Country: New Zealand
Issued on: Return
Date of presentation: 23/07/1901
Number issued: 1


Gold Maltese cross, to:

4th New Zealand Mounted Rifles –
1548 Trooper E.S. PETTIT
Presentation made by Mr J.G. Macfarlane, during a "welcome home".



Hawke's Bay Herald, 25th July 1901


July 24, 1901.

Last night Trooper E.S. PETTIT, of the Fourth Contingent, was tendered a “Welcome Home” in the form of a social, which proved one of the most enjoyable functions ever held here. Owing to the very unsettled state of the weather, the attendance was not so large as expected but there were just as many there as could enjoy the dancing in comfort. During an interval between the dances Mr J.G. Macfarlane made a speech welcoming Mr PETTIT home, and expressing the pleasure all felt at his safe return. As a memento of the occasion, and also to show the esteem in which Mr PETTIT was held, he had much pleasure in presenting him with a gold Maltese cross. Mr PETTIT on stepping forward was accorded a very hearty reception. After thanking the donors for the gift he said he would esteem it as much, if not more, than if it were a coveted V.C.  After the audience had sung a verse of “For He’s a Jolly Good Follow”, three hearty cheers were given for the guest of the evening. Excellent music was supplied by Mrs McKenzie (piano) and Mr James Cosgrove (cornet). The duties of M’s.C. were discharged by Messrs L. McKay and D. McKenzie. The following contributed songs during the evening — Mrs Steed, Messrs Cosgrove, McKenzie, and W.C. Pettit. Extra dances were played by Misses Pettit and McKay, and Messrs W. and E. Pettit, and the Onga Onga orchestra. The hall was nicely decorated with flags, and two largo mottos, “Welcome Home” and "Welcome”.