Country: New Zealand
Issued on: Departure
Date of presentation: 06/04/1900
Number issued: 1


Gold Maltese cross, to:

Johannesburg Mounted Rifles –
1377 Trooper Ernest E. BEECROFT (also served as 59 Tpr E. Beecroft, Western Province M.R.)

Presentation made by Mr Sydney Pattison, on behalf of the employees of Messrs Williams & Kettle's, in the Oddfellows' Hall, Hastings.

Trooper Beecroft also received a revolver.



Hawke's Bay Daily Telegraph, 7th April 1900


An enthusiastic send-off was given last night to Mr Ernest BEECROFT, son of Mr W.A. Beecroft, of the repository. Mr E. BEECROFT is proceeding to the Cape, where he will join the British forces. Having been until recently engaged in Messrs Williams and Kettle's Hastings branch, the manager and employees resolved to mark the occasion suitably. The Oddfellows' Hall was engaged for the occasion, and about fifty persons were present, including all the Hastings staff of the firm. Mr Sydney Pattison presided. After an excellent supper, supplied by Mr R. Warren, had been enjoyed, the chairman proposed the toast of the evening, the health of and success to Mr E. BEECROFT. Mr Pattison said that it was with unqualified regret that the firm had lost his services. They one and all esteemed and liked him, and wished him every success. If he returned to the colony he would be welcomed, but if he chose to settle in South Africa, they would wish him every luck there. The chairman congratulated him on his pluck and patriotism. He was going out to fight for the Empire in a place where the Boer flag was still flying, but in a short time it would be hauled down, and its place taken by the grand old Union Jack. Mr BEECROFT was then presented, on behalf of the employees, with a gold Maltese cross, suitably inscribed, and a revolver and other presents, from personal friends. The other toasts were "The Queen" proposed by Mr Alfred Reid; "The Army and Navy", by Mr C.S. Green and replied to by Sergeant Harding; "The Contingents" by Mr C. Tipping, and acknowledged by Mr Barton Hobbs; "The Ladies", proposed by Mr C. S. Green, and replied to by Mr Brooke Taylor. Songs were given by Messrs Whelan, Wright, F. Caulton, H. Guthrie, C.S. Green and Jago. A duet was Messrs Jago and Smith and a recitation given by Mr Miller. The social concluded with musical honors to the parting guest, "Auld Lang Syne" and "God Save the Queen".