The fourth place to be used for prisoners was the islands of Bermuda.  Five of the islands were used and these received over 5,000 men.  The internees where split on their attitude to the war and were physically separated on this basis.  Those who believed the war should be continued were sent to Darrell's Island and closely guarded.  Morgan's Island held 884 men, including 27 officers.  There was 809 on Tucker's Island, 607 on Burt's Island 607 and 35 on Port's Island where the hospital facilities were located.

There was an Industrial Association linked to each camp.  This encouraged participation in camp work but also in the making of craft items and games.

Darrell's Island
Group of internees
Islands used for the prisoners
Bermuda prisoners
Darrell's Island
Sports at Darrell's Island

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 No   Surname   Forename   Captured   Date   Camp   Age   Address 
0HenricoWilliam FrederickUnknownHawkins Island30Doornkloof
0TrijtsmanA JUnknownHawkins Island24Rooiplaats
166LabuschagneJan HarmPieters Hill1900-02-27Doornkop
287MorreesH JUnknown
485Van AswegenHendrik AbrahamPaardeberg1900-02-2721Blesbokfontein
513BritsPieter FrederikPaardeberg1900-02-2737Koodoes Draai
527BritsJan HendrikPaardeberg1900-02-27Shahjahanpur19Warrenton
544De BeerChristiaan MarthinusPaardeberg1900-02-2755Nooitgedacht
547De BeerAlbertus Jacobus JohannesPaardeberg1900-02-2736Klerksdorp
548De BeerChristiaan MarhinusPaardeberg1900-02-2756Eschatre
553De BeerZachariasPaardeberg1900-02-2730Schraalkans
563Van Den BergGert NicholasPaardeberg1900-02-27Darrell's Island25Modderfontein
564Van Den BergJacobus PetrusPaardeberg1900-02-2752Modderfontein
565Van Den BergDavid APaardeberg1900-02-2731Blesbokfontein
566Van Den BergBarend PPaardeberg1900-02-2725Blesbokfontein
579Van Den BergCarel JohannesPaardeberg1900-02-2729Potchefstroom
593BothaOckert JonathanPaardeberg1900-02-27Darrell's Island42Kaffers Kraal
594BothaGerrit Johannes JacobusPaardeberg1900-02-27Darrell's Island20Kafferskraal
597BothaJohannes FrederikPaardeberg1900-02-27Darrell's Island26Cyferkuil
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