Country: Ireland
Issued on: Return
Date of presentation: 10/06/1901
Number issued: c.118


Gold medals, to:

List published in the Irish Times, 11/06/1901

61st (Dublin) Company, 17th Bn. Imperial Yeomanry –
Lieutenant-Colonel T.J. De BURGH
Captain Henry Charles CARDEN
Captain Willoughby Chaplin NEWTON
Lieutenant the Earl of FINGALL
Lieutenant E.O. WARD
Lieutenant E.C. WRIGHT (not included on Irish Times list)
Lieutenant & Quartermaster L.H. COLES
11234 Sergeant-Major Thomas Henry CROFTS
11279 Sergeant A.W. JAMESON
11180 Sergeant John McKINLEY
11299 Lance-Sergeant J.W. HACKETT
11294 Corporal [Sergeant] William WHITSITT
11224 Lance-Corporal Robert L. HARRISON
11270 Corporal Thomas E. MORTON
11205 Trumpeter John FRANKLIN
11274 Trumpeter John McMURTIE
11202 Tropper James William ADAMS
11206 Trooper John Howard ALEXANDER
11220 Trooper George L. ARMSTRONG
11237 [11239] Trooper Hugh ARMSTRONG
11226 Trooper Richard BOLSTER
11225 Trooper Samuel Weldon BROWNE
11249 Trooper Sydney Augustus COCHRANE
11238 Trooper George CRAIGIE
11255 William Jones DALRYMPLE (not included on Irish Times list)
11305 Trooper John DILLON
11186 Trooper Robert Wallace DOOLEY
11227 Trooper Henry James EARLS
11268 Trooper John Joseph ENNIS
11275 Trooper Harry Walter FENTON
11183 Trooper [Corporal] John Tate GIBBS
11310 Trooper Joseph P. GILFOYLE
11260 Trooper Thomas Handings GOING
11291 Trooper George Studdart GORE
11217 Trooper Charles Morgan GRIFFIN
11196 Trooper Edward Piggot HACKETT
11259 Trooper George Brooke HACKETT
11240 Trooper Henry Edward HARDINGE
11307 Trooper Edward J. HESSION
11278 Trooper Harry HORNIBROOK
11258 [11298] Trooper George E. JONES
11201 Trooper John Fitzwilliam S. JONES
11265 Trooper Mortimer KELLY
11287 Trooper William LADD
11246 Trooper Patrick J. LANE
11303 Trooper Alfred LAPHAM
11284 Trooper John D. MATTHEWS (not included on Irish Times list)
11277 Trooper Robert Frederick McGUINNESS
11184 [11284 ] Trooper Richard J.A. McGUINNESS
11210 Trooper James MEADE
11270 Trooper Robert William MORTON [Moreton]
11208 Trooper William McMULLEN
11188 Trooper William F. MURPHY
11185 Trooper Robert Charles OLDFIELD
11245 Trooper Frank OLYOTT
11197 Trooper [Farrier-Sergeant] William L. PHAIR
11244 Trooper J. William PRATT
11314 Trooper William POLLOCK [J. Pulloch]
11206 Trooper George H. REBURN [Rayburn]
11247 Trooper William A. RYAN
11221 Trooper Thomas Dancer SARGINT
11194 Trooper Thomas Edward SCOWN (not included on Irish Times List)
11267 Trooper Cecil Alfred SLADE
11182 Trooper Ralph Henry SMITH [J. Smith]
11203 Trooper Robert Carpendale Harrison SUPPLE
11181 Trooper Robert WILLIAMS

11279 Trooper Nicholas WYNNE

Presentation made by the Countess of Fingall, at the Rotunda, Dublin.





Supplied by W. Clare, 19 Nassau Street, Dublin.

"Small gold medals, in the form of four-leaf shamrocks, inscribed with the words 'FOR VALOUR', and on the reverse, 'FROM THEIR FELLOW COUNTRYMEN'".


"The committee are desirous that every member of the 61st (2nd Dublin) Company should receive the gold medal souvenir and a copy (on silk) of the address presented to the Company, and as many of the men have long since returned, or are still in South Africa, the Committee would be glad if their relatives or friends would forward their names and addresses to the Organising Secretary, Mr James T. Ellis" (Irish Times, 12/06/1901).

If every member of the company received a medal then the total number of medals issued will be around 118.


Trooper Thomas Scown example illustrated in Hibbard (not on published list).
Trooper J. William Pratt example sold through Dix Noonan Webb, 29/03/2000, for £360 (brooched).
Trooper J. William Pratt example sold through Dix Noonan Webb, 23/09/2011, for £1,600 (brooched).
Trooper J.D. Matthews example sold through Dix Noonan Webb, 12/12/2012, for £1,600 (not on published list).
Trooper Patrick J. Lane example sold through Dix Noonan Webb, 24/02/2016, for £1,100 (not on published list).
Trooper William Dalrymple example listed by Laidlaw (not on published list).
Sergeant J.W. Hackett example held in the collection of the National Army Museum, London (NAM. 1991-05-42).
Trooper E.P. Hackett example held in the collection of the National Army Museum, London (NAM. 1997-11-45).
Lieut. Wright example held in the collection of the National Army Museum, London (NAM. 1997-11-47).


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Irish Times, 7th June 1901


Mr W. Clare, goldsmith, 19 Nassau Street, has submitted a design which has been accepted, for the gold medals to be presented to the returning Yeomanry, and they are now being manufactured by him.
Irish Times, 10th June 1901
To disguise from ourselves the fact that there are two opinions in Dublin regarding the rights and wrongs of the war in South Africa would be an ostrich-like proceeding. But we trust that today all political feelings will be laid aside for the moment, and that all the citizens will unite to do honour to the men who responded to what they conceived to be the call of duty, and went out to uphold the reputation of Irishmen as a fighting race. “Theirs not to reason why: theirs but to do and die” –  the soldier should always be judged on those terms, and the men of the 61st (2nd Dublin Company) who will arrive here today have fully deserved the honours which will be paid to them, together with their comrades of the other Irish Companies who had previously returned home. During the luncheon at which they will be entertained, each man, we understand, will receive a badge in the form of a gold shamrock, on one side of which will be inscribed the words “For Valour”, and on the other side “From their Fellow-Countrymen”. These inscriptions exactly represent the spirit in which today’s festivity should be regarded. It is a recognition on the part of Irishmen generally of those particular Irishmen’s courage, which has been proved abundantly during the present campaign. The cheers which will greet them as they pass from North Wall to Lower Castle Yard, and again from Lower Castle Yard to the Rotunda, will be taken as a personal tribute to the men themselves and will have no more political significance than the greetings with which the late Queen was received on her visit to Dublin in the spring of last year.

Irish Times, 10th June 1901



SIR, - I see that gold medals are to be presented to the members of the 61st Company, who are soon to arrive, and I suppose those of the 45th Company who have already returned, will get these medals also, but I should like to know if any provision has been made for giving similar medals to those members of both companies who have remained in South Africa. I know several at least of the 45th Company who, immediately on its being disbanded, joined the Constabulary and other forces, and are fighting away still. Surely, these young fellows who are still in the field will not be forgotten. I would suggest their medals should be sent to their friends at home to keep for them. I am sure they would all be grateful, and it would encourage them in their dangers and difficulties when they knew that, though far away, they are not forgotten.

Yours, &c., L.S.D.

7th June, 1901.
Belfast News-Letter, 12th June 1901




……. The names of the officers on the company and men, who returned by the Avondale Castle, are – Lieutenant-Colonel De BURGH, Captain CARDEN, Lieutenant Earl of FINGALL, Lieutenant NEWTON, Lieutenant WARD, Lieutenant and Quartermaster COLES, Sergeant-Major CROFTS, Sergeants JAMESON, WHITSITT, McKINLEY, and HACKETT; Farrier-Sergeant PHAIR, Corporals MORTON, HARRISON, and GIBBS; Trumpeters McMURTIE and FRANKLIN; Troopers W. ADAMS, J.H. ALEXANDER, H. ARMSTRONG, G. CRAIGIE, S.A. COCHRANE, R.W. DOOLEY, J. DILLON, H. FENTON, T.H. GOING, G.S. GORE, J.P. GIELFOYLE, E.P. HACKETT, G.B. HACKETT, G.E. JONES, J.F. JONES, E. HARDING, M. KELLY, W. LADD, R.J. McGUINNESS, R.F. McGUINNESS, W.M. MULLEN, W.F. MURPHY, W. PRATT, J. PULLOCH, W.A. RYAN, J.D. SARGINT, C.A. SLADE, J. SMITH, R. SUPPLE, R. WILLIAMS, N. WYNNE, R.W. MORETON, J. MEADE, S. BROWNE, L. BOLSTER, H. HORNIBROOK, C. GRIFFIN, P.C. OLDFIELD, F. OLYOTT, G. REYBURN, H. EARLS, B. HESSION, J.J. ENNIS, A. LAPHAM.

……. The Countess Fingall then pinned on the breast of each warrior a specially-manufactured medal, with a gold shamrock. The medal was inscribed “For valour” and “presented by his fellow-countrymen”.

Irish Times, 12th June 1901


SIR, –  The committee are desirous that every member of the 61st (2nd Dublin) Company should receive the gold medal souvenir and a copy (on silk) of the address presented to the Company, and as many of the men have long since returned, or are still in South Africa, the Committee would be glad if their relatives or friends would forward their names and addresses to the Organising Secretary, Mr James T. Ellis.

Yours, &c.,


Committee Rooms, 12 D’Olier Street.
Irish Times, 15th June 1901

Mr Justice Ross presided, and there was a very large attendance. At an interval during the progress of the speeches which followed the luncheon, the officers and men singly ascended the platform, of which the band had shortly previously been dispossessed, and were presented with medals by Lady Fingall, who was accompanied by several ladies. The medals, which are of pleasing design, and struck in gold, have been supplied by Mr W. Clare, of 19 Nassau Street.

The Chairman then announced that Lady Fingall, wife of the Commanding Officer of the Company, supported by a staff of distinguished ladies, would proceed to give to each member of the company, both officers and men, a commemorative medal. (Applause).

The officers and men then, amidst great applause, went on to the platform in turn, and Lady Fingall pinned a small gold medal to the breast of each.
The Gentlewoman, 22nd June 1901

Dublin Notes.

Fortunately it was fine, though cold, on Monday morning when the Dublin contingent of the Irish Yeomanry arrived on their return from South Africa. The company consisted of only 55 men and the following officers – Col. De BURGH, Major St LEDGER MOORE, Captain CARDEN, Lieut. The Earl of FINGALL, Lieut. WARD, and Captain NEWTON. They were welcomed at the North Wall by Col. Baker, on behalf of the Headquarters Staff, and Col. Black on behalf of the Duke of Connaught. Subsequently the contingent marched to Dublin Castle, the entire route being lined with soldiers, while large crowds collected in the streets, The procession included the troop of mounted police, the bands of the Rifle Brigade and East Surrey Regiment, some of the 21st Lancers, and a rearguard of mounted police. There was much cheering and handkerchief waving in the streets, and also in the Lower Castle Yard, where the Yeomanry were inspected by Major-General Gossett, who was accompanied by his staff; the reception committee presented an address, to which Captain CARDEN replied on behalf of the contingent, who then marched to Ship Street Barracks, where they were paid off. An hour later they marched through the city to the Rotunda, where they were entertained at a public luncheon; about 600 sat down, and in the gallery there were over 1,000 ladies, who took the deepest interest in the proceedings. Judge Ross presided, and amongst other speakers were Mr James Campbell, K.C., Sir Andrew Reed, whose son was one of the recipients of the Victoria Cross last year; General Gossett, Mr Longworth, Mr Savage Armstrong, while Colonel De BURGH and Captain CARDEN responded to the toast: “The Irish Imperial Yeomanry”, which was honoured with extraordinary enthusiasm. Before the conclusion of the entertainment the Countess of Fingall presented each of the officers and men with a small gold medal, in the form of a four-leaf shamrock, inscribed with the words “For Valour”, and on the reverse, “From their fellow countrymen”. These mementoes, which were the gifts of the reception committee, were greatly appreciated by the heroes in khaki, who have returned to civilian life after some sixteen months spent in South Africa.




Dublin Irish Times 15 Jun 1901

Irish Times, 15th June 1901

List of yeomen who received their medals from Lady Fingall at the ceremony at the Rotunda, 10/06/1901.
The remainder appear to have received theirs by post.