Volume VI (From the occupation of Pretoria to Mr. Kruger's departure from South Africa, with a summarised account of the guerilla war to March 1901) of Louis Creswicke's South Africa and the Transvaal War, published in 1901.  The contents are presented in PDF format.

Contents   pdficon_large
Chapter I At Pretoria, June 5 to 10.  The battle of Diamond Hill, June 11 to 12.  Guarding the communications pdficon_large
Chapter II General Buller's operations - routing the Boers from the Laing's nek, May 19 to June 12.  The advance from
Laing's Nek to Standerton - Joining hands with Lord Roberts's force, June 13 to 22
Chapter III In Orange River Colony (east), June.  In the western Transvaal, June to July 9 pdficon_large
Chapter IV The battle of Bethlehem - the surrender of Prinsloo.  Affairs in and around Pretoria - the capture of Middelburg. 
Protecting the Krugersdorp - Potchefstroom railroad
Chapter V Chasing De Wet in the western transvaal.  Plots and proclamations, August pdficon_large
Chapter VI General Buller's movements - clearing the Transvaal between Volksrust and Belfast pdficon_large
Chapter VII The Lydenburg campaign.  The Orange River Colony.  The Western Transvaal.  Exit Mr Kruger pdficon_large
Chapter VIII Guerilla warfare pdficon_large
  Afterword pdficon_large
Appendix Biographical record of notable persons engaged in the South African campaign pdficon_large
  Recipients of the Victoria Cross pdficon_large
  Lexicon pdficon_large
  Deaths in action and from disease pdficon_large
  List of casualties pdficon_large
  Index pdficon_large