State: Victoria, Australia
Issued on: Return
Date of presentation: 07/08/1902
Number issued: 1


Gold medal, suitably inscribed, to:

1st Victorian Infantry Company [and 5th Vicorian (Mounted Rifles) Contingent] –
62 Sergeant William John EVERALL [1139 Saddler-Sergeant William John EVERALL]

Presentation made by Colonel Williams, on behalf of the N.C.O.'s of the 3rd Battalion Infantry Brigade, at the Orderly Rooms, Ballarat.

This appears to relate to all past services with the Battalion, so strictly may not be an ABW tribute medal.

Sergeant Everall was shot through both lungs during his second term of service.


Ballarat Star, 8th August 1902

A pleasing little function was performed yesterday evening at the Orderly Rooms, where, before the battalion paraded, Colonel Williams, on behalf of the non-commissioned officers, presented Sergeant W. EVERALL with a gold Albert and a suitably inscribed medal. Addressing the men, the Colonel that he had been commissioned to make the presentation as some token of the good-will and esteem in which Sergeant EVERALL was held by his old comrades, the non-commissioned officers of the battalion.

He referred to the sergeant’s enrolling in the first contingent for South Africa, to his subsequent second term of service, and to his being wounded, and expressed the opinion that his recovery was largely due to his natural courage and resolution, and to his always having been a temperate and careful man. Personally, the Colonel cordially recognised his meritorious service in the battalion, and hoped he would long live to wear the present given him by those with whom he had been so long associated.

Sergeant EVERALL, in responding, thanked the non-commissioned officers for their gift, which he valued not only for itself, but more highly still as a token of the spirit which animated them in making it.

The presentation and Sergeant EVERALL’s reply were greeted with loud cheers by the men of the battalion.
Melbourne Weekly Times, 16th August 1902

Sergeant EVERALL, of the 3rd Battalion, who served with two contingents in South Africa, was last week presented by Lieut.-Colonel Williams, Ballarat, with a gold albert and medal on behalf of the non-commissioned officers of the battalion.