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July 26th 9 years 4 months ago #4747

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1900 - Capture of Naauwpoort Nek.

From the 1900 diary of Lt Burne, RN

The quick return to health which the change to the warmth of Durban effected made me only too glad to get back to the front again with the object of "being in at the death." I travelled up as far as Ingogo with Captain Reed, R.A. (now a V.C.); thence on to Sandspruit, and on again in a Scotch cart, which Major Carney, R.A.M.C., lent me, to Grass Kop, a hill six miles off the station and some 6,000 feet high. Ugh! I shall never forget the drive and the jolting, and the sudden cold after Durban weather. Still I was able to rejoin my guns before dark, and to receive them over from Lieutenant Clutterbuck who had been sent to relieve me when I was obliged to leave the front. He fortunately had a share in taking this hill with the Dorsets when in command of my guns. With a whole battalion at first of Dorsets under Colonel Law (who had dug marvellous good trenches), and later on with three Companies of the South Lancashires, and after that two Companies of the Queen's (note the descending scale of numbers), we defend this position, monarchs of all we survey, and therefore bagging all we can get, not only of the numerous guinea (p. 080) fowl, partridge, and spring buck dwelling on its sides and in its ravines, but also, it must be confessed, of the tamer and tougher bipeds from surrounding farms that were nearly all deserted by their owners. For many weeks we had a great deal of fun in our little shooting expeditions. Major Adams of the Lancashires, a keen sportsman, was always sighting game through his binoculars as he was going on his constant patrols round the defences, and he allowed the rest of us to shoot when able. Thus in the midst of our work we had many a jolly hour in those occasional expeditions close to our lines; one day we made a large bag of geese and started a farmyard just in front of our guns on a small nek, giving our friends the geese a chance of emulating the deeds of their ancestors at the Roman Capitol; for who can tell whether they may not yet save Grass Kop if our friends the Boers are game enough to attack.
Dr David Biggins

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July 26th 4 months 1 week ago #77590

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1901 - Presentation of medals by the King to nearly 3,000 of the Imperial Yeomanry.

....Officers and men of the various regiments of the Yeomanry, to the number of above three thousand, were massed on the Horse Guards Parade yesterday morning, to receive their medals for the South African war campaign at the hands of the King. Unfortunately a heavy downpour of rain was experienced soon after the men paraded. The dais prepared for tho Royal party was carpeted, and the chairs placed in its centre were covered by His Majesty's silver-poled Indian tent, but in view of the uncertainty of the weather this again was covered with canvas. Five military bands were posted at different points, and a guard of honour was furnished by the Coldstreamers. The ground was kept by the Foot Guards. The Imperial Yeomanry were drawn up in lines of masses of quarter column, forty men each, from about 80 companies, these representatives of 20 battalions thus numbering over 3,000. The parade was under the command of Major-General Lord Chesham, seconded, of course, by Major-General Sir H. Trotter, commanding the Home District, whose powers of organisation once more enabled things to pass off with excellent precision.
....Awaiting the arrival of their Majesties were the Commander-in-Chief, with his secretary (Major Streatfeild) and his A.D.C. (Major Scherston); Gen. Sir Evelyn Wood, Lord Clarendon (the Lord Chamberlain), Lord Howe (Lord in Waiting), the Hon. S. Greville (Groom in Waiting), and Mr. Brodrick (Secretary for War). These took up positions on the dais, while a group of staff officers ranged themselves to tho left of the Indian tent. Considerable interest was taken in a dusky and handsome fellow of the 1st Battalion Central Africa Regiment, who came in attendance on Colonel Manning, who was a spectator and in mufti. Sir Evelyn Wood made a close inspection of his dress (khaki tunic and loose knickerbockers, with blue putties over his bare feet, and a fez on his head), an inspection which literally extended to the soles of his feet.
....On alighting their Majesties were received by Lord Roberts, with whom the King shook hands heartily. With the King and Queen were Princess Victoria and little Prince Edward of York, wearing sailor costume. The Prince stood at the salute while the National Anthem was played, and then shook hands with the Commander-in-Chief. In attendance on their Majesties were Captain Holford, Captain Ponsonby, Duke of Portland, Lady Stanley, Miss Knollys, and Colonel Brocklehurst.
....Without a moment's delay the work of presenting the medals commenced. The King, who wore the undress uniform of a Field Marshal, stood in front of the tent; on his left hand was Sir Henry Trotter, who passed the medals as they were taken from the trays, and on His Majesty's right were the Queen and Earl Roberts, with Prince Edward between them. Lord Chesham, in khaki, with the helmet and blue puggaree, was the first to receive the war medal, next came Lord Harris, who was in the uniform of the East Kent Yeomanry, and wore the pale blue ribbon of the Star of India, and after him Lord Chesham's staff, followed by the battalion staffs, the company officers, and the rank and file. The order to the men had been to wear khaki if they had it, and failing that the full dress of their regiment, while civilian yeomen who had no campaigning garb were to wear plain clothes. The gathering was, it can be at once imagined, a somewhat varied one, and as the men passed before the King, khaki and scarlet and plain black cloth were picturesquely mixed.
....Among the earlier officers to pass was noticed one who was minus an arm. Some of the recipients who are only partially recovered from wounds or sickness were unable to march past the King, but these were permitted to ride in Bath chairs. Several passed the Royal stand on crutches, and to one of these, who was minus a leg, the Queen spoke a few words. His Majesty after distributing the whole of the three thousand medals drove round and inspected the troops. The King and Queen then returned to Marlborough House amid loud cheers.

....The following is a list of the officers, non-commissioned officers, and men of the Yorkshire Imperial Yeomanry who received the South African war medals at yesterday's distribution :—Staff of 3rd Battalion:—Lieutenant-Colonel G. J. Younghusband, Major the Earl of Scarbrough, Major H. B. de la P. Beresford-Peirse, Surgeon-Captain H. A. Lownds, Regimental Sergeant-Major Urell; Privates H. E. Bennett, C. Bentley, C. Cadman, E. Flowers, Sergeant A. E. Hare, Privates W. Harrison, C. lilingworth, W. Sherwin, M. Shepherd, Cook-Sergeant A. T. Smith, Sergeant R. Webster, Private T. R. Williams, Private J. S. Wright, Farrier Quartermaster-Sergeant S. E. Yorke.
....9th Company (Yorkshire Hussars) :—Lieutenant-Colonel R. F. T. Gascoigne, Captain C. W. E. Duncombe, Sergeant-Major R. Rusbridge, Privates J. W. Anderton, J. Archer, E. Bond, T. Broster, G. Burkinshaw, E. W. Bagley, J. de C. Ballardie, J. N. Banks, C. Burgess, R. Brown, W. Brown, A. E. Bowman, F. Dickenson, H. F. Denton, H. Eyre, V. H. Edmundson. W. C. Ellerton, J. Green, E. L. Horner, W. Jackson, G. H. Jennison, G. M. Lowish, A. A. Leather, W. A. Lovell. H. Leeves, Bugler T. Matthewman. Privates W. Norwood, F. Peirson, B. Roundell, F. Sibary, J. E. Swift, J. Scholes, N. Smith, Sergeant J. H. Spink, Lance-Corporal W. Vickers, Privates H. Wood, and E. L. Wheelwright.
....11th Company (Yorkshire Dragoons) :—Captain C. H. Simpson, Lieutenant S. A. Smith, Squadron Sergeant-Major A. Haslam, Sergeant W. H. Ashdown, Privates W. Biggins, C. Biggins, J. H. Blakey, C. Briggs. F. W. Butterworth, W. Barrett, J. Bramleston, E. Calverley, J. Dawson, Farrier-Sergeant R. Dickinson, Privates T. E. England, J. T. Fewkes, T. R. Frith, W. E. N. Fowler, H. P. Foers, J. E. Gallimore, Sergeant J. Gillyatt, Privates S. Hadden, H. Hagyard, R. Harrowsmith, Sergeant G. Jeffs, Private G. A. Jones, Sergeant C. E. Leah, Privates C. Martin, T. Neale, D. G. Nicholson. G. North, H. Newsham, E. Pogson, G. Rhodes, H Redmayne, H. Richards, Sergeant A. R. Rhodes, Squadron Quartermaster-Sergeant G. H. Rawson, Corporal R A. Telford, Private R. D. Wall.
....Gun Section :—Corporal J.Dews. Privates H. R Lockwood, W. Sabin, W. A. Wray.
....Staff of 16th Battalion :—Lieutenant-Colonel H. M. Ridley, Privates H. Adams, T. Coupe, H. M. Carvell, A. Gillingham, Corporal W. Hewgill, Private G. W. C. Hollist, Sergeant J. Haigh. Private A. Landman, Cook-Sergeant H. Lees, Privates W. McDowal, J. Merryweather, J. Rider, Quartermaster-Sergeant E. Rushford, Corporal C. Russell, Sergeant W. G. Wasley.
....66th Company :—Major S. W. K. Cradock, Captain C. Brook. Sergeant-Maior G. Twigg, Private R. D. Buttery, Corporal F. W. Ballance, Privates F. Bosomworth, F. G. Colley, J. A. Crust, R. A. Campbell, C. Eastwood, J. G. Eaton, Sergeants J. H. Fletcher, W. Farrer, T. Greveson, Privates W. W. Hood, L. S. Harris, F. W. Hodgson, C. W. Harrison, C. M. Howard, J. Jackson, E. James, Sergeant T. Merry, Privates W. Newton, W. G. Pocock, F. Poxton, Sergeant W. G. Richards, Privates A. Richardson, H. D. Shaw, R. Sawdon, J. W. Sissons, Sergeant F. Shaw, Sergeant. W. B. Seaton, Privates H. E. Spencer, W. Shaw, F. Sawdon, S. Woodhead, J. W. Willerton, T. Woodiwiss, L. S. Wallis, Corporal E. B. Wilson.

....The selected contingent of the South Notts Imperial Yeomanry, who proceeded to London yesterday to receive their medals for services in South Africa, paraded at the Midland Station at five o'clock in the morning, in command of Colonel Rolleston, the other officers on parade being Lieut. W. H. Tristram and Lieut. R. L. Birkin. There were 38 non-commissioned officers and men present.
....The non-commissioned officers and men on parade were :—Squadron Quartermaster-sergeant H. Barnett, Staff-Sergeant-major T. D. Pullman, Lance-Quartermaster-sergeant H. O. Kirkman, Sergeants B. Gothorpe, C. E. Brown, and W. E. Jackson, Lance-sergeant G. H. Crawcour, Corporals J. Farr, H. J. Hunt, D. E. McGregor, A. Snowden, and J. R. Trieber, Shoeing-smith T. R. Booth, Trumpeter H. Robinson, and Privates W. B. Bailey, W. Barrow, G. Carr. C. Clements. G. H. Collin, J. Collishaw, W. Collishaw. R. Cross. A. Davidson, R. Glenn, F. Hall, J. Haywood, H. Jones. A. Kirk, H. E. Kirk, T. W. Lilley, H. J. Marshall, G. Millward, E. H. Park. H. E. Park, W. Rawson, J. A. Smith, H. C. Williams, and E. J. Widdowson.

....A list of the Sherwood Rangers receiving the medal appeared yesterday.
Sheffield Daily Telegraph, Saturday 27th July 1901

....Amongst the Imperial Yeomanry who will receive their medals from the King to-day (Friday) will be a strong contingent of the Sherwood Rangers. The men travelled this morning from Retford by the five o'clock train for London, and will be entertained at luncheon by their Colonel, Viscount Galway, at his town residence in Grosvenor Street. They will be under the command of Captain H. Wilson, Amongst other officers who will be presented with their medals will be Captain J. F. Laycock. The names of the Rangers are as follow :—
....Captain H. Wilson, Lieutenant Turner, C-S.-Major H. A. Peck, Sergeants F. W. Luke, F. Park, H. F Riggall, C.Q.M.S. J. A. Spooner, Fr.-Sergeant J. Wilkinson, Corporal A N. Skipworth, Lance-Corporal W. Pearson, Privates H. Bennett, J. Burgin, G. Chapman, G. C. Collishaw, C. F. M. Davis, H. Davies, J. Drakes, W. F. Elderkin, S. Evison, B. Ewing, I. S. Ford, E. J Foster, T. Francis, R. Gourly,F. W. Green,H. Green,G. Hanson, C. Harley, G. Kirkham, E. C. Muxlowe, J. Nix, W. E. Norquoy, C. D. Porter, W. D. Stephenson, W. Swift, J. J. Tomkins, A. Ward, J. White, Wimpony, H. Winson.
Sheffield Daily Telegraph, Friday 26th July 1901

....If present appearances are to be trusted, tne second public presentation of medals by the King to our returned South African warriors is to be shorn of much of its picturesqueness by the cruel vagaries of the weather. The elements seem bent upon beating their wretched performances of yesterday. It was a gloomy morning, the sky overspread with lowering thundery clouds, which between nine and ten o'clock opened out in a furious deluge of rain, that for a time swept the streets clear of foot passengers, and turned the channels into gushing rivulets. Storm-stayed Yeomen were to be seen courting the shelter of doorways and shop awnings so that they might present themselves before their King as spick and span as the evil circumstances of the day would permit, for this, it should be explained, is
The ceremony on the Horse Guards' Parade is entirely an "I.Y." affair, and some 3000 of them have come to town from every quarter of the kingdom to receive His Majesty's thanks for their patriotic services. Among them is a representative contingent of the Fife and Forfar men—41 in all. The majority of these travelled south by the 9.40 train from Edinburgh last night, arriving in London about seven o'clock. This morning they proceeded at once to their rendezvous, Albany Barracks, Regent's Park, the headquarters of one of the regiments of the Household Cavalry, and there they were joined by others of the detachment who had previously come to town. Soon after breakfast the men fell in, and the full roll of those present was as follows :— Captain Purvis, Lieutenant Simpson, Lieutenant Pullar, Surgeon-Captain Dewar, Lieutenant Burton Stewart, Veterinary-Lieutenant Young, Sergeant-Major Simpson, Quartermaster S. Brown, Farrier-Sergeant Spreull, Sergeants Lumsden, Nicholson, and Thoms, Corporals Bonthron, Bowman, Campbell, Cargill, Hunter, Shiell, and Shields ; Privates Ainslie, Almond, Anderson, Baird, Clacher. Findlay, Haig, Milliken, M'Grady, Mitchell, Playfair, Scott, Sinclair, Stephen, Stratton, Stewart, Sturrock, Westland. Pople, Rintoul ; Shoeing-Srnith Craigon, Trumpeter M'Dougall. All the officers and men were in khaki, and they looked
who will compare well with their companions-in-arms from other parts of the country. Shortly after nine o'clock they mounted two large covered brakes and drove off through the deluge by way of Oxford Street to St James's Park.

....The Northumberland and Durham contingent of the Imperial Yeomaury, numbering 120 men. who are to receive medals to-day at the hands of the King, partook of a substantial breakfast at the Holborn Restaurant this morning. The men afterwards left in a downpour of rain for the Horse Guards parade. The men were heartily cheered as they marched through the streets.
Dundee Evening Telegraph, Friday 26th July 1901

....The following are the names of the 40 recipients selected from the 3rd Company (Gloucestershire) of the 1st Battalion:—-Capt.E. T. Hill, Bristol; Lieut. H. F. Clifford, Frampton; S.S. Major J. B. Hillier, Castletown; S.S. Major B. W. Neale, Berkeley; S.M. S. V. C. Young, Rugway; Sergt. R. O. P. Paddison, Stroud; Sergt. P. Hoddell, Glewstone; Sergt. W. G. Charleswortb, Doncaster; Sergt.-Farrier G. Williams, Cardiff; Corporal H. F. Edwards, Bristol; Corporal J. F. De Rees, Newport; Trumpeter J. E. Ord, Gateshead, Durham; S.Smith F. W. Barton, Slimbridge; S. Smith E. Vincent, Newport; Private F. W. Adlard, Postlip; Private C. Arter, Cheltenham; Private F. Baldwin, Charlton Kings; Private F. Burroughs, Cheltenham; Private S. Bowyer, Bristol; Private W. F. Croome, Painswick; Private H. G. Clark, Ashleworth; Saddler H. Cotterill, Bristol; Private G. M. Dickenson, Cheltenham; Private J. Griffiths, Barry Dock; Private M. W. Gorton, Stroud; Private E. M. Hadley, Cambridge; Private G. F. Hucker, Horfield; Private H. P. Jew. Gloucester; Private D.J. Lewis, Cardiff; Private R. Neale, Berkeley; Corporal H. E. R. Niblett, Gloucester; Private J. Peckett, Bristol; Private H. Sandford, Pontypool; Private W. T. Stevens, Fairford; Private C. Richards. Ealing; Private E. H. Toulmin, Wotton-under-Edge; Pte. ' P. H.L. Weaver, Clifton; Private T. H. Williams, Llanwern; Private W. W. Williams, Abersychan. Lieut, and Quarter-Master R. Robertson and Regt.-Sergt.-Major W. Gregory, Headquarters Staff of the Battalion, have also gone up for the presentation.
Western Daily Press, Friday 26th July 1901

....Major Bolitho, Lieut. St. Hill, and 38 men of the Devon Imperial Yeomanry went to London by the Great Western Railway last evening tor the purpose of being present at the Horse Guards parade to-day to receive their South African medals from the King. The men who went up were selected by ballot.
Western Times, Friday 26th July 1901

....Yesterday the medals gained in South Africa by the 69th (Sussex) Imperial Yeomanry were presented by His Majesty King Edward VII, at the Horse Guards, the event being also honoured by the presence of Queen Alexandra. The local officers and men who received medals included Captain E. J. Cory (of Rye), Corporal P. T. Ross (of Hastings), Trooper Oscar Blackman (of Hastings), and others. Some of the citizen-soldiers proceeded to London on Thursday night; those who went up yesterday morning (including our gallant townsman, Corporal Ross) found the rain pouring in torrents on their arrival in the Metropolis. Not a cab was to be had, but at length, after walking some distance, and getting thoroughly wet, a conveyance was obtained. They were due at the Horse Guards at eleven o'clock, but, owing to the delay occasioned by the weather, it was nearly half-past eleven when Corporal Ross and his comrades arrived. The weather had then fortunately cleared. Their names were called, and each recipient replied "Sir," and saluted, walking up to the King, who personally presented the medals to the forty Sussex heroes. Each medal was enclosed in a box, bearing tbe name, number, and Company of its destined possessor. Corporal Ross's medal is
of silver, having on one side the bust of her late Majesty Queen Victoria, and on the other a female figure holding aloft a laurel wreath, with a ship and other figures in the background. Round the edge of the medal is the inscription : "16,484, Corporal P. T. Ross, 69th Imperial Yeomanry." The ribbon to which it is attached Is of red, purple, and orange. The bars are to be sent later on, and the local men hope to get four, for Diamond Hill and the other engagements.
....The Sussex Company were very pleased to find that every one of their number was able to appear in khaki, some other Volunteers present being without their uniforms.
Hastings and St. Leonards Observer, Saturday 27th July 1901

....The following is a list of the officers, non-commissioned officers, and troopers of the local companies of the Imperial Yeomanry who received their medals from the hands of the King :—
....21st (Cheshire) Company lmperial Yeomanry.—Captains Lord Grosvenor and J. H. W. Rennie; Lieutenant the Hon. R. Grosvenor; Majors Vaughan and Hardwick; Sergeants Pierce, Staveacre, Hincks, and Proudlove; Lance-Sergeant Worthington; Corporals Pickering, Goulding, Gardiner, and Wetton; Lance-Corporal Owen; Troopers Banks, Blythin, Bryant, Capern, Cooke, Cunnah, Done, Dudley, A. W. Fraser, W. A. Fraser, Hamman, Heanley, Hunt, F. Jones, Lloyd, Mellon, Moore, Moulding, G. J. Parry, R. B. Parry, Porritt, W. J. Pickering. Shore, Threlwall, Tattersall, Taylor, Webb, and Worgent.
....22nd (Cheshire) Company.—Captain Daniel; Lieutenants S. Reynolds and Phillips; Regimental Sergeant-Major Barrett; Staff-Sergeant Newton; Sergeants Hopley and Backhouse; Lance-Sergeant Rivett; Corporals Irlam and Knott; Lance-Corporal Hulme; Troopers Applebee, Ashton, Aynsley, Baird, Baxter, Bentliffe, Bucanan, Charlton, Clarke, Cooke, Dodds, Drinkwater, Duckies, Emery, Felton, Gray, Haynes, Hickson, Howorth, Hunter, Lloyd, Lomery, McClure, Owen, Pickering, Princepp, Pugh, Rigby, Royle, Stubbs, Whittingham, and Williams.
....32nd (Lancashire) Company.—Captain Stapleton-Bretherton; Lieutenants Pilkington, Fletcher, and Staurton; Sergeants Eddlestone and James; Farrier-Sergeant Porter: Corporals Bryham, Knowles, and Sumner; Trumpeters Karslake and Martin; Shoeing Smith Wilcox: Troopers Arrowsmith, Ball, Barton, Bennett, Blackledge, Boardman, Bridge, Byron, Cusack, Dancer, Dennett, Duxbury, Eden, Fairclough, Farley. Featherston, Gree, Heath, Hodson, A. E. Jones, Lawrence, Lowe, Makinson, Ramsay, Sephton, Shawcross, Sherlock, Swift, and Watson.
....6th Staffordshire Company Imperial Yeomanry.—Lieutenants Moat, and Gardner; Staff Sergeant-major Brindley; Sergeants Garner, Mortlock, Peach, and Walters; Corporals Abbotts, Keeling, Kenward, Lovatt, Munday, and Morgan; Troopers Appleby, Ball. Bagshaw, Burnett, Coley, Cartwright, Cheadle, Edwards, Forshaw, Graves, Hickley, Johnson, Moorcroft, Meek, Marriott, Muggleton, Peach, Phillips, Rhodes, Simpkin, Somerset, Stretch, Vallance, W. H.Webb, F. B. Webb, and P. E. Webb.
....8th Derbyshire Company.—Captain Gisborne; Lieuts. Power and Arkwright; Sergeant-majors Kersey and Cowley; Quartermaster-sergeant Pywell; Sergeants Boughen, Bramall, Richardson, and Tipley; Corporal Morley; Lance-corporals S. Jones, Hines, and Hollins; Trumpeter Lowe; Shoeingsmith Gallagher; Troopers Bakewell, Baxter, Bentley, Brownson, Coleman, Fitzherbert, Goodall, Hoare, Holding, Litchfield, Milne, Pitman, Prince, Ratcliffe, Smedley, Smith, Spriggs, Storer, Tarlton, Urton, Walker, Welbourne, Woolley, Yates, and Yeomans.
....23rd (Lancashire) Company.—Major Kemp; Capt. Huntington; Lieut. Bibby-Hesketh; Staff Sergeant-major Sales: Sergeants Earnshaw, Herrington, W. Mason, and A. F. Mason; Corporals Ashworth, Casson, Peel, and Yorkington; Lance-corporals Ormrod, Poole, and Leyland; Troopers Agnew, Barlow, Brooksbank, Brunner, Chadwick, Cowie, C. Crowther, N. Crowther, Haslam, Hilton, Hughes, Hunt, Hutchison, S. Jones, Kershaw, Lewin, Macklow, Partington, Rowcliffe, Rodgers, Rigg, Whittker, Webster, Williams, and Yeates.
....24th Westmorland and Cumberland Company.—Captain Parkin; Lieutenants Beddington and Elliot Wood; Squadron Sergeant-major Doran; Sergeants Farrier Dowthwaite and Coulthard; Sergeants Harrison, Hutchinson, Jenkinson, and Wilson; Squadron Quartermaster-sergeant Littlefair; Corporal H. T. Wilson; Lance-corporals Atkinson, Muir, and Nelson; Troopers Barker, Bracken, Bulman, Cheeseman, Clements, Cooper, Dorrian, Feddon, Fenton, Heighway, Huddleston, Kitchen, Mashiter, Mounsey, Muncaster, Park, Ruddick, Scott-Brown, T. J. Siddle, W. Siddle, Simpson, Swidenbank, Taylor, and Threlkeld.
....77th (Manchester) Company.—Captain Frank Sowler; Sergeant-major Stott; Quartermaster-sergeant McInnes; Sergeants Johnson and MacCallum; Corporals Sutcliffe, Suter, Smallwood, and D...[?]; Farrier-corporal Ashworth; Troopers Bailey, Barcroft, Davis, G. Edge, Finlay, Goodall, Graham, Greenwood, Hartley, Harper, Heys, J. Jones, Learoyd, Mandley, Mercer, Morris, Nightingale, Nuttall, Oates, Owbridge, Pearson, Pickard, Savage, Stephenson, Taylor, Willman, Wilkinson, Waterhouse, Whittaker, and Williamson.
....29th (Denbighshire) Company.—Lieutenant-Colonel Parry; Lieutenants Mainwaring and Wynne-Egerton; Staff-Sergeant-major Palser; Staff-Sergeant S. Jones; Sergeants J. Lloyd, Mendeith [Meredith?], M'Lellan [?], and Tyrer; Lance-Sergeants Owen and Parker; Trumpeters Townley and Vaughan; Corporal M..less [?]; Lance-corporals Williams, Alexander, W. Fli.. [?], E. Hind, and Hughes; TroopersAllman, Ball, B... [?], Davies, E. Evans, J. L. Evans, H. W. Flint, G.... [?]. H. Hind, J. H. Jones. W. Jones, J. Jones, S. Leary, Lemperiere, Priestley, Slawsor, Turner, A. E. Williams, J. Williams, T. Williams, and Willis.
....The distribution was a slow process, but was watched throughout with great interest by a large crowd collected right round the ground.
Manchester Courier, Saturday 27th July 1901 Some of the names in this account are unreadable; if I can find them anywhere else, I'll add them in.

....Very strong action, which only an overwhelming sense of grievance could justify, has been taken by 32 non-commissioned officers and men whose pay is in arrear. They have signed and sent a letter to the King declining to attend the presentation of medals to-day on the Horse Parade. They point out that they cannot submit to be decorated while the wives and families of some of their number are starving. The smallest amount due amongst the 32 non-commissioned officers and men is £63, while one man can show a claim of £127 12s. Fully conscious of the gravity of the step they have taken, the men point out that they are prepared to incur the risk of a district court-martial, which may follow upon their action. So bitter have been the privations of the men (according to their story related at the Daily Chronicle office) that one man was compelled to pawn for two or three pounds his hard won medals. The pawn-ticket was produced in evidence. Some men have served their country for no less a period than 22 years, and, although they declare that they cannot accept a medal to-day, they proudly declare in their "petition" to the King their willingness to serve their country again.
The Daily Chronicle, Friday 26th July 1901
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July 26th 4 months 1 week ago #77606

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Good to see the press reports of the Royal Presentation of campaign medals to the Imperial Yeomanry. Glancing through the names, all of a sudden a few caught the eye! Although not identified by squadron, those under the heading of "A Yeoman's Day" included a number of lads from the 20th Fife and Forfar Yeomanry - for example, Ptes. Scott, Sturrock, Anderson and M'Grady and Corporal Campbell. These usefully illustrated in the attached pic from the 1903 publication "The Fifes in South Africa". Corporal Campbell's medals are shown in the second pic; he returned as a Lt. in the Scottish Horse I.Y.

Perhaps other Forum members might trawl their records for any IY attendees at the presentation?
Regards to all
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