1900, Bloemfontein

ENGLEHEART, H, Sergeant, was born on 14 November 1864, son of Mr Francis Engleheart, formerly a member of the Stock Exchange, and grandson of N B Engleheart, of Blackheath, London, the last of the Queen's Proctors. He joined the 10th (The Prince of Wales's Own) Royal Hussars, and served with his regiment in the South African War of 1899-1902. He was one of the party, under Brevet Major Aylmer Hunter Weston, that successfully destroyed the railway north of Bloemfontein. They had to charge through a Boer piquet, besides getting over four deep spruits, in order to creep back through the Boer lines. At the last of these spruits Sapper Webb's horse fell, and consequently he was left in a very dangerous position. Sergeant Engleheart went back to his assistance, through a deadly storm of shot and shell. He had to lose some time in getting Webb and his horse out of the spruit, and every moment the position became worse, owing to the rapid advance of the Boers. At last he succeeded in getting Webb back to the party. Just before this Sergeant Engleheart had shown great gallantry in dashing into the first spruit, which could only be approached in single file, and was still held by a party of Boers. He was awarded the Victoria Cross, [London Gazette, 5 October 1900]: "H Engleheart, Sergeant, 10th Hussars". Sergeant Engleheart was the centre man of the last five of her soldiers to whom Queen Victoria personally presented the Victoria Cross, on 15 December 1900.

VC, QSA (3) RofK Paard Drie, Army LS&GC Ed VII, 1911 Coronation, 1935 Jubilee. RHQ.

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