County: Northumberland
Issued on: Return
Date of presentation: 15/06/1901
Number issued: 1


Silver stop-watch, and gold albert & medal, to:

44th Battery R.F.A. –
67111 Gunner Rawling MAUGHAN

Presentation made by Mr W. Bewick, in the Co-operative Hall, Dudley Colliery

Gunner Maughan also received a silver stop-watch.



Morpeth Herald, 22nd June 1901


On Saturday evening, there was a large company present at the Co-operative Hall, Dudley Colliery, the occasion being the presentation of a silver stop-watch and a gold albert and medal to Gunner R. MAUGHAN, late of the 44th Battery of R.F.A., who for the last eighteen months has served in South Africa, and only recently returned to his home at Dudley. Previous to the time of meeting, the Dudley Excelsior Silver Model Band (under the leadership of Mr W. Hoskin) paraded the principal streets and played a number of patriotic pieces. Mr R.J. Spoor presided, whilst Mr W. Bewick made the presentation. – Mr MAUGHAN, in responding to the kind remarks of the Chairman and Mr Bewick, thanked the people of Dudley for the hearty welcome they had accorded to him and the useful and beautiful present they had given him. – An interesting programme of music was given by Messrs Brown, Hall, Parry, Baggot, Lightley, and McNally, whilst Mr W. Hedley played a couple of solos on the concertina, which were highly appreciated. Mr J. Latty officiated as accompanist. A dance afterwards followed, Messrs Hedley’s Band supplying the music.