State: New South Wales, Australia
Issued on: Departure
Date of presentation: abt. 15/03/1901
Number issued: 1


Gold medal, suitably inscribed, to:

3rd New South Wales Mounted Rifles –
???? Sydney WILLIAMS (no record found)

Subscribed for by colleagues in the Sydney Police Force.



Sydney Daily Telegraph 1901


Last evening, at the residence, of Lieutenant S. Davis, Bridge Road, Forest Lodge, a send-off was given to Captain NIESIGH and Lieutenant WILSON, prior to their departure for South Africa. During the evening suitable presentations were made to the departing officers. Captain NIESIGH's official appointment is a most deserving one, he having borne the brunt of the staff work ever since "contingenting" became popular in New South Wales. At the Randwick camp, on Thursday night, Lieutenant WILSON was presented with a gold, pencil-case and various useful articles by a number of his friends. Mr Sydney WILLIAMS, who resigned from No. 4 division of the Sydney police force to accompany the Third Regiment on the transport Ranee, was presented with a beautifully chased gold (albert) medal, suitably inscribed, together with a purse of sovereigns. Mr WILLIAMS, during his career in the Sydney Police Force, was a very popular officer, and his appointment has given general satisfaction to his friends. A hearty send-off was tendered Troopers D. THOMSON, F. ALLINGHAM. and J. O'KEEFE on Wednesday at Mr Walter Harris' residence, Burwood, by a large number of friends and well-wishers. After the toasts, which were suitably responded to. Mr R. Jocelyn, on behalf of those present, handed Troopers THOMSON and O'KEEFE silver-mounted pipes.