County: Lincolnshire
Issued on: Return
Dates of presentations: 18/05/1901, 01/11/1901, 09/08/1902, 09/11/1902
Number issued: 27 or 30


Gold Maltese crosses, to:

18/05/1901 presentation

1st Volunteer Active Service Company, 2nd Bn. Lincolnshire Regiment –
Captain R. Fred LEE
6585 Lance-Corporal Thomas Arthur BAKER (K.I.A., Nitral's Nek [Zilikats Nek], 11/07/1900 - did his family recieve a medal?)
6583 Bugler Frederick James Brooks BURROWS
6584 Private Thomas George ABBOTT
6586 Private William James BARFORD
6595 Private Harry CURRY
6597 Private William DEACON
6599 Private William Morton EKINS
6600 Private William Henry GOODWIN
6689 Private Charles HAND
6602 Private Arthur HARE
6605 Private Alfred HEWERDINE
6608 Private A. KEAL
6613 Private [Corporal] Alfred Frederick MARTIN
6695 Private A. ROYCE (died, Bloemfontein, 15/12/1900 - did his family recieve a medal?)
6627 Private C. THOMPSON (died, Bloemfontein, 20/10/1900 - did his family recieve a medal?)
6629 Private Edward WILKINSON

6630 Private John WRIGHT

Presented by Earl Brownlow, at the Exchange Hall, Grantham.

01/11/1901 presentation

1st Volunteer Active Service Company, 2nd Bn. Lincolnshire Regiment –

6619 Private Samuel PIDD

Presentation made by Earl Brownlow, in the large banqueting room of the Guildhall, Grantham (after the distribution of QSA's).

09/08/1902 presentation

2nd Volunteer Active Service Company, Lincolnshire Regiment –
6753 Lance-Corporal [Private] Walter SHADBOLT (also served with the 1st V.A.S.C.)
6740 Bugler Edward MORRIS
6741 Private Joe BUXTON
6684 Private William Westcott CRAGG [Cragge]
6687 Private James Ernest EDGLEY [Edgeley]
6744 Private Alexander Isaac FINCHAM
6746 Private John GREETHAM [B. Greetham]
6691 Private George Frederick ORCHARD

6696 Private Fred William SABEY

Presentation made by the Mayoress during the Coronation Day luncheon, in the Exchange Hall, Grantham.

09/11/1902 presentation

2nd Volunteer Active Service Company, 2nd Bn. Lincolnshire Regiment (Draft) –
6778 Private William Henry HUBBARD

6790 Private William Robert JACKSON

Presentation made by the Mayor (Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Hutchinson), in front of the Guildhall, Grantham.



In the form of "a Maltese Cross in 18-carat gold, surmounted by a sphinx, the badge of the Lincolnshire Regiment. In the centre of the obverse the borough arms are enamelled in colours, the reverse bearing the following inscription – 'South Africa; Grantham tribute to _______'.  The medals are encased in a neat blue plush case, and have been supplied by Mr A.J. Godfrey, of Watergate".

Supplied by Mr A.J. Godfrey, Watergate.



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Information and photographs provided by Grandrew2
Grantham Journal, 18th May 1901

The programme for today is as follows: –

……. In the evening, a smoking concert is to be held at the Exchange Hall. At this function the Mayor has promised to preside, and he will probably be supported by Earl Brownlow, Lord Lieutenant of the County. During the evening, each Grantham man of the Active Service Company will receive a Maltese Cross in 18-carat gold, surmounted by a Sphinx, the badge of the Lincolnshire Regiment. In the centre of the obverse the borough arms are enamelled in colours, the reverse bearing the following inscription: – “South Africa; Grantham’s Tribute to _______”.  The medals are each enclosed in a neat blue plush case. They have been supplied by Mr A.J. Godfrey, jeweller, of Watergate, in whose window they are on view today (Saturday).
Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 20th May 1901


The surviving Grantham members of the Lincolnshire Volunteer section arrived in their native town on Saturday. The town presented a gay and animated appearance. So intent were the populace on giving vent to their feelings that, despite the fact that it was market day, the annual statutes for the hiring of farm servants, and also the day upon which the May Fair is held, business was practically suspended for the greater part of the day. With the first contingent of volunteers drawn from the 2nd Volunteer Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment, which sailed in the Guelph in February of last year, there were seventeen men, namely, Captain R. Fred LEE, Corporal T.A. BAKER, Corporal A.F. MARTIN, Bugler F. BURROWS, Privates T. ABBOTT, W.J. BARFORD, H. CURRY, J.W. DEACON, W.M. EKINS, W.H. GOODWIN, A. HARE, A. HEMERDINE, A. KEAL, S. PIDD, C.B. THOMPSON, C. WILKINSON, and J. WRIGHT, whilst with the draft which sailed the following May were included Privates HAND and ROYCE. Of this number, Corporal BAKER was killed in the memorable fight at Nitral's Nek, and Privates THOMPSON and ROYCE succumbed to enteric fever. Captain LEE and Privates HARE and KEAL were invalided home, and MARTIN and GOODWIN arrived home three weeks ago. The remaining men, except Private PIDD, who has been left in South Africa, formed the contingent which arrived home on Saturday. The men, who were accompanied by the Bourne, Billingboro’, and Sleaford Volunteers, arrived at noon, and were met by an escort of the Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry, the massed bands of 2nd V.B. Lincolnshire Regiment and the 4th Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment, and a full muster of the A and B Companies of the 2nd Volunteer Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment. The route to the Guildhall was densely packed. At the Guildhall the volunteers were welcomed by the Mayor (Councillor Tryner Lynn), after which a service of thanksgiving for their safe return was held at the Parish Church, where the bells were merrily rung during the afternoon and evening. In the afternoon they were entertained by his Worship to luncheon, the band of the battalion meanwhile discoursing selections on St Peter’s Hill. In the evening a smoking concert was given in the Exchange Hall, which was attended by a large company, including the Mayor, the Lord-Lieutenant of the County (Earl Brownlow), and the borough Member (Mr Arthur Priestley).
Newark Advertiser, 22nd May 1901


On Saturday the Grantham volunteers who have been in South Africa arrived home, and met with a hearty reception. They were received at the station by the two local companies of volunteers with their band and a mounted escort of the Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry. The men marched down Station Road, Wharf Road, and to St Peter’s Hill, where the Mayor and Corporation received them in state.

The Mayor (Councillor Tryner Lynn) warmly welcomed the men, and invited them to attend a short service at the Parish Church and then to luncheon with him at the Guildhall. The service at the Parish Church was very largely attended, and was commendably brief.

There was a large attendance at the luncheon, the catering being excellently done by Mr Lewis, of the Angel Hotel. The Mayor was supported on the one hand by Captain R.F. LEE, and on the other by Colonel James Hutchinson. The members of the Town Council and borough officials were also present. – After the repast the Mayor gave a hearty welcome to all the men of Grantham, Sleaford, and Bourne who had been to the front. He said the town was proud of them and of the manner in which they had acquitted themselves. They had left three Grantham men behind. There was young BAKER, who was killed at Nitral’s Nek, and THOMPSON and ROYCE, who had succumbed to fever. They could all sympathise with the friends of those young soldiers in their bereavement. The Mayor drank to the health of the returned volunteers. – Captain R.F. LEE responded. He thanked the Mayor and all present for the reception accorded them, and referred to Private PIDD who was reported as lost. Private PIDD was ill, and as soon as he was sufficiently recovered he would come home. (Hear, hear). They were all deeply grateful to the Mayor for his hospitality, and also to the Vicar of Grantham (Canon Glaister) for the services he had given them at the Parish Church both on going out and coming home. – The toast of Captain LEE’s health was drunk with musical honours. – The health of the Mayor was received very heartily and was also accorded musical honours. – His Worship suitably replied, and again expressed his pleasure at being able to entertain them on their return home.

After luncheon the men were dismissed, so as to give them an opportunity of seeing their friends. At night a smoking concert was held in the Exchange Hall, under the presidency of the Mayor. During the evening each Grantham man of the active service company was presented with a Maltese Cross in 18-carat gold, surmounted by a sphinx, the badge of the Lincolnshire Regiment. In the centre of the obverse the borough arms are enamelled in colours, the reverse bearing the following inscription – "South Africa; Grantham tribute to _______ ". The medals are encased in a neat blue plush case, and have been supplied by Mr A.J. Godfrey, of Watergate. The Earl and Countess Brownlow invited the men to take tea at Belton House on Sunday afternoon, and they accordingly went.

On Thursday evening next the non-commissioned officers and men of the A and B companies will gave a dinner to their comrades from South Africa.
Grantham Journal, 25th May 1901

Earl BROWNLOW (who was received with loud cheers) said: Mr Mayor and gentlemen, – The Mayor has been good enough tonight to entrust me with a toast, which I shall have the greatest possible pleasure in proposing. The toast is “Our Gallant Volunteers”. (Cheers). …….

After this has been drunk, the Mayor has asked me to distribute some mementoes of the glorious campaign and your happy home-coming. I am sure all hope and trust that you will long live to wear them and take pride in them, and will always remember the night when you received them. (Applause). – The toast was received with unbounded enthusiasm, musical honours being given, and three hearty cheers for “the boys in khaki”.

The distribution of the mementoes then took place. Mr Ablewhite read out the names of the men, and they stepped on to the platform one by one to receive a gold cross, bearing the badge of the regiment, the arms of the borough, and an appropriate inscription, at the hands of Lord Brownlow. Every man marched up, and standing smartly to attention, saluted his Lordship, who shook hands with each recipient, and said a few words of congratulations.
Grantham Journal, 2nd November 1901
Note: all these men received gifts on their return: Boston, watches or cups; Bourne, silver tobacco boxes; Grantham, medals; Sleaford, watches; Spalding, cups; Stamford, silver tobacco boxes.



Yesterday (Friday), the returned Active Service Volunteers of the 2nd Volunteer Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment had the honour of receiving their war medals at the hands of the Earl Brownlow, Lord-Lieutenant of the county. The interesting function took place in front of the Guildhall, Grantham, and the ceremony had been thoughtfully time for half-past one o’clock, in order to give the work-people of the town an opportunity of witnessing the unique event. A platform, covered with red baize, was erected over the steps leading to the Guildhall, and upon a table had been placed the little packet of cardboard boxes, each containing the much-coveted decoration that our gallant Volunteers have so well earned by their soldierly conduct during an arduous and difficult campaign. From the Guildhall flagstaff, the Union Jack was flying, and the lower windows were gay with bunting in honour of the occasion. …….

……. Lord Brownlow then proceeded to distribute the medals. The names of the Active Service Company were called out one by one, headed by Major LEE, to receive their medal. The following are the names of the recipients: – Captain R.F. LEE, Grantham; 206 Colour-Sergeant T. HALL, Spalding; 6577 Lance-Sergeant F.D. EMERY, Boston; 6580 Corporal A. BACON, Stamford; 6582 Corporal F. WALKER, Spalding; 6583 Bugler F. BURROWS, Grantham; 6584 Private T.G. ABBOTT, Grantham; 6586 Private W.J. BARFORD, Grantham; 6589 Private J.R. CHAPMAN, Stamford; 6590 Private E. CLIFFE, Bourne; 6591 Private T.G. COLLISHAW, Bourne; 6592 Private O. COOPER, Boston; 6593 Private T.F. COY, Sleaford; 6594 Private C.W. CRAWLEY, Boston; 6595 Private H. CURRY, Grantham; 6596 Private T. CUTFORTH, Spalding; 6597 Private W. DEACON, Grantham; 6598 Private T.E. DRAGE, Stamford; 6599 Private W.M. EKINS, Grantham; 6600 Private H. GOODWIN, Grantham; 6601 Private A.E. GOSTICK, Sleaford; 6602 Private A. HARE, Grantham; 6605 Private A. HEWERDINE, Grantham; 6606 Private B.C. HOLMES, Bourne; 6607 Private G.H. JOHNSON, Bourne; 6608 Private A. KEAL, Grantham; 6609 Private J.B. KIRBY, Boston; 6610 Private R. KIRBY, Boston; 6612 Private G.E. LILL, Sleaford; 6613 Private A.F. MARTIN, Grantham; 6614 Private C.J. MAWSON, Boston; 6615 Private F. MILES, Stamford; 6616 Private W.A. PATTERSON, Stamford; 6617 Private A. PEASGOOD, Stamford; 6618 Private A. PICKWELL, Stamford; 6619 Private S. PIDD, Grantham; 6621 Private A.E. PLOWRIGHT, Bourne; 6622 Private S. ROBSON, Spalding; 6623 Private M. STANILAND, Boston; 6624 Private A. STENNETT, Bourne; 6625 Private J. TEWSON, Bourne; 6628 Private C. TIPTAFT, Stamford; 6629 Private G. WILKINSON, Grantham; 6630 Private J. WRIGHT, Grantham; 6679 Private F.E. BARRATT, Spalding; 6689 Private C. HAND, Grantham; 6690 Private C. INGALL, Sleaford; 6697 Private G. SHORT, Sleaford.

At the conclusion of the interesting ceremony, the Mayor said he was very pleased to be the mouthpiece of the Active Service Company, in offering to the Lord Lieutenant of the County, Lord Brownlow, their warmest thanks for his great kindness in coming to present the medals. (Applause).

……. Colonel James Hutchinson subsequently entertained the Active Service Company, the officers of the Battalion, the non-commissioned officers, and many private guests, including the Mayor and Corporation, to a splendid luncheon, served in the large banqueting-room, by Mr J. Lewis, of the Angel Hotel. …….

Earl Brownlow said he was not going to make a speech; he had already tried their patience, he was afraid, outside. ……. Lord Brownlow then presented, amid applause, long-service medals to Sergeant Culley and Sergeant Willers, and also a gold medal, subscribed by the townspeople, to Private PIDD, who, it will be remembered, did not arrive in time to receive his at the public distribution at the Guildhall.
Grantham Journal, 16th August 1902



At 1.15 p.m., the Mayor gave a luncheon at the Exchange Hall to his friends and the principal subscribers to the Coronation Fund. The decorations put up for the Old Folks’ treat on the previous Thursday had been allowed to remain, and the string of flags, the loyal mottoes, and festooned bunting imparted a distinctly festive appearance to the spacious room. In the absence of the Mayor, who had gone to London to witness the actual ceremony of Coronation in the Abbey, Colonel James HUTCHINSON presided …….

THE CHAIRMAN said the war had been over for so long that they had nearly forgotten it, but he would like to call their attention to the fact that they had some of the members of the second Volunteer Active Company with them that day. (Applause). These men had done their duty in South Africa, and they ought to be very proud of them for volunteering to go out. Those who went out earlier perhaps had a brighter prospect of seeing excitement in the shape of engagements, but these men volunteered at the time when the war was getting a little played out. But not on that account had their duty been any less laborious. Their experiences had been less exciting, no doubt, but they had done their duty, under Captain Ruston who commanded them, right well. (Applause). He did not think it desirable to enlarge upon their services to any great extent on that occasion, but he would like to say that they were exceedingly grateful to these men for having volunteered to take their place in the field as representing Lincolnshire – a county which had always held its own. He thought he should be right in saying that everyone in that room thanked the men exceedingly for their services, and for having done their duty as men ought to perform it. (Applause). It was very kind of the Mayor to invite them to meet so many of their fellow-townsmen on an occasion of that kind. In asking the Mayoress to present them with the medals which had been subscribed for by the townspeople, he felt sure they would receive them as a token of the kindly feelings that were entertained towards them. (Applause). – The Mayoress gracefully performed the ceremony, pinning a medal to each man’s breast, and Col. Hutchinson warmly shook him by the hand as he returned to his seat. – Corpl. SHADBOLT said he felt that he must disobey the order even of the Colonel. The occasion called for their sincerest thanks to the townspeople for their kindness in presenting them with those handsome medals, and to the Mayor and Mayoress for inviting them to that magnificent luncheon – far better than was given them in the Army. (Laughter). He noticed that by the clock the luncheon had taken about forty-five minutes, and he had remarked to his companion, “I remember once when we did it in five”. (Laughter). As returned Volunteers, they were glad to occupy that position, and if Grantham was pleased with what they had done to represent the town, they were very proud at being allowed to do so. (Applause). He wished, on behalf of his comrades, to thank them for the way in which they had appreciated their services. (Applause). – THE CAHIRMAN said he was requested by the Mayoress to thank them for the very kind manner in which they had received the toast of her health and that of the Mayor. He was instructed to say that they were exceedingly glad to welcome so large a number, and regretted that even a few of those invited were unable to come. They looked upon it as a great honour to entertain so many of their fellow-townspeople. The company then dispersed.
Grantham Journal, 15th November 1902


One of the last official acts of the outgoing Mayor (Arthur Hutchinson, Esq.) was the presentation of war medals to nine Grantham members of the second Volunteer Active Service Company of the Lincolnshire Regiment, recently returned from South Africa. …….

His Worship then formally presented the medals to Corporal SHADBOLT, Privates BUXTON, CRAGG, EDGELEY, FINCHAM, ORCHARD, GREETHAM, SABEY, and Bugler MORRIS, the names being read out by Major R.F. Lee. The Mayor also presented the gold medals – subscribed for by the townspeople – to Privates E. HUBBARD and W. JACKSON. All the rest of the men had received theirs at an earlier date.