London Times, 02 Apr 00 (Monday)

p5e The Tintagel Castle arrived at Cape Town on Saturday. The Oriental arrived at Durban on Saturday. The Umbria and the America have arrived at St Vincent.


p7a & b The Goth sailed from Southampton on Saturday with passengers and some troops.

She emnarked 8 officers and 172 men at Southampton and will take on 19 officers and 395 men at Queenstown. The officers were: For St Helena - Major H W Austin, RAMC and 13 men (11 RAMC). For Cape Town - Major A B Shute, Captains J Bruce and K Hughes, Lieutenants W Matthews, W Edmeades, and T Goff, RGA and 172 men of #6 Company East Division R A and a few details. Civilian Surgeon G E Lockyer, in medical charge.

The Rippingham Grange sailed from Southampton on Saturday with 3 officers, 2 civilian surgeons, 3 men and 850 remounts. The officers were: Lieutenant Colonel Yeates Brown, Major A Gould and Captain Streeter. Civilian Surgeons were J H Bell and H W Phelan.


The Carisbrooke Castle also sailed from Southampton on Saturday with passengers for the Cape including 14 Imperial Yeomanry as private passengers. She listed 13 officers and 43 men as troops aboard. Officers named for embarking in the Carisbrooke Castle were: All Imperial Yeomanry 3rd Battalion Staff, Lieutenant & Quartermaster Pickering; 14th Battalion Staff, Colonel A M Brookfield, Major Sir Archibald Lamb, Captain & Adjutant the Hon. H E V Dunscombe, Lieutenant & Quartermaster H T Pomfret, & Captain A Vidler. ; 15th Battalion Staff, Veterinary - Lieutenant H C Taylor & Lieutenant T E Topping; 19th Battalion Staff, Colonel H Paget, CB, Major G Bagot, Captain McLachlen, and Lieutenant & Quartermaster Shaw.

The Winifredian sailed Sunday night at 7 pm with 30 officers, 704 men and 167 horses. She will embark 3 officers, 300 men and 290 horses at Queenstown. Those named were:

1/Essex Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel C Wood

2/Royal Highlanders, 2nd Lieutenant R G Webber.

West Riding Regiment, Captain K Macleod.

3/Hants. Regiment Lieutenant F W Earle.

4/Rifle Brigade, Captain E A Dawson and Lieutenant G P A Cox.

3/Royal Irish Regiment, Captain G H P Colley.

1/Northumberland Fusiliers, Captain C E Fishbourne & 2nd Lieutenant J W Nelson.

4/Volunteer Battalion East Surrey Regiment Captain C E Ferry

4/Lincolnshire Regiment, Captain E K Cordeaux.

2/North Staffordshire Regiment, 2nd Lieutenant H S Richards.

Reserve of Officers, Captains H Lawless & Maitland.

2/Derbyshire Regiment, Captain C R Atkins.

3/East Yorks. Regiment, 2nd Lieutenant Hill.

3/Scottish Fusiliers, Captain Vaughan & 2nd Lieutenant Thornburn

Civil Surgeons, J F Dixon, A Balfour, A E Ash, W Ashford, G P Parnell, J H Wilkinson, C H Polston, J W Pridmore, J C G Macnab, and A R Laing.

Chaplain the Reverend S F H Rogers and the Reverend F Edwards.


Dateline Albert Dock, Mar 31.

The Delphic sailed this afternoon for the Cape with 8 officers and 225 men. They were:

The Sussex Company, Lieutenants William Wynn, Ashby and Cory.

No. 73 Company, Captain Scott and Lieutenants Leslie and Webber.

Machine Gun Sect. Lieutenant Donnisthorpe.

15th Battalion Staff., Captain Hopkinson.


London Times, 03 Apr 00 (Tuesday)

p5d The Sunda arrived at Cape Town on Apr 1. The Atlantian, from Sydney, arrived at Table Bay on Mar 31. The Antillian and the Roslin Castled arrived at Natal on April. 2. The Glengyle has arrived at St Vincent.

The following R N officers from the Powerful who were landed in South Africa, have left the Cape for England: Lieutenant R F White, Major A G B Urmston, RMLI, Surgeon C M Beadnell, Gunner William Sims, Midshipmen G E Lewin & T C Armstrong in the Pindari; Midshipman E G Chichester in the Orotava and Lieutenant A W Heneage in the German.


p7b Dateline Albert Docks, April 2. The British Princess sailed at 2:30 this afternoon with 16 officers, 398 men and 350 remounts. The troops were drafts for the 2/Lancashire Fusiliers, 2/Royla Highlanders, and 2/Warwick Regiment The officers were:

Lancashire Fusiliers, Major Amber, Captain Radcliffe, & 2nd Lieutenant C R J Hopkinson.

2/Royal Highlanders, Lieutenant Innes, 2nd Lieutenants D Campbell, A E Parker, & J Mackenzie.

3/Yorks. Light Infantry, Major Hayes Sadler

RGA, Captain Parry.

1/Bengal Infantry, Lieutenant MacTavish

Reserve of Officers, Lieutenant Ferguson Davis.

4/Bedford, Lieutenant Talbot

2/Northampton, 2nd Lieutenant R B de B Hodge.

5/D G, 2nd Lieutenant M A Black

Civil Surgeon, C H Ralston

Civil Veterinary Surgeon C J Carrick


The Goth left Queenstown yesterday afternoon for Gibraltar, St, Helena and Cape Town. She embarked 19 officers and 395 men of the 4th Gloucestershire who are for duty at St Helena.

The sailing of the Galeka and the Persia from Southampton has been delayed until Friday.


London Times, 04 Apr 00 (Wednesday)

p5c & d Dateline Cape Town April 2. The transport Chicago is leaving for Beira with a portion of the Bushmen’s Corps and horses and mules. She also takes plant (Plate?) for the Rhodesian Railway. A large stock of supplies and provisions is also going to Beira.

The Nile and the British Prince arrived at Cape Town yesterday. The Maplemore, from Sydney and Western Australia, with part of the Australian Contingent, and the Duke of Portland from Brisbane, with the third Queensland Contingent arrived at Table Bay April 2. The Woolwich, from Melbourne, arrived at Natal, April 2. The Kildonan Castle and the Pavonia have arrived at East London. The Gaika arrived at St Helena yesterday and left in the evening for South Africa.

Dateline Buenos Ayres, April 2. The Kildona left last night for Cape Town with 720 horses, and the Surrey will leave tomorrow with 1000 horses.


p10c & d Dateline Albert Docks, April 3. The Devon sailed this afternoon for the Cape with 17 officers and 516 men and 179 horses. The officers listed were:

R A Major Harvey Scott, Captain J Wreford, Lieutenants H S Bell, W C M’Carthy, R Wilson and W Dotchin.

Royal Fusiliers, Captain W S Friedberger, and Lieutenants E Reilly and A Tyle.

RE, Lieutenants E S Paton, J Lang, R A Duthie, and E S Ricketts.

Dorset Regiment, Lieutenants R Lano and M J Wheatley.

Civil Surgeon F B Mudd.


The Winifredian arrived at Queenstown yesterday morning and embarked 6 officers and 328 men and 300 remounts, bringing a total of 38 officers, 1,005 men and 497 remounts for the Cape. She sailed at 7 p. m.


Cape Times Weekly Edition, 04 Apr 00

p1 Dateline Lobatsi Mar 16. Here mention of Lieutenant Tyler being killed by a shell yesterday.


p13 Dateline 15 Feb 1900. Here a summary of events and discussion of local loyalties to date along the Plumer line.


London Times, 05 Apr 00 (Thursday)

p5c Dateline Cape Town April 3. The Milwaukee, with Gen Cronje, Colonel Schiel and 1,000 Boer prisoners on board sailed for St Helena this evening. The Niobe is escorting.

The Tagus arrived at Cape Town yesterday. The Kildonan Castle and the Trojan arrived at Natal April 3.


p7c The Canada with about 500 refugees arrived ar Southampton yesterday morning from the Cape.


London Times, 06 Apr 00 (Friday)

p5c Dateline Cape Town, April 4. The Atlantian and the Euryalus, with the Australian Bushmen, are sailing for Beira.


p5e The Britannic and the Avoca(hospital ship) arrived at Cape Town yesterday. The Cephalonia, from Table Bay, has arrived at East London. The Sunda, from London and Table Bay, arrived at Algoa Bay April 4. The hospital ship Nubia, for Southampton, left Table Bay on Wednesday with sick and wounded.


London Times, 07 Apr 00 (Saturday)

p7b The Bavarian arrived at Cape Town yesterday. The Umbria left St Vincent on Apr 5. The Rakaia left Tenerife on Apr 5.


p12c & d The Galeka sailed from Southampton last night with 63 officers and 1,019 men and 53 horses for service in Rhodesia. She will call at Tenerife and then sail directly to Beira. Those named are:

Imperial Yeomanry – Lieutenant Colonels R K Parke, and St L Moore; Major S J De Burgh; Captains, R L Moore, C Barton, Sir Savile Crossley, A Nicholson, W A Peake, T A Hill, T A Martin, M B C W Warden, and H C Carden; Lieutenants, H I Fuller, D Marriott, W C Newton, Sir A H Armstrong, C C Macdowell, C Langford, H I Curley, C I Dyke, The Earl of Fingall, R Lamb, Sir R Nelson-Rycroft, Harvey Dales, R B Muir, ?. A Belville, Sir F F C Fowke, C E Challiner, J H Coles, L E Pilkington, J H Torrance, W N Clark, H Andrew, Sir W F Miller, N Hotchkiss, M A Peach, I W A Parr, F W J Jones, H C Harvey, J Browne, J Corbet Warde, P Gabbett, O N Seagrave, H C Ca;dwell, T S Mulland, and J A G Hamilton; Veterinary Officer F Gregory; Dr. Whyte.

Rhodesia Field Force – Majors G Wright, A Paria, G E Giles, Lieutenant A G Lindsay; Civil Veterinary Surgeon S Stockman; Surgeon H N Pelly; Captain J Hasler; Lieutenant A Smith-Dorrien; Civil Veterinary Surgeon E C Norgate.

40 Maxim guns for the use of Colonial Troops have been despatched to Southampton for loading in the Scot, due to sail today.


p13c A telegram from Cape Town announced that the Mexican and the Winkfield collided 80 miles from Cape Town. The Mexican was abandoned sinking. The Winkfield had sailed from Albert Docks on Mar 13. with 15 officers, 310 men and 241 horses. The Mexican was carrying passengers.


London Times, 09 Apr 00 (Monday)

p5e The Montrose and the Winkfield arrived at Cape Town April 6. The British Prince has arrived at Algoa Bay. The Urmston Grange, from Table Bay, has arrived at Port Elizabeth. The Avondale Castle arrived at Natal April 6. The Delphic passed Tenerife April 6. The Winifredian has arrived at Las Palmas.

Dateline Buenos Ayres, April 8. The Iona left here yesterday with 902 horses and the Mary Park left today with 810 horses, both for Cape Town.

Dateline Cape Town April 7. The Bavarian has arrived here. She reported speaking with the disabled Mount Lebanon in mid ocean.


p7 a & b The Persia sailed from Southampton on Saturday with 31 officers, 472 men and 190 horses. Those named were:

2/West Yorkshire Regiment, Captain B Metcalfe Smith.

3/York & Lancaster Regiment, Lieutenant R D C Harley.

1/Royal Irish Regiment, 2nd Lieutenants J L Cotter & G A O’Callaghan.

1/Sussex Regiment, Lieutenants E F Villers & F W B Willett.

2/Gloucestershire Regiment, Captain J W Wingfield Digby

5/Middlesex Regiment, Lieutenant F E Hodder.

RFA, 2nd Lieutenant P Sheppard.

Civil Veterinary Surgeon, J A Russell

2/Welsh Regiment, Captain W Charleton.

1/East Kent Regiment, Captain A G Trollope.

2/East Kent Regiment, Major G V Dawglish, Lieutenant H Engelback, 2nd Lieutenants F M Ransford, P C Harland & F W Tomlinson.

3/Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry, 2nd Lieutenants E E Barrow & J E S Trelawny.

RAMC, Lieutenant & Quartermaster William Clarke.

AOD, Captain McCheane & Lieutenant E Robertson

Army Pay Dept., Lieutenant Colonel G H Moore-Lane, & Captain H Vowell.

Civil Surgeons, H K Ramsden, J W Thomson, & W B Bennett.

Chaplains, The Reverend E S Goudge, & the Reverend J J M Cowper.

6/Royal Fusiliers, 2nd Lieutenant Waley.


Later Saturday the mail steamer Scott sailed with 39 Vickers-Maxim guns and other munitions. She carried, as ordinary passengers the following officers;

Staff, Captain A G Ferguson.

South Wales Borderers, Captain H G Casson.

Worcestershire Regiment, Captain A F Custanee.

Warwickshire Regiment, Major G R Powell.

RFA, Captain C J N Morris

C G, Captain R J Marker

Post office Corps - 8 men

Nursing sisters - 2


The Pembroke Castle arrived at Plymouth at 6 o’clock yesterday morning with 216 sick and wounded from South Africa. Of the total only 78 were wounded. Those named were:

Welsh Regiment, Major Ball.

East Kent Regiment, Captain Marriott.

A & S Highlanders, Lieutenants Cuningham and Muir

1/Essex Regiment, Lieutenant Thomson

RFA, Lieutenant Boyd

2/Seaforth Highlanders, Lieutenant Waterhouse.


The Greek arrived at Southampton yesterday morning with 16 officers and 160 men, sick and wounded.

The Majestic brought to Southampton last evening 40 officers and 310 men, sick and wounded.


London Times, 10 Apr 00 (Tuesday)

p5b& c Dateline East London, April 5. The third contingent of New Zealanders will sail for Beira tomorrow on the Ujina.

The Braemar Castle arrived at Cape Town April 8. The Aurania has arrived at Cape Town. The British Princess, for Cape Town, has passed Las Palmas. Correction - The hospital ship Nubia left Cape Town for Southampton with sick and wounded on Apr 7, not Apr 4.

Dateline Sydney, April 9. The Armenian has arrived here.


p12b "General the Hon. Sir Percy Feilding has been selected for appointment as colonel of the Suffolk Regiment” My note.


London Times, 11 Apr 00 (Wednesday)

p4e & f Note here article on Army Medical Dept., location of field hospitals, No. of beds, etc. My note.


p5d The Briton and the Gaika arrived at Cape Town yesterday. The Sunda arrived at Natal on April 7. The Urmston Grange left Algoa Bay April 9, for East London.


p12b From the London Gazette, Tuesday, April 10.”The Suffolk Regiment - General the Hon. Sir P R B Feilding, KCB, to be Colonel, vice General J M Percival, CB, deceased.” My note.


Cape Times Weekly Edition, 11 Apr 00

p2 & 3 Dateline Gaberones, Mar 24. Snyman’s attack on the 15th and shelled Lobatsi on the 17th, then returned to Mafeking.

Dateline Mar 28. Colonel Plumer’s forces to recon. within 12 miles of Zeerust on 27th


p4 Dateline Maritzburg, Apr 5. Here a list of Boer casualties from Boer List #31, dated 18 Jan 1900.


p12 Here parts of a letter from a wounded soldier taking part of the thwarted attack on the Boer Fort at Crocodile Pools.


p13 Here story of the collision of the Mexican and Winkfield about 80 miles N W Robben Island.


London Times, 12 Apr 00 (Thursday).

p3d Dateline Sydney, April 11. The Manchester Port and Manhattan have arrived here.


The Custodian arrived at Cape Town on Tuesday. The Dunera arrived at Cape Town yesterday. The Hilarius arrived at Table Bay April 10. The Aurania, from Table Bay, has arrived at Algoa Bay. The Avoca, from Table Bay, arrived at Natal April 10. The Urmston Grange and the Nile, from Table Bay, arrived at Natal April 11.


Dateline Buenos Ayres, April 11. The Bellona left here today for Cape Town with 612 horses.


London Times, 13 Apr 00 (Friday)

p3d Dateline Cape Town, April 12. The Lake Erie will soon sail with Boer Prisoners for St Helena.

The Glenmorven, from Fiume, and the Monterey, from Halifax (Carrying Lord Strathcona’s Canadian Contingent) have arrived at Table Bay. The Britannic, from Algoa Bay, arrived at Table Bay, April 11. The Formosa, for Beira, left Lorenzo Marques, April 11. The Hawarden Castle and the Yorkshire have arrived at East London. The Galeka arrived at Tenerife at 6 am and left at noon for Cape Town.


p5b The following invalid officers have left for England on the Orotava, March 31.

2/East Surrey Regiment, Major H L Smith, Major H P Treeby.

Royal Navy, Mr Chichester.

18th Hussars, Captain Hon. H S Davey.

16th Lancers, Captain A G Dallas.

1/Liverpool Regiment, Lieutenant G H Brush.

1/Suffolk Regiment, Major E A Kemble.

1/Sussex Regiment, Lieutenant R C Griffin

1/Essex Regiment, Lieutenant A P Churchill.

2/South Yorkshire Regiment, 2nd Lieutenant A C G Luther.

1/Highland Light Infantry, 2nd Lieutenant W N Fraser

2/Seaforth Highlanders, Captain E A Cowans.

1/Gordon Highlanders, 2nd Lieutenant W B J Mitford.

ASC, Captain S L Reynolds, RAMC, Major F A Harris.

And 203 sick and wounded men.

For duty are: Major Burnside, RAMC, Chaplain Reverend Ree, 4 lady nurses and 8 officer’s servants


The Austral left for England April 5 with the following invalid officers: Colonel Henderson, Staff in charge.

5th DG Lieutenant Hon. R L Pomeroy.

18th Hussars, Lieutenant A C McLachlan.

1/East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd Lieutenant Bonnyman.

2/Royal Irish Rifles, Major Seton, Captain Bell.

RHA, Major Brecks, Lieutenant Thompson

2/South Wales Borderers, Captain Van Straubenzee.

2/ Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry, 2nd Lieutenant Grigg.

RAMC, Major Moleworth

And 177 sick and wounded men.


London Times, 14 Apr 00, (Saturday)

p3c Dateline Cape Town April 13. The transport Mount Lebanon, with horses on board, has arrived here. She broke her shaft in mid-ocean and was towed 2,000 miles by the Empress, a Tyne collier.


London Times, 16 Apr 00 (Monday)

p3c & d The Bavarian, from Algoa Bay, arrived in, and departed from Natal, April 12. The British Prince, from Algoa Bay arrived at Natal, April 13, and the Hawarden Castle arrived April 14 at Natal. The Dunera and Custodian have arrived at Algoa Bay. The Persia arrived at Las Palmas.


p8a & b General Sir George White arrived at Southampton on Saturday in the Dunvegan Castle.

The Canada sailed from Southampton on Saturday with 74 officers, 30 nurses, 1,434 men and 23 horses. Officers listed were:

Imperial Yeomanry – Lieutenant Colonel R B Covin, C O, Major H A Anderson, Captains R Golightly, DSO, H Barlow, Viscount Maitland (Adjutant), T Walcot (Medical officer), E Chadwick, H C Colvin, B H Piercey, S R Crosfield, H Bonham; Lieutenants Sir J R G Sinclair, L F A Barlow, L D Passy, E Cristie, Hon. L Amilles-Lado, J H Patterson, C J Fauval, J H Crane, P T Bell, W L Thursby, H B Magniac, W McKie, E A Digby, R Wynne(Quartermaster), D C Barningham (Veterinary Surgeon), G Moore, J W S Dalrymple-Clark, T M Greer, F Sowler, A A Hopkinson, R H Cawley, C R Pilkington, E D Johnson, F A B McRae, H W F Musgrove, G J Codrington, A F Watt, J B H Goodden, T M Broadbent, C Sawrey-Cookson, H G McKenzie-Rew, Lord Zouche, L Pelly, O B Rickards, A E G Batt (Veterinary Surgeon) F Ewart, B Jones, F Gore, and F Madan.

Welsh Hospital – Major Cockerill, RAMC, Prof. Jones, Messrs. Roberts, Evans, Davies, Carter (Quartermaster),A W Hughes (Secretary); Dressers, A C Oliver, R H Hughes, E L Jenkins, J H Jenkins, Eames, Stephens; Nurses Lloyd (Matron), A Williams, B Williams, Lewis, Sage, Martin, Jones, Owen, Pughe, Lloyd.

AOD – Captain McCann (CGO)

Imperial Yeomanry Staff XX Battalion – Mr J Steele,

Army Nursing Service Reserve, Nursing Sisters, M Goodline, C L Agg, M C Fraser, F Macdonald, M Patterson, A N Martin, M G Denton, A D Hook, E E Cockburn, H L Henderson, E A Handcock, A V Latham, C L Travis, J Overbeek, M T Enright, M A Cain, G A Boys.

Chaplain – Reverend Rockliff

R A – Captain Baker.

Civil Surgeons – Messrs. Fortes-Leslie, Corby, Pamsay, Smith, Worth.


The Gaul sailed Saturday with a Volunteer Company of Cameron Highlanders.


London Times, 17 Apr 00 (Tuesday)

p3c The Umbria and the America arrived at Cape Town yesterday. The Ashanti arrived at Table Bay April 12. The Algeria left Table Bay for Durban, April 14.


p4a Dateline Albert Docks, April 16. The Narrung sailed today with 23 officers, 199 men and 191 horses. The following are the named officers:

AOC – Major A Samut

Remount officer – Captain Jackson

17th Lancers – Lieutenant Hon. W R Wyndham

8th Hussars – 2nd Lieutenants Lord Hindlip, T Morris, N L Calvert, R Anketell-Jones.

6th Dragoons – 2nd Lieutenants A W Swanston, C R Terrott, A E Gibbs

Civil Veterinary Surgeon – J G Stanley-Clarke

Civil Surgeons – H Browning, A M G Walker, J G Martin, H A Scott, H H Hollick, H C W Wood, H G Brown, J W Miller, J C Ramsay.

Royal Malta Militia – Lieutenant Colonel R P Samut.


The Doune Castle arrived at Plymouth yesterday morning with 101 invalid officers and men.


London Times, 18 Apr 00 (Wednesday)

p3a, b & c Dateline Beira, April 14. The Atlantian, the Maplemore, and the Euryalus have arrived here with Australian Bushmen under command of Lieutenant Colonel Airey. There were 1,100 men and their mounts, about 1,200 mules and transport vehicles.

The Palatina and the Bulawayo, with railway material, are also in the harbour.


Dateline St Helena, April 16. The Milwaukee landed Boer prisoners today at St Helena.


The Jamaican arrived at Natal April 16 and left yesterday for Table Bay. The Columbian, for Beira, left Table Bay April 16.


Dateline Buenos Ayres, April 17. The Nyanza left today for Cape Town with 860 horses and the Induna follows this week with 950 horses.


Cape Times Weekly Edition, 18 Apr 00

p1 Dateline Gaberones, 01 April. Yesterday morning Colonel Plumer with 270 mounted and a few dismounted men and 1 Maxim, arrived at Ramathlabama where they left the dismounted men and the Maxim. The column followed the railway line south to within 6 miles of Mafeking. Here they encountered the enemy and a running battle was fought back to Ramathlabama where the Maxim came into play. Here a list of the killed, wounded and missing, etc.


London Times, 19 Apr 00 (Thursday)

p3b The Glengyle arrived at Cape Town, April 17. The Oriel arrived at Cape Town yesterday. The Pavonia, from Algoa Bay, the Custodian and Lindula, from Table Bay, the Muttra, from Bombay, the orient, from Natal and the Cephalonia have arrived at East London. The Siberian and the Uganda have arrived at Algoa Bay. The Formosa, from Beira, arrived at Lorenzo Marques, April 17. The Delphic arrived at St Helena, April 17 and left for New Zealand ports via the Cape.


p8b & c The Dilwara sailed from Southampton yesterday with 52 officers, 1 warrant officer, 1,323 men and 5 horses. Of the total, 28 officers and 1,049 men were of the 1/Leinster Regiment. The officers listed were:

1/Leinster Regiment – Lieutenant Colonel H Martin; Majors A T G Foulerton, W Seton, T H Savert; Captains S R L White, H N C Dickinson, T F W Ricketts, J Craske, R F Legge, G L P P O’Shea; Lieutenants J D Mather, B J Jones, C R Macdonald, J D Waddell, H C Leincester, C E Martin, P McCausland, R M Raynsford; 2nd Lieutenants J F Scobell, W Wandby, O M Denison, R A H Orpen-Palmer, T H Butler-Kearney, N S Brooke; Captain & Adjutant T R Dugan, Lieutenant & Quartermaster G Garrett.

2/Lincolnshire Regiment – Captain C Gaitskell, Lieutenant F G Springs, 2nd Lieutenants C R B Aked, R D Warren.

R A – Captain CB Simonds

AOD – Captain P G Davies, Lieutenants W A Phillips, F H Quennell

Scots Guards – Captain A Stirling

3/Leinster Regiment – Lieutenant V Shortt.

Chaplains – The Reverends D Lane, W R Paterson, Dowding

4/K R R C – Lieutenants A H Catheart, R L C Hobson

4/Rifle Brig. – Lieutenant B G R Oldfield

Imperial Yeomanry – Lieutenant H de Ferville, Dr. Laffan, Civil Surgeons, W H Hunter, W H Odlum, T C Caldwell, J J O’Reilly.

2/Royal Lancaster Regiment – Captain Lethbridge

ASC – 2nd Lieutenant Cutbill


To Cape Town for Mauritius, R G A – 2nd Lieutenants C A Johnstone Smith, F E Koeled.


For the Rambler – Sub-Lieutenant C L Young. For the Doris – The Reverend W M Tod, Chief Boatswain B W Mahoney.


The Dictator arrived at Southampton last evening with 2 officers and 109 invalids.


London Times, 20 Apr 00 (Friday)

p3c The Urmston Grange, from Natal, has arrived at East London. The Formosa, for Beira, left Lorenzo Marques, April 18. The Templemore arrived at Table Bay April 18.


London Times, 21 Apr 00 (Saturday)

p7c & d The following have arrived at Table Bay by April 19: From London, the Louisiana, the Venetia, the Rydal Hall and the Siberian; from Cardiff and Gibraltar, the Mombasa; from St John, NB, the Menantic; and also the Montenegro and the Surrey.


The following have arrived at Natal: The Columbian, from Table Bay, the Dunera, from Algoa Bay, the Lindula, from East London, and the Mohawk, all on April 18; the Algeria, from Table Bay, on April 19; the Pavonia, from Algoa Bay and East London, on April 20.

The Canada, for Table Bay, has arrived at Las Palmas. The Gaul arrived at Tenerife April 19 and left for Table Bay Yesterday.


London Times, 23 Apr 00 (Monday)

p5e Dateline St Helena, April 12. The Lake Erie has arrived with 394 Boer prisoners including 34 officers. The Goth has brought 400 Militia.

The Narrung has arrived at Las Palmas and the hospital ship, Princess of Wales has arrived at St Vincent.


p10d A detachment of troops from Northumberland Volunteer Artillery, the Volunteer Service Company of the East Yorkshire Regiment and the Scottish National Red Cross Hospital left Southampton in the Pembroke Castle, Saturday for South Africa.


London Times, 24 Apr 00 (Tuesday)

p5d Dateline Sydney, April 23. The New South Wales portion of the Imperial Bushmen, consisting of 750 officers and men with 800 horses, embarked in the Armenian this afternoon.

The Winifredian arrived at Cape Town yesterday. The Custodian, from East London, arrived at Natal, April 20.


p10c The Gascon arrived at Southampton yesterday with invalids, 13 officers and 149 men. The German also arrived at Southampton yesterday and she carried 21 officers and 162 men as invalids. The hospital ship Maine also arrived at Southampton yesterday with 12 officers and 151 men on board.


London Times, 25 Apr 00 (Wednesday)

p5d The Delphic, the British Princess and the Rippington Grange arrived at Cape Town yesterday. The Rakaia arrived at Cape Town on Monday. The Duke of Portland, from Table Bay, arrived ar Beira on the 19th. At Table Bat, the City of Lucknow, with 851 horses, arrived yesterday; the Urmston Grange, from East London, on Monday; and the Jamaican, from Natal, on the 21st. The Induna, for Table Bay, left Buenos Ayres on the 21st with 950 horses. The Cavour, Table Bay for London, has arrived at St Vincent and the hospital ship Princess of Wales, Southampton for sa, has left St Vincent.


p10b Dateline Albert Docks, April 24. The Ulstermore (6,411 tons)sailed today with 12 officers, 494 men and 386 horses. The troops were from: Cameron Highlanders (100), 1/Sussex Regiment(100), ASC(100), RAMC (74), St John’s Ambulance Corps (117), and R A (3). The officers listed were:

2/Gordon Highlanders – Captain A L H Buchanan

1/Gordon Highlanders – 2nd Lieutenant A L Davis

4/Norfolk Regiment – Captain H G Ferguson, DSO

6/Middlesex Regiment – Captain G W B Tattersall

1/Cameron Highlanders – Lieutenant Colonel Patton-Bethune

RFA – Lieutenant R W St L Gethin

RAMC – Captain G McLoughlin, DSO

Civil Surgeons – A S Arthur, Forde, Dogdson

Civil Veterinary Surgeon – W H Nichol

Chaplain – Reverend Moloney


London Times, 26 Apr 00 (Thursday)

p5d The Persic arrived at Cape Town yesterday. The Formosa arrived at lorenzo Marques on Tuesday from Beira. The British Prince, from Natal, arrived at Table Bay on Tuesday. The Queensland, from Table Bay, arrived at Algoa Bay on Tuesday. The Kelvingrove and the Horatius, both for East London, left Table Bay on Tuesday. The Umbria arrived at Algoa Bay. The Lismore Castle left Cape Town on Saturday for Southampton with invalids. The hospital ship Nubia arrived at Las Palmas on Tuesday and left later that day. She is expected at Southampton next Tuesday. She carries 12 officers and 282 men invalided home.


p10a & b Dateline Albert Docks, April 25. The Sicilian sailed today with 11 officers, 507 men and 297 horses. The officers listed were:

2/West Surrey Regt – MajorDawson

Royal Scottish Fusiliers – Captain Shortt

R A – Captain Robertson and some men

2/South Staffordshire Regiment – Lieutenant Ritchie

Northumberland Fusiliers – 2nd Lieutenant Henderson Wood and 200 men

2/Welsh Regiment – 2nd Lieutenant Davies and 100 men

2/North Staffordshire Regiment – 2nd Lieutenant Gifford Carnegy and 100 men

Civil Surgeons – Miller, Thomas and Dright

Civil Veterinary Surgeon – Pollard

ASC – 100 men

RAMC – some men


Here is a column on horse loss figures to date in shipping. Averages 5. 49% but varies within wide limits.


Dateline Albert Docks, April 25. The Austral arrived this morning with 200 sick and wounded, 11 were officers.


London Times, 27 Apr 00 (Friday)

p3c Dateline Hobart, April 26. 100 Tasmanians have sailed in the Manhattan for South Africa. The Manhattan will call at Adelaide and Fremantle for contingents from those places.

Dateline, Melbourne, April 26. The Victorian contingent will sail for South Africa in the transport Victorian.


The Sunda left Cape Town for London via St Vincent on Wednesday. The Formosa left Lorenzo Marques for Beira on Wednesday. The Umbria, from Algoa Bay, has arrived at East London. The Bavarian, for St Helena, the Urmston Grange, for Algoa Bay, and the Tagus for Natal, have left Table Bay, and the Algeria, from Natal, arrived here Wednesday. The Uganda, from East London, has arrived at Natal. The Dilwara, from Southampton, and the Ottoman, from Table Bay and Algoa Bay, have arrived at St Vincent.


p5b& c Dateline Albert Docks, April 26. Two ships sailed from here today, the Englishman and the Montfort, carrying a total of 27 officers, 895 men and 634 horses. The Englishman carries the following:

R A – Captain W P Napier, 2nd Lieutenant Vickey and 116 men.

RE – Captain D H Ridout, 2nd Lieutenant P G Hogg and 31 men.

2/South Lancashire Regiment – Captain G C Ashworth

Border Regiment – Captain J Norman

1/South Lancashire Regiment – 2nd Lieutenants A Davidson, E W Milman, W V Hume and 98 men.

Hampshire Regiment – 2nd Lieutenants N E Baxter, F C Moore, J O Hooker, C R Seymour, E P Blencowe and 166 men.

Civil Surgeons – Sutherland, Aldred Goodwin.

Civil Veterinary Surgeon – Symes.

A RAMC detachment.


The Montfort carries the following:

1/South Staffordshire Regiment – Captain Sears

4/Durham Light Infantry – Captain Shaw

R A – 2nd Lieutenants Wadlow, Budgeon, and 111 men.

3/Worcester Regiment – 2nd Lieutenant Gibbs and 100 men

2/East Kent Regiment – 2nd Lieutenants Lynch, Norman, and 100 men.

82 men PO Corps.

70 men ASC.

14 men RE.


Mention here of (Colonelc)Compton’s Horse - Alwyne Compton



London Times, 28 Apr 00 (Saturday)

p7b The Kildonan Castle left Cape Town on Thursday evening for Southampton with invalids. The Dilwara, for South Africa, has left St Vincent.


p14a & b The Britannic has left Cape Town for England with the following sick and wounded:

2/Life Guards – Captain R T Ellison, Lieutenant C Champion-de-Crispigny.

Royal Scots Greys – 2nd Lieutenant W Long

R G A – 2nd Lieutenant H C Reeves

1/Suffolk Regiment – 2nd Lieutenant Smith

1/Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers – 2nd Lieutenant C Ridings

1/ Loyal North Lancashire Regiment – Lieutenant F J Bowen

2/Royal Irish Fusiliers – Lieutenant W Haire-Foster

4/Royal Lancashire Regiment – 2nd Lieutenant J T Lodwick

Sick – 160 men

Wounded – 36 men


The Lismore Castle left for England on April 21 with the following:

Colonel Brodie, Medical Staff Corps, in charge.

R N – Midshipmen Bolder and Hodson

RFA – Lieutenant Colonel J A Coxhead, Lieutenant T M Archdale

2/West Surrey Regiment – Captain H F Warden

2/Royal Lancaster Regiment – Major C G Barton

2/Royal Fusiliers – 2nd Lieutenant E C Packe

1/Welsh Fusiliers – 2nd Lieutenant A R H Rycroft

1/Border Regiment – Lieutenant C L Macnab

1/Durham Light Infantry – Captain O B Harter

1/Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers – Lieutenant Bell

ASC – Captain J A R Purvis

Medical Staff Corps – Major Culling, Captain Stadden, Lieutenant Selby

Imperial L H – Lieutenant Shore

Sick – 93 men

Wounded – 47


The Cheshire sailed from East Langton Dock, Liverpool for South Africa yesterday and is scheduled to stop at Queenstown. Those listed are:

South Wales Borderers – 2nd Lieutenants Morgan-Owen, Moffatt, and 100 men

Royal Lancaster Regiment – Captain Paton

2/Bedfordshire Regiment – Captain Maguire and 100 men

2/East Yorkshire Regiment – Captain McClintock and 100 men

RAMC – small detachment

Rifle Brigade – Captains Steward, Lowndes

Kings Royal Rifles – Captain Clark

Civil Surgeon – J H Willitt


The Hellopes embarked 150 horses at Liverpool. She will call at Southampton for more horses before sailing for the Cape. On board were Veterinary Surgeon Anderson and 2 shoeing smiths.


London Times, 30 Apr 00 (Monday)

p7d The Ravenshoe, from London, the Montcalm, from Liverpool and the Masconomo, from St John, N S have arrived at Table Bay by 28 April. The Kelvingrove, from Table Bay, arrived at East London, April 26.


p9a & b Dateline Tilbury, April 28. The Orotavia sailed from here this morning with 39 officers and 1,354 men ( and several stowaways). The officers listed were:

Royal Dublin Fusiliers – Major G A Shadforth, 2nd Lieutenant E St G Smith

2/Royal Irish Rifles – Major L R Molyneux-Steel, Captains W Garston, McCannon, 2nd Lieutenants R Stewart, F Bristow.

R A Captain C C Robertson, 2nd Lieutenants C A H Campbell, RE Harman

3/Yorkshire – 2nd Lieutenants W E Franlish, T Whalley, H Hawley

3/West Riding – 2nd Lieutenants A C Adams, A W Newton

3/Royal Lancashire – Lieutenant Tayner

6/Royal Warwickshire – 2nd Lieutenants Hill, Sullivan, Emerson, Shelley

3/Norfolk – 2nd Lieutenant Miller

3/Royal Scots – 2nd Lieutenant Trueman

East Kent – Captain the Earl of Kingston

6/Middlesex – Captain Mainwaring

3/Royal West Surrey – 2nd Lieutenant J N Versturine

RAMC – Major E A Burnside

Civil Surgeons – E A Wraith, N B Harman, W J Harding, A Pearling

Chaplains – The Reverends A W B Watson, A Boddington, W Forrest, F M Hayward, R M L Lee, & Turpin


The Cheshire arrived at Queenstown on Saturday afternoon from Liverpool, having on board drafts numbering 463 officers and men. Yesterday she embarked drafts of the following:

1/West Riding Regiment


1/East Lancashire


1/York and Lancaster, 1/Oxford Light Infantry

Royal Munster Fusiliers

For a total of 18 officers and 984 men.


The Dunvegan Castle, which left Southampton on Saturday, took out 4 - 6 in. howitzer siege train guns and 6,000 rounds of lyddite shell for South Africa.

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