Raised in April 1878 and commanded by Captain Pieter Johannes Raaf, formerly in command of 84 men known as ‘Raaf’s Rangers’, the Transvaal Rangers consisted of approximately 60 European volunteers, supported by 148 men of the Transvaal Mounted Rifles. They were created in an attempt to maintain the numerical strength of the volunteer corps in the face of numerous resignations - and the return of the Diamond Fields Horse to Kimberley - and to make a stand against Sekukini and his allies. Seeing an eventful war, the Transvaal Rangers were heavily engaged at Hlobane on 28 March 1879 and took part in the hunt for Cetchwayo as part of Baker Russell’s Column. They were disbanded in September 1879.

Source: Spink

243 Medals were awarded to the Transvaal Rangers, 101 of them with the ‘1878’ clasp and 122 with the ‘1879’ clasp.