This body was generally stationed in and on the outskirts of the town, but as the enemy frequently visited the neighbourhood, the Police had, as will be seen from the Mentions, occasions on which they proved their value as soldiers.

The Mentions gained were:—

LORD KITCHENER'S DESPATCH: 8th August 1901.—Captain H Samson, during attack on Florida, July 5, was conspicuous for his conduct of the defence.  First-class Sergeant W Parke, in command of 33 Police at Roodepoort when that place was attacked, July 5, after repulsing attack, led volunteers, who cleared village, and was severely wounded in doing so.  Trooper E Hampton, sentry at entrance to village of Florida, when, on same date, 25 Boers galloped at him, held his position, and by his steady fire checked enemy till support arrived, when he had only three rounds left: his defence saved post.

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