County: Devon
Issued on: Departure
Date of presentation: 10/02/1900
Number issued: 1


Gold chain & shield pendant, suitably inscribed, to:

Volunteer Active Service Company, Devonshire Regiment ["D" Company, 3rd V.B.D.R.] –
5809 Private Frank Ruben Ashley TOWELL

Presentation made by the Mayor (Mr R.H. Matthews), on behalf of the Honiton Working Men's Club, at the Dolphin Hotel, Honiton.

Towell also received a silver watch from officers & men of the Honiton Company, 3rd Vol. Bn. Devonshire Regiment.



Express & Echo, 12th February 1900

On Saturday evening a smoking concert was held at the Dolphin Assembly Room, Honiton, kindly lent for the occasion by Mr Banfield, for the purpose of bidding “Good-bye” to Private F.R. TOWELL, who is going to the front. The Mayor (Mr R.H. Matthews) presided. Capt. Lilley presented Pte. TOWELL with a handsome silver watch, subscribed for by the officers and men of the Company, [and] wished him every success. The Mayor, on behalf of the Honiton Working Men’s Club, presented TOWELL with a massive gold chain and shield, with a suitable inscription, and a silver match box, received from Lady Kennaway. Mr W.P. Bond, on behalf of the Football Club, handed Mr TOWELL a pair of field glasses with aluminium fittings and shoulder strap and case, and a sum of money. Captain C. Read, an old member of the Honiton Volunteer Company, sent a guinea to Private TOWELL. As the result of a collection made in the room for the purpose of purchasing a burning glass the sum of 15s 4d was realised. It was decided to hand over 10s to Private TOWELL.

The recipient suitably acknowledged the gifts, and said he would endeavour to do his duty as a soldier. On Sunday the Volunteers gave Private TOWELL a send-off. There was a full Company present, under the command of Captain H.H. Lilley. Headed by the Band, playing “Soldiers of the Queen”, the men marched to the Station. Appropriate music was played on the platform, and as the train steamed out of the Station “Auld Lang Syne” was given. The streets were lined with spectators.

In addition to the loyal and patriotic send-off accorded Private F. TOWELL, two reservists of the Devonshire Regiment were given a similar demonstration this morning. The men, named CHANNON and CHARD, were met outside the Post-Office in High Street at 7.30 by a contingent of the Honiton Volunteers and, preceded by the band, marched to the Station, accompanied by a large and enthusiastic crowd of well-wishers. As the train steamed into the Station the band struck up “Auld Lang Syne”. The reservists were also vociferously cheered by the crowd assembled to witness their departure.
Western Times, 16th February 1900


A great patriotic spirit was displayed on Saturday evening at a smoking concert held at the Dolphin Hotel, under the patronage of his Worship the Mayor (Mr R.H. Matthews), for the purpose of wishing Pte. TOWELL, of the 3rd V.B.D.R., Honiton Company, God speed and a safe return from the war. Among quite 300 people present were Captain Lilley, Lieutenant Ridgway, Colr.-Sergts. Tucker and Russell, Sergt.-Instructor King, Messrs Banfield, Stamp, Bond, Townsend and Dr Shortridge. Proceedings commenced with a very appropriate song composed and sung by Mr T. Vincent (the accompanist) entitled “Africa”, followed by songs of Messrs H. Gollop and H. Shepherd. At 8.30 p.m. Pr. TOWELL entered the room when there was tremendous cheering. The Mayor shook hands with him. More songs followed by Messrs Ford, Godolphin, Darke, Wyatt. F.W. Mitchell, and Dimond. Mr F. Clarke was encored for singing “Farewell Pretty Selina” and caused great laughter by singing “Bobbing up and down like this”, and Mr F. Pope sang “Another little patch of red”. The Mayor now called up Captain Lilley, who spoke in eulogistic terms of Pr. TOWELL having successfully passed the doctor and shooting tests and presented him on behalf of the officers and men of the Honiton Company with a splendid silver watch and wishing him “God speed and a safe return”. The Mayor next read a letter from Lady Kennaway, who regretted that Sir John Kennaway was unable to attend, but she kindly sent Pr. TOWELL a silver match-box, with the inscription – “Pr. Towell, February, 1900, Lady Kennaway” engraved on it, together with a cap knitted by the Misses Kennaway, khaki colour. Mr W.P. Bond, as Chairman of the Honiton Football Committee, next presented Pr. TOWELL with a splendid pair of field glasses and £1 1s, and spoke of Pr. TOWELL’s great services to the club both as a player and as Secretary for several years. His Worship the Mayor, speaking for the Working Men’s Club, dwelt upon Pr. TOWELL’s services to the town and the esteem in which he was held, and presented him with a beautiful gold chain and pendant given by the members of the Club.

A letter was read from Capt. Read stating his regret at being unable to attend and sending £1 for Pr. TOWELL.

The programme of the evening was now gone on with after the Mayor had called for three cheers for Captain Reed [sic], which was heartily given. Songs being sung by Messrs Thomas and Horder, the latter of whom was encored, Private TOWELL suitably responded to all the well wishes and presents he had received, and said he hoped he should do his duty at the front. Mr W.J. Couldridge gave a recitation, “The death of Marmion”, and as an encore gave “The Frenchman proposing the Ladies”, which caused much laughter. A collection was made to buy Private TOWELL a burning glass for use in South Africa and 15s 4d was gathered. The evening terminated with tremendous cheering for Private TOWELL and the Mayor; also for Mr Banfield, who kindly lent the rooms.