The value of local guides and of information provided by those who had local knowledge was emphasised in many of the despatches; and under the Natal Volunteers and Guides many names are given of officers, men, and civilians who risked much for the good of the army in Natal.  Many names are also given under the various corps of Scouts of those who obtained Mention by Lord Roberts and Lord Kitchener.  

In addition to these, the following were commended under the headings given below:—

LORD ROBERTS' DESPATCHES: 31st March 1900.—Civil Guide: Mr Hogg.

2nd April 1901.—Corps of Guides: Lieutenant H F C Ross; Trooper Newton.

8th March 1901.—Mr Carlyle (Carlisle), Intelligence Department.

8th May 1901.—Mr Carlisle assisted Major Browne to get six armed Boers out of a dark cave, 23rd April, near Krugersdorp.

8th December 1901.—Troopers E Maasdorp and R Currie and Sergeant G Brotherton assisting to capture Commandant Erasmus.

LORD KITCHENER'S DESPATCH: 23rd June 1902.—Intelligence Department: Captains F Smitherman; A M Hughes, J Quayle-Dickson, W Beddy; Lieutenants C R De la Porte, G S Doyle; Messrs R Haigh, F Webber, E Mooney.  Field Intelligence Department (Guides): W Hanger, W C Carlisle, A J Hunter, J C Paton, J W S Dimock, H Loxton, E E Schweizer, J Duke, E Thornhill, W H Howard, J Agnew, W Forbes, R L Estmont, J J Williams, G L Langridge, G A Cooper, C S Ladsberg, M Bergh, R Whipp, P M'Master.  Captain D Forbes, Field Intelligence.

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