County: Lancashire
Issued on: Return
Date of presentation: 22/09/1902
Number issued: 23


Cased silver watch chains and medals, suitably inscribed, to:

23 unnamed reservists and militiamen
Presentation made by Mrs George Hughes, at the Mechanics' Institute, Horwich.



Bolton Evening News, 23rd September 1902



It cannot well be said that Horwich has been disloyal during the late South African war, for no fewer than 44 reservists, militiamen and volunteers have served their country during the arduous campaign. Neither can it be said that the residents of Horwich have not given the men s fitting welcome on their return. Contingents have come home at different times, and all have had a warm greeting, and have each been presented with souvenirs, including a silver keyless watch with suitable inscription. Only one man has not come back to the town. He joined the Yeomanry and died of enteric fever in England. All the men were in the employ of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company when they went out, and in October 1899 the employees decided to contribute one penny fortnightly for the relief of the wives and children of the men, the former to receive 10s 6d per week, and the latter 2s 6d each. A committee consisting of foremen’s clerks was formed, with Mr J. Ormond as hon. Treasurer and secretary. The result was that £1,044 has been raised, and over £1,000 paid in cash for relief.

The Mechanics’ Institute was crowded on Monday evening, when a concert, reception and presentation were held, Capt. Geo. Hughes, 1st V.B. L.N.L. Regt., presiding. The returned men occupied a front portion of the room.

The Chairman said the event was unique in the history of Horwich. The event of the evening then took place, the presentation of a silver Albert Guard with pendant, enclosed in case, to each man. Mrs Geo. Hughes performed the ceremony. At a later stage a presentation consisting of a silver tea urn was made to Mr J. Ormond. The gift has been purchased by the returned men whose dependents have received assistance. Mrs Geo. Hughes again officiated. Mr Ormond returned hearty thanks. A concert was given during the evening, in which the following took part: – Miss Hague, soprano (Manchester College of Music); Miss Richardson, soprano; Mr T.S. Hilsby, tenor (Horwich); Mr H. Holt, bass; Mr Fenton Cross, cartoonist, etc. The Horwich Amateur Orchestral Band also played selections at intervals. The relief fund has now been closed, and the balance therefrom, together with the proceeds of the reception, will go towards purchasing recommends for the Southport Convalescent Home and the Horwich District Nursing Institution.
Cotton Factory Times, 26th September 1902



During the absence in South Africa of 23 reservists and militiamen and 21 volunteers, all employed at the L and Y Locomotive Works, the men have for three years subscribed to a relief fund for the wives and families left behind. A sum of £1,044 has thus been subscribed, the secretary of the committee being Mr Joseph Ormond. All the volunteers have been presented with watches, suitably inscribed, as mementoes, and on Monday evening all the reservists and militiamen were given a public reception at the Mechanics’ Institute, and silver watch chains and medals as souvenirs. They in their turn had a surprise for Mr Ormond, Lance-Corporal WICHALL, a survivor of Spion Kop, handing to him a silver tea urn as a token of the esteem in which the reservists held his services. Mr Ormond feelingly responded.
Wigan Observer, 26th September 1902



The public recognition of the services of the men took the form of a reception and concert in the Mechanics’ Institute, which held a large audience, Captain Hughes, of the 1st V.B.L.N.L., presided, and in an interval of the programme delivered an interesting address. At a later period Mrs Hughes presented each of the men with a silver albert and pendant, suitably inscribed, the whole in a neat case. The men had already received watches. One of the most pleasant features of the evening was the recollection by the returned men, of the work done on behalf of their dependents by Mr Joseph Ormond. As a tangible expression of their gratitude they sought his acceptance of a handsome silver tea urn, which bore the following inscription: “This memento has been subscribed for by the Reservists of the Horwich Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Works who fought in the South African War 1899 to 1902, in grateful recognition of the services of Mr Joseph Ormond, by whose energy a sum of £1,044 was raised and distributed between, and for the benefit of, our mothers, wives, and children, during our absence. September 22nd, 1902”.

A capital programme was sustained by Miss Hague, Miss Richardson, Mr T. Hilsby, Mr H. Holt, and Mr Fenton Cross, with Mr A.E. Whitehead as accompanist. The Horwich Amateur Orchestral Band, under the conductorship of Mr Oswald Ainsworth, rendered several selections.
The Horwich members of the three Volunteer Active Service Companies had already received silver watches on 22nd May 1901 and 10th September 1902:

22/05/1901 presentation

1st Volunteer Active Service Company, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment –

Captain F.W. FOLEY (gold watch)
7366 Lance-Corporal [Corporal] Benjamin TAYLOR
7275 Private Charles Henry ALLEN
7300 Private Joseph FARMER
7311 Private William Herbert Heaton HAYDEN
7317 Private [Lance-Corporal] William Edmund HULSE (absent - in S. Africa)
7323 Private [Lance-Corporal] George JONES
7334 Private William John McMECHAN
7354 Private John Edward SMART
7361 Private Osmond B. STREET
7394 Private George TITLEY

10/09/1902 presentation

2nd Volunteer Active Service Companies, 1st Bn. Loyal North Lancashire Regiment –
7459 Corporal [Sergeant] Frank E. BURGESS
7448 Private J.H. COCKER
7436 Private Leonard PARTRIDGE
7474 Private S. WALLWORK
7476 Private S.W. WOOD [Woods]

3rd Volunteer Active Service Companies, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment –
7616 Private Frank COOKE 
7618 Private E. EDWARDS
7604 Private Fred FIELDS
7605 Private Alfred HOLT
7606 Private James TARPEY [Tarpy]
7607 Private Richard TAYLOR
7617 Private Rick WILLIAMS