Dundee EF ALL s



County: Forfarshire
Issued on: Departure
Dates of presentations: 24/01/1900, 25/04/1900, 27/02/1901, 24/02/1902
Number issued: 155 (Press reports suggest 158, but this probably includes the three Volunteers who served twice)


Silver medals, to:

24/01/1900 presentation

1st Volunteer Active Service Company, Royal Highlanders (Black Watch) [1st V.B.R.H.] –
Lieutenant Alistair VALENTINE
Lieutenant Harry Kebel SMITH
7540 [8691] Sergeant David Simpson SIME
7545 [9150] Corporal [Private] John Mustard DUNCAN
7541 [7950] Corporal Robert Clark SKINNER
7542 [8088] Private Robert Marshall BAXTER
7557 [8634] Private Frederick James BERTIE
7543 [8614] Private Robert Penman CAMPBELL
7544 [9150] Private James DUNCAN
7546 [8880] Private Thomas FERGUSON
7547 [9007] Private David FRASER
7548 [8732] Private Alexander KIDD
7549 [8713] Private Alfred MATHEWSON [Matheson]
7550 [8684] Private William Penman MILLAR
7551 [8934] Private James Proctor NORWELL
7552 [7442] Private James OGG
7553 [8235] Private John McIntosh REID
7554 [8836] Private John SCRIMGEOUR
7555 [8706] Private William WALKER

7556 [9144] Private Norman Magnus WELSH

1st Volunteer Active Service Company, Royal Highlanders (Black Watch) [3rd V.B.R.H.] –
7588 [4026] Sergeant John Russell GEGAN
7559 [4564] Bugler Andrew Anderson CHALMERS
7561 [4081] Private [Lance-Sergeant] Lawrence John BISSET
7560 [4545] Private [Lance-Sergeant] George Alexander BRANDER
7562 [5182] Private [Corporal] John BURT (not found on online list of Burgesses)
7563 [3077] Private [Corporal] William CARNEGIE
7564 [5090] Private James McGregor CAMERON
7565 [4957] Private William COSGROVE
7566 [4565] Private [Corporal] William DONALDSON
7567 [4965] Private James DUNCAN
7568 [4652] Private [Lance-Corporal] David Malcolm FLORENCE
7569 [4536] Private James Stewart GRAY
7570 [4915] Private [Bugler] Albert Burns GREIG (unofficially named)
7571 [5234] Private Hugh HARRIS (appears on online list of Burgesses twice)
7572 [4528] Private James JACK
7573 [5166] Private John KELLY
7574 [4994] Private Harry LOW

7575 [5031] Private [Lance-Corporal] William Christie MALCOLM

Presentation made by Mrs Hunter in the Drill Hall, Dundee.

Colonels RANKIN and SMITH also received medals as mementos of the occasion.

25/04/1900 presentation

1st Volunteer Active Service Company, Royal Highlanders (Black Watch) DRAFT [1st V.B.R.H.] –
Lieutenant Elmslie TOSH
8938 [8959] Private George Cuthbert ANGUS
7618 Private William R. EDWARD (listed instead of Pte. McIntosh, Dundee Evening Telegraph, 25/04/1900; not found on online list of Burgesses)
8928 [8667] Private Allan EDWARDS

8927 [8870] Private James McINTOSH

1st Volunteer Active Service Company, Royal Highlanders (Black Watch) DRAFT [3rd V.B.R.H.] –
9034 [4557] Corporal David Thomas THOMSON
9024 [4843] Private Edwin Stewart HIGH (appears on online list of Burgesses twice)
9023 [5354] Private Thomas SPRUNT

9027 [5299] Private James George SWEENEY

Presentation made by Lord Provost Hunter, in the Drill Hall, Dundee.

27/02/1901 presentation

2nd Volunteer Active Service Company, 2nd Bn. Royal Highlanders (Black Watch) [1st V.B.R.H.] –
Lieutenant Arthur Byron CORRIE
8935 [8718] Sergeant John DUNCAN
8937 [7907] Sergeant David CRUICKSHANKS
8934 [8569] Private Thomas BOWMAN
9051 [8636] Private James F. BRYSON
8932 [8576] Private Charles CRAIG
9046 [9630] Private Thomas DICK
8931 [8399] Private James W. FLEMING
9047 [9215] Private Frank KENNEDY
8929 [9002] Private Thomas LAWRIE
9045 [8950] Private Nels MANSON
8926 [8398] Private John McMAHON
9049 [9304] Private James McPHERSON
8925 [8969] Private John MILNE
9048 [9522] Private Edward MOIR
9050 [9478] Private Peter RAMSAY
9044 [9226] Private Albert SMITH

8922 [8853] Private [Corporal] Stewart E. YOUNG

2nd Volunteer Active Service Company, Royal Highlanders (Black Watch) [3rd V.B.R.H.] –
9017 [4212] Sergeant David BAND
9056 [3658] Corporal [Lance-Corporal] James BEATON
9033 [4485] Corporal [Lance-Sergeant] Peter LAMONT
9032 [5218] Lance-Corporal Joseph LOW
9031 [4657] Private [Bugler] James BROWN (discharged as medically unfit, 23/04/1901 - did not serve in S. Africa)
9062 [5634] Private James BIRKS
9060 [5526] Private Robert BRAND
9057 [5511] Private William CAMPBELL
9030 [5330] Private William CASSIDY
9058 [5560] Private William DORWARD
9067 [5650] Private Alexander GIBSON
9013 [4903] Private [Corporal] James MARR
9019 [5283] Private Andrew MATTHEW
9055 [5430] Private David McKENZIE
9020 [5157] Private Robert McNICOLL
9018 [5293] Private James McWALTER
9059 [5579] Private William MELVILLE
9014 [5152] Private James MENZIES
9061 [5457] Private Eugene RETIGAN
9063 [4831] Private James ROSS
9022 [4776] Private Thomas SCROGGIE
9025 [5291] Private John SHERRARD
9072 [5778] Private James SINCLAIR
9015 [5060] Private John STRACHAN

9076 [5553] Private John THOMSON

Royal Army Medical Corps (No. 14 General Hospital) –
14313 [3533] Sergeant Robert DUNCAN (absent – already serving in S. Africa)
14312 [4799] Corporal Charles CARR (absent – already serving in S. Africa)
14310 [4587] Private William ROSS (absent – already serving in S. Africa)

14311 [5266] Private [Lance-Corporal] David McLAREN (absent – already serving in S. Africa)

Royal Army Medical Corps (No. 39 Stationary Hospital, Rietfontein) –

14490 [5588] Private William BANNERMAN (absent – already serving in S. Africa; unofficially named)

"As on the previous occasion when volunteers left Dundee for South Africa, Lord Provost Hunter has decided to present each of the men with a silver medal".

27/02/1902 presentation

Extracted from the Burgess Roll of Dundee

3rd Volunteer Active Service Company, Royal Highlanders (Black Watch) –
Lieutenant C.E.C. WALKER
9126 Sergeant William DONALDSON (already served with the 1st V.A.S.C. - see 24/01/1900 presentation)
9125 Sergeant [Colour-Sergeant] John HORNE
9097 Sergeant Robert SWADEL
9128 Corporal Alfred ABBOTT [Abbot] (not found on online list of Burgesses)
9127 Corporal John G. BURT (already served with the 1st V.A.S.C. - see 24/01/1900 presentation)
9130 Corporal Charles CARR (already served with the R.A.M.C. - see 27/02/1901 presentation)
9175 Corporal [Sergeant] James LANNEN [Lannon / Launan] (unofficially named)
9131 Lance-Corporal [Corporal] William GREGORY
9099 Lance-Corporal [Corporal] Thomas PRINGLE (not found on online list of Burgesses)
9135 Bugler Alexander FORBES
9144 Private Daniel ANDERSON (not found on online list of Burgesses)
9143 Private Andrew BELL
9096 Private [Lance-Corporal] Walter James BINNIE [Binny]
9094 Private Archibald BLYTH
9136 Private Alexander BOWMAN
9139 Private William BUIST
9085 Private John BUNTIN
9141 Private Duncan BURGESS
9171 Private Robert CARR
9140 Private Frank COSGROVE
9090 Private John COULLIE
9098 Private [Corporal] Robert Storrier COUPAR
9101 Private Thomas CUTHBERT
9151 Private [Corporal] Fergus DAVIDSON
9091 Private P. DEWAR
9086 Private [Lance-Corporal] John DUNCAN
9089 Private John EDMINSTON [Edmiston]
9106 Private Alexander Wright ETTLE
9095 Private David FORBES
9083 Private Alexander FRASER
9147 Private David F. GIBB
9087 Private Peter John GRANT
9174 Private John GRAY
9145 Private William HERON
9172 Private James IRELAND
9093 Private David Moir JOINER
9152 Private James LAFFERTY
9102 Private John LANE
9137 Private Benjamin McBURNEY
9104 Private John McKINLEY (not found on online list of Burgesses)
9132 Private [Lance-Corporal] Robert McLAREN (not found on online list of Burgesses)
9148 Private Alfred McNAIR
9138 Private George McQUEEN
9173 Private Andrew MIDDLETON
9146 Private Charles MILLER
9150 Private James MILNE (not found on online list of Burgesses)
9134 Private Charles MORGAN
9100 Private [Lance-Corporal] James Douglas Hope PRINGLE (not found on online list of Burgesses)
9149 Private James L. RAMSAY
9092 Private Edward Torth SINGLETON
9103 Private Robert THOMSON
9153 Private John THOMSON
9133 Private [Lance-Corporal] Robert WATSON
9105 Private John Dunbar WHITE
9142 Private Andrew WILKIE
Scottish Cyclist Company –
943 Colour-Sergeant-Instructor David SWAN (died, Bethlehem, 10/02/1902 – medal presented to his family)
9080 Private [Lance-Corporal] William Anderson Watson BLAIR (absent – already serving in S. Africa)
9081 Private David Thomas BROWN (absent – already serving in S. Africa)
9077 Private William Hood BUTCHART (absent – already serving in S. Africa)
9078 Private William LUMSDEN (absent – already serving in S. Africa)
3rd Bn. Highland Light Infantry –
Captain William RAMSAY-SMITH
Lieutenant George Stephen RAE
Unknown Regiment –
???? Private Robert HILL (possibly 9079 Sergeant James Kennedy Hill, Dundee, Scottish Cyclist Company)

Presentation made in the City Hall, Perth.

Presentation to be made "prior to their departure from Perth, where the section is stationed".

"Lord Provost Hunter intimated that he would present silver medals to the men, as he did to the volunteers who previously left the city for the war".





Obverse with the civic arms and motto of Dundee: "DEI DONUM / PRUDENTIA ET CANDORE".


Unofficial naming on edge: "SERGT. J. LANNON, 3RD V.B.R.H."

Lord Provost Hunter's medallion had "on one side the Dundee coat of arms ..... Each medal will contain 1 1/4 ounces of silver, and in size will be a little bigger than a half-crown piece".
The medals were the personal gift of Lord Provost Hunter.
Note: medals were also presented to the Town Clerk & Dundee Magistrates (seven recipients).
DUNDEE Dundee Eve Post 23 Jan 1900
Dundee Evening Post, 23rd January 1900
Black Watch 1VB
Muster Roll of Angus, 1900 - 1st Volunteer Active Service Company, Royal Highlanders (Black Watch) [1st V.B.R.H.]
Black Watch 3VB
Muster Roll of Angus, 1900 - 1st Volunteer Active Service Company, Royal Highlanders (Black Watch) [3rd V.B.R.H.]

DUNDEE Smith      DUNDEE Valentine




Private Frank Cosgrove held in the collection of the National Army Museum, London (1997-11-58)
Lance-Sergeant Peter Lamont example held in the collection of the National Army Museum, London (1997-11-60)
Corporal Lannon example sold through St James's Auctions, 18/06/2008, for £240 (unofficially named).
Private Bannerman example sold through St James's Auctions, 18/06/2008, for £320 (with 5 clasp QSA & WWI Trio; unofficially named).
Private Welsh example sold through bidorbuy, 10/12/2014, for R9,500 ZAR (with 3-clasp QSA).
Private Grieg example sold through Dix Noonan Webb, 25/03/2015 (unofficially named).
Private Thomas Ferguson example offered on eBay, 01/10/2018 (with QSA & S.A. Police G.S. Medal) – withdrawn.

Unnamed example sold through Warwick & Warwick Auctioneers, 16/08/2023, for £330 (as struck)



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Dundee Courier, 25th January 1900

A City’s Tribute.

The Lord Provost said he had had the honour of conferring the freedom of the city on some of the most distinguished men of their time, and he had no doubt the honours thus bestowed met with the general approval of the citizens. Never in his experience had the city been moved to such a pitch of enthusiasm as was shown by the extraordinary gathering assembled that night. He believed they had done the correct thing in conferring the freedom of the city on these volunteers. (Applause). Their gathering that night was unique in the history of the present volunteer movement. This country having put its hand to the struggle must see it through. The task before them was one of immense magnitude, and demanded the employment of enormous forces. In such a case it was well that they could fall back on their magnificent reserve volunteer force – a force which had shown that it was by no means an ornamental one. The Government of this country were bound to take a more encouraging attitude towards the reserve forces in the future. There could only be one opinion, and that was of great admiration for the courage and self-sacrifice displayed by the citizen soldiers. Dundee was justly proud of her sons who were prepared to suffer, and. From what they knew of them, they were fully persuaded that they would maintain the honour of their country, (Great applause).

Sir Thomas Thornton afterwards read one of the burgess tickets. It set forth that the recipient was made a burgess “in recognition of his patriotism in volunteering for active service in the South African war”.

The presentation of the burgess tickets took place amid great cheering. Sergeant David SIME received the first ticket, and he and his comrades who followed marched with brisk step to the platform, and smartly saluted as they received the burgess tickets from the Lord Provost and the medals from Mrs Hunter. Colonels RANKIN and SMITH were each presented with a medal as a memento of the occasion.

Colonel RANKIN replied for Lieutenant VALENTINE and the men of the 1st Battalion. He said his comrades fully appreciated the high distinction conferred in making them free burgesses of the city. They would treasure in all time the handsome memorial which had been given them. …….

……. Colonel SMITH responded for Lieutenant SMITH and the men of the 3rd V.B.R.H.
Dundee Evening Telegraph, 25th April 1900



The presentation of the freedom of Dundee to the members of the second contingent of volunteers bound for the front will take place tonight in the Drill Hall. Admission will be by ticket, but whatever space will be available, and it must necessarily be limited, after accommodating the two battalions of volunteers and the ticket-holders, will be placed at the disposal of the general public. Lord Provost Hunter will preside on the occasion, and he will be supported on the platform by the Magistrates, members of the Town Council, and specially-invited citizens. The form of presentation will be on the same lines as before. Lord Provost Hunter will present the parchments and Mrs Hunter will hand over the medals, the latter being the personal gift of his Lordship. The following are the names of those who will receive the honour – From 3rd V.B.R.H. – Corporal D. THOMAS, E Company; Private J. SWEENEY, E Company; Private E. HIGH, A Company; Private T. SPRUNT, E Company. From 1st V.B.R.H. – Lieutenant TOSH; Privates W.S. EDWARD, D Company; A. EDWARDS, A Company; and G.C. ANGUS, E Company.
Dundee Evening Telegraph, 26th April 1900




In the presence of a large assemblage in the Drill Hall last night, the eight members of the 1st V.B.R.H., who have volunteered , and have been accepted for active service in South Africa, were honoured by the Corporation in having presented to them the freedom of the city. The names of the men are –

Lieutenant Elmslie TOSH (H Company), Woodmuir Park, West Newport.
8959 Private George Cuthbert ANGUS (E), 27 Kinloch Place, Hawkhill.
8667 Private Allan EDWARDS (A), 43 Hospital Wynd.

8870 Private James McINTOSH (A), 129 Hawkhill.

4557 Corporal David Thomas THOMSON (E), 10 Hospital Wynd.
4843 Private Edwin Stewart HIGH (A), Galloway Place, Brook Street, Monifieth.
5354 Private Thomas SPRUNT (E), 51 Rosebank Road.

5299 Private James George SWEENEY (E), 123 Balbirnie Terrace.

As they entered the hall and took up their positions the men received a great ovation. Lord Provost Hunter, wearing the uniform of Hon. Colonel of the 1st (City of Dundee) V.B.R.H., who presided, was accompanied by Mrs and Miss Hunter, Sir Thomas Thornton, LL.D., and a large number of Town Councillors and other representative citizens. The Lord Provost, in the course of an eloquent speech, said there was one name he should loke to mention in connection with their burgess roll. It was the name of one of their most honoured citizens, and he had received the honour at their hands because of great services rendered to the Empire in many parts of the world, and especially as Commander-in-Chief of Her Majesty’s Forces in India. At the present time he held the same position in South Africa. (Applause). After a warm tribute to General Roberts’ ability he mentioned that so far as the regular army was concerned, the Dundee district had come well to the front in recruiting. Since the war began a thousand soldiers had gone to the front from Forfarshire, and Dundee was in the honourable position of having contributed 600 of these. (Applause). Many of them had gone to join the renowned regiment, the Black Watch, which he might almost call a Dundee regiment. In handing over the burgess tickets, on behalf of the community, he expressed appreciation of the patriotic services which they were rendering, and wished them God-speed and a safe return. Each man as he stepped forward to receive his burgess ticket was loudly cheered. Mrs Hunter presented each with a silver medal. Colonel Rankin called attention to the appeal which had been made to commanding officers of volunteer regiments to induce the volunteers under their command to go into camp for at least fourteen days, and go through a special course of musketry training. He had called upon some of the leading employers of labour in the city, and without exception they were inclined to look favourably upon the movement. In appealing to the men of his regiment, he promised that if they went into camp for the desired period they would do it without loss, and with perhaps something in their pockets. (Applause). The proceedings, which were characterised by enthusiasm throughout, concluded with  the singing of the National Anthem to the accompaniment of the band of the 1st Battalion.
Dundee Evening Post, 26th February 1901




Definite arrangements have now been made regarding the visit of the Dundee Volunteers to Dundee tomorrow to receive the freedom of the city. Great precautions are to be taken to prevent the men from coming in contact with persons who are supposed to be affected with that dreaded disease, smallpox. The men are to leave by the four o’clock train, which is due to arrive at the West Station at 4.32. From there they will be marched to the Drill Hall, where arrangements have been made for the men receiving their tea. They will be accommodated there until the time when the function of presenting the freedom of the city takes place, and then they will be marched to the West Station, where they will leave by the last train for Perth. On no account will the men be allowed to go near their homes.

With regard to the Volunteers who were home on Saturday, we learn that the only punishment which will be inflicted on them will be that they will suffer the want of four days’ wages. It may be stated that the men all belong to the 1st V.B.R.H.


Evening Mail, 1st March 1901

Forty-five Volunteers, who have been accepted for service in South Africa as part of the Royal Highlanders (Black Watch), were on Wednesday presented with the freedom of Dundee. In the course of the proceedings Lord Provost Hunter read the following letter from Earl Roberts –

War Office, Pall-mall, Feb. 26, 1901.

My Lord Provost, - it gives me great pleasure to hear that the city of Dundee is tomorrow to present the freedom of the city to the 45 members of the Volunteer corps on the occasion of their leaving for South Africa. Will you permit me, as a fellow burgher of Dundee, to express to them my congratulations on the honour conferred on them by their native city, and my confidence that they will worthily uphold the honour of the flag for which so many gallant Scotchmen have laid down their lives.

Believe me, yours very truly, ROBERTS, F.M.
Dundee Courier, 22nd February 1902



Enthusiastic was the large gathering which met in the Drill Hall last night to do honour to the volunteers of the Black Watch who responded to the call for service in South Africa. Long before the appointed hour over three thousand spectators had assembled, and, as the men marched into the hall to the tune of “The Bonnets of Bonnie Dundee”, cheer upon cheer was sent up. Lord Provost and Mrs Hunter were heartily cheered as they entered. They were accompanied by Sir Thomas Thornton, LL.D.; Bailies Stevenson, Doig, Robertson, and Crichton; Councillors Barrie, High, Longair, and Martin; Mr G.W. Baxter, LL.D.; the Rev. Dr Colin Campbell, Rev. Dr Hugh George Watt, Colonels Hill and Smith, Mr William Thornton, Mr George Watt, &c. Lord Provost Hunter called upon Sir Thomas Thornton to read the minute of Council conferring the freedom, after which he addressed the gathering.


The Lord Provost said they were met there that night for the fourth time since the war began to do honour to those of their fellow-citizens who, at the call of their country, had offered their services in South Africa, there to assist in upholding the supremacy of the Empire. (Applause). After referring to the enthusiastic response made on previous occasions, his Lordship said it was somewhat remarkable, and a cause for pride and admiration, that, after the first burst of enthusiasm, when the glamour was somewhat worn off, to find 63 men in their local corps ready to join their countrymen in an effort to bring peace in South Africa. They were proud to see that the contingent they tonight were to send off was the largest they had met to do honour to. (Applause). They felt proud of their volunteers, proud of what they had done in connection with the war, of their zeal, bravery, and the endurance they displayed. As had been done on three former occasions, the Magistrates and Town Council, with, he was sure, the hearty concurrence of the citizens, resolved to honour and show their appreciation of the motive actuating those who had volunteered for active service by conferring on them the freedom of the city, and placing their names on the burgess roll. (Applause). They felt confident that the present contingent would discharge their duties faithfully and well, and maintain the good name of those who had gone before them, and reflect credit on the city and on the Battalion to which they belonged. (Applause).


Their district stood in the foremost position relative to the number of the population as having sent the largest number of men to the front. Doubtless this was to be accounted for by the fact that this was the home, the centre, and to a large extent the recruiting ground of the grand old regiment, the 42nd – (applause) – a regiment which earned renown and undying glory on many a field – (applause) – a regiment which had been a source of attraction to so many of the sons of Scotland – a regiment which had been led by many gallant officers, whose names would live in the history of their country. (Applause). No district had suffered more than their own through the war, and they felt sure that the outcome of all the sacrifices that had been made by the country would be the means of establishing justice, liberty, and equal rights to all their fellow-subjects in South Africa. (Applause).

The Lord Provost then called on Sir Thomas Thornton to read the burgess ticket, and the men stepped forward and received the ticket at the hands of the Lord Provost. As each man came forward he was loudly cheered. Sir Thomas Thornton mentioned the melancholy fact that Colour-Sergeant-Instructor SWAN, who had received the honour in absentia, had died four days after it had been decided to confer the honour, but intimated that the parchment would be handed to his relatives.

The Battalions together send forward 63 men, including 7 who are at present on active service.

Colonel Hill and Colonel Smith thanked the Magistrates and Council on behalf of their respective Battalions for the honour that had been done to them.

The proceedings terminated by three cheers for the King, which was proposed by Lord Provost Hunter. The men will leave for Perth on Monday morning. An appeal was made by Lord Provost Hunter for literature to be sent to the front.
The Scotsman, 22nd February 1902

It was intimated that the Lord Provost would gift to each man a commemorative medal, and that it would be presented to them in Perth before they left for the front.




DUNDEE Dundee Year Book 1 Jan 1902 a

Dundee Year Book, 1st January 1902 (list of Volunteers who received the Freedom of the City on 27/02/1901)



DUNDEE Dundee Eve Telegraph 29 Jan 1902

Dundee Evening Telegraph, 29th January 1902 (list of Volunteers from the 1st V.B.R.H., accepted for service with the 3rd V.A.S.C.)



DUNDEE Dundee Eve Telegraph 13 Feb 1902

Dundee Evening Telegraph, 13th February 1902



DUNDEE Arbroath Herald 23 Jan 1902 a

Arbroath Herald, 23/01/1902 (list of Volunteers from the 3rd V.B.R.H., accepted for service with the 3rd V.A.S.C.)