London Times, 01 Dec 00 (Saturday)

p12d The Nineveh arrived at Plymouth yesterday afternoon with the following invalids:

Kimberley L H – Captain Brown

RIR – Captain Brenan

3/KOSB – Captain Critchley-Salmonson

Veterinary Dept. – Lieutenant Colonel Rayment

8/Bengal Lancers – Captain Cheyne

1/A & S Highlanders – Captain Campbell

1/R Sussex – Major Scaife

RFA – 2/Lieutenant Lowther

RAMC – Major Harris

2/Norfolk – Captain Wilson

On passage home:

RA – Major Fasson

ASC – Lieutenant Guthrie-Smith

Seaforth Highlanders – Captain Murray

3/R Lancaster – Lieutenant Fayrer

3/Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry – Captain Pike

Shropshire Light Infantry – Major Reade

Colonial Division – Major Merritt

19/Imperial Yeomanry – Captain Laffan

2/S Wales Borderers – 2/Lt/ Dickenson

The Nineveh also brought 34 "undesireables”, many of whom are women and children. They proceeded in the ship to London and given passes for their destinations.


London Times, 03 Dec 00 (Monday)

p10a The Briton left Cape Town for England on November 28, with the following on passage home:

Staff – Brigadier General B Mahon

Remount Dept. – Colonel R Stevenson

1/LG – Major the Hon. C Bingham

Imperial Yeomanry – Major H C Dugdale, Captain Lord A F Compton, Lord A H Grosvenor, & Lieutenant R Grey

Reserve of Officers – Lieutenant H H Vignoles

GG – Major Count Gleichen

RE – Lieutenant Colonel J B Sharpe

Rhodesian Prot. Regiment – Major A W Jarvis

3/R Scots Fusiliers – Captain G Fergusson Buchanan

4/Somerset Light Infantry – Captain S H Woodhouse

6/R Fusiliers – Lieutenant J D Waley

Rhodesian F F – Lieutenant A Wormald

For Madeira: 3/W India – Captain C W Long

For W Coast of Africa:

1/Cheshire – Lieutenant F H Mahony

1/Gloucester – 2/Lieutenant H Needham

4/N Stafford – Lieutenant A M Stapylton


p10c The Moor arrived at Southampton last night with the following on passage home:

Staff – Gens. Sir F Clery, J P Brabazon, Major General J B B Dickson, Colonels Alexander, & Mansell, Lieutenant Colonels De Courcy Hamilton, C V Hume, Major A H C Hanbury-Tracy, Captains De Winton, F R F Boileau, & Lieutenants Pole & Vaughan

Imperial Yeomanry – Colonel Lord Valentia and Lieutenants F W G Gore & Viscount de Bearneye

RE – Lieutenant S G Faber

S Wales Borderers – Captain F St J Highes

Indian Staff Corps – Captain E J Lugard

5/Manchester – Captain W F Hobdell

4/Scottish R – Captain H H Smith

Volunteer Company Middlesex – Lieutenant E J King


London Times, 04 Dec 00 (Tuesday) Nothing Noted


London Times, 05 Dec 00 (Wednesday)

p3b & c Dateline Cape Town December 3. The transport Victoria sailed today with 200 Boer prisoners for St Helena and 300 details for London. The Algeria will sail on Thursday with 250 details. The Roslin Castle is due to sail on Thursday with the second Canadian Contingent of 1,050, but delay is anticipated. The Orient, due to sail next week with 600 Australians may also be delayed.


p8b & c The Assaye arrived at Southampton yesterday with the following invalids:

14/Hussars – Lieutenant T E L Hill-Whitson

RGA – Major J R H Allen

GG – Captain Lord Loch

2/Northumberland Fusiliers – Captains C M A Wood & S C Birch

3/Durham Light Infantry – Captain M G Sowerby

1/ V B Lincoln – Surgeon Lieutenant Colonel H Wright

3/Bedfordshire – Captain Sir F Frankland

2/R Scots Fusiliers – Captains G M Trenchard, F E Buchanan

2/Hampshire – Lieutenant G Brooke

1/Essex – Captain G M Tufnell, Lieutenant B D L G Anley

2/R W Kent – Captain F C Marsh

KRRC – Captain R S Oxley

2/Seaforth Highlanders – Lieutenant C P Doig

3/R Munster Fusiliers – Colonel F W Bell

RAMC – Major T Archer, Lieutenant F S Walker, Civil Surgeon D V M. Adams

RFA – Lieutenant R R B Wall, 2/Lieutenant R K Lynch-Staunton

3/R Lancaster – Major W H Feilden

6/Warwickshire – Major G de H Fullerton

2/Norfolk – Lieutenants F R Day & B S Grissel

2/Lincoln – Captain J J Howley

2/E Yorkshire – 2/Lieutenant C L Estridge

3/S Wales Borderers – Lieutenant Colonel C Healey

1/R Sussex – Captain J B Wroughton

2/R Highlanders – Major J Deane & 2/Lieutenant R G Webber

2/Northampton – Lieutenant R C Coldwell

2/Shropshire Light Infantry – Captain J J White

2/Wiltshire – 2/Lieutenant C A Harding

2/R Irish Fusiliers – Lieutenant F A M Welsh

ASC – Captain A R L Hayward

2/Canadian Mounted Rifles – Lieutenant Taylor

Lord Strathcona’s Corps – Major A E Snyder

Imperial Yeomanry – Lieutenants E A Digby & C J Fauvel, J Simpson & Veterinary Lieutenant H C Jagger

Kitchener’s Horse – Lieutenant Aylmer

Remount Dept. – Lieutenant Fairweather

Cape Colonial Force – Major Tamplin

Army Veterinary Dept. – Captain J Moore

N S W Bushmen – Lieutenant W B Allen

N Z Artillery – Captain Hume

Brabant’s Horse – QM J H Walker

Chaplains – the Reverends J E Rockliff & F G Wright

Nursing Sister A F Draper

For duty on voyage:

RAMC – Lieutenant W Jagger, Civil Surgeons W L Wainwright, L V Cargill, & W C Allan

Nursing Sisters – M Chadfield & M G Jones

Civil Nurses – Miss E L Halls, Mrs L Wainwright, Mrs J Patterson & Miss L E Jerram

On Passage Home:

Irish Guards – Captain A A C FitzClarence, V C

Connaught Rangers – Captain A W Abercrombie

2/W Riding – Captain H W Cobb

7/Bengal Lancers – Captain H McConaghey

Staff – Major E S Heard

R Marine Light Infantry – Lieutenant Wilson


The Fort Salisbury arrived at Plymouth last night with the following on passage home:

1/LG – Captain Cookson

7 Hussars – Captain Prince Alexander of Teck

RHA – Major Du Plat Taylor

RGA – Major Bushe

E Kent Regiment – Colonel Hickson

1/Leicester Regiment – Captain Knatchbull

2/Cheshire Regiment – Colonel Curteis

2/Berkshire – Lieutenant Ready

York & Lancaster – Major Rolt

5/R Irish Fusiliers – Colonel Leslie

Bengal Lancers – Captain Turner

4/Battalion M I – Captain Ewart

Imperial Yeomanry – Colonel Spragge, Lieutenants Woodhouse & Duncombe, Civil Surgeons A A Scott & Skirving

2/DG – 2/Lieutenant Hesketh (Late Imperial Yeomanry )

17 Lancers – Lieutenant Colonel Lawrence

RFA – Major Cameron

IG – Major Godley

Volunteer Company Shropshire Light Infantry – Lieutenant Edge

Volunteer Company Somerset Light Infantry – Captain E J Whitting

1/Lancashire F – Lieutenant Farmer

3/Hampshire – Lieutenant Russell

Seaforth HR – Captain McNeill

1/W India – 2/Lieutenant Hollist

India S C – Major Baker & Lieutenant Taylor

Brabant’s Horse – Captain Boddman

A Veterinary Dept. – Civil Veterinary Surgeons J Stanley-Clarke, D J Moberley, E E Clode, S Hurst, W P Hill, & W C Haring


Cape Times Weekly Edition, 05 Dec 00

p2 Dateline Durban, Nov 29, 1900. The Catalonia is expected to sail shortly for Ceylon with a load of Boer Prisoners.


p4 Recruiting list here, numbers only, for local units from the Cape.


p8 Dateline Durban, Nov 29, 1900. The Canada is here for coaling.


p11 General Porter sailed for England in the Braemar Castle Friday afternoon.


London Times, 06 Dec 00 (Thursday) Nothing Noted


London Times, 07 Dec 00 (Friday)

p11a &b The Braemar Castle left for England December 1 with the following on passage home:

Staff – Brigadier General T C Porter

1/LG – Captain F H W Carden

RA – Captains H B Roberts & H M Montgomery

2/LG – Captain Hon. M Bowes-Lyon

1/KRRC – Major F A Fortescue

2/R Warwick – Captain V R Pigott

Chaplain Reverend E H Goodwin


The Victorian left for England on Dec 3, with the following on passage home:

Staff – Colonel J L B Templer

RA – Major J F N Birch, Captains K Combe & W J Napier

4/N Z Rough Riders – Veterinary Lieutenant A R Young

4/Hussars – Lieutenant E R Clutterbuck

RAMC – Civil Surgeons H H C Dent & C R Martin, for duty on voyage.

10/Hussars – Colonel R B W Fisher

RE – Major H J W Jerome

Lumsden’s Horse – Captains F Clifford & C L Sidey

ASC – Lieutenant & Riding Master W Lyons

Chaplain Reverend O S Watkins

Army Nursing Service – Nursing Sisters E Fisher & B Hoy, for duty on voyage.

The following will disembark at St Helena:

Staff – Major E G T Bainbridge

2/Gloucester – 2/Lieutenant A D Law


The Johannesburg left for England on Nov 28, having on board Captain C G Falcon, RE, invalided.


London Times, 08 Dec 00 (Saturday)

p7b Dateline Hobart, Dec 7. Major Cameron and 89 officers and men of the Tasmanian Contingent arrived today on board the Harlech Castle from South Africa.


p14a & b The Carisbrook Castle left for England December 5 with the following on passage home:

Staff – MajorGeneral RE Allen, & Colonels I J C Herbert & H D Bunbury

7/Hussars – Captain J Vaughan

RFA – Captain H S Seligman

Kimberley Regiment – Captain C Howe

For Madeira:

Imperial Yeomanry – Captain H Kidd

RHA – Major A Stokes

ASC – Colonel W D Richardson, Lieutenant Colonel F J Clayton, Captain A C Atkins

RGA – Lieutenant H W M Harington

RAMC – Civil Surgeon C Gordon Watson

Canadian Mounted Rifles – Captain A C Macdonald


The Atlantian left for India on December 5 with the following:

Lumsden’s Horse – Lieutenant Colonel D McT Lumsden, Captains L H Noblett, J B Rutherford, N C Taylor, J H Bresford, Surgeon Captain S A Powell, and 45 men. For duty on voyage and return, Civil Surgeon H E Birch.


The Dunottar Castle arrived at Southampton last night with the following on passage home:

Staff – General Pole-Carew, Colonel F W Benson, Majors C C Monro, Hon. G L Bryan, H N C Heath & Captains F B Maurice & F D Farquhar

7/Hussars – Captain R G Brooke

RFA – Major R F Fox, Captain G H A White

RE – Bt. Lieutenant Colonel A E Sandbach

3/V B Highland Light Infantry – Surgeon Captain R Pollok

2/Northampton – Lieutenant A T Page

Highland Light Infantry – Captain H T C Singleton

Canadian Regiment of Infantry – Major J C MacDougall

Langman’s Hospital – Lieutenant A L Langman

9/Lancers – Lieutenant G H Smith

Imperial Yeomanry – Captain G J Scott, Lieutenants N S Brettell & O E Boulton

Remount Depot – Major C E W Wood

Lincoln – Lieutenant W O Grieve

3/E Kent – Captain C Vipan

Rhodesia F F – Lieutenant R F Meyrick

N S Wales Lancers – Lieutenant S F Osborne

For Madeira – 4/Bedford, Captain H F Barclay


The Norham Castle landed at Southampton yesterday a number of officers on passage home and 40 "undesireables”. The following were listed:

Electrical Engineers – Captains F Lindsay, Lloyd, A Bain, H M Leaf, Lieutenant J Oshaughnessy, 2/Lieutenants H Bigge, F Powell Williams and 42 men.

R Highlanders – Lieutenant A H Marindin

RE – Lieutenant Colonels A C Foley & A H Kenney

2/R Scots – Major L W Bode

3/DG – 2/Lieutenant J D L Arathoon

Chaplains – Reverends W R P Paterson & F H Powell

Remount Dept. – Major W B Butler-Creagh

ASC – Captain J Barrett-Lennard (attached)

3/Hussars – 2/Lieutenant M Burge

Volunteer Company W Riding – Lieutenant H S Atkinson

1/R Fusiliers – 2/Lieutenant A E Sauer


London Times, 10 Dec 00 (Monday)

p5d & e Dateline Port Elizabeth, December 7. The Canada arrived here at about 6 a. m with Lord Roberts and General Ian Hamilton as passengers.

Dateline Cape Town December 8, 2 50 pm The Canada arrived here this afternoon. She is expected to sail for England on Tuesday with Lord Roberts, & Gens. Ian Hamilton andMarshall. She will also take 200 invalids.


p10a The hospital ship Princess of Wales arrived at Southampton Saturday afternoon with 170 invalids. The following were listed:

RAMC – Captain Pearse, in charge

Staff – Major R CB Haking & Captain W CB Boyce

1/York & Lancaster – Captain Webb



The Yorkshire arrived at Plymouth on Saturday morning. The following were listed: Essex – Major H H W Nason

1/S Staffordshire – Captain E Layton

2/Hampshire – 2/Lieutenant F L Parker

2/R Dublin Fusiliers – Lieutenant J McD Haskard

1/E Lancashire – Lieutenant R A Gosset

ASC – Captain F G E Cannot

19/Hussars – 2/Lieutenant G P Dodsworth

The following on passage home:

Staff – Captain G E Crofton

3/R Warwickshire – Captain L W Johnson

RFA – Captain Birch

Imperial Yeomanry – Lieutenant Alexander

8/KRRC – 2/Lieutenant E B L’Estrange

18/Hussars – Captain & QM J Baker

3/V B KOSB – Lieutenant R J Cunningham

RE – Major W F Hawkins

4/KRRC – Captain V H S Scratchley

4/Rifle Brig. – Captain Sir E Grogan

4/Liverpool – 2/lt. W N W Gape

R Scots Greys – 2/Lieutenant L C F Oppenheim

South African L H – Lieutenant C A Howard

Chaplain, Reverend A Mitchell

N S W Chaplain’s Dept. – Reverend H J Rose

RAMC – Civil Surgeons R Ward, A Breslin, C Gibbs, H J Scharlieb & N N Wooliscroft


The hospital ship Orcana embarked at Southampton yesterday 12 officers and 203 men, mostly details for the front.


The Manchester Merchant left Queenstown for Cape Town yesterday afternoon with the following:

9/Lancers – Lieutenant Kincaid-Smith, in charge.

1/Dragoons – 4 officers and 209 men

2/R Lancaster – 7 men

RAMC – 5 officers and 3 men

Details – 10 officers

Remounts – 370


London Times, 11 Dec 00 (Tuesday) Nothing Noted.


London Times, 12 Dec 00 (Wednesday)

p10b The first contingent( about 100 men) of Major General Baden-Powell’s Police will leave the Albert Docks on Saturday next, at noon, in the Idaho.


Cape Times Weekly Edition, 12 Dec 00

p3 Small list here of Boer prisoners who have died.


p11 The Orient will leave here Thursday with about 1,000 Australian troops returning home.


London Times, 13 Dec 00 ( Thursday )

p5d Dateline st. Helena, Dec 12. The Victorian arrived here yesterday with 200 Boer prisoners.


p10a & b The Manhattan left for England, December 6 with the following invalids:

Imperial Yeomanry Lieutenant G S L Smith

Sick convalescent, 208

Wounded convalescent, 32

The following are on passage home:

4/KRRC – Captains C A G Clarke & G V Hordern

RAMC – Civil Surgeons E A Nathan, E M Pearce, & A N Weir

1/Durham Light Infantry – Captain H R Cumming

1/Liverpool – Captain Depiro D’Amia

2/Leinster – Captain J D Mather

21/Lancers – Lieutenant C V de Crespigny


The Algeria left for England, December 6, with the following on passage home:

RFA – Captain REF Wemyss

4/Lancashire Fusiliers – Captain R S Wilson

20/Hussars – Lieutenant H C Hessey

RAMC – Civil Surgeons J A C Macewen, G L Hanwell, A C Robinson, J Thomson, & Dresser J Atkins

R Irish – Major H M Hatchell

2/Leicestershire – Captain W S Copland

Imperial Yeomanry – Majors Sir Simon Stuart, Hon. H A Anderson, Lieutenants R T Pelly, T G Ricardo, & Veterinary Capt. D Crole.


The Lake Champlain left the Mersey yesterday with the touring Canadians (Royal Canadian Regiment) on their way home to Canada.


London Times, 14 Dec 00 (Friday)

p5b Dateline ct, December 13. 1,000 Canadians and about 800 Australians sailed from here today on their return home. (no ships mentioned)


London Times, 15 Dec 00 (Saturday)

p12b The Canada left for England December 12, with the following on passage home:

Lord and Lady Roberts and Misses Roberts

Staff – Lieutenant-Gens. T Kelly-Kenny, Ian Hamilton, Major General G H Marshall, Colonels Lord Stanley, H Streatfield, Lieutenant Colonels H V Cowan, Sir H S Rawlinson, A J Murray, Captains Earl of Kerry, A D Kirby, w. h. Booth, H H Wilson, J Knowles, A G Maxwell, Lieutenants Lord H Scott, H Wake, W H Cowan, Viscount Acheson, E B Ashmore

3/CG – Lieutenant Colonel H C Surtees

2/Northumberland Fusiliers – Captain R CB Lethbridge

Post Office Corps – Captains A Palmer, F A Labouchere

W Aust. Bushmen – Lieutenant R R C Vernon

2/R Scots – 2/Lieutenant H D Carlton

Indian Medical Service – Major W R Edwards

RAMC – Major H B Mathias, & Civil Surgeons C Franks & A Ricketts

Chaplain Reverend P B Ball

2/Hampshire – Lieutenant Colonel W E Briggs

N S W Medical Staff – Captain T M Martin

Canadian Artillery – Captain J A Benyon

2/Dorset – Lieutenant H N Cowie

1/DG – 2/Lieutenant S G O Riddersborg

ASC – Lieutenant & Quartermaster J Bowers

2/Wilts – 2/Lieutenant G F Manning

Imperial L H – Mr C Ellis

Army Veterinary – Civil Veterinary Surgeon J V H Mashemer

Army Nurses – Nurses G Coutts, E E Balfour, E E Lawrence, B Smith, & E M Fisher.

And the following invalids are listed:

RFA – Captain E H Harpur

E Lancashire – Captain L CB Hamber

2/Hampshire – 2/Lieutenant N E Baxter

Imperial Yeomanry – Lieutenant C E Wynne-Eyton

N S W Bushmen – Lieutenant M Learmouth

R Irish – Captain S E St Leger

2/Somerset Light Infantry – 2/Lieutenant O Mordaunt

RAMC – Major E M Hassard, Captain H W H O’Reilly, Lieutenants S G Butler, R S Rodger, Civil Surgeon F W Robinson

Sick laying down, 25; convalescent, 249

Wounded laying down, 4; convalescent, 27

Due at Madeira Dec 28 and Southampton Jan 2.


The Saxon left for England and ports between on December 12. The following were listed:

For Forcados:

1/Lancaster Fusiliers – London Times, Ross

2/Berkshire – 2/Lieutenants Lucas & Cockerell


For Cape Coast Castle:

1/CG – Lieutenant Macgregor

1/Gloucestershire – Lieutenant Pomeroy


On Passage Home:

Staff – Colonel C H Bridge

RE – Captain Fraser

R Irish Rifles – Captain E J Christie

Durham Light Infantry – Lieutenant H Danvers

1/KOSB – Bt. Major A E Haig

1/Cheshire – Captain T O Marden

N S W Medical Service – Captain C E Edwards

2/ Scots Guards – Lieutenant Hon. W A Trefusis

Imperial Yeomanry – Lieutenant F Williams-Wynn

Due Southampton Dec 28


The Briton arrived at Southampton yesterday with the following on passage home:

Staff – Brigadier General B Mahon

Remount Dept. – Colonel R Stevenson

1/LG – Major the Hon. C Bingham

Imperial Yeomanry – Major H C Dugdale, Captain Lord Alwyne Compton, Lord Arthur Grosvenor, & Lieutenant R Grey

Reserve of Officers – Lieutenant H H Vignoles

GG – Major Count Gleichen

RE – Lieutenant Colonel J B Sharpe

Rhodesian Prot. Regiment – Major A W Jarvis

3/R Scots Fusiliers – Captain G Fergusson Buchanan

4/Somerset Light Infantry – Captain S H Woodhouse

6/R Fusiliers – Lieutenant J D Waley

Rhodesian F F – Lieutenant A Wormald

For Madeira: 3/W India – Captain C W Long


London Times, 17 Dec 00 (Monday)

p10b The hospital ship Avoca left for England December 9 with the following invalids:

1/Welsh – Lieutenant Colonel Banfield

2/W Surrey – Major W S Burrell

Bethune’s M I – Captain G A H Dickson

RFA – Lieutenant E M De Smidt

Imperial Yeomanry – Veterinary Lieutenant A Bate & Lieutenants R B B England & H L Birkin

1/R Irish Fusiliers – 2/Lieutenants A E Mahon & H J Atkinson

RAMC – Civil Surgeon B A Nicoll, Vety. Surgeons W Franklin & A J Hines, & Nursing Sisters M L Pick & A D Cameron

Staff – Lieutenant Colonel T J O’Dell

Natal Permanent Staff – Major A T G Wales

RE – Major J H Cowan, Lieutenants P G H Hogg & W H Jones

Imperial Light Infantry – Lieutenant H Gregorie

1/KOSB – Lieutenant T W Youngson

Chaplain Reverend F Knapp

Sick laying down, 60; convalescent, 166

Wounded laying down, 9; convalescent, 34


London Times, 18 Dec 00 (Tuesday) Nothing Noted


London Times, 19 Dec 00 (Wednesday)

p10b & c The Roslin Castle left Cape Town for Halifax, N S, December 13 with the following (? on passage home).

Canadian Dragoons – Lieutenant Colonel Lessard, Majors Forrester & Williams, Surgeon Major Duff, Veterinary Major Hall, Captains Nelles, & Wynne, Lieutenant Sutton, and 213 men.

Canadian Mounted Rifles – Lieutenant Colonel Evans, Majors Bliss & Sanders, Surgeon Major Devine, Captains Cuthbert, Baker, & Allen, Lieutenants Moodie, Wroughton, Begin, Crosby, Davidson, Eustace, Veterinary Lieutenant Riddell, Reverend Sinnett and 180 men.

Canadian Artillery – Lieutenant Colonel Hudon, Majors Ogilvie & Hurdman, Captains Panet, Eaton, & Costigan, Lieutenants Ogilvie, Leslie, Irving, McCrae, Morrison, Murray, Good and 378 men.

Lord Strathcona’s Corps – Major Laurie and 4 men

N S W Artillery – Major Osborne

Canadian Nursing Sisters – Misses S Forbes, G Pope, M P Richardson, E Russell, M Affleck, M Macdonald, & D Hurcomb.

Berkshire Regiment – Lieutenant Macdonald


The Atlantian sailed for Bombay from Natal, December 14, with the following:

6/DG – Captain Fryer

1/Norfolk – Major Carroll

Lumsden’s Horse – Captain Holmes and 48 men

4/DG – Captain Gaunt

4/Hussars – Lieutenant Caldbeck

Madras Lancers – Captain Arnold

5/Bombay Cavalry – Captain Patterson

Bombay Lancers – Major Gordon

2/Punjab Cavalry – Lieutenant Peek

2/R Scots – Lieutenant Marshall


The Simla arrived at Southampton yesterday morning with invalids The following were listed:

1/Rifle Brigade – Major C A Lamb, Lieutenant S E Hollond

Electrical Engineers – Lieutenant J Hamilton Stubbs

1/V B R Scots Fusiliers – Captain C G Dickie

RFA – Lieutenant F R Sedgwick, 2/Lieutenant R A Anstruther

6/Dragoons – Lieutenants J Harris & E Paterson

RE – Colonel T R Main

Queensland Bushmen – Captain H R P Durham

1/Dragoons – Major Lord Basing

ASC – Lieutenant E Wood

Nursing Sisters – E T Noble & A S Bond

5/DG – Lieutenant F R Otter

2/SG – Lieutenant Lord Grosvenor

1/E Lancashire – 2/Lieutenant L O T Baines

1/R Welsh Fusiliers – Captain REP Gabbett

Reserve of Officers – Captain J W Yardley

E Yorkshire – Colonel W W Ward

1/Suffolk – Major A C Cubitt

2/R W Surrey – Lieutenant H C Whinfield

1/R Irish Fusiliers – Lieutenant Lieutenant R W R Jeudwine

2/R Warwickshire – Major G F Ellison

RAMC – Majors W G A Bedford, R W Lord, J G Black, Captain K M Cameron


The Orotava arrived in Southampton Water last night. She left Cape Town on Nov 28. The following invalids were listed:

ASC – Major G R C Paul

21/Lancers – Captain C G G Hutchinson

1/Northumberland Fusiliers – Captain S C Ferguson

2/R Scots Fusiliers – Captain D H A Dick

Strathcona’s Horse – Lieutenant A Adamson

Nesbitt’s Horse – Lieutenant W A Venables

Kitchener’s Horse – Lieutenant H Godfrey

N S W Medical Staff – Lieutenant N R Howse

19/Hussars – 2/Lieutenant W St G Clowes

RGA – Captain H W Ravenhill

4/Somerset Light Infantry – 2/Lieutenant A B Wakelin

1/A & S Highlanders – Captain D J Glasfurd

Imperial Yeomanry – Captains T R A Stannus, & L H Jones, 2/Lieutenants H A Cartwright, F Cookson, C Massey, Lord Ennismore, & W H Partridge

For duty on voyage:

RAMC – Lieutenant Colonel H L Battersby, Civil Surgeons J A Barnes, L Cooper, & J E Ker

N Z Contingent – Nurses M E Carsten & E T Godfrey

Imperial Yeomanry Hospital – Civil Surgeon A H Evans, Nurses T A Cobbold, M McLeish, H M Young & Dresser O W Richards

Civil Nursing Sisters – S Harland, F M Rennie & F A Suttaby

On passage home:

GG – Major Lord Edward Cecil

Norfolk – Captain A E Lascelles

12/Lancers – Captain E Crawley

Reserve of Officers – Captain L E Barry


The Idaho left Queenstown yesterday afternoon for Cape Town after embarking 163 remounts, 2 officers and 202 men of the 17th Lancers and 3 Civil Surgeons. Drafts had been embarked at Southampton, bringing the total to 408.


Cape Times Weekly Edition, 19 Dec 00

p25 Major Goold-Adams arrived from England by the Scot yesterday. The Kinfauns Castle saile for England this afternoon with Major Bagot, Capts, Symons, Millbank and Brook, and Lieutenant H Baring.


London Times, 20 Dec 00 (Thursday) Nothing Noted


London Times, 21 Dec 00 (Friday) Nothing Noted


London Times, 22 Dec 00 (Saturday)

p10b The Orient left Cape Town for Australia and New Zealand December 13. The following were listed:

W Australian M I – Captain F W Parker, Lieutenants A B Brown & H F Darling, and 80 men

Victorian M I – Veterinary Captain E A Kendall, Lieutenant E E Righetti & 36 men

Victorian Bushmen – 22 men

N S W M I – Major J M Antill, Captains T B Dibbs & A A McLean, Vet Captain A P Gribben, Lieutenants H McIntosh, C G Lydiard, W A Newman and 147 men

N S W Lancers – Major G L Lee, Captains C F Cox, C E Nicholson, Lieutenants G H Allan, R M Heron, F W Melhuish, and 69 men

N S W Medical Staff – Colonel W D C Williams, Major A E Perkins, Captain B J Newmarch, Lieutenant E P McDonnell, and 65 men

Australian Horse – Lieutenant P W Vaughan and 31 men

N S W Bushmen – Captain T W Waldron, Lieutenant A L McLean and 27 men

N S W Staff – Colonel T S Parrott, Captain A P Luscombe, Lieutenant C Lamb, Reverend C C Cain, and 7 men

Queensland M I – Lieutenant Colonels P R Ricardo & K Hutchinson, Major H G Chanvel, Captains P W Pinnock, R Dowse, D E Reid, H Bailey, Maxwell, Carroll, Lieutenants C A Cumming & T W Glasgow and 144 men

Queensland Bushmen – 12 men

N Z M I – Captain N L D’A Smith, Lieutenants G Johnson, D’A Chaytor and 67 men

N Z Rough Riders – Lieutenant P C Latherford and 23 men

Brabant’s Horse – Lieutenant F B Hughes

Nursing Sisters J Tchan, S Armstrong, E Peters

Details – 63 men


The Kinfauns Castle left for England on Thursday morning with the following on passage home:

RE – Captain G H Harrison

Imperial Yeomanry – Captain Brooke, Veterinary Lieutenant J Mc L Young

1/Suffolk – Lieutenant F F W Hall (for Cape Coast Castle)

Due Southampton Jan 4


London Times, 24 Dec 00 (Monday)

p3b Dateline Halifax, N S, Dec 23. The Royal Canadian Contingent with Colonel Otter arrived at Halifax today. (Ship not mentioned. - Lake Champlain)


p8c The Wakool left for England December 20, with the following invalids:

4/Cheshire – Major H M Nicholls, 2/Lieutenant J F A St Maur Sheil

Volunteer Company S Staffordshire – Lieutenant J A P Crompton

6/Dragoons – Lieutenant S C Bull

3/Yorks – Captain H de M Leathes

Imperial Yeomanry – Lieutenant F Hunt

N S W M S – Major RE Roth

Civil Veterinary Surgeon F C Fountain

RFA – 2/Lieutenant A G R C Harris

1/Devonshire – Captain N Luxmore

2/Wilts – 2/Lieutenant H F Rycroft

13/Hussars – Lieutenant J D Lyons

1/KOSB – 2/Lieutenant G R S Logan

Pay Dept – Captain J C Armstrong

RAMC – Lieutenant Colonel R T Beamish, Nursing Sisters R A Humphrey, B M Hoare, & S Smythe.

With the following on passage home:

Remount Dept. – Major S K Harries

2/KOSB – Captain A J Welsh

RAMC – Colonel A H Anthonisz, Civil Surgeons E A Chartres, T Kay, G B Buchanan, A C Bird & F O Stoehr

Volunteer Company Essex – Lieutenant H E Crocker

The Reverend A L Browne


p8e Note: Brigadier General Burn-Murdoch mentioned here.


London Times, 25 Dec 00 (Tuesday)

p3b Dateline Kansas City, Dec 24. Captain Heygate, of the British Army Remount Establishment, has purchased 50,000 hoeses and mules for South Africa.


p4a The Braemar Castle arrived at Southampton yesterday and landed a number of "undesireables” and the following officers:

Staff – Brigadier General T C Porter

1/LG – Captain F H W Carden

RA – Captains H B Roberts & H M Montgomery

2/LG – Captain Hon. M Bowes-Lyon

1/KRRC – Major F A Fortescue

2/R Warwick – Captain V R Pigott

Chaplain Reverend E H Goodwin


Candidates for the South Africa Constabulary will embark in the Orotava, Dec 31 at 10 am at Southampton.


London Times, 26 Dec 00 (Wednesday) Nothing Noted


Cape Times Weekly Edition, 26 Dec 00 Nothing Noted


London Times, 27 Dec 00 (Thursday) Nothing Noted


London Times, 28 Dec 00 (Friday)

p8c The following will embark for South Africa in the ships Simla and Oratava:

2/Highland Light Infantry – Captains Purvis, De Berry, Lieutenants Chichester & Stockwell, and 150 men.

1/R Lancaster – Captains Laurie, Johnson, Lieutenants Dobson, Molony, 2/Lieutenants Mackay, Matson & Money and 130 men

3/Worcestershire – Captain Kennedy, Lieutenant Cathcart

Mixed drafts – 150 men

Manchester – Captain F G Jackson & 125 men

West India – 2/Lieutenant Fellows

5/Royal Fusiliers – 2/Lt/ Machin

3/Leicestershire – 2/Lieutenant Kerans

1/V B R Berkshire – Lieutenant Carter.


London Times, 29 Dec 00 (Saturday)

p8b The Galeka left for England December 24 with invalids. The following were listed: RGA – 2/Lieutenants T C Leath, T C Goff

Canadian Regiment of Infantry – Captain W A Weeks

Loch’s Horse – Lieutenant W L Larkins

Derbyshire – Lieutenant F A C Wright

2/V B Hampshire – Lieutenant J T Perkins

Victorian M I – Veterinary Lieutenant J B Leitch

Imperial Yeomanry – C E Challenor

4/West Yorkshire – Major H C Bulkeley

3/Durham Light Infantry – 2/Lieutenant J T Peareth

Cameron Highlanders – 2/Lieutenant R B Trotter

3/R Scots – 2/Lieutenant Sir. S H Child

Welsh – Lieutenant R H Metge

16/Lancers – Lieutenant C P Martyn

Tasmanian Bushmen – Captain A H Riggall

RFA – Captain G T Mair

4/S Staffordshire – 2/Lieutenant L D Inglefield

With the following on passage home:

3/R Warwickshire – 2/Lieutenant J M Mackenzie

RHG – Captain Hon. A V Meade

1/DG – Major W J S Fergusson

1/E Surrey – 2/Lieutenant H P Torrens

20/Hussars – 2/Lieutenant F A H Part (late 4/R Lancaster)

2/W Riding – 2/Lieutenant J Y Greenwood

Rhodesian Field Force – Major J N Trail

ASC – Colonel S J Lea

RE – Major R S Maclagan

R Canadian Dragoons – Lieutenant H Z C Cockburn

Remount – Lieutenant G Hastie

Army Veterinary Dept. – Civil Veterinary Surgeons C Aggis, C H Miller, N M Molyneaux, H R T Tasker, J Brand, T H Tranter & H E Mason

Leinster – Captain H N C Dickinson ( for Cape Coast Castle)


p10c Note – Major C F S Vandeleur, DSO, IG, to DAAG


London Times, 31 Dec 00 (Monday)

13d The hospital ship Avoca landed,at Plymouth, 8 officers and 101 men. She proceeded to Southampton with 12 officers and 167 men. None named.