State: New South Wales, Australia
Issued on: Return
Date of presentation: 20/06/1902
Number issued: 3


Gold medals, to:

2nd New South Wales Mounted Rifles –

2795 Trooper Phillip James BAYLISS

3rd New South Wales Mounted Rifles (Draft) –
3039 Trooper William HALLIDAY (absent - due to ill-health)
3270 Trooper George Walter BAYLISS
Presentation made by the Mayor, on behalf of the members of the Manchester Unity Independent Order of Oddfellows, Deniliquin.



Deniliquin Independent, 27th June 1902

M.U.I.O.O.F. Social.


The smoke social, tendered by the members of the Oddfellows’ Lodge to their brothers and comrades on their return from South Africa was held at the Masonic Hall on Friday evening last, and was an unqualified success. Past Grand Bro. Kelly (Mayor) occupied the chair, and seated on his right were Brothers George and Phil BAYLISS and Corporal AMOR, and on his left Troopers F. and C. DRUITT, and Charlie LOY. …….

……. After the company had partaken of light refreshments the toast of “His Majesty the King” was proposed and honored. The Mayor then proposed “Our Guests”, coupled with the names of Troopers G. and P. BAYLISS, C. and F. DRUITT, W. AMOR, C. LOY, and W. HALLIDAY, the latter whom he regretted was not present on account of ill-health. It was pleasant for him (the Mayor) to preside at a gathering for the welcoming of our brave soldiers who had fought under the good old flag. (Cheers). The parents of the young men must feel proud, for they had proved themselves worthy sons of Deniliquin, yes and Australia also. (Cheers). He asked the company present to honor the toast in a royal manner.

The toast was enthusiastically drunk with “For they are Jolly Good Fellows”.

Trooper C. DRUITT responded. He thanked them for the enthusiasm displayed towards his brother comrades in arms. He was glad to see that peace had at last been declared, but the part Australians took in the war would tend to strengthen the silken thread that bound us to the home of our forefathers. (Cheers).

Trooper George BAYLISS in returning thanks said he would sooner fight than make a speech.

Corporal AMOR thanked the Oddfellows’ for their invitation to be present, and for the manner in which the toast had been responded to. He was glad to be with them once more, but should occasion arise they would again find him fighting for the dear old flag they had the privilege of living under. (Cheers).

Troopers Phil. BAYLISS, F. DRUITT, and C. LOY also returned thanks.

The Mayor here presented the Brothers BAYLISS with a gold medal on behalf of the members of the Lodge, as a token of the esteem in which they were held, and said he hoped they would be spared long to wear them. A medal would also be presented to Brother HALLIDAY.

Brothers BAYLISS returned thanks. …….

……. The health of the Mayor, Past Grand Bro. Kelly, was proposed by Past Grand Bro. A. Jameson.

Bro. Kelly responded. He said as Mayor and Brother it was a pleasure for him to preside at that gathering. He had one important toast to propose, that of “The Departed Soldiers”, who had laid down their lives in fighting the Empire’s cause. They had a brother missing from their midst that evening, viz., Trooper James MASON, one of the finest boys who ever lived. His body was now lying in South Africa, but a monument would be erected by the people of Deniliquin, and his name handed down to posterity. He asked for the toast to be drunk in silence.

After the singing of the National Anthem and Auld Lang Syne the gathering dispersed.