1901, Springbok Laagte

CRANDON, HARRY GEORGE, Private, was born 9 February 1874, at Wells, Somerset, son of William Crandon and of Ellen Crandon (nee Hewlett). Private Crandon wrote to Sir O'Moore Creagh: "Sir, I respectfully beg to state that I went to India in October 1894, and from there to Ladysmith, South Africa, in 1898, where I served through the whole of the Boer War, and was in the Siege of Ladysmith. I gained the VC on the 4th of July 1901, at Springboks Laagte, near Ermelo. Eastern Transvaal, for saving Private Berry, 18th Hussars. We were both advanced scouts together, and suddenly came upon a party of the Boers. Private Berry's horse got killed, and he himself was wounded in two places. I gave my horse to him and lifted him on to it, and sent him to an ambulance station, and got out of it the best way I could, and was not wounded myself. Had the VC presented by Lord Kitchener at Pretoria, 8 June, 1902".

Private Crandon received the Queen's Medal with five clasps, and was awarded the Victoria Cross [London Gazette, 18 October 1901]: "Henry George Crandon, Private, 18th Hussars. On the 4th July, 1901, at Springbok Laagte, Private Berry's horse fell and became disabled, and he was himself shot in the right hand and left shoulder. Private Crandon at once rode back under a heavy fire to his assistance, gave up his horse to the wounded man, to enable him to reach shelter, and followed him on foot, having to run for 1,100 yards, all the time under fire".

Private Crandon writes: "I joined this war in October 1914, in South Africa. I was wounded in the left foot at Ypres, 13 May 1915. After I was convalescent I was sent to the Balkans and was there two years, and went from there to Egypt, and came home to England lastly from Jerusalem, Palestine".

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