State: South Australia
Issued on: Return
Dates of presentations: 29/05/1901, 30/09/1901
Number issued: 2


Gold medals/pendants, suitably inscribed, to:

29/05/1901 presentation

2nd South Australian (Mounted Rifles) Contingent –

9 Trooper John Erskine CROUCHER

Presentation made by Mr A. Battye, at the local institute.

30/09/1901 presentation

4th South Australian (Imperial Bushmen) Contingent –

140 Lance-Corporal William Bowman READ [Reid]

Presentation made in the Institute Hall.


 Adelaide Chronicle, 8th June 1901


Victor Harbor, May 29.

The local institute was crowded by an enthusiastic audience, under the presidency of Mr A. Battye, on the occasion of the presentation of a gold medal, suitably inscribed, to Trooper J.E. CROUCHER, who has just returned from South Africa. The trooper was a member of the Second Contingent, and saw much active service, having whilst there being shot through the neck. The bullet, which was extracted whilst in hospital, is still in his possession. On the platform, besides the chairman and Trooper CROUCHER, were Trooper BATESON, a comrade of the same contingent, Lieutenant Bolge, and A.B. Enew, of the Protector. Mr E. Warland proposed the health and best wishes of Victor Harbor and Encounter Bay, together with a welcome home to Troopers CROUCHER and BATESON. Mr G. Bundey and the Rev. W.P. Jones spoke in support of the motion. Trooper CROUCHER was received with great enthusiasm as he had the medal pinned to his breast by the chairman. The proceedings were interspersed with songs and recitations by Misses Wickman and Rose Weymouth, Messrs Wheaton, A.H. Warland, Bateson, and J.O. Croucher. It was unanimously resolved that a vote of sympathy and condolence be forwarded to the widow of Captain HIPWELL, whose death it was felt was a great loss to South Australia.

At the conclusion of the institute meeting some 30 gentlemen adjourned to a smoke social at the Crown Hotel, where, under the presidency of Mr G. Bundey, an enjoyable time was spent. A number of toasts were honored, interspersed with singing and recitations. Troopers BATESON and CROUCHER recounted some of their experiences, and an explanation of the various shells and bullets used in the war was given.
Adelaide Register, 2nd October 1901


October 1.

A successful gathering was held in the institute hall on Monday evening to welcome Lance-Corporal REID back from South Africa, where for a considerable time he had been fighting with the Imperial Bushmen. Mr F.H. Taylor occupied the chair. Eulogistic and patriotic speeches were made, interspersed with songs by local vocalists; subsequently a gold pendant was presented to the returned warrior, who suitably responded. The Port Victor brass band was in attendance, and rendered patriotic music in front of the hall. The proceedings finished up with a smoke social.