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DIARY OF 7509 PTE. E. F. LYNN, "D" Co. R.C.R., Final Part 1 month 1 week ago #78421

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Monday October 1st, 1900

Bright morning. Very cold. About 300 Boer prisoners come aboard at 8 to be taken to St. Helena. Breakfast in guard room at 8.30 Loading ship with flour for St. Helena. Many of the finest people come to docks to say good buy. Came off guard at 12.30. Not many people at dock when we sailed at 4.30 no one knew when we were to start. Ships in harbour all signaled us all goodbye and etc and tooted their sirens. Heavy dead swell on and many men sick before we are out 10 minuets ship rolls heavily. Have a bit of a dizzy feeling but not sick. To bed about 6. Cold night.

Tuesday October 2nd, 1900

Got up at about 7. Laid about deck most of morning. No parades to do yet. Sea getting quite smooth. Sight ship about 2 miles off. Most of men getting better. Have lots of room on ship “Idaho” of Wilson Line of Hull, England. Most of Boer prisoners sick. We are not allowed to talk to them but manage to have a few words with then in the morning. Ready for bed around 9. Rations for day were “Coffee, Bread and Cheese”, “Soup boiled Beef, Potatoes.” “Bread, Cheese and Pickles”.

Wednesday October 3rd, 1900

Up at 6. Laid about most of day on morning reading. Quite smooth seas today. No parades today. Reading most of day. Ready for bed about 7. Have to sleep in hammocks. We don't get as good rations as when coming out in Sardinian. Many gulls follow ship all the way from Cape Town.

Thursday October 4th, 1900

Up at 6. Walking about deck most of morning. Sight ship about 5 miles off gulls all leave us and go after other ship. Np parades today except boat & fire drill and being told off to their boats we would have to take in case of accident. Orderlies got flour, lard and raisins to make plum duff with. Bed at 9.

Friday October 5th, 1900

Up at 6. Had to take a bath before getting an issue of new clothing. Got issued with new rifle uniform. The plum duff we were to get for dinner did not get cooked so we have to wait till supper. On fire picquet for day. In case of fire have to be on deck. Dr. Barrie holds service on deck most every night. The duff was so tough that we could hardly cut it with an axe let alone eat it.

Saturday October 6th, 1900

Up at 6. Laid about deck most of morning. Expected to get off at St. Helena but did not. Boat makes slow way as part of boilers gave out and she has not enough load. Meals are on the bum and men making lots of complaints. Had to go on prisoner guard at 3. p.m. easy guard. Slept on deck at night. Most of Boers feeling good and do not seem to mind going to their prison island. Good sleep at night only 7 hours duty out of 24.

Sunday October 7th, 1900

Up at Reveille. Boers had service at 10.30. Rev. Mr. Fullerton prayed to them through an interpreter. Had no dinner was no good. Come off guard at 3.p.m. Got paid L18.1s being back pay and gratuity. Steam pipe burst on deck but no one hurt. Sighted St. Helena about 6 p.m. Dropped anchor at 10.00 p.m. Dr. Barrie holds service on deck. To bed at about 10. About 1 ½ miles off shore.

Monday October 8th, 1900

Up at about 6. Ship moved further into Isld. H.M.S. Thetis riding at anchor about a boats length away from us. Prisoners all taken off under heavy guard. Got a couple of sprigs off Napoleon's grave. St. Helena quite fortified and rises straight for about 600 feet. Jamestown the capital is situated in a big gully. Orderly man for the day. Many natives come off in boats selling curios & fruits. Isl. is fertile and in center, it is 14 x 9 miles square. Fatigue party of sailors of H.M.S. Thetis come on ship and unload flour for Isl. We put the sailors boats on rough at night. Major Forester left in charge of prisoners. Men all get issue of fruit. Set sail about 6 p.m. we cheer sailors & get cheered by them sailors all take to rigging and is a wonderful & pretty sight. To see them all come down on the sound of a bugle. Had occasional showers caused by the clouds breaking over Isl. Ready for bed at 8. most of the men do nothing but gamble since getting paid.

Tuesday October 9th, 1900

Up at 6. Cloudy most of day. Orderly man for day. No parades in morning. On fire picquet for day. Mess issued with knives and forks. Fine day nice smooth sailing. Our company moves to space occupied by Boers. Had concert on board ship. Men have no drill to do except to do guard or picquet duty warned for it. Men spend most of their time reading or gambling.

Wednesday October 10th, 1900

Got up about 6. Had haircut & shave. Laid about on deck most of morning. Men get issue of fruit. Boat averages about 280 knots a day. To bed about 9.

Thursday October 11th, 1900

Got up at 6. Nothing to do except to be inspected by C.O. at 10. O.C. Major Pelletier is very easy with men so we have very little to do. Laid about most of afternoon reading. Get issued with 6 pairs of socks, shirt, jersey & underclothing. Had go concert at night. To bed by 10.

Friday October 12th, 1900

Got up at 6. Laid about deck reading until O.C. inspection at 10. Had fire and boat drill at 4.30. On fire picquet from 3 till next day. Men getting issue of rum tonight. Give mine to H. Jones who appears to be quite fond of it. Laying about on deck listening to a couple of coons singing. Ready for bed about 9.

Saturday October 13th, 1900

Up about 6. Breakfast at 8. Nothing to do in morning except attend O.C.'s parade. Very warm on board ship. Ships butcher killing cattle in afternoon. Ship carries supply of sheep and cattle. To be at 9.
(Note: On enlistment documents his Listed Trade or Calling
was noted as : Butcher)

Sunday October 14th, 1900

Up at 6. Laid on deck reading a book called “M. S. Bradford Special” extra good book. Weather very warm. Rainstorm in afternoon. Men do a lot of bitching about food. Dr. Barrie holds service at night but stayed below as it is raining very heavy. To bed at nine. Some men play cards most of night is some secret part of ship.

Monday October 15th, 1900

Up at 6. O.C.'s parade at 11. Laid about deck most of day. On fire picquet at 3 p.m. For next 24 hours. Sight large ship a few miles off. Fire parade at 8. Have to sleep on deck at night to be on had in case of fire or accident. Expected to reach St. Vincent but did not.

Tuesday October 16th, 1900

On parade at 11. Men put in clink for gimbling at night. Lent 3 quid to H. Jones who lost it in five minuets playing cards. Men all bitching about grub. Men get issue of rum, some are quite hilarious. To bed about 9.

Wednesday October 17th, 1900

Most of men on deck early expecting to see land but do not till about noon. Heavy gale of wind blowing but sea not rough. Make St. Vincent harbour about 4.30. Natives start loading coal at once. Ship is fairly surrounded by small boats with natives selling curios & fruits and diving after the coins we toss in to them. Got lots of coral from the natives. Ready for bed about 9.

Thursday October 18th, 1900

Got up at 6. Many of the men go in for a swim but make a speedy exit on being told that the place was full of sharks. We are all buying much fruit. About one dozen ships in harbour for coal from all nations. Natives still loading coal. Had to go on guard at 3. Many of the men slip down the anchor chain and get rowed ashore to get a bit of booze and in every disguise you could think of. On guard most of night and let all the men onboard without putting them in cells. Some of men got drunk and got fighting with natives and one gets badly cut up with a knife. Load coal all night as well as day. Got very little sleep at night.

Friday October 19th, 1900

Got off my post at about 6. Numbers of steamers come in through night C.I.V.'s come in on Aurania of Cunard Line. Ship load of invalided men comes in. Many men are drunk on ship. All men who came back from shore made prisoners. No one allowed near ship today as there are to many men drunk. Men raise big noise all night. Off guard at 3, nothing else in particular to report.

Saturday October 20th, 1900

Up at 6. Still loading coal. C.I.V.'s leave port at 6.30. Got some fruit in morning. Left St. Vincent about 2 p.m. Met ship on fire coming into port about 4. Met sailing ship about 5. Men get issue of rum. Stay on deck most of afternoon watching the high and rocky cliffs of the different islands which we are running past about a mile off. Ready for bed about 9.

Sunday October 21st, 1900

Up about 6. Orderly man for day. Service held by Mr. Fullerton, Presby. Dr. Barrie gives men an issue of fruit and lime juice. Laid about deck most of afternoon reading. Got issue of rum. Has to sleep on hard iron deck as someone stole my hammock and blankets. To bed at 9.

Monday October 22nd, 1900

Up at 6. As no parade today as Officers are holding a R.C.M. On the men who left ship at St. Vincent. Men get issue of rum and issue of fruit and lime juice from Dr. Barrie. All men go below and have a good time singing till lights out. Get issued with new great coats. Gave 2 shillings to Dr. Barrie's Purse and 4 to Colour Sergeant Thompson of “D” company.

Tuesday October 23rd, 1900

Up at 6. Sighted large sailing ship about 2 miles off. O.C. paraded at 11. Sentences given to prisoners who get from 4 to 7 days cells. Sighted large ship. Get issue of fruit from Dr. Barrie. Get issued with new Khakies. Bed at 9.

Wednesday October 24th, 1900

Up at 6. Heavy seas today. We are in Gulf Stream. C.O. parade at 11. Men get issue of fruit and lime juice. On fire picquet at 3. Men get issue of rum. Present Col. Sgt. Thompson with purse of 15 quid, address given by S. M. Rogers & presented by Sergt. L. Chitty. Capt. Furnished best whiskey for treat to men.

Thursday October 25th, 1900

Up at 6. C.O. parade at 11. Get issue of fruit. Smooth sea today. Rain most of afternoon. Reg. concert on deck at 7 which all men enjoy greatly. Purse of 100 Quid presented to Dr. Barrie by men. Heavy rain storm. Dr. Barrie replies in a neat little speech. Bed at 9.

Friday October 26th, 1900

Up at 6. Have little drill in morning and while drilling ship struck a derelict and broke all flanges off propeller except one. Ship very unsteady. Issue of fruit by Dr. B. Men get issue of rum. Did not get much sleep on account of ship shaking so much with broken propeller.

Saturday October 27th, 1900

Up at 6. C.O. inspection at 11. Got issue of fruit. Bit rough today. Laid about on deck most of afternoon. Men get issue of rum. Concert in ships saloon and collection taken in aid of Widows and Orphans of dead seamen. Bed at 9.

Sunday October 28th, 1900

Up at 6. On fatigue in morning. Heavy sea on. Packed up kit today to get ready for landing. Church parade at 10.20. Men go about with Great Coats on nights getting cold. Get issue of rum. To bed at 9.

Monday October 29th, 1900

Up at 6. Orderly man for today. C.O. inspection at 10. Ship run out of fresh meat, vegetables, and flour. Supper at 4.30. Sighted large U.S. Cruiser at about 6. Calm sea today. Men get issue of rum. Nothing to do in morning. Ship strains badly on account of broken propeller. Bed at 9.

Tuesday October 30th, 1900

Up at 6. C.O. parade at 10 in marching order to see if men all have equipment. Heavy sea on today. Have heavy snow storm in morning. All hatches battened down expecting heavy weather, and no one allowed on deck. Boat does not roll but just pitches and tosses about. Get issue of rum. Very cold night in hammocks. Seas wash the decks all night.

Wednesday October 31st, 1900

Up at 6. Very heavy sea running and heavy gale as well. Had dinner at 12.30. Wind & sea going down with the sun. sail through a fleet of fishing schooners. Very cold on ship today men all going around with great coats on. Ready for bed at 9. Men all ready all ready to quit ship in morning.

Thursday November 1st, 1900

Got up at 4. Very cold on ship. Out on deck to get a look at old Canada again. Ship has been at anchor since midnight in outer channel. Many yachts and boats of all kinds come out to meet us. The Battleship Crescent & Colombian and a number of torpedo boats in harbour. Sail into inner harbour at 8. Got salute from ships and Citadel. Landed at dock at 11. Marched through streets of Halifax to Armories where was held a thanksgiving service. Given a reception by school children. Afterwards given a grand banquet by ladies of city, Mayors daughter presents each with a souvenir pin. Off for rest of day if we please. Reg. banqueted by Officers & Men of 3rd R.C.R. Battalion at 6 p.m. Grand parade of every lodge and organization in the town. Got to train at station at 12.30. Do not expect much sleep. Train leaves at 1 p.m.

Friday November 2nd, 1900

We are given great reception all along the line. Eat all our meals on train. Lite reading most of day. We all have big time where any fellows get off. Sliding along at great speed. Scenery through New Brunswick is grand. We get very little sleep tonight. At Pt. Levi at 12.

Saturday November 3rd, 1900

Train stopped at place 30 miles from Montreal as receptions not till 1.30 p.m. “C” & “D” Companies come on to Montreal. Get in Montreal at 10. Put up at Queen's Hotel. Have dinner at 12.30. Grand reception for Montreal men by citizens. Do not to have to pay car fair or anything. Go to “Her Majesty's Theater” at night. Have good sport most of day. Got to bed about two hours past midnight.

Sunday November 4th, 1900

Got up about 9. Had breakfast. Went for walk. Went to Homer Taylor's for dinner in St. Henri walked about town at night. Not much doing today. Had supper at hotel. Go to bed about ten as I am about tired out. Have good nights rest.

Monday November 5th, 1900

Got up about 7. Had breakfast at 8. Got ready to leave at 9. Left Bona Venture Station at 9 by limited express. Arrive at Bellville at 1.40 p.m. Given grand reception by people. March from station to Drill Hall where thanksgiving service was held after which we were disbanded to our homes since Oct. 23, 1899 after having service in Anglo Boer War 12 Months and 13 Days.....


Friday, October 11th, 1901

The occasion of the visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York to Toronto. Have my medal presented to me by His Royal Highness The Duke of Cornwall and York while Ten Thousand troops are preparing for review.

Signed: E. F. Lynn


LT. Colonel W. D. Otter, Canadian Staff
Major/Surgeon Dr. Fiset, R.C.R.I. Ex89th Temiscouata & Rimouski Bn.
Reverend J. Almond, Chaplain, Quebec City, P.Q.
Reverend Mr. T. F. Fullerton, (Hon. Chaplain, 4th Regt. C.A.) P.E.I.
Dr. H. G. Barrie, MD, (University of Toronto)
Major W. Forester, R.C.D., (Halifax, N.S.)
Major O.C.C. Pelletier, (Lieut-Colonel, Canadian Staff)
Capt. S. M. Rogers, R.C.R.I., 43rd Rifles, Ottawa and Carleton Rifles

4111 Colour Sergt. C.H. Thompson RCRI, (Wounded) Paardeburg
7030 Private Austin Chisholm R.C.R.I., Ex 90th Winnipeg Rifles
7301 Sergeant A. (Bert) Beattie, R.C.R.I., Ex Q.O.R. ( Enteric Fever )
7374 Private S. Perry, R.C.R.I., Ex 10th Royal Grenadiers
7389 Private C. Seymore, R.C.R.I., Ex 10th Royal Grenadiers
7452 Private E. DesLauriers, R.C.R.I. Ex Princess Louise Dragoon Guards, ( Died at Sea Heart Failure )
7465 Sergeant L. M. Chitty, R.C.R.I., 43rd Rifles, Ottawa and Carleton Rifles
7468 Private Harry Cotton R.C.R.I., Ex 43rd Ottawa and Carleton Rifles, ( Killed in Action ), Thaba N'Chu
7471 Private J.A.C. Cramm, R.C.R.I., Ex 42nd Lanark and Renfrew Infantry
7498 Sergeant G. G. Hulme, R.C.R.I. Ex 15th Argyll Light Infantry ( Wounded Paardeburg )
7499 Private H. H. Jones, R.C.R.I. Ex 15th Argyll Light Infantry
7511 Private A.L. Large RCRI Ex 15th Argyll Light Infantry
7523 Private W. Mills RCRI Ex 15th Argyll Light Infantry
7529 Private J. McNair R.C.R.I. / C.M.R. Ex 15th Argyll Light Infantry 7655 Private R. Leconteur, RCRI, 8th Royal Rifles, (Accidentally Killed en-route to Cape Town, Train Accident)
7865 Private J. W. Duhamel, R.C.R.I., Ex 86th Three Rivers Battalion ( Norval Spruit, Enteric Fever)
7914 Private Montrose G. Chapelle, R.C.R.I., Ex 74th New Brunswick Rangers ( Tonsillitis )
Life Member
Past-President Calgary
Military Historical Society
O.M.R.S. 1591

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