County: Yorkshire
Issued on: Return
Dates of presentations: 05/09/1901, 00/10/1902, 13/02/1903
Number issued: c. 1,625




County Medals, to:

05/09/1901 presentation

Imperial Yeomanry –

774 Yorkshire members of the Imperial Yeomanry.

Presented by Lord Herries at Fulford Barracks, York, in the presence of Lord Roberts.

October 1902 presentation

Imperial Yeomanry –

c. 775 members of the "1901 contingent of the Yorkshire Imperial Yeomanry, comprising the 9th, 11th, 66th, 109th, and 111th squadrons, who have lately returned from South Africa".

The presentation was to take place at the Headquarters of the Yorkshire Dragoons, Doncaster "where the contingent, consisting of 775 men, was raised".

Cost of medals for the 1901 contingent: £362 12s 0d.

13/02/1903 presentation

Sheffield squadron, Yorkshire Imperial Yeomanry –

74 yeomen

Presentation made by Earl Fitzwilliam at the HQ of the Sheffield Squadron, Queen's Own Yorkshire Dragoons, Brunswick Street, Sheffield.

Full list of February 1903 recipients appears in the Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 28/01/1903 & 14/02/1903.

Trooper G. SIMMONITE is missing from the list, due to his having settled in South Africa. Medal given to his parents.


Inscribed with the recipient's name (on the edge).

Medal inscribed (as reported in the Sheffield Daily Telegraph): "Imperial, Yorkshire, (3) Yeomanry; 1900 - South Africa – 1901 / A tribute from Yorkshire".

"The medals are very pretty. On one side are the Prince of Wales's feathers, surmounting the words 'Imperial, Yorkshire, (3) Yeomanry; 1900 - South Africa - 1901'. On the reverse side are the words, 'A tribute from Yorkshire ', above which appear a crown and white rose, the whole being surrounded by a wreath".

An article in the Yorkshire Evening Post (30/03/1904) suggests that the medal was issued without a ribbon: "I would like to know through the Yorkshire Evening Post if we can wear the Yorkshire County Medal along with the others we got for the war, and also if there could not be some kind of ribbon worn with it".



9th (Yorkshire Hussars) Company [336]

10th Company [259]

11th (Yorkshire Dragoons) Company [293]

12th Company [279]

66th (Yorkshire) Composite Company [148]

109th Company [176]

111th Company [133]

APPROX. NUMBER OF MEDALS PRESENTED: 1,625 (taken from nominal roll in Birkin 1905).

A medal surfaced in 2020 to 20827 E. WILDS. There is no mention of Wilds in the records (medal rolls, attestation papers, Birkin, etc.). The lack of a rank is also perplexing. Those men with numbers immediately before and after Wilds were members of the 66th Company. Is it possible that men who did not sail for South Africa also received medals? In which case the total will be greater.


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