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Kaplan Auctions 2 years 11 months ago #60063

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Format: Lot number | Description | Reserve price in Rand

P172 Account of the Cape Garrison Artillery by Col. LA Crook, photocopy of typed account, 17 pages 25

P194 The Meritorious Medal in South Africa 1896-1952 by Dr. FK Mitchell and JMA Tamplin (The Orders and Medals Research Society Winter 1975), photocopy of an article pages 209-221 25

P195 Coronation Contingent 1902 SA Forces, Roll Bethunes Mounted Infy., photocopy of WO 127/23, 1 page 25

P197 Coronation Contingent 1902 SA Forces, Roll Damants Horse, photocopy of WO 127/23, 1 page 10

P216 Correspondence dated June 7th 1900, and account of retirement from Thaba Nchu of affair at Sannah’s Post, photocopy of hand written report (WO 105/7), 10 pages 50

P219 Kimberley under Siege by Arthur J Beet and Cyril B Harris, photocopy of a publication, 129 pages 75

P220 The Cape of Good Hope Civil Service List, 1902, photocopy of a publication, 45 pages 50

P221 The Cape of Good Hope Civil Service List, 1910, photocopy of a publication, 43 pages 50

P225 South African National Museum of Military History Catalogue of Orders Decorations and Medals Part 1, compiled by S Monick, photocopy of a document, 204 pages 50

P226 Photocopy of the Defence of Mafeking Medal Roll 25

P227 Photocopy of the Cape of Good Hope General Service Medal DF Forsyth 25

P198 Coronation Contingent 1902 SA Forces, Roll Driscoll’s Scouts, photocopy of WO 127/23, 1 page 10

P199 Coronation Contingent 1902 SA Forces, Roll Johannesburg Mounted Rifles, photocopy of WO 127/23, 1 page 10

P200 Coronation Contingent 1902 SA Forces, Roll 1/Kitchener’s Fighting Scouts, photocopy of WO 127/23, 1 page 10

P201 Coronation Contingent 1902 SA Forces, Roll 2nd Kitchener’s Fighting Scouts, photocopy of WO 127/23, 1 page 10

P202 Coronation Contingent 1902 SA Forces, Roll Railway Pioneer Regiment, photocopy of WO 127/23, 1 page 10

P203 Coronation Contingent 1902 SA Forces, Roll 1/Scottish Horse, photocopy of WO 127/23, 1 page 10

P204 Coronation Contingent 1902 SA Forces, Roll 2/Scottish Horse, photocopy of WO 127/23, 1 page 10

P205 Coronation Contingent 1902 SA Forces, Roll South African Light Horse, photocopy of WO 127/23, 1 page 10

P206 Coronation Contingent 1902 SA Forces, Roll Thorneycroft’s Mtd. Infantry, photocopy of WO 127/23, 1 page 10

P207 Coronation Contingent 1902 SA Forces, Roll Steinaecker’s Horse, photocopy of WO 127/23, 1 page 10

P208 Coronation Contingent 1902 SA Forces, Roll Doyle’s Scounts, photocopy of WO 127/23, 1 page 10

P209 Coronation Contingent 1902 SA Forces, Roll Pietersburg Light Horse, photocopy of WO 127/23, 1 page 10

P210 History of the Natal Mounted Rifles by Colonel Godfrey Thos Hurst, DSO, OBE, VD, photocopy of the book, 83 pages 50

P211 Boot and saddle by PJ Young, photocopy of the book, 193 pages 50

P196 Coronation Contingent 1902 SA Forces, Roll Canadian Scouts, photocopy of WO 127/23, 1 page 10

P230 An original 4 page hand written letter dated 9 December 1899, General Burger’s Lager, in 3 pieces, written in pencil, written in Afrikaans/Dutch, readable. Inclusive of the writer’s opinions and account of his war experience. Signed but not legible. 50

P292 The Bechuana Rebellion 1896-1897 Some early history recalled by N.B. Hewitt, April 1934 issue, 5 pages 20

P296 A 1 page extract from the Art Supplement to the Nongqai, entitled PICTURES FROM THE PAST, with 2 black & White photographs narrated as “Groups of the Cape Police D3, taken in 1903 near Cape Town. The 2 photographs are of 2 groups of mounted police, with each policeman named (each with his status as at 1923), January 1923 issue, 1 page 30

P297 A 1 page extract from the Art Supplement to the Nongqai, entitled “I HAVE FOUGHT THE GOOD FIGHT, I HAVE FINISHED MY COURSE.” THE LATE GENERAL DARTNELL. August 1914 issue, 1 page 30

P231 Photocopy of the diary of Mr Daniel Fargher Corlett entitled BOER WAR: NOVEMBER 1899 TO DECEMBER 1900. Typed, 25 pages. 100

P233 A black & white photograph measuring 20cmx15cm, narrated on the bottom right hand corner as A TYPICAL REDOUBT DURING THE SIEGE OF KIMBERLEY BOER CAMPAIGN 1900 S154. Some tearing on the top of the photograph and some damage to the top right hand corner. Condition thus poor. 50

P234 A newspaper photograph measuring 15cmx7cm, entitled A SOUTH AFRICAN WAR PHOTOGRAPH, pasted on a piece of cardboard narrated as “A group of Boer prisoners at the Green Point Camp during the South African War, 1899-1902”. 27 prisoners identified. On the other side of the cardboard is a black & white photograph measuring 16cmx12 cm, of a burial monument identifying the grave of Micheal van Reenen died 23 June 1912 age 57. 50

P235 A page size photocopy of a photograph that appeared in the March 1910 issue of the NONGQAI, entitled “Long Service Medal Recipients, 26th November 1909. All recipients named. (Presentation of the Natal Long Service Medal ). 10

P298 POLICE LIFE IN THE NINETIES by Ex Trooper E Hurford, N.M.P., June 1937 issue, 15 pages 20

P309 LOOKING BACK Part of the Autobiography of the late Lt.-Col. G.S. “Jerry” Mardall, O.B.E., J.P., formerly Assistant Commissioner of Natal Police, (his insights from 1879 for 38 years) April 1938 issue, 18 pages 30


P312 With the Cape Mounted Riflemen and Some Others, Part of the autobiography of Col. B.C. Judd, O.B.E., which parallels the greater portion of C.M.R. History from 1893, June 1938 issue, installment 1, 21 pages 30

P315 A RECORD OF CAPE POLICE D2, From its inception to its Disappearance as a Separate Unit, by Lt.-Col. W.W. Rush, D.S.O., April 1939 issue, 2 pages 20

P316 RECOLLECTIONS OF THE OLD CAPE POLICE By COL. A.E. TRIGGER, Formerly Deputy Commissioner, C.I.D., Marshall Square, April 1939 issue, 3 pages 15

P317 BRIEF HISTORY OF THE CAPE POLICE By CAPT. J.H. THOMAS, April 1939 issue, 3 pages 15

P318 RECOLLECTIONS OF THE CAPE POLICE Contributed by J.P. MATTHEWS, ex C.P.2, C.M.P. and S.A.P., April 1939 issue, 4 pages 15

P319 CAPE POLICE D2 Reminiscences by Capt. D.C.D. SELBY, Late C.P. D2, S.A.M.R. and S.A. Police (retired), April 1939 issue, 4 pages 15

P320 IN THE DAYS OF CAPE POLICE D2 By “Oom Jock”, April 1939 issue, 6 pages 15


P322 The Natal Mounted Police by Col. C.W. Lewis, August 1939 issue, 3 pages 15

P323 The Natal Police, by Col. C.W. Lewis, October 1939 issue, 3 pages 15

P324 THE SOUTH AFRICAN CONSTABULARY BY COL. D.A. LANE O.B.E., August 1950 issue, 7 pages 15

P325 THE SOUTH AFRICAN CONSTABULARY (continued) BY COL. D.A. LANE O.B.E., September 1950 issue, 5 pages 15

P327 SPINK MEDAL BOOKLET The Volunteer Officer’s Decoration by JMA Tamplin photocopy, pages 1-47, includes Cape of Good Hope and Natal 40

P328 SPINK MEDAL BOOKLET The Volunteer Long Service Medal by JMA Tamplin photocopy, 4 pages includes Cape of Good Hope and Natal 10

P329 SPINK MEDAL BOOKLET The Colonial Auxiliary Forces Long Service Medal by JMA Tamplin photocopy, pages 1-83, includes Cape of Good Hope, Natal and Union of South Africa. 50

P333 MEDAL FOR LONG SERVICE & GOOD CONDUCT WITH GRATUITY CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, photocopy of the original handwritten roll, 7 pages 40

P334 NATAL POLICE ROLL OF INDIVIDUALS GRANTED LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL, photocopy of the original handwritten roll, 4 pages 40

P335 NATAL POLICE: LONG SERVICE & GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL, photocopy of typed list, 2 pages 10

P336 ROLL OF NATAL MOUNTED POLICE 1873-1906, photocopy, 8 pages 20

P337 NATAL MOUNTED POLICE NATAL ARCHIVES Reference: NMP. Lists material relevant to the NMP, Vol1 -16, photocopy, 1 page 10

P359 Photocopy of an article NATAL CORPS OF GUIDES-ANGLO BOER WAR by G.D. Trotter, including the Unit Honours and Awards, 3 pages 15

P364 A photocopy of a photograph taken on February 15, 1950, entitled A PICTURE OF GALLANT DEFENDERS THAT WILL MAKE HISTORY 50 YEARS HENCE (Siege of Kimberley), nearly all present named, 1 A3 page 10

P369 An extract from the August 1946 issue of the NONGQAI, with an article ORANJE VRIJSTAATSE ARTILLERIE KORPS, 1857-1900 by Major G. Tylden, with a photograph of THE NATAL POLICE AND COURTHOUSE STAFF AT PORT SHEPSTONE IN 1904, all present named and a photograph of THE NATAL POLICE AT PORT SHEPSTONE, 1904, all present named, 3 pages 15

P370 Book plate of a photograph entitled Coronation Contingent 1902, Cape Colonial Forces, all present named, 1 page 25

Guerrilla campaign in the Anglo-Boer War. Very scarce first edition hardcover with dust jacket researched and written by Peter Burke, published 1995 by Museum of the Boer Republics. 211 pages with appendices. Illustrated throughout. Good sound condition, wear to edges of jacket. 750
Dr David Biggins

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Kaplan Auctions 2 years 10 months ago #60610

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The Ray Leppan Boer War memorabilia from Michael's next sale on 13 Oct 18.

Format: Lot nr, Description, Condition, Estimate in Rand. Condition is sometimes missing

R001, Book,Women’s Endurance Bethulie ORC 1901, 200

R002, Book Like Lions they fought – the last Zulu War by Robert Edgerton 1988, 150

R003, Book The Boer War in Postcards by Ian Mcdonald 1990, 150

R004, Matching Pair of Lord Roberts EPNS Souvenir Teaspoons 300

R005, Earl Robert EPNS Spoon made by Rogers of England, 200

R006, Teaspoon with enamel decoration L.O.F – W.R.C, 100

R007, Two books: ACR Carter “The work of War Artist in South Africa” 1st edition 1999, SB Spies “A Soldier in South Africa 1899 – 1902” 1st published 1989 (2), 200

R008, ZAR Police badge – Eendracht Maakt Magt” (app. 9cm in length) in brass Owen 2007cast., CAST, 1000

R009, EPNS Frame with a picture of Lord Roberts 7 cms in height, 250

R010, Paul Kruger coin pendant 1 shilling 1897, VF, 150

R011, Paul Kruger 6d pendant reverse marked “Cillie”, F, 100

R012, EPNS Boer War teaspoon “Kitchener”, 200

R013, Attributed to P.O.W. bone sweetheart carved Decorative item, inscribed “H” with a heart, 300

R014, Pair of Horn and bone cuff links, 100

R015, Sterling Silver Pair of teaspoons with soldier decoration, 400

R016, Cape Town Highlanders cap badge with Tartan backing Owen 220, EF, 100

R017, EPNS Wreath plaque of Kitchener app. 9 cms in diameter OH122 showing Roberts., EF, 200

R018, Book: Pieter Oosthuizen “Boer War Memorabilia – The Collector’s Guide” published 1987, 450

R019, Paul Kruger ZAR 1896 6d Coin pendent, F, 200

R020, Pipe attributed to General Ian Hamilton. Pipe inscribed I.S.M.H. with a wooden pipe rack. There is a half-page provenance that accompanies the lot, 600- 700

R021, Porcelian plate with pic of Lt. Gen JD French – green and cream 27 cm diam, 650

R022, Medallion Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee 1897 To Commemorate the 60th year of Her Majesties Reign. Reverse Royal and ZAR COA 1837-1897 39 mm White Metal, EF+, 350-700

R023, Medallion Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee 1897 To Commemorate the 60th year of Her Majesties Reign. Reverse Royal and ZAR COA 1837-1897 39 mm Brass, EF, 300-500

R024, Boer War Trench Art candle stick Pom Pom Match box made from Vickers 1pd Pom Pom shell, soldered on Boer’s favorite 7 mm Mauser Round, 12 cm in height, 350-700

R025, Medallion Queen Victoria died 22 Jan 1900 Brass 22mm, Poor, 100

R026, P.O.W. Wood ink pen inscribed “St Helena 1902” and another with no inscription., 400

R027, Medallion Queen Victoria and six leaders 1900 Bronze. An attempted piercing., VF, 330

R028, Ceramic jug of Major General R.S.S.Baden Powel 16.5 cm No issues, 600

R029, Excellent POW made letter opener inscribed A.Du Toit Remembrance from Boer Camp Ceylon 1901 w /carved decoration ZAR coa w/ Eendracht Maakt Magt 33cms in length, 1200

R030, Rare Torque ware 3 handled loving cup “South Africa 1899-1900”.God bless you Tommy Atkins. Here your country’s love to you 8cms some chips and cracks Ref. OH 24, 330

R031, EV11 R one shilling coin teaspoon VF, 200

R032, South Africa 1900 EPNS teaspoon, 100

R033, Officers collapsible drinking vessel, 400

RO34, Scoop made from a Pom Pom shell, 300

RO35, Collapsible drinking cup in a brass holder, 400

RO36, Miniature cigarette holder in a brass holder, 400

RO37, Lord Kitchener photo button, 100

RO38, General French photo button, 100

RO39, General White photo button, 100

RO40, Baden-Powel photo button, 100

RO41, Kitchener’s Photo button, 100

RO42, French Photo button, 100

RO43, Roberts Photo button, 100

RO44 Job lot of British Army military buttons (27), 200

RO45, Boer War Horse Brass – Crown, 200

RO46, Boer War Horse Brass – Queen Victoria in a heart shape, 200

RO47, Boer War Horse Brass – Lord Roberts, 200

RO48, Wooden ink pen attributed to the Boer War. Inscription J.V., 580

RO49, Job lot of Boer War shoulder titles. 12th Royal Lancers, Natal Royal Rifles, Prince Alfred Guard and others (9), 500-

R050, Rare Original Photo-Lithograph: Pretoria May 1901, Revised Oct, linen fold Map Transvaal Major Jackson’s Series no 35, Part of Swaziland, Vryheid etc. incl Army Head Qtrs, 400

R051, Boer War Envelope with Censor stamps for camp Diytalawa, 200

R052, Boer War Envelope a rare inter-camp double-circle St Helena to Greenpoint, 350

R053, Rare Lord Roberts Medal: Lord Roberts Bareheaded to left in Uniform with medals “Lord Roberts VC” (app. 32 mm in diameter) Silver. EF, 400

, Refer Gavin Whithers book the imitation Kruger Pond,

R054, G1 Imitation Half Pond, F, 200

R055, G2 Imitation Pond Een Dracht Mackt Magt on ribbon, VF, 100

R056, G3 Imitation Kruger Sovreign 1896 F, 100

R057, G4 Imitation Kruger Sovreign 1896, VF, 100

R058, G5 Imitatio Kruger Sovreign 1896, VF+, 100

R059, G6Imitation Kruger Sovereign 1896, VF, 100

R060, G7 Imitation Kruger Sovereign 1896, VF, 100

R061, G8Imitation Kruger Sovereign 1896, VF, 100

R062, G9Imitatio Kruger Sovereign 1896, VF, 100

R063, G10Imitation Kruger Sovereign 1896, VF, 100

R064, G11 Imitation Pond FRA DIAVALO CIGARS ARE THE BEST, VF, 200


R066, Prisoner of War Wooden Letter Opener inscribed “Krysgevangene Ceylon 1902” (app. 35 cm in length), 700

R067, ZAR 6d 1892 – holed for a pendant, 70

R067A, ZAR 6d 1894 – holed for a pendant, 70

R068, ZAR 6d 1895 – holed for a pendant, 70

R068A, Victorian Xmas pendant “Candles Xmas 1901”, 70

R069, Boer War carved bone fob watch chain, links made from pins, with alpine hook and bar (Ref. similar to OH94), 500

R070, Lord Roberts VC South Africa 1900 Peace medal with ribbon (app. 23 mm in diameter) Bronze Gilt, EF+, 300

R071, Rare three teaspoons with Boer holding gun decoration stamped 835 Silver 1000

R072, Paul Kruger Coin pendant 1894, 2 ½ Shillings – holed, F, 200

R073, Medallion Lord Roberts, by Spink 1901, bronze 45 mm, depicting full face bust of Lord Roberts (Ref: HE150, AM64), 1200

R074, Prisoner of War envelope with two censor stamps Ceylon, Diyatalawa camp, 150

R075, Rare porcelain snuff/perfume bottle with Piet Joubert, no stopper (app. 6 cm in height) Ref OH25, 450

R076, Bell made from a Boer War era Pom Pom shell casing, 150

R077, 303 Shell as a loose head, and a Martini-Henry bullet casing, 50

R078, Rare King Edward VII Coronation medallion 1901 with corrected date 1902, with corrected date 1902 off-centre (app. 32,6 mm)- holed, EF, 400

R079, Victorian Medallion, Baden-Powell, Relief of Mafeking, May 1900 (variation: “215 days”) (Ref. HE70) holed, gilt, EF+, 300

R080, Rare Prisoner of War envelope with censor stamps Simonstad, 200

R081, The Battle of Majuba black and white print (17 cm x 24,5 cm), 100

R082, Wooden Boer War pipe, engraved “Boer War 1899 – 1900”, 1200

R083, “Die Slag by Spoinkop” exhibition booklet of Boer war handmade works, 100

R084, Die Slag by Magersfontein exhibition booklet of Boer War handmade works, 100

R085, Concentration Camps, 1901, Farmhouse Burning Medallion, graphic picture of Farm house 1899 – 1901, Light bronze c 33.6 mm 1100

R086, Peace 1902 Medallion in bronze (app. 20,8 mm diameter) (Ref. HE102a), EF+, 50

R087, Porcelain “Brown Bros and Taylor Ltd” plate with picture of Field-Marshal Lord Roberts V.C. 22 cm diam., 500

R088, Gouvernements Noot Date: 28/5/1900, No 16174, Een Pond, Pretoria issue., 300

R089, Original signed Declaration of Allegiance, signed by Daniel Jacobus Greyling at Trichinopoly on the 23rd July 1902, 1250

R098, Ceramic mug depicting Soldiers and Union Jack – rubbed, 100

R099, Envelope, re-directed, with stamp “Postzegel Z. Afr Republiek” with censored stamp Trichinopoly Boer camp (cut and glued onto card), 60

R100, Porcelain white with gold trimmings plate with picture of Major-General French 21 cm diam., 500

R101, Medallion: “The Right Hon. D. Chamberlain M.P”, rev: winged peace “South Africa 1903” and additional text, 51 mm bronze, polished (Ref. HE572), VF, 400

R102, Porcelain white plate with picture “Soldiers of the Queen” “Paardeberg Drift Sunday Feb 18th 1900” 22 cm diam, 400

R103, Boer War Postcard “De Nationaal Monument, Bloemfontein”, 20

R104, Coronation Medal 1902 (app. 24 mm in diameter) in brass, VF+, 100

R105, Ceramic mug of Maj. General Hector A. MacDonald C.B. D.S.O .A.D.C., 100

R106, Medallion pendant “Viscount Kitchener” Rev: Boer and Brit shaking hands “Rule Britannia 31 May 1902 Friends forever”, bronze 24 mm at signing of the peace declaration, VF+, 300

R107, Envelope with several stamps “Communication suspended”, “Undeliverable at R.S.”, “Examined – T.L. Thorne” (Cut and glued onto card”, 60

R108, Medallion, bronze, Colonel Baden-Powell, Defender of Mafeking, 1900, variation “209 days” (app. 22 mm in diameter) (Ref H716), F, 150

R109, “The Army” Ceramic vase with Pictures of English Soldiers, made in England (app. 6 cm in height) 150

R110, Medallion (holed) “Field Marshal Lord Roberts V.C.” ref: “Colonel Baden-Powell Defence of Mafeking”, 23 mm bronze, rare with both Roberts and Baden-Powell (Ref. HE714), VF, 300

R111, Medallion (holed) “May peace and honour endure … Bloemfontein Pretoria Boer War 1899-1900”, rev: “Victoria R.I. of the OFS and TVL annexed…” 35 mm white metal holed, EF, 300

R112, Medallion – Queen Victoria “Success to Australian Imperl Bushmen 1900” in bronze (Ref. H686), VF, 200

R113, Medallion – Queen Victoria “Success to Australian Imperl Bushmen 1900” in gilt, F+, 200

R114, Porcelain plate “Long live the King”, “Britannia mourns her immortal Queen” Rd No 360739. Shield with pic of Queen Alexandra and Edward VII, and Victoria, 24 mm diam., 500

R115, Enameled lapel badge, red and blue, “F.M. Lord Roberts”, “Pretoria” in front of British flag, to commemorate the taking of Pretoria 5 June 1900 (Ref. similar to HE578), EF, 150

R116, Original sheet music : Town Guard March by Percy Ould, 150

R117, British military water cannister with leather straps (cork/stopper missing), 450

R118, Gouvernements Noot “Een Pond”, No 4879 dd 28/5/1900 Pretoria issue. Three folds no holes, VF+, 300

R119, Envelope With stamp “Natal Postage” one penny, “Censor P. of W” (Cut and glued onto card), cancelled for Ladysmith 1901, 100

R120, Medallion to commemorate the Rt Hon J. Chamberlain visit to Cape Town. 22mm with loop, VF, 100

R121, Medallion to commemorate the Rt Hon J, Chamberlain visit to Cape Town 22mm no loop, VF+, 100

R122, Medallion “Lord Roberts V.C.” on the left and right “South Africa 1900”, rev: Colonel Baden-Powell: and left “Defender of Mafeking” 23 mm bronze gilt (Ref similar to HE714), EF, 200

R123, 303 Caliber Rifle oiling tool, 100

R124, Pipe cleaning tool, 100

R125, Envelope with stamp “Oranje Vrij Staat One Penny” as well as NPR stamp for St. Helena, 60

R126, Medal – “King Edward VIII Coronation 1902” City of Grahamstown 26 Une 1902 – 9 August 1902 – holed, VF+, 200

R127, Envelope with stamp “Oranje Vrij Staat One Penny” Censor stamp “Prisoner of War” as well as stamp St. Helena, 60

R128, Bronze plate with horse and soldier “Horse memorial Port Elizabeth”, presented to MS Astor on inaugural visit to PE 23-4-1984 by World Ship Society (PE Branch) 30 x 22,5 cm, 600

R129, Prisoner of War inscribed “India MV” ring in bone, style “Brooch”, 300

R130, Prisoner of War envelope with censor stamps Ceylon, 60

R130A, Book by P.J. Haythornthwaite – Uniforms illustrated no 19 : The Boer War published 1987, 60

R130B, Book by Cmdt. Jan Ploeger – The Fortification of Pretoria – published No 1 : 1968, 60

R131, Red South Africa 1900 Bible, “Marked Testament”, in a case (14 x 9.5 cm) (Ref. pg 169 Oosthuizen) As new, 700

R132, Medallion: “British Transvaal War 1899-1900”, rev: “Lord Roberts V.C. South Africa, 1900” 23 mm (Hern shows only in bronze silvered – this specimen is bronze gilt) holed, VF, 200

R133, Silk prints of “Our Heroes” with prints of Lord Kitchener, General French, General White, General Buller and center of Col R.S.S. Baden-Powell, 400

R134, Boer war pipe – stands on feet with hinged lid, inscribed “Boer 1900 War”, 1200

R135, Original sheet music “De Boers have got my Daddy”, sung by Tom Castello, 700

R136, Medallion – holed: “Gen. Sir Redvers Buller V.C.”, “1900”, rev: Victorian crown “Relief of Ladysmith March 1st 1900 besiged 119 days” 3mm white metal, 300

R137, Original music sheets: “The Soldier’s Farewell” by J. Pridham, 500

R138, Prisoner of War rare India slate Heart Brooch engraved “HES TER 1901” (app. 3.5 cm x 3,2 cm) Provenance” Mervyn Emms collection, 500

R139, Gouvernements Noot “Een Pond” No 6923 dd 28/5/1900 Pretoria issue, excellent condition Two light folds, EF, 400

R140, Binocular “Eclipse Paris Depose” Provenance Mervyn Emms collection, 400

R141, Prisoner of War Wooden Serviette Holder engraved “Bermuda 1901-2 Bismark Dreyer P of W”, 800

R142, Prisoner of War Indian slate Heart Brooch, marked “E.V.” (app. 4,1cm x 3,8cm), 200

R143, Gouvernements Noot, “Een Pond”, No 6514, dd 28/5/1900 Pretoria issue. Four Folds no holes, VF+, 400

R144, Silk handkerchief “The Colonies Rally Round The Old Flags of England” – prints of several soldiers as well as bust of Gen Sir Redvers Buller, 600

R145, Prisoner of War Ebony single Chamber stick inscribed “Diyatalawa Ceylon 1902” slight damaged (app. 22 cm height), 900

R146, Gouvernements Noot “Een Pond” No 7309 dd 28/5/1900 Pretoria issue. Three folds, EF, 470

R147, Large Ceramic jug, depicting Field Marshall Lord Robers V.C. app. 16 cm in height (chip on spout), 300

R148, Prisoner of War Indian slate small carved pocket knife (app. 4 cm), 250

R149, Prisoner of War Indian slate small carved pocket knife (app. 3 cm), 250

R150, Rare Linen map dated March 1900. Compiled for the Field Intelligence Dept Cape Town, first edition of the Town Hoopstad, 500

R151, Wooden carved ink pen, 200

R152, Book: Captain CM Dixon, “The Leaguer of Ladysmith, Nov 2nd to Feb 28th 1900”, published in 1900. Front and back covers scuffed. The corners of the covers slightly bent., 1200

R153, Red Cannister with face of Lord Roberts in Bakelite on top., 300

R154, Rare Marshall-Hole, Matabeleland Stamp Currency 6d with office stamp, no dot after Bulawayo, VF+, 1650

R155, Vryheid Memorial uniface medal: monument: “Ter Herinnering van Burgers van Vryheid District Die Sterven Gedurende De Brit-Boer Oorlog 1899 – 1902” (Ref: HE12), VF+, 500

R156, Medallion: Souvenir of the Princess of Wales Private Military Hospital The Gables Surbiton, Transvaal War 1899 – 1900, c. 5.5 cm in diameter (Ref HE60) White metal, EF, 150

R157, “A Reconnaissance in Force” Black and White Print (17 cm x 24,5 cm), 100

R158, Book: AV Oosthuizen – Rebelle van die Stormberge – published 1994 by Pat Hopkins and Heather Dugmore, 100

R159, Book: The Boy, Baden- Powell and the Siege of Mafeking – 1st Edition, 100

R160, Medallion: “King Edward VII Queen Alexandra June 26, 1902”, rev: “In grateful remembrance of service nobly done” 38.1 mm gilt white metal, EF+, 400

R161, Ogden’s Guinea Gold cigarette cards “A12 pounder field gun in action” and 8 others, 150

R162, Lord Roberts Medallion, “In Union Strength one Thought one Arm” by Mayer & Wilhelm depicting Lord Roberts, app 26 mm in diameter with loop 300

R163, Rare clay pipe bowl with head of Baden-Powell on one side and Sir G White on the other side (no stem), 800

R164, Boer War Postcard of General De Wet, 60

R165, 2 x British Military Leather belt Money/Coin pouches, 450

R166, H. Marshall Hole, Matabeleland Stamp Currency, stamped Administrator’s Office, 6 pence Stamp on the Reverse (The Civil Commissiner, Bulawayo), 1100

R167, Gouverments Noot Pieterburg No 55127A, Een Pond dated 1/4/1901.Repaired on the back, F, 200

R168, Baden-Powell silk handkerchief (some damage), 200

R169, British Military leather field glass pouch 24 cm in length, 300

R170, Book: President Steyn, Hardcover book with dust jacket by Johannes Meintjes, First Edition 1969, 200

R171, Stamps: 2nd Republic Definitive issue, new design 1894-1896, and 2nd Republic Definitive issue, new design change of colour, 1896 – 1897 (no watermarks), 2000

R172, Royal Marine Light Infantry badge (Bugler / Bandsmans arm badge), 150

R173, Brass bomb shell turned into a holder, 180

R174, DVD The Boer War a bitter and bloody clash of arms. 200

R175, Book By Emanoel Lee To the Bitter End, 150

R176, Book by M.G. Hibbard Boer War Tribute Medals, 200

R177, Stamps: mint block of 9 x 4 ½ d OVS-OFS with South African flag 1854-1954, 30

R178, Paper clipping: “The battle of Colenso – The Dublin Fusiliers attempt to ford the Tugela “ by Rene Bull and Enoch Ward, 30

R179, Gouverments Noot, issued Pietersburg No 7340A, Een Pond, dated 1/3/1901 Five folds. Six staple holes, VF, 800

R180, Collapsible binoculars “Jumelle Mars” and “ Brevetee France Etranger Model Militaire” 400

R181, Boer War carved bone brooch “clasping hand motif/friendship” and bone and horn oval brooch with letter “L” with arrow through (2), 500

R182, Clipping: “A Picket of 13th Hussars surprise near the Tugela River (Hussar Hill)” by John Charlton, 30

R183, Gouverments Noot, dated 28/5/1900 No 1801, Vijf Pond, Pretoria issue,. Three folds, VF, 1000

R183A, Clipping: “The Crossing of Potgieter’s drift, January 16th by Enoch Ward and Rene Bull, 30

R184, Medallion: For the American Ladies Hospital Ship Fund SS Maine 1899, lent to British Governments for use in Transvaal War, c.42 mm, white metal (Ref: AM23/HE58), EF, 800

R185, Book: C.R. De Wet “Three Years War” 1902, 100

R186, Book: Brain Gardner “Mafeking, A Victorian Legend” 1st published 1966, 100

R187, Ceramic plate Wood & Son “Lord Kitchener and French”, “Conquer or Die”, 300

R188, Ceramic plate depicting 3 soldiers firing a canon NOT HERE, 300

R189, Clipping: “Col Pilcher’s attack on Sunnyside Kopje, Canadian and Australian contingents receive their “Baptism of Fire” by H.C. Seppings Wright and Fred Villiers., 50

R190, British Cavalry Hogskin Pommel Wallet (Saddlebag), 600

R191, Boer War period leather soldier’s canteen (dd 1901) leather case marked “CG” for Cape Government and army inverted arrow mark., 700

R192, British Paint coated metal water bottle with cork 19.5 cm in diam., 600

R193, “A call to Arms. Appeal to the Burghers, to Rise as One Man Against the Oppressor and Violator of Justice” from President Steyn 11 October 1899, 150

R194, With General French: New Zealanders saving a picket of the Yorshire regiment near Slingersfontein on January 15 by W. Small and G.D. Giles, 50

R195, Period Dorsetshire Regimental badge, 120

R196, WD & HO Wills Ltd, mixed lot of panorama shots, cigarette cards, Transvaal Series (13), 200

R198, Brass ashtray with head of Chamberlain in the centre (12 cm in diameter), 250

R199, Gouverments Noot, issued 1/4/1901 Pietersburg No 42812A, Een Pond. Two light folds, no holes, EF, 800

R200, Clipping: Bugler Dunne and the bugle presented to him by her Majesty to replace the one lost on the field of battle at Colenso January 1900, 30

R201, Duke of Edinburgh’s Own Volunteer Rifles cap badge, white medal, good condition (Ref. OW4), 150

R202, Job Lot: Print Lieut. General Sir Charles Warren, newspaper clipping “The Natal Advertiser” and another (3), 200

R203, SA Veteran’s Association 1899-1902 enamel badge, Scottish Horse Badge 1900-1901, 1902 & button Queen Victoria and 6 Boer War generals and photo pin badge (4), 500

R204, Metal scissors, sugar/maize scoop “J. Lysaght, Ltd, Bristol, 1889”, horse trap spike or “caltrop/perde doring, used by both sides (3), 1650

R205, London Rifle Brigade badge with 4 other Military badges, incl 2 x Imperial Light Horse Regiment (5), 500

R206, Rare CIV Medal 1901 “In Commemoration of the Raising and Equipment of the City of London Imperial Volunteers” 7,5 cm bronze in original box (Ref HE780) – Mint in box, 2000

R207, The portraits of Mr and Mrs J.H. Legge and the sons, 30

R208, ZAR Coin Art: (including Ray Leppan’s booklet) Kruger silver 2 ½ shilling (possibly 1894) reverse enameled, 350

R209, Stamp: South Africa; Boer War; Boer occupation of Newcastle October 1899. Two ZAR half pennies on piece dated 27 October, 200

R210, The Royal Highlanders – Black Watch – white metal cap badge “Nemo Me Impune Lacesset”, 150

R211, Metal plate on wooden mounting with face of “Maj Gen Baden-Powell Mafeking 1900” 24 x 24 cm, 1200

R212, 24 pc assorted collection of Boer War related stamps and cancellations, 400

R213, Photo of “Group of the officers and men of the Diamond Fields Horse”, 50

R214, Newspaper: The King of illustrated papers, Sat, 5 May 1900, Vol 1 No 18, with the Relief of Ladysmith, 50

R215, Gouvernements Noot “Vijf Pond”, 8629, dd 28/5/1900 Pretoria issue, four folds, 2 holes, F, 1000

R216, Gouvernements Noot “Vijf Pond”, 9937, dd 28/5/1900, Pretoria issue, good condition. No folds, no holes, EF, 1200

R217, Books: Raymond Sibbald “The War Correspondents – The Boer War” and Tony Westby-Nunn “A Tourist Guide to the Anglo Boer War 1899-1902”, 150

R218, WD & HO Wills Ltd, Cigarette Cards, end of Transvaal Series, panorama photos all guns used in the Boer War (6), 150

R219, Cap badge/sweetheart brooch with British crown and lion on top “Loyal North Lancashire” in bi/metal, 100

R220, Photo of the 10th Hussars (H.R.H. the Prince of Wales) by Gregory & Co. London, 50

R221, Original sheet music: The wearing of the Green by JFE Barnes (New version 1900), 200

R222, Boer War wooden pipe, carved with ZAR Coat of Arms inscribed “Boer War 1899-1900, from Percy to Will”, 1800

R223, Prisoner of War envelope, St Helena, Broad Bottom Camp with censor stamp NPR, 200

R224, Rare Transvaal Volkslied music sheet in colour with Paul Kruger and ZAR CoA by R. Muller, Music Warehouse, Cape Town, 400

R225, Medal: “FM Lord Roberts VC” and “Pretoria 1900”, white metal, on the occupation of Pretoria (Ref HE140/AM59), EF+, 200

R226, Gouvernements Noot “Een Pond” No 10144, dd 28/5/1900, Pretoria issue, fair condition. No folds, 1 small tear, EF, 400

R227, Gouvernements Noot “Een Pond” No 10324, dd 28/5/1900, Pretoria issue, good condition. Four folds, no holes, VF, 400

R228, Cap badge from the King’s Own “Shropshire Light infantry:, 150

R229, Stamps: Complete set of VRI overprints 10 x half penny stamps and 12 x 1 penny stamps with cancellation stamps, “Johannesburg ZAR dd 12 Nov 00”, 250

R230, Discharge Certificate, on parchment. Issued 14 July 1902 to Private B.H. Justice, 250

R231, Peace Medallion: “British Transvaal War 1899 – 1900” and “Lest We Forget”, app. 23 mm in diam. (Ref. HE670)- holed, VF+, 200

R232, Original music sheets: “Hymn of Intercession” and “Through the Cross to the Crown” South African War 1899-1900, 300

R233, “The Army” Ceramic Mug “An Empire founded on Liberty” and “Supporters of the Empire – Colonies – Volunteers” depicting Lord Roberts, c 7 cm (Ref: OH15/22), 200

R234, Books: Donald MacDonald “How we kept the flag flying” and Roy Macnab “The French Colonel – Villebois-Mareuil and the Boers 1899-1900” (2), 200

R235, 2 X Lithographs by Andy May: Pvt 17th Lancers Zulu War, Sgt 58th Rutlandshire Reg. of Foot 1st BW, Off 92nd Gordon Highlanders 1st BW, all re-signed in pencil by May, 300

R236, Boer War Kruger De Wet pocket knife, by Schlieper, with cork screw, variation: “Orange Vrijst”, 350

R237, 2 Wooden Boer War era picture frames, possibly made by PoW’s, 22 x 28 cm (Provenance: Mervy Emms collection) (2), 400

R238, Rare Prisoner of War Ebony brooch engraved “Bettie B.V.C. 1901) app. 5 cm in length., 200

R239, Good Prisoner of War bone serviette ring with elaborate decorations and engraved “PO War 1900 St Helena”, reverse with letter engraving, 800

R240, Cover w/ 11 postage stamps, all printed VRI, date stamp “Johannesburg Transvaal 3 Nov 00 – 2-30 pm” each with the ZAR coat of arms, 300

R241, Medallion: Lord Roberts Transvaal War Souvenir Simpson & Co Outfitters, app 38 mm in diam, in white metal (Ref: HE136), VF, 250

R242, English pewter Officer’s hipflask. Provenance Mervyn Emms collection, 200

R243, Royal Munster Fusileers Cap badge, bi/metal, 150

R244, Prisoner of War envelope, Simonstad with ZAR 2 and a half penny stamp, censor stamps, 150

R245, Envelope: “Rorke’s Drift dd 1979/05/25” with 4 stamps dd 1879 and cancelled stamp of Rorke’s Drift, incl 4 stamps not cancelled “in commemoration of the 1879 Zulu War”, 50

R246, Medallion” Chamberlain’s Visit to South Africa Dec 1902”, 22 mm in diam. Brass, VF+, 80

R247, Soldier’s New Testament South Africa 1900 with British emblem on cover, “Peace Through the Blood of His Cross – Peace I Give unto You”, 700

R248, Prisoner of War envelope with censor stamp Greenpoint “Kaap Stadt”, 150

R249, Original music sheets: Frvolity (Barndance) by Basil Scholefield – dedicated to Miss Violet Loubser, with Queenstown stamps, 50

R250, Medallion: Mayor’s Fund Borough of Newark 1900 (app. 32 mm in diam.) bronze (Ref. HE516), EF+, 600

R250A, Prisoner of War envelope with censor stamp Green Point, 100

R251, Medallion: removal Kruger Statue “Kerkplein Pretoria onthulling 11/10/1954 Krugerstandbeeld Verskuiwing” c. 32 mm, silver (Ref: HE398, AM176), 150

R252, Field binoculars “Gracechurch st, Strand – JH Steward, Optician London” with leather case – lid loose., 300

R253, Brass ashtray with head of “Gladstone” in the centre – 12 cm in diam., 250

R254, Medallion: “SJP Kruger Staatspresident der ZA Republiek 1883-1900” rev: Raadsaal Pretoria, ZAR CoA, with “Eendragt Maakt Magt”, white metal (Ref: HE386) Edge knicks, EF, 1000

R255, Mahogany British officer’s campaign table, folding, 4500

R256, Lord Roberts Ceramic Plate (app. 23 cm in diam. (Ref: OH7), 400

R257, First Day Cover: Emily Hobhouse 1860-1926 stamp dd 8/6/1976 with insert, 50

R258, Hindoostan Regiment Leicestershire cap badge, EF, 1500

R259, Very rare Prisoner of War drinking cup made from horn, with a wooden base engraved “Boer Camp 1902” app. 11 cm in height, 1800

R260, Silk print: “Engagements by Gen Sir Redvers Buller’s Natal Field Forces”, 120

R261, Pressed glass Commerative Plate depicting Lord Roberts, Pretoria Entered June 5th 1900. App. 25 cm in diam. (Ref OH60, 700

R262, Indian Prisoner of War Slate/Stone engraved “Bybel” app. 6 cm x 2 cm (some damage), 300

R263, Gouvernements Noot “Een Pond” No 7121 dated 28/5/1900, Pretoria issue, good condition. Three folds, EF, 400

R264, Major-General R.S.S. Baden-Powell ceramic beaker (app. 10 cm in height), 300

R265, Field binoculars in metal and leather 150

R266, 2 First Day covers with inserts “Battle of Slag by Amajuba dd 1881.02.27” with stamps of Volksrust. “ The Battle of Amajuba, Sunday 27 February 1881.” (2) 30

R267, British-Boer War Peace with Honor Medallion, June 26 1902, app. 22.5 mm in diam. Dual purpose medal in bronze. (Ref HE1008), 150

R268, Framed print of Lieutenant-General Ian Hamilton, C.B. D.S.O. commanding mounted infantry Div, South African Field Force, 50

R269, ZAR Coin Art – a cutout ZAR one shilling piece, possibly made by Boer PoW and with pin attached on return, with Ray Leppan’s booklet included., 450

R270, First Day Cover of Sir Charles Warren – Mafeking 1885-1985 with stamp “Bophuthatswana”, 20

R271, Original music sheets: Strachcona’s Horse (Rgiment song – dedicated to Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal) by Lieut A.L. Harrington Kyle, 400

R272, Brass ashtray with face of Sir R. Buller V.C in the centre (12 cm in diam.), 200

R273, Australia, Canada, India, South Africa, Congratulates Queen Victoria 1897 (47 mm) gilt metal, 500

R274, Prisoner Of War carved bone and wood snuff box, slight damage “Ceylon 1902” hinged lid ( 5 cm x 3.5 cm x 1.5 cm), 400

R275, Attributed to the Boer War: Powder Horn, inscribed “RR” “RR” (app. 17 cm in height), 450

R276, Brass door stop of a gentleman in khaki (app. 16 cm in height), 700

R277, Queens Regimental badges incl. Yorkshire, S. Lancashire, Dublin Fusiliers, East Kent, Welsh Fusiliers, Bydand, Lord Roberts Force, Royal Scots, Leicestershire and more (15), 1200

R278, Prisoner of War Wood ink pen inscribed “Ceylon 1902”, 800

R279, Ceramic plate depicting Field Marshal Lord Roberts V.C. approx.. 27cm in diameter, 250

R280, Ceramic plate depicting General White. App. 18.5 cms in diameter, 330

R281, Hall marked silver frame with a picture of Kitchener, 300

R282, British coin art. Six silver Victorian tickeys and sixpenses with reverse sides flattened and personalized., 120

R283, Gouvernments Noot Een Pond Pretoria Dated 28-5-1900, 300

R284 Excellent Prisoner of War ebony and Bone ink pen inscribed “ Boer Kamp Ceylon1901 “ with carved detail of a fist., 1200

R285, Field Marshal Lord Roberts ceramic cup and saucer Bobs and our Bobs, 400

R286, Prisoner of war wooden letter opener in the shape of a dagger. Inscribed POW ‘BERMUDA 1902” 25 cms. In length 650

R287, Booklet, “The Three Castles Cigarettes” with photographs of British Boer War Officers, 200

R288, General French mug app. 7.5cms in height., 200

R289, Prisoner of war ebony wood large fork Inscribed “Ceylon 1902” App. 24 cms in length. Slight damage 300

R290, British bandsman’s arm badge. Victorian crown, 100

R291, Boer War photograph album (40) and a job lot of later photographs 250

R292, Printed photograph of the Transvaal Raid Plotters getting arrested at the Rand Club from the Illustrated London News., 40

R293, Black and white photograph of Schalk Burger at Howick Natal June 1902 addressing the refugees after the surrender. 100

R294, Boer War Pipe engraved with “flower emblem”inscribed East Yorkshire including letter of donation to Ken Griffiths collection., 2500

R295, Original black and white picture by Radwell & Paston Koch Street Pretoria of Paul Kruger. 10.5 cm by 16.5 cm 600

R296, 2 Cards in remembrance of Cronje who succumbed to an attack of BOBS Majuba Day 27 Feb 1900. Another remembrance card Steyn, 50

R297, Buglers collars badge Light Infantry 60

R299, 2X Original postcards used with stamps. Ladysmith Town Hall and rare Boer War nurses to the front w/ French stamps, 100

R298, Large Album with old newspapers from 1900. With the flag to Pretoria and various prints, 200

R300, “The Absent Minded Beggar “ cloth handkerchief depicting lord Roberts, the Queen and a map of South Africa in red., 300

R301, Prisoner of War ebony letter opener made by P.J.A Watermeyer inscribed “Boer Kamp Ceylon 1902 app. 25.5 cms., 1200

R302, Cameronians Scottish Rifles cap badge.White metal, 150

R303, Prisoner of War wooden ink pen. Inscribed J.Z. Van Logrenberg. Hand and bible carved detail. App 21 cms, 900

R304, Silk newspaper clipping. Coronation of King Edward V11on 20th June (faded and some damage), 30

R305, POW bone knitting needle P.J.A Watermeyer Dyatalawa- Kamp Ceylon Hand shaped App. 11cm., 500

R306, Pair of bone P.O.W. napkin rings “St Helena 1902 KGV “Lazy”,”Oompie”. Gemaak Door KGV ST Helena 1900/01/02 1500

R307, P.O.W. Brooch with pin in the shape of a pocket knife. Bone and ebony Made P.J.A. Watermeyer Ceylon App. 4.2 cms, 400

R308, Le Petit Journal 15 April 1900 with General Joubert Sur Lit De Mort and colour prints from Truth Christmas Number 25 December 1901, 200

R309, Original Riding and driving Pass. Johannesburg dated 26th June 1900, 1500

R310, P.O.W. bone carved crochet needle Inscribed Ceylon1902 App.13.5 cms, 850

R311, Medallion No power on earth can shake our undivided empire Silver 26.4 mm H76A, 1200

R312, Gouvernments Noot No 478 (low number) Vijf pond Pretoria 28-5-1900, 900

R313 South Lancashire Shoulder title and another RH 150

R314, Gouvernments Noot No 8924 Vijf Pond Pretoria 28-5-1900 890

R315, Cameronians Scotish cap badge with tartan backing, 200

R316, Birmingham Hallmarked silver “Souvenir” ring, 200

R317, Brooch made from two silver coins, 120

R318, Roberts lapel photo pin in black and white APP. 22mm in diameter, 100

R319, Brooch made from four silver coins., 150

R320, P.O.W. Knitting needle made from Ebony wood and bone. Inscribed “Ceylon 1901” with fist carved decoration., 800

R321, Small uniface pendent gilt metal “Bobs Pretoria June 4th 1900 c 12mm with loop and a Boer War Photo pin c 22mm fading., 80

R322, Birmingham hall marked silver “Mizpah” horse shoe brooch. The Lord watch between me and thee, when we are absent from one another, 100

R323, Gouvernments Noot 16382 Een Pond Pretoria date 28-5-1900. Three Folds no holes, VF, 300

R324, “Order of Parade Service “ Coronation Day 26th June 1902 original document and clipping of Ladysmith’s present day survivors., 100

R325, Victorian Crown white metal rank badge 25mm by 35 mm, 120

R326, Gordon Highlanders sweetheart’s brooch S Africa 1900 in the shape of a horse shoe C. 34mm by 35mm 200

R327, Birmingham” silver and gold” V.R. brooch with crown over inscription ‘Jubilee” App. 27mm by 25 mm, 170

R328, P.O.W. ebony wooden letter opener “Van F. D. Lochner Ceylon 1901 aan G.D. Rust Uitken Malmsbury c32 cms in length, 1200

R329, Rare original train ticket Ceylon Diyatalwala second class, 100

R330, Original St Alban’s Cathedral Pretoria memorial pamphlet Queen Victoria dated Saturday February 2nd 1901, 80

R331, Very rare Bermuda Barts Isle, PoW envelope with Bermuda censor stamp, reverse: photo of PoW Std II and IV schoolboys with teacher Mr B.J. Wepener, 850

R332, Pretoria Friend Friday 29th June 1900 Newspaper and extra to the Natal Advertiser Friday June 1st 1900 The Boer War Roberts in Johannesburg, 200

R333, Certificate of Discharge of number 30561 Seargent Mc Nay Kimberly Light Horse Regiment dated 15th February 1901 300

R334, Cloth black and white handkerchief “Bobs “ in the center and other British Generals, 300

R335, Original Black and White photograph, Australian Bushman Camp Horwich Bros., 200

R336, P.O.W. wooden letter opener inscribed “Aandenking van Krygsgevangen Ceylon 1901 App. 32 cms 1000

R337, Siege of Mafeking 2/- January 1900 No A6459 issued by Authority of Col. R.S.S. Baden Powel. Two folds, six staple holes, VF, 530

R338, Carved pipe depicting Paul Kruger portrait carved 1899-1902 Imperial Yeomanry, York’s Dragoons and others. 1500

R339, South Shields Honours Mafeking Medallion white metal depicting Baden -Powel HE 522 c 32mm with loop, 350

R340, Very rare blank Natal Bank cheque w/ Barberton Stamp over Pietermaritzburg A22013 dd18… Een PennyS tamp with ZAR COA, EF, 400

D341, Bronze plaque President Paul Kruger showing his decorations, 118 mm x 150 mm 300

R342, “Mafeking Relieved” Card with British Flag made out to Alf to Jennie 100

R343, Gouvernments Noot No 42813 Een Pond Pietersburg dated 1-4-1901 450

R344, Pair of Cavalry shoulder scale/armour, to protect soldiers from a sword strike to the shoulder (2), 400

R345, Ogden’S Guinea Gold cigarette cards “Howitzer battery in Action” and 12 others (13), 200

R346, Coronation Medal, King Edward VII Medal with loop, issued for Colony of Natal 1902, silver, app. 29mm, 200

R347, Book: “Boer Prisoners of War in Bermuda” by Colin Benbow, soft cover, second revised edition, 1982, 100

R348, Black and White photo of Baden-Powell printed on silk cloth, 90

R349, H. Marshall Hole, Matabeleland Stamp currency, stamped Administrator’s Office, Bulawayo (The Civil Commisioner, Bulawayo) 3 pence stamp, 1320

R350, Kruger Medal, same image as used for tickey, possibly used as election Medal c. 17 mm (Ref: H448), not listed in Africana Museum collection., 150

R351, H. Marshall Hole, Matabeleland Stamp Currency, stamped Administrator’s Office, 6 Pence stamp, on the reverse (The Civil Commissioner, Bulawayo), 1320

R351A, Gouverments Noot No 42122A, Een Pond, Pietersburg, dated 1/4/1901. Three folds. No holes but starting to tear on middle fold. Hand written note”Deur Gen Joep Alberts aan my vader gegee toe hy in Kaap was….” VF-, 480

D352, A resin paper weight with the bust of President Kruger, bronze coloured. 130 mm tall x 112 wide, 400

R353, Gouvernements Noot No 54424A, Een Pond, Pietersburg, dated 1/4/1901, 430

D354, A bronze paper weight of President Kruger 70 mm tall x 50 mm wide., 400

R355, Majuba postcard” British Soldier “Wiping something of the Slate” w/ message Frank Deguid, 2nd Gordon Highlanders, 22 Nov 1900, Greenpoint Camp, 100

R356, OVS small Concert Ticket 1902 & interesting 1901 calender w/various UK postage rates, marked “Gert Swanepoel/P.O.W. 7 Aug 1902” (2), 150

R357, “Kitchener” Medallion possibly in copper 26 mm in diam, uniface, 100

R358, Lord Kitchener lapel pin, app 23 mm in diam, bronze (missing pin), 120

R359, PoW ebony wood and bone ink pen with hand holding a Bible detail, c. 20 cm in length, 300

R360, Large Medallion: bronze (J.P. Legasteldis) “Lord Kitchener – Field Marshall” (Kitchener was promoted to Field Marshall after Anglo-Boer war) c.67 mm, 800

R361, Lord Robert silk handkerchief with the music to the Absent-minded Beggar and map of South Africa as decoration, 200

R362, “Vierkleur” rare pin app. 22,3 mm in diam, pin showing the Vierkleur flag of the Republiek, 250

R363, The Record Reign, Queen Victoria 1897, 34 mm 8-star shaped gilt metal with loop, 300

R364, Large PoW serviette ring made from horn engraved “Diyatalawa 1902” app 5,8 cm in diam and 4 cm in height, 500

R365, Medallion: Kruger Amsterdam Visit, 19 Dec 1900, c.28 mm in white metal, only known medallion with ZAR CoA on both sides (Ref: HE366, am161), 1000

R366, Book: The Transvaal and The Boers, a brief history by W.E Garrett Fisher hard cover 1896 (some damage), 120

R367, Prisoner of War ebony wooden spoon inscribed “Ceylon 1902” c.25 cm in length, 200

R368, Rare propaganda medal “Dem Tapferen Boerenvolke” German medal (holed), issued at Kruger’s German visit, copper, c. 22mm (Ref: HE250), 750

R369, Silk Souvenir Edition Transvaal Advertiser Sunday 1 June 1902, “PEACE”, return of the delegates “THE END”, Boer Delegates return 120

R370, Book: Paul Kruger, His Live and Times” by John Fisher, hardcover with dustjacket, first edition 1974, 120

R371, Rare Prisoner of War envelope, Groenpunt Camp, Cape Town with censer stamps, 90

R371A, Rare Prisoner of War envelope, Green Point, to St Helena, stamp of resident Magistrate’s office Ladybrand, 100

R372, Prisoner of War wood ink pen, with carved decoration, 350

R372A, ZAR Coin Art, 1896 6d silver coin engraved with Kruger given a hat and a pipe, c. 18 mm, Ray Leppan’s booklet included, 300

R373, Queen Victoria’s 50 year reign 1887 medallion “Victoria Regina”, Fiftieth year of her reign, app. 38 mm white metal (holed), VF, 150

R374, Boer War Kruger De Wet pocket knife, Okapi made in Germany, single skin, variation “Orange Freist”, 250

R375, Prisoner of War ink pen carved from bone, inscribed with letter “J” and decoration in the shape of a hand, 300

R376, Cape Town Congratulates Queen Victoria 1897, app. 33 mm diam, White metal with ring, VF, 250

R377, H. Marshall Hole, Matabeleland Stamp currency, stamped Administrator’s Office Bulawayo. Half a crown stamp on the reverse (damaged), 1100

D378, A resin paper weight of Paul Kruger, bronze coloured, 118 mm tall and 120 mm wide., 500

R379, “Australia Congratulates Queen Victoria 1897”, young and old Queen to left, app. 31 mm in diam, copper, holed with loop, EF, 100

R380, Le Petit Journal, date 29 April 1900. “Inauguration de l’exposition De 1900”, 200

R381, Prisoner of War letter opener made from tortoise shell, inscribed “A. Du Toit Maker, Remembrance Boerkamp, Ceylon 1901” c. 23cm, 3000

R382, “Transvaal Congratulates Queen Victoria 1897”, c.40 mm white medallion in silver frame, with pin, Transvaal Coat of Arms, EF, 270

R383, Le Petit Journal, date 24 December 1899. “A Pile Ou Face”, 200

R384, SA War Veterans’ Association London Church Parade programme, Sunday 11 July 1971 and “A Welcome to the C.I.V.” sheet music (2), 200

R385, 2 x Photolithographs: “The Meeting at the Queens Hall” and Tableau I-IV, both supplements to Truth Christmas Number December 25th, 1902 (2), 50

R386, Two seals with the ZAR emblem (2), 150

R388, Le Petit Journal, date 10 Dec 1899 “La Guerre Au Transvaal” handcolour engraving, app. 41 cm x 27 cm, 200

R389, Grand Military and High-Class Ballad Concert Programme in aid of the Lord Provost’s War Relief Funds, 29th March, 50

R390, Excellent Quality, Prisoner of War carved bone pocket knife with inscription “St Helena” app. 5,4 cm in length, 400

R391, Prisoner of War envelope, St Helena, Broad Bottom Camp with censor stamps (staining on envelope), 100

R392, Dundee Garrison Sports, under the auspices of the Dundee Sporting Club program, Thursday, 26th December, 1901, 50

R394, Banquet invitation The Corporation of the City of London to the Officers, NCO’s and men on their return from SA, 27 October 1900, 50

R395, Prisoner of War envelope, St Henela with censor stamps, 80

R396, Prayer booklet: Sat 27 Oct 1900, Public Thanksgiving Service, City of London Imperial Volunteers on their return from South Africa, 100

R397, Gouvernements Noot Date: 28/5/1900, No 14307, Een Pond (cancellation in purple C.J.C), 430

R398, Rare Prisoner of War-made bone ink pen, 400

R399, The Queens, Royal West Surrey Regiment, “Mutton Lancers” (Wilk 158 plate 53) Cap Badge, 150

R401, “With The Flag to Pretoria” with Lieut-General Tucker on the front cover, dated Marth 7th, 1900, 100

R402, The Sphere, “Lord Kitchener’s last act” in Pretoria presenting medals to the troops, July 12, 1902, 35

R403, Royal Berkshire Regiment, Princess Charlotte of Wales, (Ref. Wilk 230, plate 58), 150

R404, Programme: Regimental all 24/2/1877, Warrant and AO Annual Ball 24/2/1888, invitation Col. Barton-Brown firing guns Mt. Palmer 13/10/1891 (3), 100

R405, “With the Flag to Pretoria” with Maj.Gen Earl of Dundonald, on the front cover, January 24th 1900, 100

R406, “With the Flag to Pretoria” with Lieut. General Sir H.M. Leslie Rundle K.C.B. on the front cover, February 5-7, 1900, 100

R407, Prisoner of War wooden Ink pen with carved decoration in the shape of a hand (missing metal tip) St Helena 1901, 200

R408, Framed Le Petit Journal, Tuesday 22nd June, 1902 “La Paix Avec Les Boers”, Peace declared edition, 200

R409, PoW exotic wood swagger stick, carved detail in the shape of a hand, engraved “Diyatalawa Kamp Ceylon 1902” c.46 cm, 2000

R410, Kings Colonial cap badge with Victorian Crown (blackened) Anglo Boer War usage, 150

R411, “With the Flag to Pretoria” General Ian Hamilton on the front cover, January 6th, 1900, 100

R412, “Boer War 1899-1902” inscribed on a large caliber ammunition shell casing turned into a table lamp with other bullet casings, brass base (app. 26.5 cm in height), 450

R413, Framed print of the British Defeat at Stormberg 10 December 1901. c 40 x 28 cm, 100

R414, PoW Bermuda 1902 tropical hardwood jewelry box with carved relief of President Paul Kruger, c.15 x 12 x 7 cm (hinge broken), 1500

R415, Ceramic plate “ The Sirdar”, 150

R416, Ceramic plate Lord Roberts, 150

R417, Glass plate to commerate the Boer War, 150

R418, A gentleman in Khaki Bisk Statue of Wounded Soldier (missing gun) slight damage to the hand (app. 15cm in height), 150

R419, Ceramic plate depicting Field-Marshall Lord Roberts V.C. app. 18 cm in diam., 150

R421, H. Marshall Hole, Matabeleland Stamp Currency, stamped Administrator’s Office, one shilling stamp verso. (The Civil Commissioner Bulawayo), 1400

R422, British Coin Art, 1900, copper penny “Mafeking 17/5/900” stamped version (British coin art was rare” c. 30 mm in diam., 400

R423, Pressed glass plate decorated with British Flags, “Baden-Powell, Mafeking Besieged 7 Months, 17 May 1900 Relieved” c.25,5 cm in diam., 825

R424, Original map, Natal (Major Jackson’s Series) Sheet No 36 Part of Zululand (West), Field Intelligence Department, Pretoria, 1902, 150

R425, “Kaffraria Arbeit Ueberwindet Alles 1858-1908”, medallion for Germans who first settled in King Williamstown area c.29 mm, copper, 200

R426, Col. Baden-Powell ceramic cup and saucer, decorated with flags and “The Army” logo, 150

R427, Ceramic Plate. Col. R.S.S. Baden Powel, 150

R428, Ceramic Plate Col R.S.S. Baden Powel, 150

R430, Ceramic Plate Col.R.S.S.Baden Powel, 150

R431, Pres. Kruger by Laver, c.16mm, brass uniface mounted as a lapel badge (Ref: HE242d, AM107), 200

R432, “Transvaalienne” sheet music, depicting colour “Vierkleur” flag with dancing couples, “gemaakt deur Jac’s Koopman, Leeraar in het Dansen te Rotterdam”, 200

R433, H. Marshall Hole, Matabeleland Stamp Currency, stamped Administrator’s Office, One Shilling Stamp verso (The Civil Commisioner, Bulawayo), 1320

R435, Te Velde Fij Pond Noot Undated unnumbered and unsigned, VF, 4000

R436, Gouvernments Noot Tein Pond Pretoria, VF, 400

R436A, Gouvernments Noot Een Pond Pietersburg, VF, 400

R437, H. Marshall Hole, Matabeleland Stamp Currency, stamped Administrator’s Office Bulawayo, One Shilling Stamp verso (The Civil Commisioner, Bulawayo), 1320

R438, Ceramic plate depicting General Sir Redvers H. Buller, c. 26,5 cm diam., 200

R439, H. Marshall Hole, Matabeleland Stamp Currency, stamped Administrator’s Office, Half Crown Stamp verso (The Civil Commisioner, Bulawayo), 1320

R440, Book: Unofficial Dispatches of the Anglo-Boer War by Edgar Wallace. Hard cover with dust jacket. Limited edition no 837/1000, 2nd edition 1975, 100

R441, Rare PoW inter-camp mail cover from Bethulie camp to Greenpoint camp, front shows the rare Bethulie censor stamp, 150

R442, Ogden’s cigarette cards, General French and Our Land Cards, job lot (6), 100

R444, Pair Lord Roberts Pretoria Medallions, on taking of Pretoria 5 June 1900, c. 31 mm, white metal, holed (Ref: HE140, AM59), 250

R445, Ceramic Plaque of Baden-Powell, 150

R446, Ceramic Plaque of Baden Powell, 150

R447, Silk cloth handkerchief, “India 1879-1893, South Africa 1900” depicting Lord Roberts (damaged), 50

R448, “Cape Town Congratulates Queen Victoria 1897: c. 33 mm diam. White metal with ring and ribbon with golden ZAR CoA, 200

R449, H. Marshall Hole, Matabeleland Stamp Currency, stamped Administrator’s Office, (The Civil Commisioner, Bulawayo) 2 shilling Stamp verso (some damage), 1100

R450, Boer War Kruger De Wet Pocket Knife, no name, variation “Orange Freist”, 350

R451, Baden-Powell, 1900 Medallion with loop and ring c. 22 mm in diam in bronze (Ref: HE108 AM45), 200

R452, Prisoner of War wood-handled ink pen, engraved “Ceylon”, 400

R453, Prisoner of War wood-handled in pen, engraved “Ceylon”, 400

R454, Prisoner of War envelope front glued on card, opened under martial law, Cape Colony with censor stamps, onboard SS Catalonica, 50

R455, Prisoner of War envelope front glued on card, St Helena, Deadwood camp with Ladybrand censor stamp and others, 50

R456, Lord Kitchener, 1900 Medallion “Absent Minded Beggar 1899-1900 The Gentleman in Kharki” app. 19 mm in diam, brass (Ref: HE130, AM56), 450

R457, Boer War Kruger De Wet Pocket knife, made abroad, 350

R458, Prisoner of War wood handled in pen, engraved C.M., 150

R459, Edward VII Coronation Medallion, 9 Aug 1902 (The correct postponed date) app. 30 mm in diam, white metal, 100

R460, Very rare jug depicting Christiaan de Wet app. 22 cm in height (missing lid), 500

R461, Ceramic plate depicting Christiaan de Wet app. 24 cm in width, 200

R462, Set of 3 Andy May photolithographs: Set No 7, no 4,5,6 “2nd Anglo Boer War. 1899-1902” Resigned In pencil ea c. 9 x 21 cxm, 120

R463, H. Marshall Hole, Matabeleland Stamp Currency stamped Administrator’s Office Bulawayo (The Civil Commissioner, Bulawayo) Ten Shilling Stamp verso, 1650

R464, Boer War Kruger De Wet Pocket knife, no name (B3), 300

R465, Groete van Paul Kruger Medallion, app. 21 mm in diam (Ref: HE406, AM180) Nickel, 600

R466, Rare Tuckers Island, Bermuda, PoW envelope front glued to card, Rosmead censor stamp, redirected to Darrels Island, 100

R467, Prisoner of War envelope, Greenpoint, Cape Town with censor stamps, from Bloemfontein, 100

R468, Silver 1903 (post-war) nurse’s belt, to Nurse Webber by Natal Carbineers for Siege of Ladysmith, 2 Nov 1899, with extensive documentation, only 22 presented, 30 000

R469, Boer War Kruger De Wet Pocket knife, Okapi variation “Oranje Vrijst”, 350

R470, Prisoner of War envelope to St Helena, Broadbottom Camp with censor stamps, from Germiston and Johannesburg, 100

R471, “Our Britain and the Empire One People One Destiny” Medallion, app. 24 mm in diam., 100

R472, French large photo pin, app. 63 mm in diam, this is the actual piece used in Hern (Ref: HE628)(Incorrectly named for Kitchener), 400

R473, Two impressions of the seal of the Treasurer General of the ZAR 1887-1900 (2), 200

R474, Military sweetheart brooch, Royal Engineers, “Crowned Wreath”, app. 22 mm x 21 mm silver (makers mark for 1891), 200

R475, Mauser Leather ammunition belt, Velkornet JG Niehaus (Danie Theron’s Verkenners Corps) Provenance Bernardi Auctioneers 26 November 2001, 1200

R476, “Usher’s O.V.G. Whiskey” match holder with “A Gentleman in Kharki” and “Absend-minded Beggar’s”, Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd London, c. 9 x 7 cm (Ref: OH21) (2), 500

R477, German Krügerbier glass beer mug depicting a young Paul Kruger, 400

R478, Boer War Pocket Kruger De Wet knife, Freidr Olbertz variation “Orange Vrijst”, 350

R479, PoW ebony letter opener “MAKER P. HEYNS, PoW Remembrance from Boer War Camp, Diyatalawa, Ceylon 1901” c. 33 cm, 800

R480, Prisoner of War pen. Engraved KGV 1902 St Helena, 600

R481, Lord Kitchener large medallion (J.P. Legasteldis) Kitchener was promoted to the rank of Field Marshall after the Anglo Boer War c. 67 mm, 200

R482, PoW ebony letter opener “BOER WAR CAMP 1900 Ceylon 1901”made by PoW ZAR and Free State CoA, c. 32 mm in length 1800

R483, Carved Bone napkin ring engraved “99 Boereoorlog .02”, 300

R484, Pair of reading glasses in P.o.W made ebony case with hinged flap – engraved Mev. C. Lamb and on the other side F.J. Van Zyl, Ceylon 23/10/1901, 2050

R485, Small Indian slate sweetheart brooch “Lettie” (pin missing”, 100

R486, Small Prisoner of War Indian slate carving. Engraved with the word “kowa” C. 4 cm x 3 cm, 100

R487, Gabriel de Jong print “Boekenhoud Fontein, The Homestead of President Kruger near Rustenburg”unframed c. 58 x 38 cm, 40

R488, Cavalry shoulder armour against sword strikes, as worn by 5th Lancers at the charge at the Battle of Elandslaagte, 21 October 1899 with badge, 400

R489, Prisoner of War wooden cigarette box with hinged lid. Engraved St Helena 1901 c. 10 x 7.5 cm, 400

R490, “With the Flag to Pretoria” dated January 19 & 20, 1900 with General Sir Archibald Hunter on the front cover, 100

R492, Vanity Fair caricature drawing of ex-President M.T. Steyn, by WAG, unframed. Dated August 9th, 1900 c. 26 x 38.5 cm, 700

R493, “With the Flag to Pretoria” dated February 6th 1900 with Brigadier-General Brabant on the front cover, 100

R494, 18 stamps and 2 Date stamp cards, commemorating Boy Scouts, Derdepoort, Black Involvement and Kraaipan, Rorke’s Drift, medals etc (20), 100

R495, Vanity Fair caricature drawing of ex-President MT Steyn, by WAG, unframed. Dated August 9th, 1900 c. 26 x 38.5 cm, 700

R496, Copy of the Boer signatures who signed the Vereeniging Peace Treaty of the war in South Africa, 31 May 1902, 100

R497, Indian slate sweetheart brooch, engraved “Julia” pin intact, c 4,5 x 2.5 cm, 150

R498, Portfolio of various magazine and newspaper clips related to the Anglo Boer War., 200

R499, Vanity Fair caricature drawing of General de Wet, by EBN. Dated July 31st, 1902 c. 23.5 x 38 cm, 700

R500, Clipping from the Pictorial World, April 2nd, 1881 “The Transvaal War” c. 26 x 38 cm, 50

R501, Vanity Fair caricature drawing of General De Wet, by EBN, dated July 31st, 1902 c. 23,5 x 38 cm, 700

R502, Job lot of 5 books”, “Good Bye Dolly Gray”, ‘The Boer War”, “Battles of the Boer War” etc. (5), 150

R503, 2 Copies newspaper headline posters from Grocott’s Daily Mail “War Declared” Oct, 12, 1899 and “Ladysmith Relieved” 1 March 1900 c. 46 x 58 cm (2) 95

R504, The Absent-Minded Beggar by Rudyard Kipling on card, 50

R505, Collection of 3 original hand-written letters and notes to Col R.S.S. Baden-Powell (3), 200

R506, Extraordinary Government Gazette nr 1081 dated 27 Nov 1899 with ZAR CoA, disallowing the cancellation of life insurance policies during the Anglo Boer War, 200

R507, The Absent-Minded Beggar by Rudyard Kipling on card, 300

R508, Original petition from Boer PoW at Bermuda to His Excellency the Military Governor of Bermuda, Tusker’s Island 24 September 1901, 400

R509, The Absent-Minded Beggar by Rudyard Kipling on silk, 2000

R510, Original Boer War photos: “Graves of Capt. De Rougemont and Capt. Roberts”, “Spionkop”, “Gen. Whiters HQ-Siege of Ladysmith”, “Armoured Train” (4), 200

R511, Two pages of Boer War related clipping. Mafeking Siege, Mafeking Siege note; Paul Kruger’s last message etc., 100

R512, Original signed property transfer document to Johannes Lodewyk Pieterse for a stand in Volksrust. Signed 19 May 1897 by President Kruger., 400

R513, P.O.W ? cross made of bone, 200

R514, Pair of mint catalogues of the Ray Leppan sale held at the Old Johannesburg Warehouse, 500

R515, Book . Rifles and Carbines by Ron Bester, 300

R516, QSA copy medal, 25

R517, KSA miniature medal, 50

R518, Martini Henry Leather Bandolier, 300

R519, Encyclopedia of the Boer war,

R520, Historic Tableaux on tiles – large format book depicting reproductions of a series of tableaux in tiles from Holland. Depicting scenes from the Anglo Boer War., 500

R521, Battle Field write up by Col G. Duxbury, 500

D522B, Queens South Africa Medal Bar Defence of Kimberly Pte G.B. Green Kimberly Town Guard VF+, 4000

D523 Kimberly Star engraved Robt G Creer. G. Coy. Sec. 2 VF, 5000

H524B, President Steyn Medallion H292 most of the gilt worn off, VF, 700

J525, BSA Co Hut tax token. 1903-4 District T 51mm by 25 mm, VF, 400

L526, BSA Co Hut tax token A09-10 32mm, VF, 280

L527, BSA CO Hut tax tokenA 09-10 22mm, VF, 280

L528A, BSA CO Hut tax token A11-12 Lozenge shape, VF, 280

L519A, BSA CO Hut tax token A 12-13 32 mm, VF, 280

L520A, BSA Co Hut Tax token A 1914-15 38mm by 26 mm, VF, 280

L521A, BSA Co Hut tax token 1913-14 Half round 33mm, VF, 280

L522A, BSA CO Hut tax token A 1915-16 26mm, VF, 280

L523A, BSA Co Hut tax token A 1915-16 33mm, VF, 280

L524A, James Cole token 3d For Matatiel, VF, 1400

L525A, James Cole 3d for Riverside, VF, 1400

L526A, James Cole 6d for Riverside, VF, 1400

L527A, James Cole 1/- for Franklin, VF, 1400

L528B, James Cole 6d for Franklin, F, 1000

L529B, James Cole 3d for Frankilin, F, 1000
Dr David Biggins

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Kaplan Auctions 2 years 9 months ago #60794

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Some late arrivals in the form of QSAs

No Bar: L. Cpl F.J. GOWER E. London DMT

No Bar: Tpr. F.M. POULTER P. Elizabeth DMT – only 80 issued

No Bar: 145 Pte E.W. DICKS Graaff-Reinett T.G.

No Bar: 18 Cpl R. DOWTHWAITE Jansenville T.G only 40 issued

No Bar: 110 Tpr A. THERON Paarl Dis M.T.

No Bar: Mr J. DAVY Imp. Mil Rly

No Bar: Tpr G. HOLLOWAY Stellenbosch DMT

No Bar: 192 Pte N. HOGAN Grahamstown T.G.

One Bar: Cape Colony
Tpr C. SIMONS Midland M.R.

Two Bars: CC; SA 1901
Pte J. POWELL 1st City Vols. Edge Knocks

Two Bars: CC; SA 1901
1661 Tpr E.R. MOGRIDGE Nesbitts H.

Two Bars: CC; SA 1901
325 Tpr J. REID Orpens H.

Three Bars: CC; OFS; SA 1902
272 CLR Sgt R. JACKSON Rifle Brigade

Three Bars: CC; Driefontein; TVL

Four Bars: CC; Relief of Kim; Paard; OFS
14683 DR H. SEAL A.S.C. – engraved as issued

Four Bars: CC; Jhb; Diam Hill, Witt
4434 Tpr H. RILEY Roberts Horse

Four Bars: CC; OFS; SA 1901; SA 1902
1714 2nd Cl Tpr M. LEITCH S.A.C.
Dr David Biggins

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Kaplan Auctions 2 years 8 months ago #61218

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The ABW items from sale B91 on 21 Nov 18


W010 Unnamed not name erased DTD EF 6000

W011 Unnamed not name erased ABO EF 2000


K012 Disc only: 999 Tpr B. DURRANT S.A.C. (1901/1902) engraved. Medal officially re-impressed. VF 150

K013 Disc only: 4298 Pvt H. WHITEHORN 2ND Royal Berks Regt. Reverse so badly polished the words “South Africa” have now been taken off. 100-150

X014 No bar: 47 Pte F. GOOSEN Humansdorp T.G. only 68 issued VF 1500

H015 No bar: 1601 3rd CL Tpr A. FRENCH S.A.C. edge nicks F+ 1000

H016 No bar: Tpr A.J. WEBSTER Adelaide D.M.T. only 90 issued VF 1500

H017 Two Bars: CC and SAO1 to 1210 Pte J. POWEL 1st City Vol VF 1400

H018 Two Bars: CC and SAO1 1661 Tpr E.R. MOGRIDGE Nesbitts H. edge nicks F+ 1300

W019 Two Bars: Natal and Transvaal to 10460 Cpl F.C. BARTON R.A.M.C. VF 2000

H020 Three Bars: CC; Driefontein and TVL to Pte D. GROSSMAN C M.S.C VF+ 1300

K021 Three Bars: Belmont; Modder River; Driefontein to 9130 Pvte G. AUSTIN Scotts Guards VF+ 2500-4000

W022 Four Bars: CC; Wepener; Transvaal and Wittebergen to 1166 Tpr E. KEIGHLY Brabants Horse – Confirmed on Roll VF 4500

W023 Six Bars: Belmont; Modder River; Driefontein; Johannesburg; Diamond Hill and Belfast to 6763 Pte W. BAKER Gren Gds VF+ 2200


H024 Two bars: SA01 and SA02 to 4812 Pte E. COOMBES 17th Lancers VF 1000
Dr David Biggins

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Kaplan Auctions 2 years 8 months ago #61313

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Does anyone know what the DTD went for yesterday?

I am seeking one to go with a split group.
Dr David Biggins

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Kaplan Auctions 2 years 8 months ago #61419

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For the amount of exposure that this site gives Kaplans Auctions I would think that they would give a list of prices realised. They are the only auctioneers, for some reason, who do not publish one. Just makes me suspicious.
Looking for Salutries, Salootries and Veterinary Duffadars.
I collect primarily QSAs to Indian Recipients.
The following user(s) said Thank You: Brett Hendey

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