County: Sussex
Issued on: Return
Date of presentation: 17/06/1901
Number issued: c. 19


Small gold medals, to:

Civil Surgeon (No. 4 Hospital Train) –


Army Service Corps –

Lieutenant E. DAYRELL

41st (Hampshire) Company, 12th Bn. Imperial Yeomanry –
Veterinary-Lieutenant A.L. FARRANT

4556 Farrier-Sergeant George Evan KNIGHT

69th (Sussex) Company, 14th Bn. Imperial Yeomanry –
16467 Trooper Alfred Caldier LADD (absent - unwell)

16488 Trooper Harry T. SMEED (died, Pretoria, 21/07/1900 - did his family receive a medal?)

1st Volunteer Active Service Company, Royal Sussex Regiment –
7029 Corporal Ernest E. CHANTLER
7021 Corporal [Lance-Sergeant] Frederick HOLDER
7031 Lance-Corporal Henry Mappin HOBSON
7001 Private James C. CALDWELL  (died, Bloemfontein, 19/02/1901 - did his family receive a medal?)
7124 Private Frank Herbert COOPER
7127 Private Francis William GRUNSELL
7128 Private James Albert MESSER

7028 Private [Lance-Corporal] Frederick WOOD

2nd Volunteer Active Service Company, Royal Sussex Regiment –
Captain S.W.P. BEALE (absent - in S. Africa)
7205 Private J. BRETT (absent - in S. Africa)
7208 Private George Spencer COOPER (absent - in S. Africa)

7252 Private George Samuel PAVEY (absent - in S. Africa)

Royal Army Medical Corps –
13733 Compounder Francis James WINSER
Presentation made by Mr T.J.P. Hartigan, J.P. (chairman of the Urban Council) at the Crown Hotel, East Grinstead.
Obverse with the civic arms of East Grinstead.
Reverse: "South Africa, 1900-1. Souvenir from the town of East Grinstead. [rank, name, regiment]".



Sussex Agricultural Express, 15th June 1901


Not only the Volunteers who came back on Wednesday, but other local men who have served in South Africa as Volunteers are to be entertained at dinner at the Crown Hotel, on Monday evening. So great a demand has there been for seats that the whole of the tickets have already been disposed of. It is intended to present to each of the guests of the evening a gold medal, with the arms of East Grinstead engraved on one side, and on the other, “South Africa, 1900-1. Souvenir from the town of East Grinstead” – then the name and rank of the recipient and of the regiment.  
Brighton Gazette, 20th June 1901



On Monday evening the local heroes were entertained at dinner at the Crown Hotel, and the gathering was one of the most enthusiastic in the history of the town. A very large proportion of those present were in uniform, and it was quite a brilliant scene to look upon. The chair was occupied by Mr T.J.P. Hartigan, F.R.C.S., J.P., chairman of the Urban Council and his supporters were – On the right ……. Veterinary-Lieut. A.L. FARRANT ……. and on the left: Dr E. STEWART, J.P. (wearing the khaki uniform of a civil surgeon) ……. Lieut. Elphinstone DAYRELL, A.S.C. …….

……. The guests of the evening not included in the above occupied seats close by, these being Farrier-Sergt. G.E. KNIGHT, 41st Company Imperial Yeomanry; Corporal F. HOLDER, Lance-Corporal E. CHANTLER, Lance-Corporal H.M.H. HOBSON, Private F. WOOD, Private F.H. COOPER, Private J.A. MESSER and Private F.W. GRUNSELL, Volunteer Company Royal Sussex Regiment; and Compounder F.J. WINSER, Royal Army Medical Corps. Trooper A.C. LADD, Sussex Imperial Yeomanry, was too unwell to accept the invitation extended to him. …….

……. The Chairman next presented to each of the guests a small gold medal on behalf of the town of East Grinstead, as a token of appreciation of their services. On one side of the medal was engraved the arms of the ancient borough of East Grinstead, and on the other side “South Africa – 1900-1. Souvenir from the town of East Grinstead”, the name and rank of the recipient following this. The Chairman made a few fitting remarks to each recipient, and loud applause greeted each of the officers, non-coms, and privates as they stepped forward. Those who received the medals were – Dr E. STEWART, civil surgeon; Lieutenant E. DAYRELL, A.S.C.; Veterinary Lieutenant A.L. FARRANT, Farrier-Sergeant KNIGHT, Corporal HOLDER, Lance-Corporal CHANTLER, Lance-Corporal    HOBSON, Privates WOOD, COOPER, MESSER, and GRUNSELL, and Compounder WINSER. Trooper LADD’s medal was handed to his father, with an expressed hope from the Chairman that his son would soon be well again.

Dr E. STEWART, J.P., was the first to respond, and said he should highly prize the medal. He extended a hearty welcome home to the Volunteers, and said he was quite sure no one could have followed their doings in South Africa without expressing a feeling of pride that Sussex could produce such men (applause). …….

……. Lieut. DAYRELL also responded, and remarked that he had been invalided home, having come from No. 8 hospital at Bloemfontein. In support of what Dr STEWART had told them, he said he was never more kindly treated; they had everything they could wish for, the doctors were kindness itself, and the nursing all that could be required.

Veterinary-Lieut. KNIGHT, in the course of a brief reply, humorously remarked that he had had the good fortune to keep well during the whole of the time he had been in South Africa, but after all he had heard about the excellent treatment of those in the hospital he was sorry he did not get there (laughter).

Corporal HOLDER also expressed his appreciation of all that had been done for them, and Lance-Corporal HOBSON, speaking for the remainder of the guests who had not replied, said they were pleased to get among their friends again and were pleased with the receptions which had been given them. Before they went out they promised to do their duty to the best of their ability, and they had tried to carry out that promise (applause). He also had a good word to say as to the treatment received in the hospitals.


Continuing, the Major [Major J.S. Oxley] asked those present to drink a toast which was not on the programme. They were, he said, welcoming home some of their comrades, but there were still members of the C Company at the front, and they should not forget them whilst welcoming the others (applause). From the C Company there were now in South Africa Captain BEALE, in command of the Sussex Volunteer Company (applause), Private G. COOPER (East Grinstead), Private BRETT (Forest Row), and Private PAVEY (Crawley), and he was sure he was voicing their feelings in asking them to drink to their good health and safe return (applause).

The toast was very cordially honoured.