The St Helena Volunteer Sharpshooters was a small unit of initially around 50 men, growing to 75 by the end of 1902.

The unit must have been raise before 1898 as there is a book entitled 'Standing Rules and Regulations of the St Helena Volunteer Sharpshooters' dated 1898 and printed by the Government Printing Office by C W Bruce. The rules run to 7 pages.

The unit was used to guard to Boer Prisoners at St Helena. In addition to guard duties, some Volunteers were attached to the RE and ASC and others were employed as drivers by the military.

The Volunteers put in two drills a week and took part in target shooting every two weeks between 1900 to 1902.

QSAs were awarded to 30 men. Their medals were presented by Col H J Price, Acting Governor, at the King's Birthday Parade on 10 Nov 02. After the presentation, Col Price returned one of the medals (named to Private G James) as he could not be traced. This meant that 29 medals were issued on that day.

The distribution of medals led to an increase in the strength of the Volunteers.

Boer prisoners were still in St Helena in 1907. One account says the Volunteers were disbanded in 1907 when the British garrison withdrew. However, a different account says the unit became known as the St Helena Rifles in 1918.

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