Willesden   Willesden drawing


County: Middlesex
Issued on: Return
Dates of presentations: 08/11/1900, 00/00/1901
Number issued: 57


Gold, silver & enamel medals, to:

08/11/1900 presentation

City Imperial Volunteers –
1542 Colour-Sergeant A.E. GRUNDY
9 Lance-Sergeant Ernest Edward AUSTEN
979 Bugler Arthur Thomas LAMBERT
199 Private William Robert ARNELL
1321 Gunner J.J. BAILEY
1138 Private J.T.G. BATES
198 Private T.J. BELL
190 Private T.A. CHAMBERS [A.T. Chambers]
1154 Private John Walker Smyth CRONE
153 Private Herbert William CUNNINGTON
381 Private Thomas James DUDLEY
659 Private Arthur Sidney GINGER
200 Private Samuel George Reginald HORSFORD
240 Private J. JACOBS [Jacob]
446 Private H.H. LEWIS
643 Private William Henry Ernest MOCKFORD
393 Private W.H. NEWEY
392 Private H.S. ORME
166 Private H.J. RANSOME
1005 Private H.F.W. SCHEURER
168 Private H. SCOTT

167 Private Charles Sidney SCUTT

2nd Bn. King's Royal Rifle Corps –

3795 Private George William FUSEDALE (died, Newcastle, 30/07/1900 - medal presented to his mother)

St John Ambulance Brigade –
44 Orderly Richard James BEESLEY

973 Orderly B. DOE (died, Ladysmith, 22/06/1900)

"A" Squadron, Loch's Horse –

70 Corporal [Sergeant] Alfred Edward WALTERS

Unknown Regiments –

2 unnamed volunteers (The Willesden Chronicle, 09/11/1900 states that 28 men received medals. However only 26 names appear on the published list)

Presentation made by Mrs Crone and Mrs Pinkham, in the Kensal Rise Board School.

"Similar souvenirs are to be given to the others of the fifty-three Volunteers from the parish when they return, and their names are to be engraved on a plate in the Council Chamber at Willesden". Hibbard lists 56 men in Appendix 7 (taken from a plaque, now in Omaha, Nebraska, that was once displayed in the old Willesden Town Hall).

1901 presentation

City Imperial Volunteers –
380 Private George William BATES
1460 Private John HOWES
598 Private Frederick George HUCKER (died, Pretoria, 20/11/1900)
373 Private William NORTHCOTT
D56 R.W. ROBINSON [R. Robinson] (possibly?)
143 Private William SEMPER
470 Private Ernest George WESTACOTT

476 Private John James WHYNTIE

Honourable Artillery Company –
1056 Corporal Herbert William Townend ELAM ("A" Battery)

D142 Gunner M.P. WEBSTER ("B" Battery)

51st (Paget's Horse) Company, 19th Bn. Imperial Yeomanry –

28711 Sergeant Robert Holt PRESTON

67th (Sharpshooters) Company, 18th Bn. Imperial Yeomanry –

12396 [13396] George Robert WEBB

28h (Bedfordshire) Company, 4th Bn. Imperial Yeomanry –

15000 Trooper Walter John WOOD

31st (Montgomeryshire) Company, 9th Bn. Imperial Yeomanry –

8277 Trooper Evelyn Argent SAUNDERS

42nd (Hertfordshire) Company, 12th Bn. Imperial Yeomanry –

5822 Trooper Frederick John RING (transferred to South African Police)

Gun Section, 73rd (Paget's Horse) Company, 19th Bn. Imperial Yeomanry –

13464 Trooper Arthur Edward MAY

78th (Rough Riders) Company, 20th Bn. Imperial Yeomanry –

15704 Trooper Henry Augustus WEBB (later served as 38882 Tpr. H.A. Webb, 30th Bn. I.Y.)

Brabant's Horse –

4190 Trooper W.G.P. STANBURY

St John Ambulance Brigade –
974 Orderly J.H. COGGS
43 Orderly William Henry EDGECOMBE [Edgcomb]

74 Orderly J. TOLLAFIELD

Lumsden's Horse –

93 Trooper Ernest Philip SANDERS

Royal Army Medical Corps (No. 14 General Hospital) –

14314 Private Arthur BRIDGMAN [Bridgeman]

Unknown Regiments –
???? J.W. BELL
???? W. CLARKE
???? A.E. MALLEY
???? Thomas Henry SYMONDS

???? D.J. WATTS

Known examples highlighted in green.


8277 Trooper Evelyn Argent SAUNDERS received a second medal from the COUNTY OF MONTGOMERYSHIRE


Names inscribed thus: "W.G.P. STANBURY, BRABANT'S HORSE".

Names on memorial medals inscribed thus: "B. DOE, ST JOHN'S [sic] AMBULENCE [sic]. DIED OF DYSENTERY AT LADYSMITH".

Glasgow Herald: "A laurel wreath in solid silver enclosing a shield, with the arms and motto of Willesden in 18 carat gold suspended from a silver bar with the words 'South Africa 1899-1900' in relief. The bar is connected with the badge with a silver link in the form of a 'V', indicating that the recipient is a Volunteer".

Designed & supplied by Messrs Mappin Bros., 220 Regent Street, London W., and 66 Cheapside, London E.C.

An illustration of the medal appeared in The Graphic, 24/11/1900 (see above).

A report of a burglary, published in the Willesden Chronicle (07/03/1902), reads: "The worst incident in the burglary at the Willesden District Council offices on Saturday night, was the theft of the C.I.V. medals, waiting ready for our brave fellows on their return from the Front".

Does this relate to a batch of Willesden tribute medals? Given that the C.I.V. returned in November 1900, the description of the decorations as "C.I.V. medals" seems odd. Or does this relate to the Frampton medallions?


Willesden DNW


Arnell example sold through Bonhams, 23/11/2016.
Horsford example sold through Dix Noonan Webb, 20/08/2020 (Jack Webb Collection).
Lambert example sold through Dix Noonan Webb, 20/08/2020 (Jack Webb Collection).
Westacott example held in the Collection of the National Army Museum, London (1997-11-33). This example illustrated in Hibbard and Hern.
George Webb example sold through Dix Noonan Webb, 29/11/1996 (£240), Spink, 21/10/1999 (£380) & Dix Noonan Webb, 19/06/2013 (£3,200).
Doe example (St John’s Ambulance; died of enteric, Ladysmith) sold through Dix Noonan Webb, 11/12/2013, for £2,300 (with QSA).
Whyntie example in the Collection of the Auckland War Memorial Museum, NZ.

George Bates example offered through Harland Medals, 28/09/2017 for £3,200 (withdrawn by owner).


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