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DIARY OF 7509 PTE. EDISON FRANKLIN LYNN, "D" Co. R.C.R. (Part 3) 2 months 5 days ago #77886

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Thursday April 26, 1900

Got up at 6. a.m. Had bath in morning. On fatigue in morning. Moved off at 10. Rear guard of convoy today. Arrived at Thabu Nachu at noon. Regt. left at 1.30 to occupy hill to right of town. Fortified hill and bivouacked for night not much sleep. On observation for night.

Friday April 27, 1900

Regt. stands to arms for morning. Regt. does observation duty for day. Frenches Cavalry and 8th division pass us today. Left our position for town at 3.30 arrived at 5.30. “D” Co. on outpost for night and have to patrol about 20 miles at night. Supper at 6.p.m. Not much sleep.

Saturday April 28, 1900

Still on outpost all morning. Cool day. Breakfast at 8. Nothing much to do in morning. All companies stay on duty except “B” & “D”. “B” & “D” have to go on outpost at 10. p.m. Have very little sleep at night. On duty 2 hours in morning and again in PM.

Sunday April 29, 1900

Came in off outpost for day. Regt. laid in tents most of day. Big guns firing most all day on both sides. Regt. arrived in camp at midnight. On duty from 3 to 5. Ready for bed at 9.

Monday April 30, 1900

Revelle at 4. a.m. Breakfast at 4.30. Big march off at 5. a.m. Encountered Boers at 11. a.m. Regt. heavily shelled by enemy through out the day. Harry Cotton of “D” Co. killed by a shell. Infantry advance and take Boer position and camped for a day on it. Name of place Hoet's Nek. Marched for 10 miles day. Sleep at 9.

Tuesday May 1, 1900

Regt. advanced further on Boer position at 6.30. Heavy shell & rifle fire from Boer positions. Drove Boers off hill at 2.30. Casualties for Cans. In two days 1 killed and 7 wounded. We captured 1 gun and 250 prisoners. Chase Boers about 4 miles & camp for night. Bed about 8 p.m.

Wednesday May 2, 1900

Revelle at 5. a.m. Did not move our camp today. Send 19 men back to Bloemfontein. Detail left in Bd. arrived Regt. at night. To bed at 9.

Thursday May 3, 1900

Reveille 4. Breakfast 4.30. Start on march at 5.30. Marched at 15 miles today. Our Brigade joined by the Highlanders & 21 Brigade, and 2.5” guns and 2 – 4.7” guns at Faratrillie. Ready for bed at 9. Good sleep.

Friday May 4, 1900

Regt. march off at 6.30. Meet enemy at 10. R.H.A. shells Kopje and were heavily shelled in return by Boer guns. Fighting till 2. p.m. R.C.R. not engaged today. Marched 15 miles today. Bed at 8.

Saturday May 5, 1900

Reveille at 5 . a.m. Start march at 7. March 17 miles to Winberg. Marched in column advance. (Unable to read remainder due to fold.)

Sunday May 6, 1900

R.C.R. rests for day. Draft for Regt. arrived most of whom are played out. Austin Gleeson with Regt. been sick and is sent home. Left Winberg at 5. a.m. Marched at night. Not much sleep.

Monday May 7, 1900

March delayed on account of Boer peace conference being held and Regt. gets another whole day of rest. Have good nights sleep.

Tuesday May 8, 1900

R.C.R. have another days rest. Have good feed today. Most men sick of fighting and would like to return. R.C.R. have to go on outpost at 5.

Wednesday May 9, 1900

Reveille at 4. a.m. Regt. had to stand to arms till break of day. Moved off at 8 and marched 18 miles. Cool day. Meals not bad today. Arrived at camp and bivouacked for night.

Thursday May 10, 1900

Regt. moved off at 6 a.m. Advanced about 2 miles and did not take part in any action. R.C.R. just out of firing line but suffered a few casualties from Boer snipers. Casualties on our side 2 killed and six wounded.. Boer siege gun put out of action by our naval guns. Regt. marched over river.

Friday May 11, 1900

Reveille at 5. a.m. Rear guard for day. Started on march at 10. Marched about 7 miles and & halted for 3 hrs. and then marched ten more. To bed at 8.

Saturday May 12, 1900

Reveille at 6. a.m. Started at 8. a.m. Marched 9 miles and camped 5 miles out of Kroonstadt. Kroonstadt fall in our hands. Most of men feeling good. Ready for bed at 8.

Sunday May 13, 1900

Regt. rest for day and do not (Unable to read fold in paper) very good meals today. To bed at 9

Monday May 14, 1900

Regt. rest again all day and inspected by Lord Roberts and Staff. Ready for duty again. To bed at 8.

Tuesday May 15, 1900

Regt. moved off at 7.30 a.m. Regt. to rear guard to Brigade, marched for 12 months & halted for the day. Most of men feeling well. Ready for bed at 9.

Wednesday May 16, 1900

Reveille at 6. a.m. Laid in most of day. Good meals today. Started on march at 4. p.m. & marched about 12 miles. Not feeling any to good today. To bed at 9.

Thursday May 17, 1900

Reveille at 6. Moved off at 8. Marched 12 miles. Halted 3 hours. Then marched 5 miles more. Have no meals all through day. Have tea at 11. p.m. Have meat and soup at 3. a.m. while bivouacking. Not had much sleep.

Friday May 18, 1900

Reveille at 6. a.m. Boers fire on M.I. while they are under cover of white flag. Big gun blows up convoy. Not feeling well today. To bed at 9.30. Fine night. Had to go sick to hospital and laid all day & night in coal trenches.

Saturday May 19, 1900

Reveille at 6. a.m. Regt. marched ten miles today. Regt. advance guard for day. On my way to Norval's Port. Many men sent to country sick. To bed at 8.

Sunday May 20, 1900

Reveille in regt. at 6.30. Regt. is rear guard for day. Marched 15 miles. Regt. joined column again. Firing in distance ahead. Was my first day in Norval's Port hospital. Sick in hospital with dysentary. Had good bath first in long time. Sleep most of day.

Monday May 21, 1900

Reveille in regt, at 4.30. Started on march at 10. Regt. in fight ( Unable to read due to fold in page. ) hospital sorry to be sick. Sleeping most of day. Living on 3 pints of milk a day 1 pint at 11, one at 12.20, 1 at 8. Men do not get any care.

Tuesday May 22, 1900

Reveille at 4. a.m. Advance guard to column. Entered Heilbron with colors and in extended order. No fighting today. Quite sick today. Slept most of day. Poor attendance.

Wednesday May 23, 1900

Reveille at 6.30. Start on march at 7.30. Marched 8 miles. Heavy firing in rear. Guns in rear or column trained on town but no Boers show up. Not feeling any better in hospital. Nothing to do but sleep & write in my diary.

Thursday May 24, 1900

Reveille at 4.30. Moved off at 6. a.m. Our brigade in advance. March 15 miles to railroad. Regt. to outpost tonight. Bands play tonight first time since Bloem.

Friday May 25, 1900

Regt. moves off at 7. a.m. March 4 miles & halt for rest. Roberts column pass us and we march 4 miles further on and have to unload convoy and then men have to march. Men all played out with days work. This was one of Col. Otters volunteering his Regt. to work. Men get issued 1 lb. of flour and a lb. of new meat. Still sick in hospital. Many fresh troops pass here for front. Getting rest out and we laid in tent telling tails half of night. Good sleep.

Saturday May 26, 1900

Reveille at 6. Regt. move off at 8. Col. Otter joins Regt. again. Cross Vaal River at 3.10 a.m. March about 15 miles today. General French in action ahead of us. “D” Co. furnishing guard at night. Feeling fairly good today. Had good sleep.

Sunday May 27, 1900

Reveille at 6. a.m. Regt. moves off at 10. Regt. forms rear guard for the day. March 15 miles today. In hospital still and hospital very cold. Many men in hospital picked out to be invalided home to England. I would not go as I thought I would be better soon. Men get plenty of reading materiel in hospital.

Monday May 28, 1900

Reveille at 4. Started on march at 5. Marched 10 miles today. Heavy firing going on in front Regt. not in action today. French occupied in clearing pass to Johannesburg. Very cold in hospital today. Number of men die in hospital here. Feeling good today.

Tuesday May 29, 1900

Shelling on left. March 12 miles. Our advance heavily shelled by Boers. Our Naval guns return fire with deadly accuracy. Gordon's advance over burnt veldt and falls fast as khaki shows up bright on it, Boers make stubborn fight but Gordon's carry hill at point of bayonet. Many Boers killed in todays battle. Cornwall's advance on right & R.C.R. on left, could not advance further on account of heavy cross fire. Position carried at dusk. Marched about 2 miles & bivouack. Men have had no water all day. Gordon's have 86 killed and 136 wounded. R.C.R. had 7 men wounded. I am still in hospital feeling better.

Wednesday May 30, 1900

Regt. moved at 9 without breakfast. Marched 5 miles and rest of day at Florida. Still in hospital. Men in hospital get issue of rum. Sold mine for ticky. Resting well.

Thursday May 31, 1900

Regt. having nothing to do today. Most of men feeling well and are thinking that their work will be finished when Pretoria falls. We get work in Norval's Pont that Kruger had surrendered. All men in hospital feeling good over news. Feeling good today.

Friday June 1, 1900

Revellie at 6. a.m. Regt. starts on march and marche 7 miles and sight Johannesburg and halt a few miles out of city. Feeling fairly well today. Meeting well. Men in hospital get poor attention.

Saturday June 2, 1900

Men get full issue of biscuits today. Regt. rest for today. All enteric cases and ( Unable to read due to fold in diary)

Sunday June 3, 1900

Reveille at 4.30, had breakfast at 6. Marched about 16 miles northeast to Pretoria. Men in hospital get issue of rum. Give mine away. Feeling good today but do not get my milk regular enough.

Monday June 4, 1900

Reveille at 4.30. Regt. moved off at 7. March 11 miles and change directions and halted in pass outside Pretoria. Heavy shell and rifle fire on ridge in front. March 12 miles. Roberts shelling Boer forts. Still in hospital, had an American apple to eat today first since left home. Resting well.

Tuesday June 5, 1900

Reveille at 4.30. Moved off at 6. a.m. Our Regt. advance guard today and expect great cutting up as Boers are expected to put up a stubborn resistance. Regt. meets with no resistance at Pretoria. Sight Pretoria at 8. a.m. Regt. received by Lord Roberts and do the march past in front of the Boer Raadyzaal. Marched back at 5.30. 19th Brigade broken up.

Wednesday June 6, 1900

Regt. leave at 8 a.m. For spring east of Johannesburg to do garrison duty for 9 weeks. Still in Norval's Pont, M. McCory come to convalesent camp here. News read to us of the surrender of Pretoria and and capture of General Botha's and Kruger's wifes. British prisoners were well. City surrenders to Gen. H. De Leisle on the name of Lord Roberts and Her Majesty Queen Victoria. Feeling good today. Most of men think war is over and will soon all be bound for home

Thursday June 7, 1900

Not feeling extra well today. Was up but very sick in afternoon. Slept very good at night. Fine night.

Friday June 8, 1900

Up and about tent today. Hospital inspected by Gen. Howe. Went back in bed early as dysentery is troubling me very much. Not feeling at all good. Very cold night.

Saturday June 9, 1900

Men issued with new underclothing. Sold mine. Not feeling extra well today. Orderlies in hospital very careless, lazy. Have good sleep tonight.

Sunday June 10, 1900

About 500 men come in from hospitals in Bloemfontain to Convalescent Camp here. We get very little news from front here now. Very cold night. Feeling very good.

Monday June 11, 1900

Still in hospital and feeling poorly. Our hospital tents are repitched to new camping ground in morning. Very cold night.

Tuesday June 12, 1900

Lay about in tent reading magazines most of morning. We get papers to read printed as lately as 1860. put on rations in hospital. Feeling fairly well today. Very cold.

Wednesday June 13, 1900

Able to be up and about tents today. Dysentery about well but weak and thin. Laid about cot most of day. Men played cards a good deal to pass the time away. Good sleep.

Thursday June 14, 1900

Got up about 7. Very cold morning. Breakfast at 8.30. Marched for home but asked Dr. to let me stay. About 400 sick men went down country to go to England. Number of men leave here for rest camp. To bed most of afternoon.

Friday June 15, 1900

Got up about 7.30. Have little breakfast at 8. Took little walk about camp. Have good game of Baccarat in tent. To bed early in day. Very cold night.

Saturday June 16, 1900

Got up at 7.30 am. Very cold morning. Have roll call & Dr. inspection at 9. Wrote letter home. Number of fellows of 2nd M.I. came in to camp. Most of men in tents playing cards.

Sunday June 17, 1900

Got up about 7.30 a.m. Have no parade today. Took long walk to Norvals Pont bridge. Have Chirch of England service at 6 p.m. Dark cloudy night. Slept well tonight

Monday June 18, 1900

Got up at 7 a.m. Cold in morning. Have roll call & Dr's inspection at 9. sit in tent & play cards most of evening. About 100 men have left here & sent to Rest Camp.

Tuesday June 19, 1900

Got up at about 7.30. Get tarpaulin for tents. Have no Dr's inspection in morning. All men in camp have to have their arms cleaned in case of an emergencyif should we be attacked. Lights out sounds at 9 p.m.

Wednesday June 20, 1900

Got up at 7. Put into convalescent camp. Have to parade with arms and get 100 rounds of ammunition issued to us. Officers in chg. of us worse than kids as they know very little about drill.

Thursday June 21, 1900

Got up about 7.30. Had to go on Pioneer duty for ½ an hour. Had good feed of spuds for dinner today. Lay about in tent for most of afternoon. Very cold today. Men have very little to do in Convalecent camp except eat & sleep. Lights out at 9.

Friday June 22, 1900

Got up at 7.30. Breakfast at 8.30. Have roll call & Dr's inspection at 9 a.m. Nothing to do in morning. Doing some writing today. Reading most of night.

Saturday June 23, 1900

Got up at 7.30. Not feeling extra today. Had to go in hospital again. Put on milk diet again. Have string bed & mattress & plenty of blankets. To bed again at 7.

Sunday June 24, 1900

Laying in bed most of day. Had good night's rest. Milk comes to us every & any hour in day. Not feeling bad today.

Monday June 25, 1900

Got up at 8.30. Made my bed and set about waiting for Dr. to come and asked Dr. to let me come out of hospital as I am nearly starved. Carried my kit back to Convalescent Camp from hospital. Have good sleep in tent tonight.

Tuesday June 26, 1900

Camp inspected by P.M.O. from Bloemfontein. Got pair of trousers and underwear issued to me. Sat about reading in tent most of day. Got news that De Wet had captured convoy.

Wednesday June 27, 1900

Had to draw rations today. Mess orderly for today. Four companies formed in camp to put up a defence in case camp is attacked. Camp is inspected by Gen. Knox and staff. Man of our company died of enteric. I go to bed at 9. ( 7865 Pte. J. W. Duhamel, Norval Spruit, Enteric Fever )

Thursday June 28, 1900

Get about 7.30 a.m. Roll call and Dr.'s inspection at 9.30 a.m. Had to do a little fatigues in morning. Command orderlies of camp play football match. Ready for bed at 8.30.

Friday June 29, 1900

Got up at 7.30. Cold morning. Had breakfast at 8.30. Had little fatigue in morning. Wrote letter home today. Feeling good best since left Regt. Ready for bed at 8.30. Very cold night.

Saturday June 30, 1900

Got up at 7.30. Roll call & Dr. inspection at 9.30. Big sandstorm this morning. Nothing to do in afternoon. Went for a walk about camp in after tea. Have very bad cold. Service in Soldiers Home every night. Cold night.

Sunday July 1st, 1900

Get up at 7.30. Church of England Chaplain of camp holds communion service in camp. Anniversary of Confederation of Dominion of Canada. 33 years. Lay about camp most of day. Rain most of night.

Monday July 2nd, 1900

Got up at 7.30. Rained most of day. In tents we are counting on having peace declared each day. Am feeling much better and manage to eat whole of ration for breakfast & dinner. Bed at 9.

Tuesday July 3rd, 1900

Got up about 7.30. Have paraded to trenches that we have to occupy in case camp is attacked. I have many magazines in camp and we trade them (****) one for one. Bed at 9.

Wednesday July 4th, 1900

Got up about 7.30. Roll call at 9. Men who are able make trip from camp in search of baboons which frequent the hills in large numbers. Have bad cold tonight. Ready for bed at 8.30.

Thursday July 5, 1900

Got up at 7. Cold in camp today. Have a good dream about home and feel disgusted when I wake up and find myself nearly frozen. Am attacked by big male ostrich. Concert held in camp. Bed at 9.

Friday July 6, 1900

Up at 7.30. Cold morning. We have about 200 of frost at night and ice 1 ½ inches thick. Hear very little news from front. Cold night, moonlight.

Saturday July 7, 1900

Got up at 7.30. Very cold morning. Have our meals at regular hours. Men have orders read to them that they must not sell any government clothing. Much clothing taken from Kaffiers. To bed at 9.

Sunday July 8, 1900

Got up at 7. Went to church parade in morning. Have good feed of spuds today. Went to river in pm. Strolled about camp till bedtime. To bed at 9.

Monday July 9, 1900

Got up at 7.30. Orderly man for day. Men in Convalescent Camp parade with arms at 9.30. On light fatigue in morning. We get news in camp that Kitchener was killed but not confirmed. Cold night. Ready for bed at 9.

Tuesday July 10, 1900

Got up at 7. Fine day. About 200 enteric patients leave for home. Am feeling in best of health now and intend trying to get up line in course of a few days. To bed at 9.

Wednesday July 11, 1900

Got up about 7. Was on easy fatigue in morning. Men got good feed of spuds today. Went to Church of England at 1. All camp in Bloemfontein pass here for Cape Town and tell me that Regt. will be down in a few days. To bed at 9.

Thursday July 12, 1900

Dr. picks out about 200 men for Cape Town me among them but would not go. Have concert at night in camp. Got loan of L 1 from S. Perry. Had to given my name in to orderly room for Cape Town but did not go.

Friday July 13, 1900

Got up at 7. Fine day. Reading most of day. Very stormy & sandy in afternoon. Wrote a letter home today. R Davies of Johannesburg preaches in Soldiers Home tent. Bed at 9.

Saturday July 14, 1900

Got up at 7. Have neuralgia very bad. Went to see Dr. for medicine. Dr's inspection at 9. Ready for bed at 9. Very Cold.

Sunday July 15, 1900

Got up at 7. Went to river today. Men in camp get issue of rum. Went to Church of England service at 6 p.m. To bed at 9.

Monday July 16, 1900

Got up at 7. Nothing to do in morning. Suffer much from neuralgia. New hospital set up by Lady Gifford and Mrs. Seymour. Ready for bed at 9.

Tuesday July 17, 1900

Got up at 7. On parade at 9. Nothing else to do today. My neuralgia troubling me very much. Ready for bed about 9.
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