County: Aberdeenshire
Issued on: Return
Date of presentation: 14/06/1901
Number issued: 2
Cased silver medals, to:
1st Volunteer Active Service Company, 1st Bn. Gordon Highlanders [1st V.B.G.H.] –
25 Drummer George Hay CHARLES
8270 [8238] Private [Drummer] Robert FARQUHAR
Obverse with the Gordon coat of arms and the motto "Bydand".
Reverse: "Presented by the drummers of the 1st V.B.G.H. to Drummer _______ on his return from the Boer War, May, 1901".
Presentation made by Drum-Major John Wilson, at the National Hotel, Aberdeen.



Aberdeen Press & Journal, 15th June 1901


Last night the buglers in the 1st V.B. Gordon Highlanders and a few friends met at a smoking concert in the National Hotel, Aberdeen, for the purpose of entertaining two of their comrades – Drummers G.H. CHARLES and R. FARQUHAR – who have returned from South Africa, where they were engaged in the 1st Volunteer Service Company of Gordon Highlanders. Drum-Major John Wilson presided, and in the course of the evening presented to the Service Volunteers, who wore their khaki uniforms, beautiful silver medals as a token of the appreciation of their comrades. The medals bore on one side the inscription – “Presented by the drummers of the 1st V.B.G.H. to Drummer ____________ on his return from the Boer War, May, 1901.” On the reverse side was the Gordon coat of arms with the motto “Bydand.” Both medals were in handsome cases. The chairman, in making the presentation, referred to the brave action of Drummers Charles and Farquhar in volunteering for service in South Africa, the trials of which he himself knew, and expressed the hope that they would long be spared in health to look back on their campaign. The company sang “They are jolly good fellows,” after which Drummers Charles and Farquhar suitably replied. Songs were sung in the course of the evening by Buglers Christie, Forbes, Chitton, Greig, and McShane, and Mr Farquharson, while a sleight-of-hand performance was given by Mr John Rae.