1901, Transvaal

BELL, FREDERICK WILLIAM, Lieutenant, served in the Boer War of 1899-1902, and won the Victoria Cross. He was decorated by the Prince of Wales, in London, on 11 July 1902. His VC was gazetted 4 October 1901: "Frederick William Bell, Lieutenant, West Australian Mounted Infantry. At Brakpan, on the 16th May, 1901, when retiring through a heavy fire after holding the right flank, Lieutenant Bell noticed a man dismounted, and returned and took him up behind him. The horse, not being equal to the weight, fell with them. Lieutenant Bell then remained behind, and covered the man's retirement till he was out of danger". He became temporary Captain while in command of a Rest Camp in 1915. He died 28 Apr 54 in Bristol and was buried in Canfield Cemetery, Bristol. His VC is located in the West Australia Museum, Perth.

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