State: Victoria, Australia
Issued on: Departure/Return
Date of presentation: 31/01/1901, 03/08/1901
Number issued: 2


Gold locket (departure) and gold chain & medal (return), to:

31/01/1901 presentation (departure)

5th Victorian (Mounted Rifles) Contingent –

1585 Private Otto Felix SAMUELS

Presentation made by Lieutenant S.W. Salmon.

03/08/1901 presentation (return)

4th Victorian (Imperial Bushmen's) Contingent –

120 Trooper Andrew BAILEY

Presentation made in the Borough Hall.

Trooper Bailey received a second tribute medal at Melbourne on 30/07/1901.



Melbourne Argus, 4th February 1901


Private O. SAMUELS, of the local detachment Mounted Rifles, son of Mr M.J. Samuels, of Lone Tree, Talbot, has been selected as one of the members of the fifth Victorian contingent for South Africa. Taking advantage of Private SAMUELS's presence in Talbot to take farewell of his family, a number of his friends entertained him at a social gathering on Wednesday evening, the mayor presiding. On Thursday afternoon he was presented with a gold locket and gold sleeve-links, the presentation being made by Lieutenant S.W. Salmon, after which a large number of friends assembled at the railway station to see Private SAMUELS off.
Melbourne Age, 6th August 1901


Trooper BAILEY arrived in Talbot on Saturday night, and was welcomed at the railway station, which was profusely decorated. The local section of the Mounted Rifles and fire brigade, headed by the town band, took part in a procession to the borough hall, which was filled to overflowing. The mayor (Mr M. Wilson), on behalf of the townspeople and Mr A. Jamieson, president of the Talbot branch of the A.N.A., welcomed Trooper BAILEY home, and appropriate speeches were delivered by Mr C.C. Salmon. M.P., and Mr Mitchell, M.L.A. Trooper BAILEY was the recipient of a gold chain and medal.
Melbourne Argus, 6th August 1901


Trooper Andrew BAILEY was given a great reception on his arrival. The railway station was gaily decorated. Trooper BAILEY was received and welcomed at a social gathering by the mayor of the borough and the president of the local branch of the A.N.A. Mr Salmon, M.H.R., and Mr George Mitchell, M.L.A., also spoke. A gold chain and medal were presented to the returned soldier.