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DCMs for the Boer War 1 year 9 months ago #73289

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From today's City Coins auction, 27 November 2020

Auge Wyst, 8 February 1902

Recommendations sent by Maj Gen Baden-Powell to Gen Lord Kitchener, dated 4th August 1902.

For Gallantry Badges: “C” Division SAC. Captain Cornwall, 293 Sgt WR Pedley.

“On 8th February 1902 Capt. Cornwall went with ten NCO’s and men to bring in a wagon etc. on Auge Wyst. While doing so he was attacked by a force of Boers. Captain Cornwall and Sgt. Pedley advanced to a good position, which they held against the Boers in order to cover the retreat of the wagon and their party.

They were eventually cut off and surrounded by the enemy but made a good attempt to dash through them. Captain Cornwall’s horse was hit and Sgt. Pedley returned and took him up on his horse under heavy fire.

This horse was then shot and both Officers were then captured”.

War Office Records refer.

[ DCM ]
QSA (4) Belm, ModR, Drief, Tvl (1293 2nd Cl.Serjt. W.R. Pedley. S.A.C.);
KSA (2) (1293 Serjt. W.R. Pedley. S.A.C.)
Contact marks.

William Pedley earned the clasps on the QSA for 8 months’ service with the Coldstream Guards in South Africa in 1899-1900. He returned to the UK in mid-1900 and applied for a transfer to the SA Constabulary in London on 30 January 1901. His return to the UK must have been for medical reasons to have qualified him for a KSA which required 18 months’ service.

Pedley’s 5 clasp QSA was issued off the SAC roll on 2 Dec 1904. However, the Paard clasp was returned to Woolwich in 1905, presumably because it did not feature on the QSA roll for the Coldstream Guards (unofficial rivets between 2nd and 3rd clasps).
He was mentioned in the London Gazette of 25 April 1902, p 2779:

“For gallantry at Auge Wyst on 8th February 1902” and awarded a DCM in the London Gazette of 31 October 1902, p6908. Pedley’s DCM was received by the District Commandant, “C” Division, SAC in Ermelo on 30 January 1903 “for presentation to him by the O/C 13 Troop on the first suitable opportunity on parade”.

His DCM’s present whereabouts, as well as that of his SAC Gallantry Badge is not known.
Dr David Biggins

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DCMs for the Boer War 1 year 9 months ago #73365

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The copy DCM and QSA pair to Trooper Cullen, Roberts' Horse, failed to sell at Noble Numismatics on Friday.

Noble did update the description to confirm the receipt of the DCM but no one was interested at the starting price of around Au$1,000.
Dr David Biggins

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DCMs for the Boer War 1 year 9 months ago #73749

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Picture courtesy of DNW

DCM VR (3420 Sq: Sjt: Major E. Mander. 7th. Dragoon Gds:);
QSA (6) Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Johannesburg, Diamond Hill, Belfast, South Africa 1901, clasps re-mounted in this order (3420 Sjt. E. Mander, 7/D.G.) engraved naming;
Army LS&GC EdVII (3420 Sq. Sjt: Maj: W. Mander. 7/Dgn: Gds:) polished

Provenance: Buckland Dix & Wood, April 1995 (when the SA01 clasp on the QSA was first, not last)

DCM LG 27 September 1901.

Edwin Mander was born in Birmingham in 1868 and attested there for the 7th Dragoon Guards on 27 November 1886. He served with the Regiment in India and Egypt from 18 September 1888 to 11 November 1894, and was promoted Corporal on 26 September 1894. Advanced Sergeant on 9 June 1898, he served with the Regiment in South Africa during the Boer War from 8 February 1900 to 28 January 1901, was promoted Squadron Sergeant Major on 6 May 1900, and was Mentioned in Lord Roberts’ Despatch on 29 November 1900 for special and meritorious service. He was also awarded the DCM one of only 5 DCMs awarded to the Regiment for the Boer War, the Regimental History stating: ‘Near Olifants Vlei, 28 May 1900 - Captain Newman and SSM Mander also distinguished themselves by returning to the assistance of a man whose horse had been shot.’

Returning home, Mander saw further peace-time service in South Africa from 15 September 1902 to 8 August 1904, and was awarded his Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, with Gratuity, per Army Order 90 of April 1906. He was discharged on 26 November 1907, after 21 years’ service.
Dr David Biggins

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DCMs for the Boer War 1 year 9 months ago #73887

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Earlier in this thread is an analysis of the DCM's by rank - has one been done by unit?

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DCMs for the Boer War 1 year 9 months ago #73890

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This is the most accurate data I have. A total of 2,096 awards (excluding bars).

Note that the sort order is alphanumeric eg 10th is listed before 2nd.

(Buffs) East Kent Regiment 15
(Cameronians) Scottish Rifles 17
(Duke of Albany's Ross-shire Buffs) Seaforth Highlanders 14
(Duke of Cambridge's Own) Middlesex Regiment 13
(Duke of Edinburgh's) Wiltshire Regiment 9
(Duke of Wellington's) West Riding Regiment 17
(King's Own) Royal Lancaster Regiment 19
(King's Own) Yorkshire Light Infantry 15
(King's) Liverpool Regiment 11
(King's) Shropshire Light Infantry 8
(Prince Albert's) Somerset Light Infantry 14
(Prince Consort's Own) Rifle Brigade 34
(Prince of Wales's Own) West Yorkshire Regiment 20
(Prince of Wales's Volunteers) South Lancashire Regiment 11
(Prince of Wales's) North Staffordshire Regiment 11
(Princess Charlotte of Wales's) Royal Berkshire Regiment 15
(Princess Louise's) Sutherland and Argyll Highlanders 12
(Princess of Wales's Own) Yorkshire Regiment 17
(Princess Victoria's) Royal Irish Fusiliers 14
(Queen's Own) Cameron Highlanders 11
(Queen's Own) Royal West Kent Regiment 9
(Queen's) Royal West Surrey Regiment 20
(Sherwood Foresters) Derbyshire Regiment 21
1st (King's) Dragoon Guards 1
1st (Royal) Dragoons 5
1st Battalion, Imperial Yeomanry 6
10th (The Prince of Wales's Own Royal) Hussars 9
10th Battalion, Imperial Yeomanry 4
11th Battalion, Imperial Yeomanry 5
12th (The Prince of Wales's Royal) Lancers 8
12th Battalion, Imperial Yeomanry 4
13th Battery, RFA 3
13th Hussars 5
14th (The King's) Hussars 5
14th Battalion, Imperial Yeomanry 5
14th Battery, RFA 4
15th (The King's) Hussars 4
15th Battalion, Imperial Yeomanry 8
16th (The Queen's) Lancers 7
16th Battalion, Imperial Yeomanry 5
17th (The Duke of Cambridge's Own) Lancers 4
17th Battalion, Imperial Yeomanry 5
17th Battery, RFA 2
18th (Victoria Mary, Prince of Wales's Own) Hussars 14
18th Battalion, Imperial Yeomanry 3
18th Battery, RFA 2
19th (Queen Alexandra's Own Royal) Hussars 8
19th Battalion, Imperial Yeomanry 4
19th Battery, RFA 2
20th Battalion, Imperial Yeomanry 2
20th Battery, RFA 2
20th Hussars 2
21st Battalion, Imperial Yeomanry 1
21st Battery, RFA 2
24th Battalion, Imperial Yeomanry 1
28th Battery, RFA 5
2nd Battalion, Imperial Yeomanry 3
2nd Battery, RFA 2
2nd Dragoon Guards (Queen's Bays) 1
2nd Dragoons (Royal Scots Greys) 5
37th Battery, RFA 2
38th Battery, RFA 10
39th Battery, RFA 4
3rd (The King's Own) Hussars 2
3rd (The Prince of Wales's) Dragoon Guards 2
3rd Battalion, Imperial Yeomanry 8
42nd Battery, RFA 4
43rd Battery, RFA 2
4th (Royal Irish) Dragoon Guards 1
4th Battalion, Imperial Yeomanry 2
4th Battery, RFA 4
53rd Battery, RFA 5
5th (Princess Charlotte of Wales's) Dragoon Guards 6
5th (Royal Irish) Lancers 5
5th Battalion, Imperial Yeomanry 10
5th Battery, RFA 2
61st Battery, RFA 5
62nd Battery, RFA 2
63rd Battery, RFA 4
64th Battery, RFA 3
65th Battery, RFA 2
66th Battery, RFA 13
67th Battery, RFA 2
68th Battery, RFA 2
69th Battery, RFA 7
6th (Inniskilling) Dragoons 7
6th Battalion, Imperial Yeomanry 2
6th Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers) 8
73rd Battery, RFA 2
74th Battery, RFA 4
75th Battery, RFA 5
76th Battery, RFA 3
77th Battery, RFA 1
78th Battery, RFA 4
79th Battery, RFA 3
7th (The Princess Royal's) Dragoon Guards 6
7th (The Queen's Own) Hussars 1
7th Battalion, Imperial Yeomanry 6
7th Battery, RFA 14
81st Battery, RFA 3
82nd Battery, RFA 3
83rd Battery, RFA 1
84th Battery, RFA 4
85th Battery, RFA 2
86th Battery, RFA 1
88th Battery, RFA 2
8th (The King's Royal Irish) Hussars 4
8th Battalion, Imperial Yeomanry 6
8th Battery, RFA 3
9th (The Queen's Royal) Lancers 9
9th Battalion, Imperial Yeomanry 5
A Battery, RHA 5
Antrim Artillery Volunteers 1
Army Ordnance Corps 16
Army Pay Department 3
Army Service Corps 11
Army Veterinary Department 1
Bechuanaland Rifles 3
Bedfordshire Regiment 13
Bethune's Mounted Infantry 3
Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) 13
Border Horse 3
Border Regiment 11
Border Scouts 2
Brabant's Horse 3
British South Africa Police 3
Bushmanland Borderers 1
Canada, 1st Canadian Mounted Rifles 5
Canada, 2nd Regiment Canadian Mounted Rifles 1
Canada, 2nd Royal Canadian Regiment of Infantry 1
Canada, Lord Strathcona's Horse 6
Canada, Royal Canadian Artillery 3
Cape Garrison Artillery 3
Cape Medical Staff Corps 3
Cape Mounted Rifles 6
Cape Police 5
Cape Town Highlanders 2
Cheshire Regiment 12
City Imperial Volunteers 14
Coldstream Guards 19
Connaught Rangers 12
Corps of Guides 1
Damant's Horse 1
Devonshire Regiment 32
Diamond Fields Horse 1
Donegal Artillery Volunteers 1
Dorsetshire Regiment 11
Driscoll's Scouts 1
Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 11
Durham Light Infantry 18
East Lancashire Regiment 13
East Surrey Regiment 12
East Yorkshire Regiment 10
Elswick Artillery Volunteers 2
Essex Regiment 13
Field Intelligence Department 10
French's Scouts 2
Frontier Light Horse 1
G Battery, RHA 2
Gloucestershire Regiment 12
Gordon Highlanders 32
Grenadier Guards 17
Hampshire Regiment 10
Highland Light Infantry 9
Imperial Light Horse 13
Imperial Light Infantry 4
Imperial Military Railways 3
Imperial Yeomanry 1
Imperial Yeomanry Scouts 2
Irish Guards 1
J Battery, RHA 4
Johannesburg Mounted Rifles 1
Kaffrarian Rifles 1
Kimberley Light Horse 1
Kimberley TG 1
Kimberley Volunteer Regiment 1
King's Own Scottish Borderers 16
King's Royal Rifle Corps 40
Kitchener's Fighting Scouts 3
Kitchener's Horse 7
Lancashire Fusiliers 23
Leicestershire Regiment 5
Life Guards 9
Lincolnshire Regiment 15
Loch's Horse 3
Londonderry Artillery Volunteers 1
Lovat's Scouts 4
Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 17
Lumsden's Horse 6
Mafeking Railway Volunteers 3
Manchester Regiment 27
Military Foot Police 2
Military Mounted Police 1
Montmorency's Scouts 2
Natal Carbineers 4
Natal Guides 9
Natal Mounted Rifles 2
Natal Police 1
Nesbitt's Horse 1
New South Wales, 1st Australian Horse 4
New South Wales, 1st Contingent 3
New South Wales, A squadron NSW Mounted Rifles 2
New South Wales, Bearer Company 3
New South Wales, NSW Imperial Bushmen 4
New South Wales, NSW Lancers 2
New Zealand, 1st Contingent NZ Mounted Rifles 1
New Zealand, 2nd Contingent 2
New Zealand, 4th Contingent 1
New Zealand, 5th Contingent (Imperial Bushmen) 2
New Zealand, 6th Contingent 4
New Zealand, 7th Contingent 3
No 10 Mountain Battery, RGA 6
No 4 Mountain Battery, RGA 5
Norfolk Regiment 16
Northamptonshire Regiment 8
Northumberland Fusiliers 31
O Battery, RHA 4
Oxfordshire Light Infantry 14
P Battery, RHA 2
Pietersburg Light Horse 1
Prince of Wales's Leinster Regiment (Royal Canadians) 12
Protectorate Regiment 3
Q Battery, RHA 4
Queensland, 1st Mounted Infantry Contingent 6
Queensland, 2nd Mounted Infantry Contingent 2
Queensland, 4th Imperial Bushmen Contingent 1
Queensland, 5th Imperial Bushmen Contingent 3
Queenstown Rifle Volunteers 10
R Battery, RHA 3
Railway Pioneer Regiment 10
Rhodesia Field Force 5
Rimmington's Guides 5
Roberts' Horse 8
Royal Army Medical Corps 37
Royal Artillery 8
Royal Dublin Fusiliers 27
Royal Engineers 79
Royal Field Artillery 20
Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment) 13
Royal Garrison Artillery 39
Royal Horse Guards 3
Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 13
Royal Irish Regiment 13
Royal Irish Rifles 12
Royal Munster Fusiliers 17
Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment) 18
Royal Scots Fusiliers 11
Royal Sussex Regiment 16
Royal Warwickshire Regiment 16
Royal Welsh Fusiliers 16
Scots Guards 19
Scott's Railway Guards 1
South African Constabulary 12
South African Light Horse 13
South Australia, 1st Mounted Rifles Contingent 5
South Australia, 2nd Mounted Rifles Contingent 1
South Australia, 3rd Bushmen's Contingent 2
South Australia, 4th Battalion Australian Commonwealth Horse 1
South Australia, 4th Imperial Bushmen's Contingent 1
South Staffordshire Regiment 11
South Wales Borderers 14
St John Ambulance Brigade 2
Steinaecker's Horse 1
Suffolk Regiment 11
T Battery, RHA 4
Tasmania, 1st Contingent 2
Tasmania, 2nd Bushmen Contingent 1
Tasmania, 4th Imperial Bushmen Contingent 1
Thorneycroft's Mounted Infantry 13
U Battery, RHA 7
Unknown 1
Victoria, 1st Victorian Contingent 1
Victoria, 2nd Mounted Rifles Contingent 3
Victoria, 4th Imperial Contingent 2
Victoria, 5th Mounted Rifles Contingent 1
Welsh Regiment 15
West Australia, 1st Mounted Infantry Contingent 5
West Australia, 3rd Bushmen's Contingent 2
West Australia, 5th Mounted Infantry Contingent 1
West Australia, 6th Mounted Infantry Contingent 1
Worcestershire Regiment 21
York and Lancaster Regiment 9
Dr David Biggins
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DCMs for the Boer War 1 year 9 months ago #73895

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That was fast! Thank you, that's a really interesting view - for one thing I had no idea the various artillery units had so many. So for the line regiments (so excl artillery, RE, RAMC) those >25 are;

King's Royal Rifle Corps 40
(Prince Consort's Own) Rifle Brigade 34
Gordon Highlanders 32
Devonshire Regiment 32
Northumberland Fusiliers 31
Royal Dublin Fusiliers 27
Manchester Regiment 27

And there are some interesting units.
Some appreciated the Army Pay Department who got 3

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