamanzi, attacked with their accustomed intrepidity, the fire from the guns and Martini-Henrys was so deadly that they were beaten back and dispersed with a loss of 1,200 men, 470 dead Zulus being buried close to the laager. In this action the British loss was 1 officer and 3 men killed, and 5 officers, including Lieutenant Milne, R.N., and 25 men, including 6 of the Naval Brigade, wounded.'

Rejoining Tenedos on 10 May, Long was returned 'home own request'. This Medal was sent to him on 26 August 1881, before he was discharged ashore in November 1884. Long died in Burnley on 24 February 1923.
Dr David Biggins

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