Lieutenant J M'L Cameron, of the 3rd contingent, organised and commanded a body of specially picked and trained scouts, under the name Cameron's Victorian Scouts, whose good work was on several occasions referred to by correspondents and other writers. It was a group of 24 men raised by Lieutenant John McLeod Cameron, for special service. He provided them with mounts except where they had their own. They were part of the main contingent and were armed and equipped as the rest of the Third Bushmen. The establishment was one Lieutenant, one Sergeant, two Corporals, twenty one Privates with 33 horses. The Third Bushmen arrived at Beira on 3 April 1900 and proceeded to Rhodesia. They were attached to the Rhodesian Field Force. Cameron's Scouts remained at Marandellas whilst the rest of the force proceeded to Bulawayo, Mafeking and Rustenburg. At a later date Cameron Scouts proceeded by train from Bulawayo to Mafeking, rejoining the main RFF. Whilst at Marandellas they became bodyguard to General Sir Frederick Carrington. When the RFF left Mafeking they went on the march to Ottoshoop and Zeerust.

At Brakfontein (near Eland's River) they fought an eight-hour engagement against a De La Rey Commando. A couple of rear guard actions were undertaken over the next few days on the way back through Marico River to Zeerust. At that point of time, a Commando under General Lemmer engaged them. They then returned to Ottoshoop. During the next couple of weeks, they were engaged on several small sniping engagements.

General Carrington ordered their return to Rhodesia and Cameron's Scouts were effectively disbanded.

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ChrispWilliamLieutenantSource: OZ-Boer database
CrispHMCorporalSource: OZ-Boer database
GatliffCorporalSource: OZ-Boer database
HoweDriverSource: OZ-Boer database
KingJTHSource: OZ-Boer database
McLeodJDTrooperSource: OZ-Boer database
McLeod-CameronJohnCaptainQSA (4) CC Rhod OFS Tr (Capt Victorian Scouts), KSA (2) (Major CC Forces). Major John McLeod-Cameron is confirmed on the medal rolls for both medals, serving with Cameron's Victorian Scouts from 4 April 1900 to 23 June 1901, and Cape Colonial Forces from 1 December 1901 to 31 May 1902. He was promoted Captain, 22 June 1900, and became Major in the Cape Colony Colonial Forces, as Commandant at Aberdeen and Carnarvon. He served until the termination of the war. DNW Dec 91 ?2,500.
Source: OZ-Boer database
McMillanAlexTrooperSource: OZ-Boer database
NagleJFSource: OZ-Boer database
NewtonTrooperSource: OZ-Boer database
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