A howitzer battery.

Arrived on 23rd February 1900.  Was after a time taken to the Natal border, and long remained about Dundee and Newcastle.  A section marched along the Standerton Railway line, with Clery to Heidelberg (Knox's 'Buller's Campaign', p 274).  Towards the close of 1900 a part of the battery was with Cunningham west of Pretoria.  Two guns were brought south from the Transvaal to near the Orange River in November 1900 to assist in keeping De Wet out of Cape Colony, and these accompanied General Knox in his great chase (see 85th and Lord Kitchener's despatch of 8th March 1901).  When the naval guns were first used in the field they were hauled by ox-teams, but Lieutenant Halsey's report of 20th July 1900 (Naval Brigade despatches) mentions that on 12th July he borrowed two gun-teams, drivers, harness, etc, from Major Guinness, 86th Battery RFA, and proceeded to experiment on the possibility of horsing the naval guns.  "Finding everything satisfactory, I took them to headquarters and paraded them before Sir Redvers Buller".  The guns subsequently went into action with the horses and drivers of the 86th.

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