Major-General H. J. T. Hildyard 2nd brigade Staff.
Naval detachment with two 12-pr. 12-cwt. guns.
7th battery, R.F.A.
Natal Field artillery.
2nd battn. The Queen's (Royal West Surrey regiment), five companies.
2nd battn. West Yorkshire regiment.
2nd " East Surrey regiment.
1st " The Border regiment.
2nd " Royal Dublin Fusiliers.
Mounted infantry company of 2nd battn. King's Royal Rifle Corps.
16th company, Army Service Corps.
Natal Royal Rifles.
Durban Light Infantry.
Natal Carbineers (one squadron).
Imperial Light Horse (one squadron).
Bethune's mounted infantry.
Natal Police.
Mooi River.
Major-General G. Barton. 6th brigade Staff.
14th battery, R.F.A.
2nd battn. The Queen's (Royal West Surrey regiment), three companies.
2nd battn. Devonshire regiment.
2nd " Royal Scots Fusiliers (one company).
1st " Royal Welsh Fusiliers.
2nd " Royal Irish Fusiliers.
24th company, Army Service Corps.
Thorneycroft's mounted infantry.
Nottingham Road. 66th battery, R.F.A. (two guns).
2nd battn. Scottish Rifles.
Lt.-General Sir C. F. Clery. Divisional Staff of 2nd division.
Headquarters line of communication.
Naval contingent with four 12-pr. 12-cwt. Naval guns.[17]
66th battery, R.F.A. (four guns).
Divisional ammunition column.
General depôt.
Natal Naval Volunteers.
Imperial Light Infantry.
Pietermaritzburg Rifle association.
Home Guard.
Reserve Rifle association.
Railway Rifle association.
Major G. Leuchars. Umvoti Mounted Rifles.
Capt. Percy Scott, R.N. Naval contingent, two 6-in. guns, two 4·7-in. guns, 12 Naval 12-pr. 12-cwt. and two Naval 12-pr. 8-cwt. guns.
[18]2nd battn. Royal Fusiliers.
[18]2nd " Royal Scots Fusiliers (seven companies).
[18]1st " Durham Light Infantry.

[Tablenote 20: Two of these guns were en route to Mooi River.]

[Tablenote 21: En route to Pietermaritzburg.]