Those that were present on the station at the beginning of the war are shown with an asterisk. 


Name of vessel. Dates between which so serving. Commanded by Remarks.
from to
Barracouta* 10/99 6/02 Comder. R.H. Peirse
Comder. H. Cotesworth
Comder. S. H. B. Ash
Barrosa* 10/99 3/01 Comder. W. F. Tunnard
Beagle 7/01 6/02 Comder. H. V. W. Elliott
Blanche 1/01 6/02 Comder. M. T. Parks
Doris* 10/99 4/01 Capt. R. C. Prothero, C.B. Flagship of Rear Admrl. Sir R. H. Harris, K.C.B. K.C.M.G.
Dwarf* 11/99 6/02 Lieut. H. F. Shakespear
Lieut. W. N. England
Fearless 12/99 8/00 Comder. H. R. P. Floyd Detached from Mediterranean station.
Forte* 10/99 6/02 Capt. E. P. Jones C.B.
Comder. C. H. Dundas
Capt. R. C. Sparkes, C.M.G.
Capt. P. Hoskyns, C.M.G., M.V.O.
Gibraltar 4/01 6/02 Capt. A. H. Limpus Flagship of Rear Admiral Arthur W. Moore, C.B., C.M.G.
Magicienne* 10/99 11/00 Capt. W. B. Fisher, C.B.
Magpie 11/00 5/02 Lieut. J. K. Laird
Monarch* 10/99 6/02 Capt. R. D. B. Bruce
Capt. C. H. Bayly
Capt. W. L. Grant
[p. 461] Naiad 4/01 11/01 Capt. the Hon. A. E. Bethell Detached from Mediterranean station.
Niobe 11/99 8/00 Capt. A. L. Winsloe Detached from Channel Squdrn.
Partridge* 10/99 6/02 Lieut. A. T. Hunt
Lieut. E. La T. Leatham
Pearl 4/02 6/02 Capt. E. P. Ashe
Pelorus 12/99 6/00 Capt. H. C. B. Hulbert Detached from Channel Squdrn.
Philomel* 10/99 1/02 Capt. J. E. Bearcroft, C.B.
Powerful 10/99 3/00 Capt. the Hon. Hedworth Lambton, C.B. On way home from China.
Racoon 1/00 7/00 Comder. G. H. Hewett
Comder. A. E. A. Grant
Detached from East Indies stn.
Rambler 11/99 6/00 Comder. H. E. P. Cust Surveying Service.
Rattler 9/01 6/02 Lieut. C. Tibbits
Redbreast 2/01 4/01 Lieut. M. R. Hill Detached from East Indies.
Sappho 2/01 7/01 Capt. C. Burney Dtchd. from S.E. Coast America.
Sybille 1/01 2/01 Capt. H. P. Williams Wrecked near Lambert's Bay.
Tartar* 10/99 7/01 Comder. F. R. W. Morgan
Comder. R. H. Travers
Terrible 10/99 3/00 Capt. P. M. Scott, C.B. On her way out to China station.
Terpsichore 3/01 3/02 Capt. C. H. Coke Replaced the Sybille.
Thetis 11/99 4/01 Capt. W. Stokes Rees, C.B. Detached from Mediterranean station.
Thrush* 10/99 6/02 Lieut. W. H. D'Oyly
Widgeon* 10/99 6/01 Lieut. A. F. Gurney
Lieut. W. Forbes