This Order was instituted in 1878 by Queen Victoria.  Originally only in a single class, Companion, it was enlarged in 1887 to three classes: Knight Grand Commander, Knight Commander and Companion.

There were two recipients of the Companion of the Order of the Indian Empire for service during the Boer War.

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GoodridgeW SCaptainGoodridge W. S. served in ‘Octavia', Commodore Sir L Heath KCB, during the Abyssinian Expedition 1867 (Abyssinia Medal), was attached to the Royal Observatory Greenwich and to the Expedition to the Kerguelen Islands for observing the transit of Venus from May 1873 to Jun 1875, was Senior Lieutenant of ‘Vestal' and ‘London' on the Gold Coast of Africa from January 1879 to January 1884, during which time over 120 prizes, with several hundred slaves, were captured; was appointed Acting Commander on the massacre of Captain Brownrigg and boat's crew of ‘London' by Arab slavers; was employed in the Naval Transport Department in connection with the Expedition to Suakin in February 1884 until May 1885 (Medal and Suakin clasp) 1884-5, Khedive's Bronze Star 1884-6; promoted for this service and appointed Principle Transport Officer in Egypt, July 1885 to April 1888; qualified as an interpreter in in Hindustani, Persian, Arabic and Swahili, whilst in command of ‘Magdala' and Defence Flotilla. Twice received the thanks of the Government of India for the great personal interest taken in the training of the officers of the Royal Indian Marine, commanded ‘Isis' at the Jubilee Review 1897; appointed Director RIM March 1898, member of the Bombay Port Trust, April 1894 to March 1904. Hon ADC to the Viceroy of India October 1898 to March 1904, received the thanks of Her late Majesty's Government, the Government of India, the Admiralty and the Viceroy for the very prompt despatch of the Indian Contingent to South Africa at the commencement of the Boer War, in September 1899; mentioned in Lord Robert's final despatch of September 1901 (CIE and SA Medal); received the thanks of three Commanders-in Chief for the prompt assistance rendered to ships of the East Indian Station; received the thanks of the Government of India for the despatch of the China Expedition 1900 and the Somaliland Expedition 1903-4; represented the Royal Indian Marine at the Coronation in 1902 and at the Delhi Durbar on January 1st, 1903. On retiring from Directorship of the RIM in March 1904, received the thanks of the Government of India for service rendered to India and especially for the excellent arrangements made for the despatch of the three expeditions to South Africa, China and Somaliland, also the thanks of the Admiralty for services rendered to the Navy during the period of Directorship in India; GSP October 1903 to March 1904.
See Glen 24 Jun 92. CIE, Abyssinia (Midshipman, HMS Octavia), Egypt Medal 1882 ‘Suakin 1885' (Lieut HMS Sphinx ), QSA (Captain, RN, CIE, Royal Indian Marine), 1897 Jubilee, 1902 Coronation, 1903 Delhi Durbar, Khedive's Star 1884-6
Source: List of CIE recipients. Various sources
Royal Indian Marine
HollandG ECommanderGerald Edward Holland was born in Dublin in 1800; went to sea, 1876; entered Royal Indian Marine, 1880; served with the Burma Expeditionary Force, 1887-89, and in the Chin-Lushai Expedition, and for his services was created a Companion of the Distinguished Service Order [London Gazette, 14 Nov. 1890]: "Gerald Edward Holland, First Grade Officer, Royal Indian Marine." He commanded the Warren Hastings when that ship was lost off Reunion Island in 1897; was court-martial led, and the result was it simple reprimand; received an exemplary order from the Governor of India for his fine conduct and saving of life. Later he served on the Naval Transport Staff, Durban, and as Divisional Officer, 1900-1, being thrice mentioned in Despatches and receiving the CIE. For three years he was principal Port Officer at Rangoon; retired from the RIM in 1905; held the post of Marine Superintendent. (L & N W Rly and L & Y Rly], Fleetwood, in 1907, and from 1907 onwards held the post of Marine Superintendent, I & N W Rly, Holyhead. In Dec. 1914, shortly after the outbreak of the European War, became Lieutenant Colonel, RE, and Assistant Director of Inland Water Transport in France. It was largely owing to his efforts that this corps was created. Became Colonel and Deputy Director in 1915; became Director in 1916, and Brigadier-General in 1917, but was head of the Department in France since its creation in 1914. For his services he was three times mentioned in Despatches; received the CB and CMG; was decorated by the King of the Belgians with the Order of Leopold of Belgium, and also by the King of Italy with the Order of St Maurice and St Lazarus. Died whilst on sick leave, at St. Leonards-on-Sea, 20 June, 1917, from illness contracted on active service in France.
CB Mil n/b s/g. CMG n/b s/g. CIE b/b gold & enamel. DSO VRI (14 Nov 90). IGS 1954 (3) Burma 85-87 Burma 87-89 Chin Lushai 89-90 (1st Grade Officer HMIMS). QSA (1) Natal (Commdr RIM). 1914-15 Star (Lt Col CIE DSO RE). BWM (Brig Gen). VM (Brig Gen). Belgium, Order of Leopold, 4th Class. Portugal, Order of St Maurice and St Lazurus, 5th Class. Belgium, Croix do Guerre. Spink Oct 99 £5500
Source: List of CIE recipients. Various sources
Royal Indian Marine


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