County: Derbyshire
Issued on: Departure
Date of presentation: 16/02/1900
Number issued: 1


Gold medal & chain, suitably inscribed, to:

1st Volunteer Active Service Company, Derbyshire Regiment –
7340 Private Wilfred John POYNTER

Presentation made by Mr Martin, at the Deaf Institution, Derby.

Private Poynter received a second medal from Derby on his return.



Derbyshire Advertiser, 23rd February, 1900


An interesting gathering took place on Friday, at the Deaf Institution. Mr POYNTER, one of the Derby Volunteers selected for service in South Africa, was presented by his fellow teachers with a gold medal, suitably engraved. – Mr Martin, in making the presentation, said that they had had great difficulty in deciding what form it should take. Mr POYNTER had already received from his friends everything that he would be likely to want and could take with him. It was finally decided that a chain pendant would be the best thing, and he hoped that Mr POYNTER would take it to South Africa, and that it would serve to remind him of his friends in Derby. They all hoped that on his return he would have various other medals to show. He must remember that he had not only his own reputation, but also that of the institution at stake, and he (Mr Martin) was sure that Dr Roe would never forgive him if he came back with anything less that a V.C. In conclusion Mr Martin wished him in the name of his colleagues a safe journey and a quick return. – Mr POYNTER, in reply, said he was very grateful to them for their kindness, and indeed to all his friends. The great kindness he had received from all his Derby friends made his departure harder than he thought possible. He trusted that he should be spared to come back again, and that it would not be long before he was at work again among them in the institution.