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Medals to the City Imperial Volunteers 1 year 9 months ago #64585

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The Graphic, 3 November 1900, was mostly devoted to the return of the CIV to London. The coverage included a 2 page roll of their members.

Dr David Biggins

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Medals to the City Imperial Volunteers 1 year 9 months ago #64586

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Hon. Colonel — Field-Marshal Lord Roberts, V.C.

Colonel Commandant — Colonel W H Mackinnon

Staff Captains Captain E H Trotter and Captain J E H Orr

Depot Commandant — Hon. Col. C G Boxall, C.B.

Depot Adjutant — Captain W W Grantham

Medical Officer—Surgeon - Captain R R Sleman

Paymaster — Captain W Triggs

Veterinary Surgeon—Vet. - Lieut. W S Mulvey



Major G McMicking


Captain C ED Budworth


Lieutenant A C Lowe
Lieutenant H Bayley
Second Lieutenant J F Duncan


Surgeon-Captain A Thorne


Veteiinary-Lieutenant E A Morgan



Lieutenant E V Wellby


LIEUTENANT-COLONEL Hon. Colonel H C Cholmondeley


Captain T F Waterlow
Captain J W Reid


Captain C H W Wilson
Captain E G Concannon
Captain W H Brailey
Lieutenant B Moeller
Second Lieutenant G Berry
Second Lieutenant E A Manisty
Lieutenant A H Henderson
Lieutenant D G Baillie


Captain E Bell


Hon. Lieutenant St. J Ridler


LIEUTENANT-COLONEL Hon. Colonel Earl of Albemaile


Hon. Colonel A G Pawle


Captain A Reid
Captain C W Berkeley
Captain C G Matthey
Captain F J Cousens C
aptain R B Shipley
Hon. Major R W H Edis
Captain A A Howell
Captain C A Mortimore


Captain J H Smith
Captain J P Benson
Captain W F R Burnside
Captain F R Jeffery
*Capiain W B L Alt
Lieutenant E Treffry
Captain E D Townroe
Lieutenant Hon. S K MacDonnell
Lieutenant P F Browne
Lieutenant W B Garnett
Lieutenant C P Grindle
Lieutenant B C Green Second
Lieutenant P Croft Second
Lieutenant SHF Hole Captain J W Cohen
Captain F B Marsh


Captain Hon. J H R Bailey


Surgeon-Captain E W St. V Ryan


Hon. Captain S Firth


- COLONEL THE EARL OF ALBEMARLE In command of the Infantry
- COLONEL W. H. MACKINNON Colonel Commandant
- COLONEL H. C. CHOLMONDELEY In command of the Mounted Infantry
- COLONEL A. G. PAWLE Second in command of the Infantry
Dr David Biggins

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Medals to the City Imperial Volunteers 1 year 9 months ago #64587

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Donn, F (Quartermaster-Sergeant)
Gordon, E A H (Armourer - Sergeant)
Hall, H F (Orderly Room Sergeant)
Hutchison, J T (Signalling Sergeant)
Johnston W (Sergeant-Cook)
Lucas, G J (Sergeant Drummer)
Macfarlane, W (Transport Sergeant)
Smith, T (Sergeant-Major)
Tarrant, P J (Orderly Room Clerk)
Taylor, E (Sergeant Pioneer)


Oakley, P


Godley, W,
Grundy, A E
Jones, T
Judge, F
O’Connor, T
Seymour, W
Taylor, L
Wright, W S


Austin, J M C
Barrett, T
Beeton, T G
Clark, J
Crombie, A E
Fuller, E
*Gibbons, E J
Palmer, R
Smith, A C G
Tomkins, A
Tunbridge, G C


Abraham, F G
Ager, F
Atkinson, E L
Barrett, T B
Bennett, J F
Betts, B B
Birch, W T
Blatt, J
Bradley, S G L
Buckingham, W H
Butler, J F
Carr, J
Cheshire, H R
Dixon, W
Dowse, W J
Esland, T W
Evans, A M
Fenwick, G
Garrard, P
Giles, F H (Canteen)
Godwin, G
Greenwood, C F H
Hall, G W
Holt, A M
*Kingsford, D P
Lankshear, H G
Marsh, S W
Monk, A C
Moore, H P
O’Connell, G J
Oliver, A A
Parsley, A J
Patey, A J
Pugh, G W
Read, J
Rouse, F
Rust, P
Shaw, W H
Shears, M E
Stallard, F C F
Taylor, P S
Turrell, J W
Vine, T W
Warcup, H E
Williams, E J
Wood, A E
Young, A


Austen, E E
Taylor, C E


Goodwin, R W (Sergeant Collar-maker)
Hammond, J


Adams, P E
Attneave, H
Bidgood, G
Blumfield, S
♦Bone, H J
Braun, C E W
Brodie, D G
Brown, A R
Brown, S S
Buckle. H W
Chadwick, R S
Clifford, H B
Collard, A S
Connew, C
Cowtan, W F
Elam, H W T
Everard, H L
French, A G P
Garrett, H
Goddard, E
Greig, G L
Harding, H P E
Hards, E.
Hards, T
Harris, A T
Hart, N H
Hawkins, W
Holladay, A J
Hurst, W R
Jacobs, H E
Johnston, W G
*Jones, D B
Kemp, A R
Kitchen, J F
Knowles, W A C
Luck, F C
Mannall, S G
Mathison, J
Millett, H H
Murnane, G F T
Slocombe, B W
Smith, F
Taylor, H P B
Thomas, F W
Walter, N
Wilson, F J


Argent, H T
Austin, F C
Blaber, W E
Blyth, S
Bowles, E G
Bowling, T
Broadbent, C
Brown, H P
Castle-Smith, H
Cook, H H
Driesen, J F
Eaton, G
Farrington, E
Femie, W J
Findlay, E J
Firth, A J
Frapwell, W C
Freeland, E C
Gunningham, E
Henshaw, S T W
Kennedy, F
Lloyd, J B
McNally, J C (Bugler)
Moore, H W
Nash, F
Pearce, R R
Phillips, L J A
Richards, H P
Ross, G W
Sargent, F R
Simmons, S W
Solley, S W
Spittle, G
Stewart, E C
Tyrwhitt, F St. J
Walford, D C
Weller F
Wickens, A
Wood, W E
Worsford, J L
Wright, E C
Young, H


Applebee, H P
Barnet-Smith, G R
Chapman, C J (Acting)
Difford, W
Dollar, H W (Acting)
Gridley, W O
Kendal, J C (Collar maker)
Law, H S (Acting)
Mate, C J (Acting)
Nelson, R L
Rich, W A (Acting)
Valentine, F G (Acting)


Chidgey, L W
Cochrane, F
Dowling, M
Goodall, T B
Hammond, J W
Hill, F A
Milne, M B
Pitts, C E
Scott, G H G
Stephenson, R M


Cohen, G A
Tyndall, J

An asterisk denoted the man is dead.
Dr David Biggins

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Medals to the City Imperial Volunteers 1 year 9 months ago #64588

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Format: Surname, Initials

Abbiss, P J Abrahams, A G W Aimer, J Airey, W lit Aiton, H J Alder, E J Allen, C G Altass, F C Anderson, D S Anderson, G G Anderson, W J Andrews, H W *Appleford, J C Archbald, J F Archer, B D W Armstrong, C R Armstrong, T P H Arnell, W R Arnold, E H Arnold, F. G Arnold, W Ascott, J A Atkins, W H Avern, H *Aylen, F N Ayres, C R Bailey, F C Bailey, F F Bailey, F H Bailey, J Jr Bailey, J T Baillie. D G Baker, C J Baker, F N Baker, H Baker, H W Baker, W Balfour, M Ball, S C Ballard, W G Banks, F L Bannock, W H Baragwanath, F Baragwanath, T P Barden, F H Barnard, J Barnard, L W Barnes, A G Barnett, H J Barnham, L Barrett, A Barrett, J Barrett, J Barrett, T C Barter, E B

Bartlett, C A Bartlett, S Barton, G C Bate, F Bates, C V de V Bates, J T G Bates, G W Bawden, H J Bayley, T D Baynes, C L *Beardwell, E L Bearman, H E Beauchamp, A W Beddow, C J Beirne, L J Belcher, E Belcher, T P Bell, T J Bellairs, C S Belmont, D Bence, E G Bennett, W Bentley, W T Benwell, E G Best, P A Best, F Betterley, C E R Bettesworth, E Bewsey, A E Beynon, T J Biddell, A Biddell, R E W Biggin, J H Biggs, F Biller, C W Billings, W H Billows, C D Bishop, W L Bissett, A Black, W Blacklin, H Blake, W H Blick, H A *Blott, J R Blyth, V T Boddy, H F E Bodger, H L Bodger, W A Boland, E Bolch, H S Bolton, R Bolton, T Bond, H S Bonner, G E Boon, E

Boot, C O Booth, A E Boswall, J D Bott, A E Boustead, T Bowden, H I Bowles, A E Bowly, E S G Bowman, F Boyes, E Brady, G C Bragg, A R Brett, T P Brice, J H Briggs, A E Briggs, S W Britton, C A Brocklebank, S H Brook, W B Broome, _G Brown, A J Brown, A T M Brown, C E Brown, C E Brown, F Brown, G J H Brown, L F Brown, T E Brown, T M Browning, C *Bruce, M Bryant, H S Brymer, C J Buckland, H R Buckland, R H Buckle, H O Budd, H G Budd, P J Budd, W J C Buddell, W H Bull, C Buller, A H T Bulley, C P Burgess, R Burn, A K Burnell, F J Burrage, C S Burrell, E G Burrett, W F Burrough, J Burton, G Butt, G K Clarke, A E Clary, J Butter, G W

Byford, H Byng, H R Byron, S H Caddell, T Calder, G J *Callingham, A Calver, E T *Cameron, R D Camp, J Campbell, A *Cannon, A W Capps, W T *Carden, A Carden, H *Carr, P J Carr, S Carter, F Carter, G Carter, S Carter, W J C Cates, A J Challen, H G Chalmers, J M Chambers, A B Chambers, E Chambers, J W Chambers, S H Chambers, T A Champion, E Chandler, P Chaney, C R Chaplin, A F Chapman, H W Chappell. A G Charge, J A W Charles, E G Charleton, E Charlton, F R Charlton, E G Chart, S Charter, W H *Cheer, B Cheshire, G Cheshire, R Child, N G L Childers, R E Chippingdale, C H Chown, F H Chown, R Churton, E D L Clapham, C A Clare, A S Clark, C H Clatworthy, F J *Cleave, A F

Clegg, E S Clements, A Clerke, W C Clough, E M O Cluff, H W Coates, A J Cobb, F G Cohen, L W Cohn, H O Cole, A J Coleman, E G Coleman, M K Collins, F J Collum, A J Colmer, G W *Coombs, W F Commander, H Coode, E G Cook, B R Cook, E S Cook, R Cooke, A F Coombe, R E Cooper, A Cooper, C E Cooper, C H *Cooper, G W Cooper, P C Cooper, T Cope, A F Corbould, P S Cordell, G W Cordon, G R Corfield, R Corley, T J Costin, A H Cotter, T W Coulton, G Coureau, A Cowin, N T Cox, A B Cox, J G Crabb, W Craik, G L Crampton, G L Cranfield, E G S Crawhall, H C Crick, E C Cripps, F R Crome, C C Crome, H T Crone, J S Croxon, S Crozier, J W Crux, AG

Cunnington, H W Curling, A I Currie, F W S Curry, W W Curtis, F Curtis, H Curtis, L Cutler, H Cutting, C Dale, J Dale, J C Dalmahoy, P C Daniel, F Daniel, J W Daniels, R W Darville, H A Davern, R F Davey, A H Davey, H Davey, J David, J N Davidson, J S Davies, A E Davies, C J Davies, E J W Davies, E W Davies, W E Daws, A F Dawson, A H *Dawson, E A Day, A *Day, C J *Day, E C F Deane, A G Dendy, T J Dennison, H Devenish, F W De Witt, V Dibbs, S E Dight, J W Dillingham, J Dingley, G Dix, E Dobree, J A Dodsworth, R S Donald, A P Doran, AC Double, J W Downes, E H D Dowsett, E J Drawbridge, T A Drummond, A Dudley, T J Dudley, T W Duffit, T B

Duguid, E Dunbar, G J Dunbar, S Duncan, C L Duncan, J L Duncombe, G F Dunk, A W Dunlop, J Dunsmore, R Durrant, W H G Dyer, E A *Dyer, T Dyson, J S Earle, A W Easey, J F Eastman, H *Eatly, A G Edwards, G Edwards, G H Edwards, H Edwards, J Eames, H M Edwards, P A Edwin, J T Egerton, V C Ellett, R E Elliott, F P Elliot, J A G Elson, R Elwell, H Emson, H F Q English, W J Evans, A E Evans, F E Evans, L R Everall, H F Everitt, F H Evitt, H L Failes, J H Fairholme, H W Faith, A W Faith, F H Faizey, W Farley, A E Farrell, S A Faulkner, P Fearn, W R Fellows, C B Fenn, G Fennell, F G Fenson, W H Fernee, H Field, J H R Fielding, H B Fifield, R H

Fisher, A G Fisher, C H Fisher, G E Fisher, H W Fisher, T Fisk, S A M FitzClarence, A A C Fitzpatrick, J Flannagan, D Flannigan, W J Fletcher, J D Flewer, A Flinn, P F B Flood, Page A Flower, F H Flowerdew, H H Foden, W Follett, F Forbes, L Fortescue, S Foster, A H Foster, C E Foster, E C Foster, J Foulger, A S Fowler, A J Fowler, J Fram, J Franklin, P C Fraser, M Freeland, M T Freeman, H E Freeman, H E Freeman, P A French, J G Friend, E W Fry, H Fyson, J P P Gallifent, T M Gallon, J Gamble, G A W F Gamble, O H C F Garbutt, A W Gardham, J Gardiner, H E Gascoigne, C C H Gaskill, G Gate, W P Gatland, W Gazzard, W R Geddes, C W Gedge, F G P Genders, P R German, W A Gibbs, W J

Giles, J W Gill, W A Gillard, R H Gilliland, W E Gimsons, S G Ginger, A S Glanvill, C E *Glassey, P Glenny, T A Glover, J A Glover, R H Glynn, E F Goddard, A Goddard, R B Godfrey, C E Godwin, P Godwin, RW G Goldsmith, F H Gooding, H Goodman, T G Gossett, F Gough, A W Gray, A J Green, A E Green, C Green, D A Green, J Green, J J R Greenaway, G Greenwell, C O Greenwood, H Gregson, A E Griffin, H W Griffiths, T, Grimsdale, G C Groom, P J Guest, H Gulion, H Guthrie, G A Gutman, W H Gutridge, G W Haag, O L Haddock, A E Hadley, E H Haggard, M Halford, E S *Halford, G E Halford, J M Hall, C Hall, H Hall, J J Hall, W J R Halls, C Hamilton, A B B Hamilton, N

Hanlikon, W G Hammond, C Hammond, T E Hampton, E B Hampton. J L Hanckel, A W Hanham, C R Hanks, A Hanlon, M Harden, G Harden, H W Harding, T Hards,E H Hardy, G Harley-Mason, A E Harper, A G M N Harpin, W S Harradine, W J Harris, A E Harris, J W Harrison, W G Harsum, H D Hart, A E Hart, B A Hart, W B Hart, W P C Hartridge, A E Harvey, H Hasler, H E Hassell, W H Hatchard, W Hatley, A Hatton, W Hawes, J J *Hawkes, C W Hawkins, A K Hayes, W A Hayes, W E Haylett, R H Haynes, E E Haynes, F G Hazeldine, W A Hazell, F G Hector, A Henderson, D A Henderson, F Henderson, G Henley J H C Henneman, E G Henson, J Hepburn, F C Herbert, A F Herbert, G
Dr David Biggins

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Medals to the City Imperial Volunteers 1 year 9 months ago #64589

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Format: Surname, Initials

Hertel, A C Hewitt, W A L Hichens, W L Hildred, W O Hill, C P Hillary, W M Hills, J S Hills, T Hinton, W H Hitch, PC Hoare, G Hodgkinson, F Hodgkison, H •Holder, G Holland, C P •Holland, M W Hollis, G W Holmes, G E Holmes, W Holt, W B L Hooke, J G Hooper, H M Hopkins, A H Hopkins, E L Hopkins, E W Hopkins, F M Horsford, S G R Houghton, T Houghton, W E Howes, J Hubbard, G T S Hucker, F G Hudson, C E Hudson, G M Huebner, F Huggett, G Huggins, L R •Humphery, T G P Humphreys, J E Humphries, A J Hunt, C W *Hunt, H Hunt, S V Hunter, S M Huntingdon, C W *Hutchings, R S Hutchins, C A Hutchins, W Hutchinson, R J Hyman, E R Innes, W *Ives, G E Jackson, C Jackson, G E Jackson, G R Jacobs, I Jacobs, J *James, B James, C James, G Jamieson, R Jamieson, W Jarrett, C Jarvis, H Jay, A Jenkins, J A Jenkinson, L G Jenner, G T Jennings, F A Johnson, A E Johnson, C F Johnson, H W Johnson, T H F Johnson, T I Johnston, C Joliffe, N A Jones, A R Jones, H W

Jones, J Jones, T Jones, T A Jones, W G Jordan, E J Joseph, A S Joslin, H E Julyan, W E R Jury, T E Kaye, A T Keell, S A Kelley, J Kendall, F Kennedy, H W Kenway, H C Kerr, G W Kettley, G Key, D S Kidner, P C Kiernan, T Kilpin, W E King, C J King, G W King, S Kirby, R H Kirkpatrick, G Knight, C Knight, C S Knight, T B Knight, V P Knight, W C Knox, J T Lam bard, C Lambert, A T . Lambert, H E S Lake, T W Lancaster, F E Lancaster, W J Landsberg, J Landsberger, H K A Lane, H,W Langridge, H J Lapwood, G H Lawrence, L J Lawrence, T H Lawson, G A Lawton, L E Lazell, H J Lazell, H W Lea, G W Lebish, A A Le Dieu, G E Le Dieu, H L Lee, A Lee, G B Lee, J S Lefroy, T E Lemmens, G J Lemon, F J Levermore, A R Lewis, A E Lewjs, A J Lewis, C Lewis, D M Lewis. G M Lewis, H H Lewis, R P Lindsell, A Lindsey, C W Linsell, W C Linsell, N D Lipsham, G W Lister, J W Lister, H R Little, S H Littlejohn, E A Littlejohns, H Lloyd, A W

Lloyd, D E Lloyd, E H Lloyd, H Lobb, G S J Loder, A S, Loe, H London, S Long, E J Long, F J Long, F W Longman, W R Lorimer, G Low, F S Lucas, F P Lucas, J W Lufflum, T W Lufkins, H Lukey, H Lygo, F C Lynch, C Macdonald, J Mackay, A F Mackenzie, D M Mackey, W J Macklin, C W Mackney, H Maclaine, G Mager, G E Maidment, G Maitland C A S Major, L B Male, J M Mansbridge, C March, J Marden, G W Margetson, L Marin, A E A *Marks, H Marsh, L A Marshall, C B Martin, A J Martin, D Martin, F Martin, F T Martinson, R L Mason, A G Masters, G L Matthews, H W Mayes, C T Mayhew, C H McBride, G McCulloch, A J McCulloch, W . McDonald, H McDonell, F McDonell, G L McDougall, H McDowell, H McFadden, J McGovern, J E Mcllwraitn, E R McKewan, A E McLean, T N McNiel, J Mears, H H Mellars, R A Mellish, A D Mellor, G Mellor, T K Melville, W W Mentz, S V Meredith, H C W Merritt, E Messenger, C W Messom, H Michael, L A C Middleton, F Middleton, J C

Midy, L Millard E G Miller, G H *Miller, H A Miller, J A Millidge, H W Millidge, H A Milne, H F Milne, J Mills, W Milroy, E A W Mitchell, A R Mockford, W H Moeller, A H Mollett H B Montagnani, W E M Monteith, B J Moon, C F Moore, C Moore, E Moore, J W Moore, S Moore, S Moran, W J D Mordin, A J Morford, D R Morgan, C V Morgan, R H Morris, E G Mortimer, A J Mosley, J W P Moss, W Mourant, R W Mumford, W B Mumford, W G Murdoch, L M Murphy, H A Murray, H E S Murrell, A R T Murrell, W H Mustoe, E F Nash, A Nash, F Nash, F H Neame, B Negus, F J Nelson, F Nepean, L St V Nesham, C F Nesham, E F Nesham, H P Neuff, A E Newey, W H Newland, T G Newson, S C Newson, W F K Nicol, B H Nichols, C E Nichols, W Nixon, C F North, A North, H C Northcott, W Norton, E S Oexle, W H O’Halloran, S N E Orbell, T Orchard, T A O’Regan, J F Orme, H S Ormrod, E H Osborn, F H Osmond, C F Overton, E A Owers, J Owlett, C S Oxer, W A Oxley, W

Padfield, F H Page, A R Page, E J Page, H N Page, W E Page, W W Paine, C Palles, W F Palmer, G *Palmer, H O Palmer, W Park, C N Park, W J Parker, W C Parsons, F Parsons, G W Parsons, H D Parsons, W J. Passmore, A Patten, F Pattenden, P B Paul, A L Paul, G H Pausch, J C Paynter, J Pearce, D C Pearce, F Pearson, W S Pegg, G Pegler, B C H Pellett, V T N Pemberton, S A Penn, H E Perkins, H M Perkins, H W Perkins: W H Perry, G B Pether, C J Petterson, L Petty, L G Phillips, C E Phillips, C J Phillips, C V Phillips, E G Phillips, G Phipps, T Pickman, F J Pigou, H J Pilgrim, H Pilley, S F J Pink, A D Pitcairn, G E Pitt, PH Platt, W L Pocock G B Pollard, G E F Pollett, C A Pollock, D W *Poole. P Portch, W J Potter, C W Powell, S H Powter, W Prendergast, H W Prentice, S Presland, G *Preuss, A R W Price, D R Prince, C H Prion A Pritchard, A Prudence, F Pryce, J C Pugsley, E O Pullen, G Punter, J Purnell. G E Pursaill, J T

Putland, L P Pye, S J Pyke, T J Pyne, FJM Raddon, W M Raisbeck, G Ramsey, H B Ramsley, F J Randall, J C Ransome, H J Rantell, A J Rantell, W C Rapley, W W Rapson, S C Rawlings, H Rawlings, H W Raynor, C S Razzell, W L Read. H Reading, C H R Reading, J W Redmond, C J Reed, W Reid, W Reidpath, A Renshaw, W W Reynolds, H L Richards, C J Richards, R G Richardson, A F Richardson, W Rider, J W Ritchie, G O Ritchie, R Robbins, D G Roberts, F Roberts, F C *Roberts, G Roberts, W D Robertson, H C Robertson, T Robinson, E W Robinson, H L Robinson, J A Robinson, T T Rogers, Y Rogers, T G Romer, A Romer, H Roos, C E Roper, E Rosenthal L Ross, J A Ross, J E E *Rowe, A E Rowles, B H Royal, W Ruddle, C W Ruddock, E H M Rusby, E L M Rushworth, S Ryder, A H Sadler, H Sallinger, A Samways, R P Sandelands, P E Sanders, G Sare, T H *Sargent, G E Saunders, A T Saunders, C E Saunders, F Savage, H Saville, C F Sawle, W E Sawyer, H H *Say, J Sayer, W

Scantlebury, W A Scarborough, E P Scarfe, J T Scheurer, H F W Schneidau, A E Schultz, W A Scott, G Scott, J Scott, H Scott, J A Scott, R J Scutt, C S Seaton, G S Seccombe, E A J Selfe, H R Semper, W Semple, W A Sendall, A P Seyfang, H Shaw, F Shearman, A E Sheath, W A S Sheen, C Sheffield, J E Shepherd, W E Shepherd, J B Sheppard. F S Sherwood, E C Short, A R Short, J A Shorter, F W Shorter, R G *Shrimpton, W H Sibbons, H W Silly, G A Silver, W G Simmons, H G Simpson, H G Sims, A W Sims, J Sinclair, D Singer, W D Sitwell, W S Skeet, W G Skillin, F J Skinner, P R Slatter, C W Sleman, J L Slight, E W Smart, A Smart, F Smith, C Smith, C Smith, E A Smith, E J G Smith, F Smith, L Smith, P H Smith, P T Smith, R Smith, R E Smith, W Smith, W G Smith, W S Snelling, E Snow, A W Snutch, G *Soffe, F J Soffe, R Soller, H G Somers, T P Somerville, W Soons, C H South, H South. T Southby, E A D Spicer, T Spon, C A

Spratt, H D Spurge, C H Stacey, E C Standen, A C Staples, G Starr, W J Stayner, F J Steele, M C Stenner, A E Stephens, E J Stephens, H A D Sterling, S E Steven, T E Stevens, W G Stock, F C Stockley, H Storer, D D Storey, R Strachan, D J Stratton, B E Streat, L Stringer, H J T Stromqvist, H S Stroud, A W A Suchwell, L Sugden, G Sullivan, A Sullivan, J Sullivan, P Sulman, S W Sumerling, C Susands, E Swift, T A Symes, P J T Symons, A F Symons, J G Tacey, P H Tanner, A S Tasker, E *Tattershall, F H Taylor, A E Taylor, G S Taylor, W Tebay, C H Tebbutt H C Templar, E R Templeman, R H Templing, A G A Tetley-Jones, W Thatcher, L S Thew, G H *Thick, W A Thin, H M Thomas, F R Thomas, W S Thompson, E G Thompson, F G M Thornhill, T Thorpe, T W Thurlow, A G Thwaite. W Timms, F Tipper, V G Tomkins, C Tomlinson, P Toone, W G *Towers, F W Townshend, B C Towse C H Toynbee, T H Tozer, G T Travers, E W Tiegeuza, E W Trew, T M Trew, W G Tricky, F Trimmer, G F Triplett, A J

Trussler, T W *Tunbridge, G W M *Tuppen, H Turley, W W Turner, F N Turner, T Turner, T A Turner, T W Tussler, H W Unwin, S J Vaughan, C W H Vaughan, I S Vellacott, R R Venning, J R Verdon, H *Vernum, A E J Vicary J H Vickerstaff, E J Vickery, W C Vigor, A F Vigor, F K Vine, G H M Vivian, E J Voller, P F Waddell, G F Wailes, J M Wakefield, O Wakem, T Walker, J V A Walker, R D Walker, W *Walker, W A Walker, W O Wair, A E Waller, A E *Walliss, G Walls, W Walter, L Walters, HG Walters, T E Waltham, R Walton, E R Walton, J Ward, F M Ward,H H Waring, J F Warren, C J Warren, H G Warren, T Warren, W S Wason, R Waterhouse, J Waters, R W Watkins, F J Watson, R J Watt, H A Watts, F T P Webb, C C W Webber, W B I Webb, H G Webb, W Weekes, H E Weeks, R Wells, T W Welsh G N M Welsh, R H Welsh, R W W Wenham, R T Wensley, A Weraham, G Wesson, W J Westacott, E G Westcott, F *Weston, C J G Weston, M S Westwood, J W J Wheeler, A C Wheeler, F W

Wheeler, F W Whitaker, T White, A White, E W White, J White, J White, W Whitehead, F C Whitehead, F G Whitehead, R H Whitehead, R H Whitelaw, G A Whittome, J O Whyntie, J J Widdows, W W Wild, G Wild, W Wilkes, H A Wilkins, G H Wilkins, R Wilkinson, E Wilkinson, L C G Wilkinson, W Willcocks, A J Willcocks, M F Willett, R A Williams, A Williams, A F B Williams, B G *Williams, B J Williams, E P Williams, G M Williams, W F H Williams, R M Willoughby, P H Willows, G W Willsher, J W Wills, R H Wilson, G F Wilson, H F Wilson, T W Wilson, W Wilson, W S Wilton, L E Wiltshire, A Windsor, A H Wink, A A Wisdom, J A Wood, AL Wood, C Wood, G J Wood, H Woodford, W Woodman, W Woods, E A Woodward, G E Woodyard, J A Woolhouse, H Wooton, H D Worrall, E W Wright, A G Wright, C Wright, H W Wright, J S Wright, R A Wright, S E Wright, W Wright, W C Wyatt, A Wyllys, G H Yarrow, A Yeatman, C *York, E L York, T Young, A *Young, E A Young, G R Young, J
Dr David Biggins

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Medals to the City Imperial Volunteers 1 year 9 months ago #64590

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- CAPTAIN C. E. D. BUDWORTH, R.A. With Field Battery
- CAPTAIN S. FIRTH Quartermaster, Infantry
- CAPTAIN J. E. H. ORR, R.A. Transport Officer
- CAPTAIN R. W. EDIS Mounted Infantry
- CAPTAIN J. W. REID Mounted Infantry

Format: Surname, Initials

The following is a List of the Officers and Men forming the Reinforcing Draft which went out on July 12:—


Captain S C Byrne


Captain R Carr,
Captain A A C Selfe



Allen, H J
*Dawborn, A W
Gillespie, W R B
Gordon, S C
Russell, E S (Armourer)
Wildman, J T


Black, R J
Dorrington H
Rusby, L H
Short, R T
Williams, J W


Frauzmann, L
Johnson, G F G
Tanner, G D


Chillingworth, G


*WeIsby, F H


Bransgrove, S


Andrews, O F
Askew, S J
Auger, F W
Barnard, W R
Bassett, R
Beart, F C W
Berry, G W
Bertram, A
Bradshaw, C H
Bradshaw, R W
Brown, A
Brown, E K
Buckle, G H
Butler, W E
Butterfield, N W
Byshe, E H
Cantwell, G
Carr, C A
Carr, E N
Carty, G H
Chambers, E
Chichester, L
Collins, A
Collins, B R
Conolly, L M U
Cooper, A M
Cooper, H L
Colvile, A G
Copping, S O
Cowan, H C
Cranmer, R
Crowson, P W
Cruse, A S
Daniell, R W
Davis, L F
Daws, R A
Deane, T F
Douet, H E
Douglas, E J
Edward, J C
Etherby, G J
Eustace, F
Finden, G E
Flamank, C J
Forbes, N D
Foord, F
Fowler, F
Fry, WS
Gerahty, J E
Gibson, E G
Glenny, J V
Glibbery, W H
Gisby, D
Goodwin, R
Griggs, H A
Hammerton, C W
Hammerton, H E
Hammerton, S C
Hamp, T J
Hampton, G C
Harris, W H
Hart. T E
Heaford, A E
Hickman, F D
Holmes, W T
Houghton, J G
Hunt, H H
Hurden, A
Jared, W
Jecks, E
Jolliffe, B J
Jones, H E
Jones, S C
Josephs, P R E
Jordan, F L
Ladenburg, A L
Layton, E
Lewis, B R
Lintott, A J C
Luckett, T M
McDonnell, F H
McKechnie, E A
Melson, F A
Messer, C W
Methven, J M
Miller, E J
Morcom, A B
Murcott, C W
Newnham, A G
Noakes, C E
Oppenheim, J
Paine, C H
Palmer, F
Pateman, A A
Pattrick, J W
Ramsey, H V
Ranwell, W G
Rawlings, F C
Rayfield, E
Reid, A V
Richardson, A F
Robinson, R W
Rogers, A H
Rolfe, A E
Rolls, E F
Runford, A R
Rumsey, G H
Saunders, J
Smith, H W
Smith, J H
Sparks, R J
Stacey, T E
Strike; A V
Sweetingham, T
Tibbles, J
Titley, P
Trapp, H G
Treasure, A
Tremearne, R H
Vellenoweth, A
Wallace, A
Watters, R B
Webster, M P
Wilkinson, J C
Williams, B
Wisdom, H T
Wolfe, W J
Woodward, S A
Woolner, H E
Wootton, H E
Dr David Biggins

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