The CGM was instituted in 1855 as a reward for the Royal Navy for gallantry.  The medal was awarded to Chief Petty Officers, Petty Officers and men of the navy (or army personnel of equal rank serving with the navy) who distinguished themselves by acts of pre-eminent bravery in action with the enemy.

The first issue was made to recipients for gallantry in the Baltic and Crimean War.  After a hiatus of years, the award was reinstituted in 1874 with awards for the Ashanti campaign.  A bar could be issued for subsequent acts of gallantry but there is only one instance of a second award.  In 1943 the CGM was extended to the RAF to recognise gallantry whilst flying in operations against the enemy.  After 1901, most CGMs have citations in the London Gazette.


Please note that this list needs to be confirmed.

George, Able Seaman Herbert E, RN

Read, Able Seaman John Ernest, RN

Christmas, Petty Officer 2nd Class William J, RN

Swannel, Leading Seaman Harry, RN

Parsonage, Able Seaman William, RN

Golden, Patrick, Able Seaman Patrick, RN

Whibley, Ordinary Seaman Edwin, RN

Gardner, SBS Thomas

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