Engaged in the British South Africa Company wars, 1890-1897.

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1885-1896. An Imperial unit raised by Lt.-Col. F. Carrington, South Wales Borderers, with a strength of 500 including an artillery troop. They wore brown corduroy, and later khaki drill uniforms, with slouch hats with a white pagri and blue puttees and carried the Martini-Henry rifle and bayonet. They were the first Imperial troops to use the Maxim automatic machine gun in action, during the first Matabele War of 1893.  Ninety of the BBP with two Maxims formed part of the Shangani Patrol in November-December.  An account of the regiment appeared in the Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research, Vol. XIX, p. 236 et seq.  Mess kit, claret coloured. (Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research, Vol. XXVII, p. 141.)


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