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County: Perthshire
Issued on: Return
Dates of presentations: 08/06/1901, 27/07/1901, 06/08/1901, 26/07/1902, 02/08/1902, 00/08/1902 (?)
Number issued: c. 97  (c. 115 if the 3rd Company received medals)




Gold pendants, to:

08/06/1901 presentation

Probable recipients (extracted from Tullibardine 1908) - though only 15 men are reported to have received medals on this occasion

1st Volunteer Active Service Company, Royal Highlanders (Black Watch) [4th V.B.R.H.] –
8951 Corporal Mungo BUCHAN (Perth)
8968 Corporal John FERGUSON (St Fillans)
7583 Corporal James HOUNAN (Perth)
7589 Corporal James THOMSON (Perth)
7582 Lance-Corporal Walter ADAMS (Doune)
7577 Lance-Corporal John Burns SCOTT (Perth)
7581 Private William BRAND (Perth)
7579 Private William CAMPSIE (Dunblane / Bridge of Allan)
7576 Private John Napier CARMICHAEL (Comrie)
7578 Private John McEwan CRERAR (Crieff)
7587 Private David FERGUSON (Dunblane)
7585 Private John HAMPTON (Perth)
7588 Private Robert McGILLIVARY [McGILVARY] (Dunblane)
8959 Private Arthur McINTOSH (Logie / Bridge of Allan)
8953 Private John F. McINTYRE (Logie / Bridge of Allan)
7591 Private James Innes McLAGGAN (Perth; absent – joined S.A.C.; medal presented on 02/08/1902)
7593 Private John McLAREN (Callander)
7584 Private James Lindsay ROBERTSON (Perth)
7580 Private George SIMPSON (Perth)
7592 Private James STURROCK (Perth) - later served as 10766 Sapper Sturrock, R.E.

7586 Private Andrew THOMSON (Logie / Bridge of Allan)

Only 11 men of the 4th V.B.R.H. appear on the list of returned volunteers published on 18th May (Fife Free Press, 18/05/1901). The Aberdeen Press & Journal, 10/06/1901, states that 15 volunteers received medals at this parade, suggesting that seven were absent.

Presentation made by Lady Moncrieffe on the North Inch, Perth.

"At the close of the inspection 15 of the active service volunteers were presented by Lady Moncrieffe with a gold medal" (Aberdeen Journal, 10-06-1901).

27/07/1901 presentation

(Perthshire Advertiser, 29/07/1901 & Tullibardine 1908) - men reported in the press to have received medals on this occasion highlighted in brown

1st Volunteer Active Service Company, Royal Highlanders (Black Watch) [5th V.B.R.H.] –
973 Colour-Sergeant G. STRATHEARN
8971 Sergeant Robert CHALMERS (Bankfoot) 
7605 Sergeant Thomas ROBERTSON (Dunkeld)
7609 Corporal Henry H.D.M. ALLISON (Blairgowrie)
7596 Corporal D. FRASER (Scone)
7599 Corporal Alexander PROUDFOOT (Aberfeldy; absent)
7606 Lance-Corporal Duncan S. CAMPBELL (Killin)
7595 Lance-Corporal Donald MACINTOSH (Weem)
7607 Private Alexander CAMERON (Fortingall) – joined Lovat's Scouts
7598 Private James William EMSLIE (Scone)
7597 Private William Macdonald ERSKINE (Coupar Angus; absent - received his medal on 06/08/1901)
7590 Private William FRASER (Blair Atholl; absent)
8986 Private John LINDSAY (Alyth) – later served as Quartermaster-Sergeant, 37th Bn. I.Y.
7608 Private Donald McCULLOCH (Braes of Rannoch; wounded)
8994 Private James William McKAY [Mackay] (Killin) – joined Scottish Horse
7600 Private Dugald McKILLOP (Killin; absent – joined S.A.C.)
7601 Private William John MACGREGOR (Dunkeld)
7594 Private Duncan H.C.R. MACKENZIE [McKenzie] (Callander)
7553 Private John M. REID (Coupar Angus; absent – joined Scottish Horse)
8973 Private James ROBERTSON (Strathtay; absent)
8983 Private John M. ROBERTSON (Blairgowrie)
7604 Private James SKINNER (Moulin; absent – joined Scott's Railway Guards)
7603 Private Robert Menzies SMALL (Dull; died, Bloemfontein, 10/04/1900 - did his family receive a medal?)
7602 Private George THOMPSON (Alyth) – later served with 37th Bn. I.Y.

7610 Private William WINTON (Pitlochry)

Presentation made by the Marchioness of Breadalbane, during the annual inspection of the regiment, at Birnam.

06/08/1901 presentation

1st Volunteer Active Service Company, Royal Highlanders (Black Watch) [5th V.B.R.H.] –

7597 Private William Macdonald ERSKINE (Kilspindie / Coupar Angus)

Presentation made by Captain Buttar, in the Drill Hall, Coupar, Angus.

August 1901 presentation to two men of the 2nd V.B.R.H. (?)

1st Volunteer Active Service Company, Royal Highlanders (Black Watch) [2nd V.B.R.H.] –
7628 Private David PHILIP (Ardler) – died, Netley, 24/05/1901

7629 Private James ROBERTSON (Ardler)


26/07/1902 presentation (postponed)

Probable recipients (extracted from Tullibardine 1908)

2nd Volunteer Active Service Company, Royal Highlanders (Black Watch) [5th V.B.R.H.] –
8999 Sergeant John DUFF (Stanley)
9012 Corporal Thomas Miller BAYNE (Cultoquhey)
8988 Lance-Corporal James SHORT (Scone)
9041 Lance-Corporal John STEWART (Aberfeldy)
8987 Private Andrew BROWN (Alyth)
8995 Private Duncan BROWN (Killin)
9001 Private William DAVIDSON (Killin)
8974 Private Daniel FERGUSON (Strathtay)
8989 Private James HARRIER (Scone)
8976 Private David HOOD (Alyth)
9035 Private D.R. LESLIE (New Scone)
9036 Private Robert LOW (Blairgowrie)
9037 Private Peter MacDIARMID (Kenmore)
8972 Private George McFARLANE (Bankfoot)
8980 Private Laurence McLAREN (Pitlochry)
9038 Private Peter McNAB (Foss)
9002 Private James McNAUGHTEN (Killin)
8982 Private John MACPHERSON (Killiecrankie)
9000 Private Edward MARTIN (Alyth)
9039 Private Alexander PETRIE (Rattray)
8992 Private Thomas Henry ROBERTSON (Alyth)
9040 Private Malcolm SCOTT (Blairgowrie)
8977 Private Thomas SIDEY (Alyth)
8975 Private Allan SMITH (Coupar Angus)
8997 Private Thomas SMITH (Alyth)
8990 Private Charles STEWART (Pitlochry)
9042 Private George THOMSON (New Scone)
9076 Private John THOMSON (Blairgowrie)
8979 Private Dugald WHYTE (Killin)

8998 Private William WHYTE (Alyth)

Presentation to have been made by Lord Provost Macgregor, at Barry, but postponed due to torrential rain.

02/08/1902 presentation

(Perthshire Advertiser, 04/08/1902 & Tullibardine 1908) - men reported in the press to have received medals on this occasion highlighted in brown

1st Volunteer Active Service Company, Royal Highlanders (Black Watch) [4th V.B.R.H.] –

7591 Private James Innes McLAGGAN (Perth)

2nd Volunteer Active Service Company, Royal Highlanders (Black Watch) [4th V.B.R.H.] –
8955 Corporal David DUFF (Perth)
8963 Corporal David GLASS (Perth)
8966 Lance-Corporal William Brown BRUCE (Perth)
9064 Lance-Corporal Andrew S. BUCHAN (Perth)
9066 Lance-Corporal James M. COWIE (Perth)
9071 Lance-Corporal Daniel MENZIES (Perth)
8958 Lance-Corporal George MURRAY (Doune; absent)
8965 Private R. BAILLIE (Methven; absent)
8961 Private John BUCHANAN (Callander)
9065 Private Patrick CONNELLY [Peter Connelly] (Doune)
8960 Private James Taylor EASSON (Dunblane)
8957 Private James McINTOSH (Dunblane)
9069 Private Peter McLAREN (Doune)
9070 Private John MURRIE (Perth)
8954 Private James Cameron STEWART (Perth)

8969 Private William TAYLOR (Perth / Crieff)

Presentation made by Miss Murray Macgreggor, during the annual inspection on the North Inch, Perth.


1902 presentation to 1st & 3rd V.B.R.H. (?)

2nd Volunteer Active Service Company, Royal Highlanders (Black Watch) [1st & 3rd V.B.R.H.] –
9051 Lance-Corporal James F. BRYSON (Coupar Angus) 1st V.B.
9047 Private Frank KENNEDY (Longforgan) 1st V.B.

9018 Private James McWALTER (Auchterarder) 3rd V.B.


Aft. August 1902 presentation(s) (?)

Potential further recipients (3rd V.A.S.C., extracted from Tullibardine 1908)


3rd Volunteer Active Service Company, Royal Highlanders (Black Watch) [4th V.B.R.H.] –
9159 Private David BLAIR (Perth)
9157 Private James EVANS (Perth)
9158 Private William McVICAR (Perth)
9155 Private John MORRISON (Perth)
9154 Private Cornelius SUTHERLAND (Auchterarder)

9156 Private James THOMPSON (Perth)

3rd Volunteer Active Service Company, Royal Highlanders (Black Watch) [5th V.B.R.H.] –
9166 Sergeant John McPHERSON (Kenmore)
9160 Private John McINNES (Aberfeldy)
9164 Private Murdoch McKENZIE (Perth)
9165 Private John RAE (Killin)
9161 Private Donald SCRIMGEOUR (Aberfeldy)
9168 Private William STRUTH (Blairgowrie)
9162 Private P. THOMSON (Perth)
9167 Private Thomas WHITTET (Scone)

9163 Private Frederick WIGHTON (Balbeggie)

3rd Volunteer Active Service Company, Royal Highlanders (Black Watch) [1st & 3rd  V.B.R.H.] –
9129 Corporal D. THOMSON (Blairgowrie) 3rd V.B.
9103 Private Robert THOMSON (Blairgowrie) 1st V.B
9133 Private Robert WATSON (Blairgowrie) 3rd V.B.

Did the 3rd Company, due to return on 02/08/1902, receive medals? The intention had certainly been to reward all contingents in a like manner: "Provost Campbell did not think they should let this [third] contingent feel that they were to receive different treatment from those who went out in the first flush of excitement and enthusiasm. They should do for them what they did for those who went out at first" (Perthshire Advertiser, 24/02/1902). However, reports of the 3rd Company's homecoming do not mention medals.




Type 1 (1901).
Obverse with the badge and motto of the Black Watch: "THE ROYAL HIGHLANDERS / NEMO ME IMPUNE LACESSET / BLACK WATCH".

Reverse: "SOUTH AFRICA / 1900-1 / [CORP. J. FERGUSON / 8968]".

Type 2 (1902).
Obverse with the badge and motto of the Black Watch: "THE ROYAL HIGHLANDERS / NEMO ME IMPUNE LACESSET / BLACK WATCH".

Reverse: "SOUTH AFRICA / 1901-2 / [PTE J. THOMPSON / 9076]".

Supplied by A. H. Crawford, jeweller, George Street, Perth.

"In the front of the centre is the badge of the Black Watch, surrounded by a circle of gold. On the top is the Imperial crown, while on the back is the name of the volunteer, with regimental number, date, and the words ‘South Africa’. The medal, which is a very handsome one, was designed and made by Mr A. H. Crawford, jeweller, George Street, Perth, and will, it is expected, be presented at the inspection of the 4th V.B.R.H. on Saturday, 8th June [1901]." (People's Journal for Perthshire).
Note: of five known examples, only one is to a resident of the City of Perth, showing that these pendants were distibuted to all members of the 4th & 5th V.B.R.H.


George McFarlane example sold through Dix Noonan Webb,18/09/2014, for £2,200.
John Thomson example sold through Dix Noonan Webb, 25/11/2015, for £2,400 (cased; with QSA).
Malcolm Scott example in the Paul Dunn Collection.

Walter Adams example in the Constantine Collection


People's Journal for Perthshire, 01/06/1901
Dundee Courier, 21/10/1901
Dundee Courier, 11/03/1902
Dundee Courier, 24/07/1902
Military History of Perthshire, 1908
Constantine Collection
Information provided by Paul Dunn
Edinburgh Evening News, 10th June 1901
PERTH. – The annual inspection of the 4th V.B.R.H. took place on the North Inch, Perth, on Saturday afternoon. There were 1,006 men on parade, which was a record for the Battalion. Colonel Brickenden, the officer commanding the 42nd Regimental District, was the inspecting officer. The Battalion was in command of Colonel Sir Robert D. Moncrieffe, Bart. Colonel Brickenden complimented the Battalion on its strength, and on the smart appearance made by the men. He presented Sergt. Martin, Auchterarder Company, with a long service medal. At the conclusion Lady Moncrieffe presented the Black Watch Service Volunteers belonging to Perth with a gold badge, given by the corporation, in recognition of their public spiritedness and loyalty in volunteering for active service, and serving in South Africa.
Aberdeen Press & Journal, 10th June 1901

4th V.B.R.H.


On Saturday afternoon the annual inspection of the 4th V.B. Royal Highlanders (Black Watch) took place on the North Inch, Perth, before a large attendance of spectators. There were over 1,000 men on parade, under the command of Sir R.D. Moncrieffe. The inspecting officer was Colonel Brickenden, commanding the 42nd Regimental District. At the close of the inspection 15 of the active service volunteers were presented by Lady Moncrieffe with a gold medal.
Dundee Evening Telegraph, 24th July 1901


The active service volunteers of the 5th (Perthshire) V.B.R.H. will be presented with their commemorative was pendants on Saturday first, immediately after the inspection at Birnam. Lord Provost McGregor, Perth, and a deputation from the Committee in charge of the arrangements for the home-coming of the volunteers will be present on the interesting occasion.
Perthshire Advertiser, 29th July 1901



On Saturday one of the most successful camps ever held in connection with the 5th V.B.R.H. was brought to a close with the annual inspection.


During an interval in the inspection Sergeant Robertson and Sergeant Miller, both of H Company, were presented with long service medals. In making the presentation Colonel Broadwood said – I have great pleasure in handing over to you the long service medals. They have been well earned. No doubt you men are a great encouragement to the younger members. I know you have done well; by a look at you I know you have done well, and I am sure your Commanding Officer is very glad, indeed, to see you receive these medals.

Lord Provost Macgregor then handed over the medallions for presentation by the Marchioness of Breadalbane to the Active Service Volunteers of the Battalion.

In handing over the medallion to Sergeant ROBERTSON of G Company, her Ladyship expressed pleasure at seeing him home from the front. For each of the other recipients she had a kindly word, and the men returned thanks in a manner unmistakably sincere. To Private McCULLOCH, who was wounded, her Ladyship had a special word to say.


Colonel the Marquis of Breadalbane, K.G., said: – My Lord Provost, on behalf of the men of the Service Company of this Battalion, allow me to tender you very sincere thanks for the mark of esteem shown by your Lordship and the City and County of Perth in presenting these medallions.

The Lord Provost said: – My Lord and Lady Breadalbane, it is a great pleasure to the Corporation of Perth and many friends in the city and county to recognise the valour of the troops who went out to South Africa and have done such noble service for their country. We recognise her Ladyship’s kindness in presenting on this field these medallions to those noble men.

The medallions were the work of Mr A.H. Crawford, jeweller, George Street.
Perthshire Advertiser, 2nd August 1901
When the Marchioness of Breadalbane was presenting the medallions to the Active Service men at Birnam last week one man was found to be absent. He was on guard.
Dundee Evening Telegraph, 7th August 1901


Last night a meeting of the officers and men of D Company was held in the Drill Hall, Coupar Angus, when a couple of interesting presentations were made. Captain Buttar presided, and first handed to Sergeant-Instructor Fraser the silver medal awarded to him for long service and good conduct in the regular army. The Captain expressed the company’s appreciation of the sergeant’s services to the corps, and hoped he would long continue his connection with it. Private W. ERSKINE was next called and received the gold medallion pendant subscribed for by the town and county of Perth in commemoration of his services with the Volunteer Section of the Black Watch in South Africa. The Captain congratulated him on his safe return, and trusted he would still keep up his connection with the company. Lieutenant Boyd and Sergeant Murray also spoke, while suitable replies were made by the recipients.
Dundee Evening Telegraph, 13th January 1902

There was a very interesting function at Taymouth Castle the other evening. During the past summer the members of the First Active Service Company in connection with the 5th Volunteers Battalion Royal Highlanders, who returned from South Africa in spring, were presented at the annual inspection of the regiment at Birnam with medallions subscribed for by the city and county of Perth as a memento of their service to their country. The gifts were handed over by the Marchioness of Breadalbane.

The men, greatly appreciating her Ladyship’s consideration in this matter, and more especially her many acts of kindness and remembrance of them while in the field, resolved to show their gratitude in a tangible form. Accordingly they subscribed among themselves, and, through Captain Haynes, recently presented her Ladyship with a replica of the medallion in the shape of a miniature gold charm.

Touched with the thoughtfulness of the citizen soldiers and charmed with the gift, Lady Breadalbane, with the hearty cooperation of the Marquis, who commands the Fifth, determined to acknowledge it in some befitting manner. Taking advantage of the annual ball of the Aberfeldy Volunteers on Friday night, Lord and Lady Breadalbane invited the active service men of the whole battalion to dinner at Taymouth Castle.
Perthshire Advertiser, 10th March 1902



At a meeting of the General Committee of arrangements in connection with the entertainment of the Third Company of the Active Service Volunteers held recently, the Town Clerk submitted a statement showing that up to that date £125 had been received from subscriptions and the sale of dinner and concert tickets, and that expenditure in connection with the dinner amounted to £57 3s 3d, leaving a balance in hand of about £68. It was explained that one or two small accounts for advertising had not yet been paid. The subscriptions received from the county of Perth amounted to about £28, and from the counties of Fife and Forfar to about £12; while from the only two Wards in the burgh canvassed there was received from the Second Ward £18 11s, and from the Fourth Ward £26 13s 6d. No collections were made in the First and Third Wards, the canvas of these Wards being left over until the return of the Second Active Service Company. As it is the intention of the Committee to present the men of the Second Active Service Company belonging to Perth and Perthshire on their return with pendants similar to those presented to the First Company who returned about a year ago, it will be necessary to obtain further subscriptions from the city and county to carry out this object.
Perthshire Advertiser, 23rd July 1902


We understand that the Committee who have charge of the arrangements in connection with the home-coming of the Second Active Service Company of the Black Watch Volunteers have had presentation charms similar to those given to the First Company a year ago engraved by Mr A.H. Crawford, George Street, and that these will be presented to the men of the 4th and 5th Battalions as soon as possible. It is thought likely that the presentation to the men of the 5th V.B.R.H. will take place at Barry on Saturday first, and that the men of the 4th V.B.R.H. will receive their charms on Saturday, 2nd August, when the annual inspection of the Battalion will be made by Colonel Brickenden on the North Inch. The fortunate recipients of these handsome, but well-earned, souvenirs number about forty-five.

A Committee meeting has been called for Friday to decide what steps are to be taken to welcome home the Third Active Service Company, which is due in Perth on the morning of Saturday, 2nd August.
Perthshire Advertiser, 28th July 1902



The Brigadier-General of the Black Watch visited the lines of the respective battalions, with results satisfactory to all concerned. Colonel Brickenden also conducted the annual inspection of the 5th Battalion, the men being paraded in companies within the recreation tent. It was expected that Lord Provost Macgregor, of Perth, would be present to hand over the South African medals gained by the active service section, but owing to the inclement weather this function was postponed.
Perthshire Advertiser, 4th August 1902

The occasion of the inspection was taken as a fitting opportunity to present the Second Active Service Volunteer Company with the charms which had been purchased by public subscription in recognition of the public’s appreciation of the patriotic conduct of the Volunteers in leaving the comforts of home for the hardships of the veldt. The Battalion was formed into a square, in the middle of which the khaki-clad soldiers, browned with the heat of the Southern sun, stood, the centre of admiration. The whole were members of the Second Company, with the sole exception of Private J.I. McLAGGAN, who belonged to the First Active Service Company, but who, on the disbanding of that body, joined Baden-Powell’s Police, to which he was attached until quite recently. To Miss Murray Macgregor was deputed the task of handing over the medallions to the men. It was a happy thought which suggested that this grand old Highland lady should be asked to perform the pleasing function. No one has taken a deeper interest in the soldiers than Miss Macgregor, whether at home or abroad. Her interest has been no paper interest either, but severely practical, as all who have followed the history of the Perth South African War Fund will readily admit. Among those who supported Miss Macgregor were: – Miss Gardyne, Nurse Graeme, Mrs Carruthers, the Misses Slesser, Mr John Masterton, Mr Crawford, jeweller; and the officers of the Battalion.

Addressing the men Miss Murray Macgregor said: – Men of the Second Active Service Company Volunteer Battalion of the Black Watch, you have paraded today to receive from your fellow-citizens a keepsake in token of their appreciation of your loyal services. Sixteen months ago we wished you God-speed and spent a very pleasant evening together – at least I hope it was to you – though there could not but be a fear on our parts that some of you might not return. You carried with you the best wishes of your friends, and also the grand traditions of our country and our race, and we know that you acted up to these and were ready for your duty whatever and wherever it might be. In former days it was believed that our Volunteers would defend hearth and home, but no one ever thought you would be, as has now been proved, a most important part of our combative forces. The lads who annually join the Volunteers will now know that every detail of drill or discipline has for its purpose to prepare them to emulate your valour. A few weeks ago you were welcomed home – one of Perth’s red letter days. The Lord Provost and Corporation of Perth, with a sympathetic Committee, desirous to show their pride in you, the sons of the Fair City, and their sense of your readiness to leave country and friends at the call of patriotic duty, resolved to present you with remembrances similar to those given to the First Active Service Company. I am deputed to hand you these little medallions, an honour very gratifying to me. I heartily wish you all future prosperity. It is after toil that rest is most sweet, and after warfare peace is blessed.

Miss Macgregor then presented the medals to the following: –

Captain J.M. CHRISTIE.
Lance-Corporal W. BRUCE.
Lance-Corporal A. BUCHAN.
Private James BUCHANAN.
Private Peter CONNELLY.
Corporal COWIE.
Corporal D. DUFF.
Private EASON.
Corporal D. GLASS.
Private J. McINTOSH.
Private John MURRIE.
Private P. McLAREN.
Private W. TAYLOR.
Private J.C. STEWART.

Lance-Corporal D. MENZIES.

The South African medal was also presented to Private J.I. McLAGGAN.



Dundee Courier, 17th May 1901 (list of Volunteers who returned on 17/05/1901)
PERTH Dundee Courier 17 May 1901
Dundee Courier, 21st October 1901 (Volunteers who received their QSAs on 19/10/1901)
PERTH Dundee Courier 21 Oct 1901