State: Victoria, Australia
Issued on: Return
Date of presentation: 00/08/1901
Number issued: c. 14


Gold medals, to:

4th Victorian (Imperial Bushmen's) Contingent –

235 Sergeant James THRELFALL

3rd New Zealand Contingent –

823 Farrier-Sergeant T.H. BARCLAY

Victorian Contingent (unknown units) –
c. 12 unnamed volunteers

Presentation made by Mr Ormsby, in the Schoolroom, Ballangeich, Warrnambool.



Melbourne Argus, 6th August 1901


Fully 200 people assembled in the Ballangeich school-room to welcome Sergeant J. THRELFALL and Sergeant T. BARCLAY. Mr. Ormsby presided, and a concert programme was first given. The two guests, with about 12 other district soldiers who had returned at various times from the war, occupied seats on the platform, and the chairman presented each with a gold medal.