Commander-in-Chief's Bodyguard.

Cavalry division. Lt.-Genl. J. D. P. French. 1st Cavalry brigade (Brig.-Genl. T. C. Porter).
6th Dragoon guards (Carabiniers).
2nd Dragoons (Royal Scots Greys).
6th (Inniskilling) Dragoons (one squadron).
14th Hussars (one squadron).
New South Wales Lancers.
Q.T. and U. batteries, Royal Horse Artillery.
2nd Cavalry brigade (Brig.-Genl. R. G. Broadwood).
Composite regiment of Household cavalry.
10th Hussars.
12th Lancers.
G. and P. batteries, Royal Horse artillery.
3rd Cavalry brigade (Brig.-Genl. J. R. P. Gordon).
9th Lancers.
16th Lancers.
O. and R. batteries, Royal Horse artillery.
Divisional troops.
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th regiments of mounted infantry.
Roberts' Horse.
Kitchener's Horse.
Rimington's Guides.
New Zealand mounted rifles.
Queensland mounted infantry.
New South Wales mounted rifles.
Nesbitt's Horse.
Ammunition Column.
Field Troop, R.E.
Det. A.S.C.
Bearer Companies.
Field Hospitals.
6th infantry division. Lieut.-General T. Kelly-Kenny. 13th brigade (Maj.-Genl. C. E. Knox).
2nd battn. East Kent regiment.
2nd " Gloucestershire regiment.
1st " West Riding regiment.
1st " Oxfordshire Light Infantry.
Det. A.S.C.
Bearer coy.
Field Hospital.
18th brigade (Brig.-Genl. T. E. Stephenson).
1st battn. Yorkshire regiment.
1st " Welsh regiment.
1st " Essex regiment.
Det. A.S.C.
Bearer coy.
Field Hospital.
Divisional troops.
Two 12-pr. 12-cwt. Naval guns.
76th battery, R.F.A.
81st battery, R.F.A.
Ammunition column.
38th Field company, R.E.
Det. A.S.C.
Field Hospital.
7th infantry division. Lieut.-General C. Tucker. 14th brigade (Maj.-Genl. H. Chermside).
2nd battn. Norfolk regiment.
2nd " Lincoln regiment.
1st " King's Own Scottish Borderers.
2nd " Hampshire regiment.
Det. A.S.C.
Bearer Coy.
Field Hospital.
15th brigade (Maj.-Genl. A. G. Wavell).
2nd battn. Cheshire regiment.
2nd " South Wales Borderers.
1st " East Lancashire regiment.
2nd " North Staffordshire regiment.
Det. A.S.C.
Bearer Coy.
Field Hospital.
Divisional Troops.
18th battery, R.F.A.
62nd battery, R.F.A.
75th battery, R.F.A.
Ammunition Column.
9th Field company, R.E.
Det. A.S.C.
Field Hospital.
9th infantry division. Lieut.-Genl. Sir H. Colvile 3rd brigade (Maj.-Genl. H. A. MacDonald).
2nd battn. Black Watch.
1st " Highland Light Infantry.
2nd " Seaforth Highlanders.
1st " Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.
Det. A.S.C.
Bearer Coy.
Field Hospital.
19th brigade (Maj.-Genl. H. L. Smith-Dorrien).
2nd battn. Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry.
2nd " Shropshire Light Infantry.
1st " Gordon Highlanders.
2nd " Royal Canadian regiment.
Det. A.S.C.
Bearer Coy.
Field Hospital.
Divisional Troops.
Two 4·7-in. Naval guns.
65th (Howitzer) battery, R.F.A.
82nd battery, R.F.A.
Ammunition column.
7th Field company, R.E.
Det. A.S.C.
Field Hospital.
City of London Imperial Volunteers mounted infantry.
Grahamstown Volunteers mounted infantry.

Lieut.-General Lord Methuen, Modder River.

  • 1st brigade (Maj.-Genl. R. Pole-Carew).
  • 3rd battn. Grenadier Guards.
  • 1st " Coldstream Guards.
  • 2nd " Coldstream Guards.
  • 1st " Scots Guards.
  • Det. A.S.C.
  • Bearer Coy.
  • Field Hospital.
  • 9th brigade (Maj.-Genl. C. W. H. Douglas).
  • 1st battn. Northumberland Fusiliers.
  • 1st " Loyal North Lancashire regiment (four companies).
  • 2nd " Northamptonshire regiment.
  • 2nd " King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry.
  • Det. A.S.C.
  • Bearer Coy.
  • Field Hospital.
  • Divisional Troops.
  • Two 4·7-in. and two 12-pr. 12-cwt. Naval guns.
  • 20th battery, R.F.A.
  • 37th (Howitzer) battery, R.F.A. (four Howitzers).
  • 38th battery, R.F.A.
  • Detachment 14th company, Southern Division, R.G.A.
  • Ammunition Column.
  • Field company, R.E.
  • Balloon section, R.E.
  • Det. A.S.C.
  • Field Hospital.

Lieut.-General Sir F. Forestier-Walker.

  • 83rd battery, R.F.A.
  • 84th battery, R.F.A.
  • 85th battery, R.F.A.
  • A. battery, New South Wales artillery.
  • Detachment 14th coy., Southern Division, R.G.A.
  • 15th coy., Southern Division, R.G.A.
  • 15th coy., Western Division, R.G.A.
  • Two 5-in. guns 16th coy., Southern Division, R.G.A.
  • 2nd battn. Royal Warwickshire regiment.
  • 1st " Suffolk regiment.
  • 1st " Royal Munster Fusiliers.
  • 4th " Royal Lancaster regiment.
  • 6th " Royal Warwickshire regiment.
  • 3rd " South Lancashire regiment.
  • 9th " King's Royal Rifle Corps.
  • 4th " Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.
  • City of London Imperial Volunteers.
  • Railway Pioneer regiment.

Major-General R. A. P. Clements, Naauwpoort and Colesberg.

  • 6th (Inniskilling) Dragoons (two squadrons).
  • J. battery, R.H.A.
  • 37th (Howitzer) battery, R.F.A. (two Howitzers).
  • 4th battery, R.F.A.
  • 2nd battn. Bedfordshire regiment.
  • 1st " Royal Irish regiment.
  • 2nd " Worcestershire regiment.
  • 2nd " Royal Berkshire regiment (four companies).
  • 2nd " Wiltshire regiment.
  • 4th " Derbyshire regiment.
  • Detachment 14th coy., Southern Division, R.G.A.

Lieut.-General Sir W. Gatacre, Sterkstroom.

  • Two 12-pr. 12-cwt. Naval guns.
  • 74th battery, R.F.A.
  • 77th battery, R.F.A.
  • 79th battery, R.F.A.
  • Detachment, R.G.A. (two 9-pr. guns).
  • 1st battn. The Royal Scots.
  • 2nd " Northumberland Fusiliers.
  • 1st " Derbyshire regiment.
  • 2nd " Berkshire regiment (four companies).
  • 2nd " Royal Irish Rifles.
  • 3rd " Durham Light Infantry.
  • Two companies of mounted infantry.
  • Cape Mounted Rifles.
  • Brabant's Horse.
  • Kaffrarian Rifles.
  • De Montmorency's Scouts.
  • Queenstown Mounted Volunteers.

Colonel R. G. Kekewich, Kimberley.

  • 23rd company, Western Division, R.G.A.
  • 7th Field company, R.E. (one section).
  • 1st battn. Loyal North Lancashire regiment (four companies).
  • Diamond Fields artillery.
  • Kimberley regiment.
  • Diamond Fields Horse.
  • Kimberley Light Horse.
  • Cape Police.
  • Town Guard.

Colonel R. S. S. Baden-Powell, Mafeking.

  • Protectorate regiment.
  • Bechuanaland Rifles.
  • British South Africa Police.
  • Cape Police.
  • Town Guard.

South Rhodesia and Bechuanaland Protectorate.

  • Rhodesia regiment.
  • British South Africa Police.
  • Buluwayo Volunteers.
  • Buluwayo Town Guard.

General Sir G. White, Ladysmith.

  • Naval brigade, with two 4·7-in, and four 12-pr. 12-cwt. Naval guns.
  • Natal Naval Volunteers.
  • Cavalry brigade (Maj.-Genl. J. F. Brocklehurst).
  • 5th Dragoon Guards.
  • 5th Lancers.
  • 18th Hussars.
  • 19th Hussars.
  • Imperial Light Horse.
  • Mounted brigade (Colonel W. Royston).
  • Natal Carbineers.
  • Natal Mounted Rifles.
  • Border Mounted Rifles.
  • Natal Police.
  • ——
  • 13th battery, R.F.A.
  • 67th battery, R.F.A.
  • 69th battery, R.F.A.
  • 21st battery, R.F.A.
  • 42nd battery, R.F.A.
  • 53rd battery, R.F.A.
  • No. 10, Mountain battery, R.G.A. (two guns).
  • Two 6·3-in. Howitzers.
  • 7th brigade (Colonel I. S. M. Hamilton).
  • 1st battn. Manchester regiment.
  • 2nd " Gordon Highlanders.
  • 1st " Royal Irish Fusiliers (two companies).
  • 2nd " Rifle Brigade (seven companies).
  • 8th brigade (Colonel F. Howard).
  • 1st battn. Leicestershire regiment.
  • 2nd " King's Royal Rifle Corps.
  • 1st " Liverpool regiment (four companies).
  • 2nd " Rifle Brigade (one company).
  • Divisional Troops (Colonel W. G. Knox).
  • 23rd Field coy., R.E.
  • Telegraph section, R.E.
  • Balloon section, R.E.
  • 1st battn. Liverpool regiment (four companies).
  • 1st " Devonshire regiment.
  • 1st " King's Royal Rifle Corps.
  • 1st " Gloucestershire regiment.
  • Town Guard.

General Sir R. Buller, Chieveley.

  • Naval Brigade (Captain E. P. Jones, R.N.).
  • One 6-in. gun.
  • Five 4·7-in. guns.
  • Eight 12-pr. 12-cwt. guns.
  • Corps Troops.
  • 19th battery, R.F.A.
  • 61st (Howitzer) battery, R.F.A.
  • Two 5-in. guns, 16th company, Southern Division, R.G.A.
  • No. 4, Mountain battery, R.G.A.
  • Ammunition Column.
  • Telegraph Detachment, R.E.
  • "A." Pontoon Troop, R.E.
  • Balloon section, R.E.
  • 2nd Mounted brigade (Colonel the Earl of Dundonald).
  • Composite regiment of mounted infantry.
  • South African Light Horse.
  • Thorneycroft's mounted infantry.
2nd infantry division. Major-Genl. the Hon. N. G. Lyttelton. 2nd brigade (Maj. Genl. H. J. T. Hildyard).
2nd battn. Queen's regiment.
2nd " Devon regiment.
2nd " West Yorkshire regiment.
2nd " East Surrey regiment.
4th brigade (Colonel C. H. B. Norcott).
2nd battn. Scottish Rifles.
3rd " King's Royal Rifle Corps.
1st " Durham Light Infantry.
1st " Rifle brigade.
Divisional Troops.
One troop, 13th Hussars.
7th battery, R.F.A.
63rd battery, R.F.A.
64th battery, R.F.A.
17th Field company, R.E.
5th infantry division Lieut.-Genl. Sir C. Warren. 10th brigade (Maj.-Genl. J. Talbot Coke).
2nd battn. Somerset Light Infantry.
2nd " Dorset regiment.
2nd " Middlesex regiment.
11th brigade (Maj.-Genl. A. S. Wynne).
1st battn. Royal Lancaster regiment.
1st " South Lancashire regiment.
Rifle Reserve battalion.
Divisional Troops.
One troop Royal Dragoons.
Colonial Scouts.
28th battery, R.F.A.
73rd battery, R.F.A.
78th battery, R.F.A.
Ammunition Column.
37th company, R.E.
  • 6th brigade (temporarily attached to 5th division). (Major-Genl. G. Barton).
  • 2nd battn. Royal Fusiliers.
  • 2nd " Royal Scots Fusiliers.
  • 1st " Royal Welsh Fusiliers.
  • 2nd " Royal Irish Fusiliers.
  • 5th brigade (unattached). (Major-Genl. A. F. Hart).
  • 1st battn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.
  • 1st " Border regiment.
  • 1st " Connaught Rangers.
  • 2nd " Royal Dublin Fusiliers.

At Springfield.

  • 1st Cavalry brigade (Colonel J. F. Burn-Murdoch).
  • 1st Royal Dragoons.
  • 13th Hussars.
  • 14th Hussars (two squadrons).
  • A. battery, R.H.A.
  • Two Naval 12-prs.
  • 1st battn. York and Lancaster regiment.
  • Imperial Light Infantry.

At Greytown.

  • Colonel E. C. Bethune, 16th Lancers.
  • Bethune's mounted infantry.
  • Natal Police.
  • Umvoti Mounted Rifles.
  • Two 7-pr. Field guns, Natal Field artillery.
  • Two Naval 12-pr. 8-cwt. guns.
  • Detachment mounted infantry.

Lines of Communication.

  • 2nd battn. Lancashire Fusiliers.
  • 1st " Royal Dublin Fusiliers.
  • Natal Royal Rifles.
  • Colonial Scouts.
  • Durban Light Infantry.
  • Natal Field artillery.