By Christiaan Rudolf de Wet
Copyright 1902 by Charles Scribner's Sons. N.Y.


Chapter I: I Go on Commando as a Private Burgher
Chapter II: Nicholson's Nek
Chapter III: Ladysmith Besieged
Chapter IV: I am Appointed Vechtsgeneraal
Chapter V: The Overwhelming Forces of Lord Roberts
Chapter VI: Paardeberg
Chapter VII: The Wild Flight from Poplar Grove
Chapter VIII: The Burghers Return Home
Chapter IX: Sanna's Post
Chapter X: Four Hundred and Seventy Eight English Taken Prisoner at Reddersburg
Chapter XI: An Unsuccessful Siege
Chapter XII: The English Swarm Over Our Country
Chapter XIII: Our Position at the End of May, 1900
Chapter XIV: Roodewal
Chapter XV: I Make Lord Kitchener's Acquaintance
Chapter XVI: Bethlehem is Captured by the English
Chapter XVII: The Surrender of Prinsloo
Chapter XVIII: I am Driven into the Transvaal
Chapter XIX: I Return to the Free State
Chapter XX: The Oath of Neutrality
Chapter XXI. Frederiksstad and Bothaville
Chapter XXII. My March to the South
Chapter XXIII. I Fail to Enter Cape Colony
Chapter XXIV. Wherein Something is Found About War against Women
Chapter XXV. I Again Attempt To Enter Cape Colony
Chapter XXVI. Darkness Proves my Salvation
Chapter XXVII. Was Ours a Guerilla War?
Chapter XXVIII. Negotiations with the Enemy
Chapter XXIX. President Steyn's Narrow Escape
Chapter XXX. The Last Proclamation
Chapter XXXI. Blockhouses and Night Attacks
Chapter XXXII. My Commando of Seven Hundred Men
Chapter XXXIII. A Success at Tweefontein
Chapter XXXIV. I Cut my Way Through Sixty Thousand Troops
Chapter XXXV. I go to the Transvaal with President Steyn
Chapter XXXVI. Peace Negotiations
Chapter XXXVII. The End of the War


A.—Report of the Meeting of the General Representatives held at Vereeniging in the South African Republic on the 15th of May, 1902, and the Following Days
B.—The Conference at Pretoria between the Commission of the National Representatives and Lords Kitchener and Milner (May 19th-May 28th, 1902)
C.—Minutes of the Meeting of the Special National Representatives at Vereeniging, South African Republic, Thursday, the 29th of May, 1902, And the Following Days


C R de Wet
Sanna's Post