Volume VI (The Guerilla war. From February 1901 to the conclusion of hostilities. The development of peace negotiations from February 23, 1901, to May 31, 1902) of Louis Creswicke's South Africa and the Transvaal War, published in 1902.  The contents are presented in PDF format.

Contents   pdficon_large
Chapter I Continuation of the De Wet chase, 1st to 10th March - across the Orange River.  Lyttleton's sweeping movements
- 10th to 20th March - Thabanchu line
Chapter II Cape Colony - pursuit of raiders - March and April - Chasing Kruitzinger pdficon_large
Chapter III The operations of General French in the eastern Transvaal from 27th January to 16th April 1901 pdficon_large
Chapter IV In the western Transvaal - January to May.  April, Orange River Colony - operations of General Bruce Hamilton
and General Rundle
Chapter V Combined movement from the clearance of the northern Transvaal - Mar and April.  Lieutenant General Sir Bindon
Blood's operations north of the line Middelburg - Belfast - Lydenburg.  General Grenfell at Pietersburg
Chapter VI General Elliot's operations from Kroonstad.  General Elliot's operations - second phase pdficon_large
Chapter VII General Bruce Hamilton's operations, Orange River Colony (south).  Major General C Knox, Orange River Colony
(centre) - May and June
Chapter VIII Lord Methuen, Transvaal (south west) - May to June pdficon_large
Chapter IX Operations between the Delagoa and Natal lines - May and June.  Brigadier General Plumer in the eastern Transvaal. 
Major General Beatson's operations.  Lieutenant General Sir Bindon Blood, eastern Transvaal.  Activities around Standerton
and Heidelberg
Chapter X Lieutenant General Grenfell's operations, Transvaal north.  Situation and skirmishes in Cape Colony, May and June pdficon_large
Chapter XI Orange River Colony, south - Major Generals Bruce Hamilton and C Knox, July.  Orange River Colony, north - Major General Elliot. 
Orange River Colony, east - Lieutenant General Sir L Rundle.  Orange River Colony, north - Colonel Rimington - Brigadier General
Bullock - Brigadier General Spens.  Transvaal, wouth west - operations of General Fetherstonhaugh - clearing the Magaliesberg, July. 
Transvaal, east - Lieutenant General Sir Bindon Blood.  Standerton - Heidelburg - Lieutenant Colonel Colville.  Cape Colony - July. 
The situation - August
Chapter XII Orange River Colony.  Transvaal.  Natal pdficon_large
Chapter XIII Natal. Transvaal.  Cape Colony.  Orange River Colony pdficon_large
Chapter XIV Progress to October 1901 pdficon_large
Chapter XV The close of 1901.  The situation - January 1902 pdficon_large
Chapter XVI The new year - January 1902 pdficon_large
Chapter XVII Events in February and March 1902 pdficon_large
Chapter XVIII The close of hostilities - March, April and May 1902 pdficon_large
Appendix The peace negotiations.  Official correspondence after the battle of Colenso pdficon_large
  Recipients of the Victoria Cross pdficon_large