County: Devon
Issued on: Return
Date of presentation: 04/07/1901
Number issued: 5


Silver medals, watch chains & cigarette cases, to:

Volunteer Active Service Company, Devonshire Regiment –
5524 Private Reginald ANSTEY
5525 Private William John BAZLEY
5533 Private William Henry CUMES
5529 Private Charles PARTRIDGE
6195 Private Frank WOTTON (absent)
Presentation made by Mrs Bayldon, on the Lawn, Dawlish.

Medals inscribed: "Presented by Dawlish to _______ on his return from the Boer War, 1901".

These were volunteers belonging to the Starcross Detachment, Devonshire Regiment, who had already received silver watches from Starcross.



Western Times, 5th July 1901


The residents of Dawlish turned out in large numbers last evening to welcome the Volunteers of the Dawlish Company and the Reservists belonging to the town who have returned from South Africa. The Volunteers all belonged to the Starcross detachment of the 1st R.V., and as the Company headquarters are at Dawlish it was considered that the town should make them a presentation. Watches have already been presented to them at Starcross, so each was presented last night with a silver chain and medal with inscription, and a silver cigarette case, and the three Reservists each received a silver watch. The names of the Volunteers were Ptes. ANSTEY, BAZLEY, CUMES and PARTIDGE; and of the Reservists, Privates W. CREWS (1st Devons), and Ch. MULLEN (2nd Devons). Private BARTRAM (of the 2nd Devons), who is still in South Africa, will have his present on his return. Pte. WOTTON, another Volunteer, could not be present. The Volunteers drove over from Starcross, and were met outside the Station by the Dawlish Company of Volunteers, under Lieut. Waterfield, and headed by the Town Band they paraded the town, marching afterwards into the Lawn, amid the cheers of those assembled there. Mr Lamacraft (Chairman of the Urban Council) presided, and after welcoming the men, Rev. V.L. Keelan addressed them from the bandstand. Mr Stoneman and Mr J. Weston Sparke, C.C., also spoke. Mrs Bayldon then made the presentation, and was thanked, as were also the subscribers for the presents.


Western Morning News, 5th July 1901


Members of H (Dawlish) Company, 1st D.R.V., and Dawlish reservists who have returned from the war in South Africa, had a public reception yesterday. They are – Private CREWS, 1st Devon reservist; Private MULLEN, 2nd Devon reservist; and Lance-Corporal BAZELEY, Private ANSTEY, Private CUMES, Private WOTTON, and Private PARTRIDGE, 1st D.R.V.  Private BARTRAM, 1st Devon reservist, has not yet returned. The volunteers and reservists were met at the station by the H Company, 1st D.R.V., headed by the town band playing “The Soldiers of the Queen”, and marching through the town were drawn up on the lawn in front of the bandstand, where they were formally welcomed home and congratulated on their safe return by Mr J.H. Lamacraft (chairman of the Urban District council) who presided; Rev. V.L. Keelan (representing the vicar, who is absent on holiday), Mr Stoneman, and Mr W.J. Sparkes. Mrs E.H. Bayldon presented to each reservist a silver watch and to each volunteer a silver chain and medal and cigarette case, each bearing the inscription – “Presented by Dawlish to (the name and designation of each recipient) on his return from the Boer War, 1901”. On the proposition of Mr H.L. Friend, seconded by Mr W.C. Tapper, Mrs Bayldon was thanked for making the presentations. The vote was acknowledged by Mr Bayldon. A vote of thank to the chairman, followed by “God save the King” brought the proceedings to a close. The town was gaily decorated, and the arrangements were well carried out by a committee, of whom Mr M.C. Bolt was hon. secretary.